Starcrush the Eagle
Starcrush the Eagle
Starcrush is the cruel ruler of the Espeus Kingdom





Special power



Total control, brutality, conquest, victory


Defeat, rebels, resistance

Ability type


Starcrush the Eagle is the cruel ruler of Espeus Kingdom, which is mainly a kingdom of psychokinetics, and rules with several iron fists.


He's one that likes being the "Top Dog", and expressing it upon everyone around him. Mainly, through murder. He is, however, extremely arrogant and has the potential to make bad decisions on the basis of overwhelming arrogance, as he has not encountered a decision that didn't work out.


Starcrush was born into the royal line of Espeus with a noble king as his father. As Starcrush was found to have extreme affinity for psychokinesis, he applied it constantly, and he was also inducted into military-style training at a young age, that he willingly went into, as he had a warped idea that kings are supposed to also double as generals. After becoming stronger and smarter than the actual generals, he wanted to take the throne fast, though he did not want his name to be blackened by the blood of his parents, and just waited for his father to die of cancer, and his mother to die of grief soon thereafter. After inheriting the throne, he immediately began to militarize Espeus into a war-like nation, and start his march onto wide-ranged conquest.


Starcrush displays a very strong affinity for psychokinesis, though when he was younger he focused on his martial skills. That's not to say that his attacks aren't powerful, infact, with psychokinesis he can crush a living being with relative concetration. He mainly applies combative uses of psychokinesis, such as throwing orbs of psychic energy at his opponents. He has been known to get other rulers onto his side without even raising a fist, though it is debatable if this is telepathic manipulation, psychological warfare, or simple fear factor whether it be his reputation preceding him or he's just that scary.

Starcrush has also studied Chaosblade combat at the onset of its expanded usage. Starcrush decided to study Form VI Niman, and actually trained hard to make hismelf skilled enough to be a master of everything. Subsequently, he has never lost a Chaosblade duel to the present day, as he uses a doublebladed Chaosblade with purple blades, and a standard length hilt, making it harder to wield but also harder to hit as it's a smaller target. His only error he made, was that he ignored Niman's main idea of moderation over power, and instead fought with fury and brutality, making him that much more dangerous and even harder to defeat. His offense is overwhelming, and his defense is strong, making him a very hard opponent to fight against with his training, psychokinesis, armament and sheer mentality.