Team Axis is a team that consists of two androhogs and a king from another dimension, namely Starburst the Cat, JT the Androhog, and RK the Androhog. Their purpose is to find and destroy Nazo the Hedgehog.


Team Axis has been formed to counter the march of Nazo, for different reasons. Starburst was put on the mission to destroy Nazo by his mother-in-law, Blaze the Cat, in response to Sear the Hedgecat's redemption. JT and RK assist Starburst because thier brother, CV the Androhog, has escaped from Nazo's tyrannical control, been essentially abused by him.



JT: *walking around*

Starburst: -walking by with two customized Gizoids in following behind, with an obvious air of tracking down and killing somebody-

JT: Huh...... -_- What're ya doing now.....

Starburst: -glares at JT- In your words, something "big".

JT: Yeah that helps................

Starburst: How about taking down the biggest scourge of the world ever to exist? Mr. Sarcasm?

-the black and green armored Gizoid turns his head to JT, as if offended. Starburst's and the Gizoid's Chaosblade hilts can be seen by JT-

JT: Chaosblades..?

Starburst: You seem to know what these are. -takes his out and activates the red blade- Tell me, does the name "Nazo" sound familiar?

JT: Oh, him? I hate him.

Starburst: -smirks upon hearing JT speaking negatively- And tell me, what causes you to hate him?

JT: He captured me once, to take some of that stupid DNA crap....

Starburst: Do you know what he used it for?

JT: Don't worry, I took it back. Jerk... =_=

Starburst: What if I told you, that I'm on a mission to eliminate him?

JT: I'd be in for it.

Starburst: -nods- That can be arranged. -nods to the purple armored Gizoid, who pressed something on the side of his head for a few seconds, sending information- We can arm you with the proper weaponry so that you can fight him on equal footing. -presses forward his Chaosblade slightly to show what JT was to get-

JT: One of them? <Trainiiiing....> Sh--Sweet! I love my life.

Starburst: -deactivates his Chaosblade and puts it away- Good. In this case I'll introduce you to my elite Gizoids. -gestures to the black and green armored Gizoid- This is Dynamo. -gestures to the black and purple armored Gizoid- This is Galva. Black armored Gizoids have been programmed to have real personalities, so that they're more than mere robots.

Dynamo: Hey.

Galva: ...Hmph.

JT: I could relate to them.

Starburst: We are to return to my kingdom. I could explain what we will be doing, but it would be easier to just go there first. -starts walking off, Dynamo and Galva obediantly marching beside him-

JT: *hesitantly follows*

-Later, at Starburst's palace, Dynamo and Galva have gone to train-

Starburst: My half-brother-in-law will make a custom Chaosblade for you JT, so for now you'll get a stock blade. -gives him a very simple-looking Chaosblade hilt- You also need to choose the martial style in which you'll use in your bladework. This will require training, but it will pay off when you fight Nazo.

JT: *swinging it around* Yeeea-heeeeah!! I like this!

Starburst: There are seven martial forms, I'll give a summary of each of them. One, Shii-Cho, which you will be getting the basics for regardless because they carry over to the rest, is simple yet random. It's main goal is to disarm your opponent. Two, Makashi, is mainly a counter to Shii-Cho, it's the most elegant and percise, focusing on dueling and blade protection. Three, Soresu, is the most defensive of all forms, and at its highest levels one can hold his own against up to twenty shooters, though has no offensive capabilities. The next two forms were devised to remedy for this. Four, Ataru, is the most acrobatic of all forms and has a heavy focus on offense, but at the expense of defense. Though, this makes one utilize his whole body as a weapon, instead of just one blade. Five has two variants, though you'd perfer one over the other just like how you have a dominant hand in which you hold a blade. Shien, is simply Soresu technique with Makashi mentality. Maximum protection while still leaving room for counterattack. Soresu takes defensive applications, Shien takes offensive applications. Djem So, is the dueling version, which is based upon defense and immediate counterattack. Six, Niman, is the most underrated, but easiest to learn next to Shii-Cho. A jack-of-all-trades style, it was designed to be easily learned without needing to train so much. This also gives a very good foundation for using two blades. Seven, has two variants as well. This is for total raging psychos. It's the most demanding and focused completely around offense. One must allow himself to get caught up in the excitement and thrill of battle. Juyo is classical version. Vaapad simply does everything Juyo does, just better, and becomes a state of mind. Accepting the aggression of the opponent, and turning it against them in a superconductive loop. -pants a bit- That was a mouthful.

JT: Shii-Cho! Shii-Cho!!!

Starburst: Think about this first. Now that I got that mouthful out of the way, you would like either Shii-Cho, or Niman. Niman is easy to learn without a ton of training, if you're kind of lazy. Niman is easier to learn than Shii-Cho, but Shii-Cho is simple, and increadibly hard to mess up. You're gonna get your basics from Shii-Cho anyway. You can use a secondary style to back up your primary. Oh, and did I mention that Niman provides training for using two of those?

JT: ........--Huh wha? I'm sorry I was too lazy to listen there.......

Starburst: Heh, you seem that you are made to use Niman. Focus on bladework is somewhat relaxed, designed to be easily learned. You don't have to train a lot, and you get an added bonus of the option to use two Chaosblades.

JT: Two... The more the Merrier....

Starburst: -nods and gives him an identical stock hilt- Go practice with the proper Gizoid. In particular, you should look for X. Your real blades should arrive soon.

JT: X... What the hell is that and why should I care about it?

Starburst: X is the name of the Gizoid that specializes in Niman. He can teach it to you.

JT: Oh, okay.

-Some time later-

Starburst: -enters room with two identical Chaosblades, each with a heavy emmiter shroud and tightly wrapped in a black cloth, and a Chaosknife of similar design-

JT: *whistles*

Starburst: Here they are. I've included a Chaosknife, which is a smaller version of a Chaosblade, also because a full-length blade might be harder to use, and it can suprisingly give you more options. Just hold onto it, you may find it useful sometimes. -gives them to JT-

JT: Okay, thanks I guess...

Starburst: I believe your first use with your real weapons should be in a duel. I would like to be your opponent.

JT: Sure....

-Later, in another room and on a raised platform-

Starburst: Show me what you've learned. -takes out and activates his Chaosblade-

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