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Over The Years

Throughout their lifes, Yiao's have hated the Huqani and always wish for them to die. During their wars, most Yiao parents feared for their children's life and brought them to Skyloft at age 5. Among the kids where: Zuio, Sui, Joseph, Marsnar, Sean, Travis, Tanya, Gentun, and Ryan. In Skyloft, it wasn't long (about 3 months) until Joseph's, Gentun's, and Ryan's parent took them back down into Mobious; however their bloodline followed them. Though Zuio and Sui were the only Yiao's left on Skyloft, Zuio, Sui, Joseph, Marsnar, Sean, Travis, Tanya, Gentun, and Ryan were the only Yiao's alive.


Most Yiao warriors fight with their hands, most up close combat. Others will likely use swords to fight. For those with rare bloodlines, there are swords passed down from generations that have special powers hidden. Joseph has one of them.


The Yiao Tribe don't have not many weaknesses... they are:

  • Electricity
  • Shock waves



To obtain this form, one must either be of rare blood or "to the point of no return" meaning obsessed with complete and only slaughter. Those of rare blood undergo the strangest transformation. They fur becomes a dark red for their lust for blood, their hair becomes wild meaning that they cannot control themselves, their eyes invert colors, teeth and claws become sharper like a beast, and even clothing has a dramatic change. Only for rare blood with wings appear meaning their strength is twice as strong. Most cases, any member (rare blood or not) that gets this form becomes more deadly, feral, and near unstoppable.


To obtain this form, one must find the Gems of Gu and harness its power. In this state, the person is able to utilize their Tai Energy to do almost anything but good they can breathe death from there mouth (only the Huqani Clan can do this), they gain super speed, greater strength, extrasensory powers, and element powers. However, when a Yiao warrior succumbs to their inner rage and anger, they have the power to transform into their Demonic Form, but they cannot transform with the desire to kill but with the need to murder. When the Gems of Gu are close, marks on a Yiao began to glow blood red, the color of anger and eternal rage. A Demonic Form achieved in this manner, works like a Super Form except you cannot control your inner rage. However, a person in the Demonic Form becomes much more aggressive, vicious, violent, murderous, and fierce but they cannot control their inner rage which takes over the person’s body. When someone has attained her Demonic Form, their entire body will turn black, almost like a shadow of themselves, purple bolts of electricity erupted from their body, which was caused by the level of friction from the aura of Tai Energy.

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