Best Male Character


Boombomb the Hedgehog - Boombomb is a good character, well designed and original. He's also fun to TP with. My vote goes... +1

JT the Androhog - Same with Boombomb, just 1 flaw. The breaking out of a lab is a tad bit overused ^_^" But other than that, he's a cool character and he is one of them that deserves the award. +1

Sena the Hedgehog - Not being mean, he's great and all, but im just gonna say... i'm holding my vote.

Flame the Hedgehog - THIS GUY. HE IS THE LIFE OF COMEDY TPS! From asking Lauren awkward questions to calling Stacy Miss Nipples, this guy is FLAT OUT AMAZING. +1!

Im bored of writing reasons now. I might add them some time, but it's just gonna be "+1", "-1" or "Holding vote" now. C>

Joseph the Wolf - Holding vote

Drake the Hedgebat - +1

Jimmy Canvas - Holding vote

Danny the Fox - -1, no offense

Sparks The Hedgehog - +1

Best Female Character


Target the Eagle - My character, can't vote.

Harlequin the Finch - My character, can't vote.

Maya the Echidna - Holding

Karen Prower - +1

Muffin the Foxdinal - My character, can't vote.

Aubrey the Loveowl - My character, can't vote.

Most Sexy Male


Boombomb the Hedgehog - +1 xD



Most Sexy Female


Sal the Echidna - +1

Christie the Fox - +1

Tammy Watercolor - -1, no offense

Clara the Fox - Holding vote

Best Villian


Doom the Dark Lord - +1

Medusa the Succubus - Holding

Mirage the Hedgefox - Holding

Aurora the Changeling - My character, can't vote.

Selwin the Oni - +1

Berserker the Oni - +1 (I remember fighting him in the TP Jacher was first introduced)

Most Beautiful Female


Maya the Echidna - Holding

Kona the Kestrel - My character, can't vote.

Worst recolo(u)r


IMMABITCH the Porcupine - -1, this is best recolour xD

Rainbows the Cat - My joke, can't vote.

Luna the Hedgehog - +1

Lina the Dog - +1

Lou the Hedgehog - +1

Best Hero


Boombomb the Hedgehog - +1

Shine the Hedgehog - +1

Target the Eagle - My character, can't vote.

Eternal The Awesome - -1, sorry

J Jr. the Androhog - Holding

Best Anti-Hero


Maya the Echidna - Holding

Drake the Hedgebat - +1

Luna the Feng-Huang - My character, can't vote.

Fetalia the Dark - +1

Best Fangame

"The Secret Stones" (Game) - +1

The King of Fanon (Game Idea) - +1

Best Couple

Reggal - +1

Surittney - Holding

Jokoto - Holding

Siaren - +1

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