*Reads Title* So they are the 7 emeralds they all need to transform.

The Elemental's are a family containing 8 Boys and 1 girl, the Boys named after elements do in fact control the element.

The Family


Their parent's had died, and they left themselves to look after.

The father was murdered by Doom the Dark Lord, and The mother died after giving birth to their last child, Minimize the Hedgehog


The Children are, from oldest to youngest.

Chronicle the Hedgehog

Rock the Echidnahog

Surf the Seagull

Air the Hedgehog

Elektro the Hedgehog

Flame the Hedgehog

Roxxy the Hedgehog

Psy the Hedgehog

Minimize the Hedgehog

Other Family

Jester the Hedgehog (Nephew/Son of Chronicle)

Clover the Hedgehog (Sister in Law/Wife of Chronicle)


All the children born, both parents dead, Chronicle did the right thing to look after his siblings, though it was hard, along the way he met his special someone, Clover. She and Him both loved eachother very much and got married, When Rock turned 12, Clover was pregnant. They had a son called Jester. When Jester turned 5, hence the age he is now, Rock was 17, thus old enough to look after his siblings. Jester tends to hang with Flame, because they have a very nice relationship.

Doom became an absurd rival of the Family fast, as they followed the murder of their father. The family still try to avenge their father and defend eachother from Doom's wrath. Massacre the chaos monster was also a rival of the Family, he has tried slaughtering Flame before, and Flame had almost been killed. Minimize despises Massacre, and usually ends up fighting him.


Flame is a tease, and a bit of an ass half the time. He tends to annoy people for his own amusement.

Rock loves a good fight, but is awfully annoying, and usually ends up fighting with Flame over nothing.

Roxxy tends to enjoy creating stuff, as she has no powers, she uses the inventions to fight.

Air was always a quiet one, he is a pacifist at times of quiet. He usually just meditates, as it calms his soul.

Psy seems to be posh, and well mannered, mainly because he likes tuxedo's and has a posh accent.

Mimize doesn't know why he hangs around with Psy, but Mimize is a very childish boy, as he still has a lot of youth.

Chronicle is always looking out for his siblings, and is usually aggravated by what Flame and Rock do.

Jester is a very funny boy, he lives in his own world and became the most well known child of the block.

Elecktro is arrogant, he tends to make himself look better infront of everyone, and shows off a lot.

Surf is the beach dude, and has an australian accent for some reason, He usually hangs around with his love Aubrey.

Clover is a healer, and usually hides behind Chronicle, hoping he can protect her.


Aubrey the Loveowl

She's well known to the family, as her and Surf are true loves. She loves to hang out with Surf, and will not let anyone hurt him, or aggravate him in any such way.

Lauren the Budgie

She dreads Flame and Rock, as they always ask questions, or tease her as to why, or how, she's a virgin. She really doesn't mind the others, and tends to show them how much she loves Ed Sheeran .

Stacy the Hedgehog

She teaches the younger generations of the family, from Rock down to Psy, She is always giving Flame detentions because he makes controversial jokes about her, as she has big breasts.

Boombomb the Hedgehog

Has fought along side the before, and is always in a bad mood with Flame for his childishness toward him.