Splash Woman
Splash Woman
Splash Woman is the only female Robot Master and a member of Repliforce




Dolphin-Reploid (formerly Mermaid-based Robot Master)

Repliforce Position

Underwater Rescue and Combat Specialist

Love Interests

Freeze Man


Swimming, nice water, beaches, singing, communicating with the sea creatures, collecting seashells, helping people, etc.


Perverts, being seen as a sex object, people staring at her boobs or ass, death, bad singers, poachers, fishermen, etc.

Splash Woman is a Robot Master from Planet Earth, remodelled as a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. She now serves as a member of Repliforce, in the Navy Unit under Jet Stingray's command. She is one of the most beautiful Reploids to exist and is loved by many, whether they're Reploid, Mobian, or even Maverick.


Splash Woman was originally created by Dr. Light to help rescue victims of ship wrecks and beach accidents. For several years, she served her purpose well until her expiration date was near and was scheduled to be scrapped. Dr. Wily approached her and her seven brothers and offered to help serve him, making sure that they would all be useful under his control. Splash Woman and her siblings were defeated by Mega Man, and were cleared to be used despite their periods of use being expired by the government.

Splash Woman continued her work until she was finally decommissioned and sealed away in a warehouse with the rest of the Robot Masters made. Ultimately, Gate found a portal to this particular warehouse. Impressed by the technology and robots, he quickly took them all, along with most technology that was made by Dr Light, Dr. WIly, and Dr. Cossack, and redid them into the image of his time and world.

Simply dumbfounded and surprised by her new change, Splash Woman and the other Robot Masters quickly found some interesting places and intrests in their new home. Her new athletic prowess and underwater dominance were quickly caught on by Repliforce, who recruited her into Jet Stingray's Naval unit. Splash Woman continues her duties as an Underwater Combat and Rescue Specialist, and serves as a very proud woman.


Splash Woman is a bit playful and pretty friendly to many people. She is extremely fond of kareoke bars, where she can show off her singing voice to all. Splash Woman also tends to be too fond of the sealife, fighting against the poachers and fishermen that try ruining her seas. She constantly keeps whalers away. Splash Woman hates being seen as an object for sex and hates Mattrex and his intolerable hormones and constantly peaking at her lady parts.

Powers & Abilities

Splash Woman's signature weapon is called the Laser Trident, which she wields as both a projectile and melee weapon. It normally shoots out mini tridents as projectiles, as well as doing other laser attacks. She also has a tremendous and early irresistible singing voice that draws in many people or creatures nearby. She can also use this as an advantage in battle.

Being a water-based Reploid, Splash Woman is an amazing swimmer, but as a humanoid, she had poor land mobility due to having the mold of a mermaid. When Gate remodelled her, he also gave Splash Woman a pair of legs. She has used them to her advantage and can now run very well and is very athletic as well.

Like other Robot Masters, Splash Woman can't be completely killed off and can actually be rebuilt if destroyed in battle, so long as the correct and necessary parts are still present.






  • Many guys are absolutely madly in love with Splash Woman, Bubble Man being a notable example. However, she has shown no interest in him whatsoever.
  • Splash Woman bears a striking resemblence to Fairy Leviathan from the Mega Man Zero series.
  • Splash Woman is most likely based off of the sirens with her beautiful singing voice that draws in many sea creatures and people to her.