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Sushit the Phish

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Sonic Necros is currently being written by ApalloTh. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Apon taking a znooze cruise, Sonic finds a letter adressed to him from a lady by the name of Lady Hope, Sonic read the letter saying that he must meet her at her  Home Continent of Funjun. Sonic and Tails traveled to her home not knowing that thier alies have followed them. Apon Arrival, Sonic and Co.  meet up with the young mistress and she tells them that the planet is in danger of falling into the clutches of the Necros clan. And in order to stop them, they must go to the 13 Focus points on the Conitnent to create a force field sealing the Dark Magic. Eggman who was also called to the Continent found himself making a deal with the clan. If he could suppuly the badniks and a air fleet, then he could rule along with them, when news of Sonic being on Funjun arrived, Eggman decided to do his usuall thing and take over the areas with the Focus Points.

Sonic and friends must now battle Dr.Eggman and the Necros Clan to save the planet from an impending darkness.

Characters and Skills

Ranking System

Not to Mistake this For the Grade Ranks from the other Sonic Games, this Ranking System is for character stats, ranging from High to Good to Moderate to Low

Character Skill Speed Ranking
Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Somersault (if Possible)
  • Homing Attack (if Possible)
  • Spin Dash
Miles "Tails" Prowler
  • Tail Attack
  • Flight
  • Spin Dash
Amy Rose
  • Piko-Piko Smash
  • Homing Attack (if Possible)
  • Spin Dash
Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Spin Dash 
  • Homing Attack (if Possible)
  • Chaos Spear (if Possible)
  • Chaos Control (if Possible)


Sea of Trees


Act Name Difficulty Discription
Woodland Paradise Easy
Deep Woods Easy
Forest's End Easy

Titianc River


Act Name Difficulty Discription
River Cave Easy - Moderate
Crazy Currents Easy
Aquatic Ruins. Moderate

Wet Caverns


Act Name  Difficulty Discription
Secret Cave Easy
Stony Exit Easy - Moderate
Highway  Moderate

Moonlight City


Act Name Difficulity Discription

Sunset Gate

Lunar Square Easy
Heaven's Highway Moderate

Midnight Rooftop


Act Name Difficulity Discription
Highroad Rail Easy
Penthouse Peril Moderate
The Cloudscraper Easy

Rinjin Skies


Act Name Difficulity Discription
Cloud Road
Spiral  Tunnel
Hurricane Highway

Jag'd Mountians


Act Name Difficulity Discription
Spiked Landing Hard
Rocky Run Hard - Moderate
Jag'd Peaks Moderate

Peaked Pass


Act Name Diffiulity Discription
White Peak Easy
Snowball Hill Easy
Diamond Field Moderate


  • There is Planned to be a Mock Character with a High Speed Rank, and Flight
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