Tizoc, otherwise known as Griffon Mask (グリフォンマスク, Gurifon Masuku) or the Griffon, is a character made by Sonicstar3000 based on the character Tizoc from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. He can be considered as one of SS3K's favourite characters to Roleplay or Talkplay with, along with his Fursona, JT the Androhog, and James the Blue Jay.


Tizoc's gimmick in wrestling is his life. He loves to be the hero of poor children and even acts and speaks outside the ring the same way he does when he is fighting.

Tizoc the Griffon
Tizoc is a Mexican professional wresler
Vital statistics
Title "The Griffon"
Age 27 Years old
Gender Male
Species Griffon
Fur/Feathers/scales Red/White
Attire Wrestling trunks
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First Appearance The King Of Fanon
Appearances The King of Fanon
American/English VA Liou Johnson
Seiyū (Japanese VA) {{{seiyū}}}


  • Tizoc can hole five average men on his bridge.
  • Tizoc hates magazine interviews.