Transformations are a part of life for mobians. When the challenge stacks up characters are forced to take on more power personas.

Adding will help to the cause. So please join in.

List of Possible Transformations

  • Super- The most standard of forms, it is achieved by collected the seven emeralds and using it's positive energies. This transformation can also be achieved if said being is made of Positive Chaos Emerald energy. People eight years of age and under cannot achieve this form through the Chaos Emeralds. It can also be achieved by using the power of the Master Emerald.
  • Hyper- The Chaos Emeralds first must under go the transformation of power increase via Master Emerald. After this using the Chaos Emeralds "Super form" Will activate your Hyper form. Mobians of age eight and under will become Super from the Super Emeralds' power.
  • Darkspine- By collecting the World Rings of Rage, Hatred and Sadness a user can achieve this form.
  • Brighteye- Obtained by collecting the world rings of, prayers, joy, pleasure and wishes.
  • EmoMind- Collecting all rings gives full control of emotions and great influence on others