Cquote1 I've lived long enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one ... in the end you just get tired ... of watching everything turn to dust Cquote2
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Saizo Marushagan
"Forget the past. Embrace the present. Look towards the future."
637 (Appears in his 30s)
A fair face that often makes the girls swoon. He is of an athletic build with a defined abdominal section as well as toned arms. Has a scar across his left eye. Eyes are green from the Emeragan.
Wears a half mask that obscured his left side of his face. Has a skin-tight top that covers his left arm with a large steel samurai pauldron that also obscures his left arm; the right arm is sleeveless. Also had a large gold gauntlet on left hand. Has baggy pants with a crossed buckle along the crotch, along with a pair of black boots. Sometimes wears a blood red cloak over his neck.
214 lbs
* Samatsu (Father, deceased)
  • Kiyoko (Mother, deceased)
  • Helios (Brother, deceased)
  • Guyviroth (Best friend, deceased)
* [Transformation Technique]
Ability type
* One Tails - Seven Tails Dragon Form
  • Cursed Seal of Hell Demon Form

Saizo Marushagan is one of the more powerful warriors in existence, having spent centuries in the most brutal wars and bloodthirsty battles. He originally belonged in the Narutoverse, but has since made a new home on Galifras; a world in which all universes become one. He is the strongest of the Hands of God.


Saizo is very much a calm, collective and relaxed individual, always observant of everything around him. He's also very energetic and friendly, wanting to listen to whatever anyone has on their minds and tries his utmost to help out in any way he can. It isn't very often in which Saizo relinquishes this side of his personality, however when he does he isn't too slow to retake this trait of his.

Saizo is not all sunshine and skittles though. When he's in deep thought he maintains a very serious and almost daydreamy state of mind to which he's often ignorant of everything around him, in direct contrast to his cheerful side. He also has this kind of personality on the battlefield, although he is very calculating and observant to which people often say he's "three steps ahead" of his opponent.

Because of this it is often that people who know about him do not fight him to the point that, much like Minato Namikaze, all Ninja have been given a Flee on Sight command should they encounter him because of his utmost power. Saizo is not above killing, far from it; he enjoys the taste of battle and the thrill of being able to kill his opponent, although if the opponent has come to the point of being severely injured and on the brink of losing consciousness, or is just not all that great of a fighter, his lust for death fades to the point that he will offer them a chance to give up on multiple occasions, only granting death if they insist on it.


The ninja's life arc

150 years ago at Saizo's birth. He had a loving family in the village outside of the Hidden Moon Village; they weren't anything special. They weren't trained as Ninja, no bloodline limit, nothing; just a common household family. He was the eldest of the two brothers; the younger brother, Helios, being born 8 years later. Saizo and Helios grew up loving each other, like brothers should do. They rarely ever quarreled or argued, and always had fun when they were with one another. However, it soon ended. When Saizo turned 18, and his brother 10, they were attacked by bandits. Their father slaughtered, and their mother left to die of a quick spreading poison. Saizo had managed to grab their father's farming scythe, and cut them down in a blinded rage. This was the first time he'd ever maimed someone, let alone just killing them. Helios had run away from their home afterwards due to Saizo's action and temporary murderous intent. Saizo had decided that, to protect those, he'll need to learn the basics of combat. He enrolled at the academy in the Hidden Moon Village, and trained there.

Saizo felt really uncomfortable though. All of these 12 year olds learning to become ninja and he was the eldest of 18 made him feel embarrassed. However, even then it never distracted him from his learning in his books or practical work. Due to that, he was often referred to as Master Saizo, due to him, not being older, but by the time he got through half of the academic year, he was better than most students. A boy, named Guyviroth, who was a little younger than him at 16, challenged Saizo to a hand to hand fight, announcing that there cannot be two Masters. Saizo gladly accepted, and fought Guyviroth in the training area. A huge spectacle was made of the many Genin-in-training pupils there. It was a long and brawling fight, and Saizo had won, at the expense of his left eye, which had been gouged out when he failed to completely dodge a throwing kunai. Guyviroth got angry, and was about to kill Saizo when their teacher stopped him from doing so. Saizo smirked, noting that he couldn't kill him with his cheap tricks, and he won't be able to kill him ever. However, they both grew to be, in the rest of the year, good friends and then best friends.

The academic year had passed, and Saizo and Guyviroth, among the many other pupils, had passed, while the remaining small portion had to be kept back a year. Saizo and Guyviroth had gone their separate way, as Guyviroth had gotten permission to take leave of absence from the village for a few years to help train, while Saizo remained in the village to partake in missions and such. He was always enthusiastic about missions, whether they were low level weed-picking or catching cats. When he had accumulated 19 D rank missions, he was moved on to C rank, and a single B rank. He had passed them all, but the Kage was surprised on how he came back barely even scathed. Saizo noted how this wasn't the first time he had killed someone. The Kage understood, and set him off on his next C rank mission.

When he got strong enough, Saizo stopped doing missions and decided to focus on his own personal life. In that time, he had met up with many ninja. He had a love life at one point; he made a rival out of a ninja named Ayanami Shinji, on who would become the strongest ninja. Evidently, both of them never reached that goal, but Shinji was a little bit stronger than Saizo, but not enough to have every fight handed to Saizo. However, when word came out that Jinchuuriki were being offered, Saizo blindly accepted, wanting more power to protect others with. There were different Bijuu though, as though they were hidden and not found by the outside world; their existence not documented. These new Bijuu were Horoken; the One-tailed Roc, Raidin; the 2-tailed Tiger, Kouken; the 3-tailed Squirrel, Jujinwa; the 4-tailed Shark, Itaken; the 6-tailed Monkey, and finally, Ryuudan, the 7-tailed Dragon. Each was stronger than the older Bijuu by a small degree, with Ryuudan being the strongest Bijuu, in which Saizo picked. However, unlike the old Bijuu, these were so strong that each host only had a 50% chance to live. However, the transmigration didn't even start and the dragon had denied Saizo, despite all his efforts in winning it over. Saizo had his right arm hacked off, and struck down and burnt by a large thunderbolt. Saizo had been killed.

Rebirth into Corruption

Even though fate dealt Saizo the hand of death, it wouldn't last for too long. During the time of his death, Saizo was buried in an old tomb within the Hidden Moon Village's catacombs, preserved in a coffin made entirely of emerald. However, as soon as the burial was over, a masked, rogue ninja by the name of Chiyoko arrived on the scene, using a perfected One's Own Life Reincarnation technique, which was later called the One Lives Only Twice technique, which was used to resurrect Saizo. In addition to new life, a strong wooden puppet arm was constructed to replace the arm that was lost, and as a final touch, Saizo was given an emerald eye that contained the DNA blood sample of the Sharingan; however, because Saizo was not of the Uchiha blood, this emerald eye was always active, although Saizo did use his half mask to obscure the eye when not needed. With this all said and done, Chiyoko took his leave, and Saizo was free to protect the Moon Village again.

Although Saizo's resurrection was met with shock, the people grew to accept that a man that had escaped the brink of death was among them once again. However, the happy reunion was short-lived; a large scale war broke out between many of the existing villages. The newly formed Sound Village waged war against the Leaf, while the Mist and Whirlpool attacked the Moon village. However, because of the past, Konoha was also against the Moon village, in which the Moon then made an alliance with the Sound. The war waged for several months, in which it was grueling for Saizo; most of his friends died, and he was forced to battle his former lover; the match didn't result in any side of them injured, but it was a blow to Saizo's mind. After the war, Saizo maintained a peaceful existence, hanging up his fighting gloves and retired to living a normal life.

Saizo opened a new pet store, which allowed him to earn more money than anyone else was at the time; his low price and unrivaled breeding and importation of exotic ninja pets allowed Saizo to capitalize on a large monopoly, while at the same time providing strength to his village. The shop was so well known that others from the various villages began to travel in swarms to purchase his pets. However, the one presence of such an animal shocked Saizo to his core; the presence of a dragon. The appearance brang back the memories of the Bijuu he was denied. From this, Saizo packed his bags and set off in search of this Bijuu, leaving the shop to one of his teammates.

It took a long while, but after several months, Saizo managed to come across Ryuudan, the 7 tailed Dragon. Ryuudan was smug, although surprised at Saizo's appearance. However, instead of before, Saizo fought the Bijuu with words of intimidation and not of pleading. The Ryuudan merely scoffed, and then attacked Saizo. However, Saizo was much stronger, although his emerald eye was needed in order to subdue his opponent. The Bijuu, impressed with Saizo's skills, agreed to return to the Moon village, in which the medic Nin sealed Ryuudan within Saizo, becoming the second Jinchuriiki, next to his friend and rival Shinji. After this, Saizo also traveled to the far mountains in order to achieve the scroll of Dragon Summons after being given directions and motivation from Ba'al, the then Mizukage. After he obtained it, he was also given four swords; the Sword of Red Dragon, Sword of Black Dragon, Sword of Silver Dragon, and the Sword of Gold Dragon.

Several months later, there existed a group of missing nin that had betrayed their villages in order to locate a specific power source, somewhere located near the edge of the equator, outside of the land of fire. Saizo soon followed, but not out of intent in leaving his village, but in order to investigate this anomaly alongside several other top Jounin from the other lands, alongside Shinji and Ba'al. The investigation lead to a small portal that loomed over a well that was said to be never-ending; it lead to the depths of hell itself. Saizo and Ba'al agreed to investigate the anomaly,

After the findings, Saizo was commemorated on his performance, and was allowed to leave the Hidden Moon for his own dreams; to build his own village. However, the village will always be what it is; a dream. Being a main target by a strong ninja by the name of Orochimaru, Saizo had to fight against a whole barrage of high ranking Missing Nin from the Hidden Sound. Even though he managed to defeat every single subordinate of Orochimaru, the battle royal left Saizo exhausted, as was easy pickings for Orochimaru, effortlessly killing him.

Blood and Anguish


Saizo, revealing his half demon skin

For a few years, Saizo had been dormant at the bowels of hell itself, the great demon Samael had incurred that Saizo had, infect, been dead for those years having been overwhelmed by the powers of the abyss. However, the demon had resurrected Saizo with the promise that he can regain his powers, should he perform one task; to eliminate all of the Kage of the 13 villages. Saizo, at first, was hesitant, but he accepted the offer. A Black Contract was formed in which cannot be broken unless the signer defeated the creator of it. Saizo had signed it, and with that, Samael issued enormous torture on Saizo as well, knowing that despite the setbacks, Saizo would accomplish it. Saizo was given a large butcher knife-like sword, in representation of the people he has slain with his knives. He wore a large, pyramid-shaped helmet that dug into his skull and shoulders, representation of the mental burden he had carried throughout the years of war. His torso was stripped of its skin and was used as a robe for his lower body, in representation of the people he tortured before he killed them. Lastly, his only power was the conjuration and manipulation of blood, specifically the blood of those he had killed.

After his new attire, Saizo was in so much pain that he lost all thought of coherency; he couldn't talk, he couldn't think, and he couldn't hear; he only knew of his objective. He left hell when Samael instructed, and carried out the task for several months. However, it wasn't as grand as Samael expected; Saizo had only managed to kill two of the 13 Kage, while two of them managed to oppose him; Shinji, the new Kage of the Moon, and Ba'al, the Kage of the Mist. However, none of them recognized him. The three of them fought, while the pair had the upper hand; however Saizo was not selling any attack he took; he treated them as though they were merely a breeze of air. In the end, all three were injured, but Saizo regained his senses.

After removing the helm from his head, both had realized who it was; although they were shocked, they questioned Saizo, who did not answer. Saizo had made his way back to Hell’s portal, and once he had arrived, challenged Samael to a fight to the death, which would then break the Black Contract he had over him. The two fought, but Saizo inevitably had the upper hand; he was impervious to the infliction of damage, and was able to control blood to a greater degree than Samael could repel it. After the fight, Saizo then decapitated the demon king.

Taking his leave, he returned back to the Hidden Moon to resume his pet shop; intending to live his life the way he aimed to those years ago, he resigned his life as a Ninja, until he came across an old legend about the Getsuryuu; the eight-headed dragon God that protected the Hidden Moon. For some years, Saizo had studied and tried to follow any clue he was presented, until finally he had noticed it over the Hidden Moon at midnight on a full moon. Quickly he rushed and was about to battle it until he had realized that he already had a Bijuu; he didn’t need any more strength, and he would rather use his own strength to defend his village. After the ordeal, he left the village again to return back to hell; without a king, they would run wild on the human realm should the portal be strong enough. He returned back to the abyss, and he himself reigned as the king of hell for a few years.

The Fourth War


The Seven Tails Dragon, Ryuudan

However, after the years went by, Saizo began to feel Hell’s influence take effect on his body; the entirety of his left side had become demonic in appearance; he developed a hard carapace on his skin covered in scaled and spines, claws on his fingers and toes, and large teeth in the left side of his mouth. However, the emerald eye was not changed as it was made of natural and not biological materials. Saizo also was overcome by a sudden surge of bloodlust, wanting to kill intensively. However, he had all the demons at his disposal; before he left he had murdered several dozens of them. As he left hell, the urge to kill lowered, but his malformation remained. He returned back to the Hidden Moon, only to see that the village had been destroyed, as was, reportedly, some of the other lesser villages.

Word was out that there existed only four villages now, with each one run by an organization. Konoha was run by the Order of One; a group of elite Ninja that wanted a world where only Ninja could exist. Sunaga was the home of the other Ninja who wanted a world where everything could exist. The lands of Iron were run by the Shogun, who wanted only Shogun to exist, claiming that the Ninja Clans had taken their rightful homeland. Lastly were the Samurai who existed before the Ninja took over and before the Shogun came to exist, having rivalries with both parties.

Saizo joined the Order of One, although he joined on his own agenda; to destroy those who opposed his own philosophy of the fact that, no matter who existed, they would still be around to create another war, and so he fought against literally everyone who wanted to continue this fight, eventually making him the only target by all organizations, which could potentially lead to treaties that would exist for the next several generations, bringing out peace across the lands. However, the plan wouldn’t come to fruition as he expected, although technically it did go in his own favor; in the end, the clans had killed themselves, but Saizo had to kill his best friend Guyviroth who he had known since the Academy days. Guyviroth was given the same emerald eye that Saizo was given years before, and after a fight between Sharingan-like users, Guyviroth was killed, but not before Saizo was given his emerald eye, in which now he had two.

After the war, Saizo helped along with the then Sunaga-settled Ninja in restoration with the rest of the ninja lands. Over time, each land was rebuilt to its former glory, and many of the Ninja, as well as Samurai, began to cultivate the villages, restoring the five lands to their original status. However, Saizo then left on his own accord; his belongings were buried along with him in the Hidden Moon’s catacombs, and he repressed his own chakra levels to put him in a state of hibernation inside his emerald coffin, until the next time he was needed.

The Final Act

After several hundred years, Saizo was reawakening when he noticed that there had been a disturbance around the village. Saizo clambered from his coffin and grasped his attire, and set out into the world again. However, he had noticed that everything had changed; the Hidden Moon Village was no longer existent, save the catacombs where he lay and a single tower that reached above the clouds. As he looked around, he had realized that this was only recently destroyed, probably in search for either the Getsuryuu, or himself.

His home destroyed, Saizo set out in search for Konoha, believing the fact that because he once served them and that the Kage was good friends with him, he would be welcomed. However, although he was welcomed, he was in shock to find that Shinji was, in fact, still alive after so many centuries. Shinji welcomed him and gave him the position of Jounin, to which Saizo replied that he wasn’t here in order to become part of his army, but to investigate the recent happenings; although Shinji knew of what he meant, he too did not know of what was going on. Saizo then decided to work as a lecturer in the academy; however he had noticed that his emerald eyes, which he decided to call the Emeragan, were much different than they were previously; he was no longer able to use any of the Uchiha’s legendary copying techniques, or even copy the movements of those he sees with them. Instead, he was able to manipulate moonlight to his desires, which he believed was bestowed upon him by the Getsuryuu before the village was destroyed.

After several months, Saizo had discovered that the recent activities were caused by a newly formed Akatsuki, although Saizo merely scoffed at the fact that one kid managed to beat them, and that they had no chance against Konoha alone, let alone the entire world. Saizo infiltrated Akatsuki by becoming a red herring, and then proceeded to eliminate each one, one at a time. However, during this rather short act, Saizo learned his Summoning Rasshoumon technique and also developed the Vibration White Finger Technique, which allowed his fingers to vibrate his chakras at a violent rate in order to break down any material into its atoms, although progressive use of it would render the user’s hands useless. Before he left, he had found a scroll that was secret research on the Uchiha Clan, detailing their most powerful techniques and how one would gain and lose them. Through this scroll, he managed to reclaim the legendary techniques he had lost before, while also learning of the Izanagi Technique.

With his aims done, Saizo left Konoha; not due to the fact that he was at odd terms, but told Shinji that he wanted to see the world and watch it grow. However, this wasn’t actually what he intended; he intended to leave this dimension, not wanting Shinji to search for him afterwards; he conceded that Shinji was stronger than him, and that the world only needed one protector. After he left, he decided to set up residence in a new world where every other universe came to exist as one place. Leaving one home for another, he knew that he himself would return back to his own dimension soon, knowing that Shinji would be waiting for him.

The Five Hands of God

After setting off on his new home, he found that, although it was tranquil, it was too much for him; there was no action and was no place for him to rekindle his lust for battle. Becoming bored as the time flowed by, he decided he would travel to the other universes to find conflict and war, hoping to take part in them. However, as time went on he did not wish to remain in the shadows like he had been centuries before; he wanted to try and make a name for himself as well as others; people who would always be around to help those in need. He sought after four other warriors who's powers were as great as could be. Before he set off, Saizo constructed a small base that could not be seen by any mortal and without any type of Doujutsu to avoid unwanted intruders, calling it the Shinraijin Hub; a place where a single portal lead to any world he could see.

After several years, Saizo did in fact manage to find one person to begin with. He first was drawn into a Digital Universe; a place that was like Earth, but where technology was advanced and phenomenon would occur where the digital mainframe would create a portal from Earth to a Digital World. Interested in this Digital World, he found that this world was, in fact, a place where there held a strong warrior named Summers. Saizo was shocked to find that Summers looked almost identical to him, especially from his Jounin years. However, Summers refused the invite as the Digital World needed him more than anything else. Instead, he pointed to him the direction of another warrior, who was filled with darkness and, perhaps, Saizo could provide the light. Travelling to the Dark Area, Saizo had found Nexus, who was in his demon form. Saizo was shocked in some sense; he looked remarkably like his friend Guyviroth. The two faught, but Saizo easily beat him, and after telling his story, Nexus decided to leave the Digital World in Summers' care, deciding to go with Saizo and becoming the second hand of God.

A few months later of searching, Saizo found another warrior, one that was powerful enough to attract him so easily to this world. Saizo, as soon as he got there, felt uneasy and somewhat distrought; the cities were wastelands and the landscape decimated, though he soon learned from several survivors that the world was torn asunder from the Cataclysm; an event that lasted for over a century in which the earth's global weather conditions were inbalanced, causing huge typhoons and apocalyptic earthquakes, changing the land forever. He soon encountered Samanexum, though not in a way in which he hoped. Samanexum, alongside another warrior, were found destroying a large city with its population still inside it. Saizo did intervene and, wanting to find a solitary place for the two of them, managed to translocate both of them to a nearby open location. Having both of them telling each other their tales, in which Samanexum claimed vengeance on humanity for wiping out the dragon population; many survivors believed the dragons to of caused the cataclysm, of whom Samanexum knew it wasn't since he was with them throughout the majority of the cataclysm. Saizo then offered Samanexum the invite, stating that he knew of a place where dragons were revered. Samanexum, somewhat upset yet joyed, agreed to become the Third Hand, and thus left with Saizo.

As Saizo took Samanexum to the Dragon Household of his own universe, to which he was greeted with utmost grace, Saizo encountered someone he thought he'd never see again. His old friend, Guyviroth, stood before him on the way down from the mountains, knowing he would find him here. Saizo was shocked to find that his friend, who had died over 600 years ago, was standing before him looking the same as he did during the war and no different, except that he still had his Emeragan eye, which was baffling seeing as Saizo was given it after Guyviroth's death. Not only that, but he now had two of them, which was even more puzzling. However, Guyviroth explained that the Emeragan was merely a spherical piece of emerald transplanted with the genetic code of the Sharingan, so he had made his own after his death. Before Saizo could ask, Guyviroth stated that, unbeknown to both of them at the time, that he was in fact a descendant from the Rinnegan, which explained the patterns of his Emeragan. Having no ill blood between the two, Guyviroth accepted to go along with Saizo way before Saizo mentioned nor asked, but he would like to have a rematch with his best friend. Saizo agreed, and the two faught; it was a close match but Saizo did win in the end. After the match, Saizo took both Samanexum and Guyviroth to the Shinraijin Hub where Nexus was.

After a few months past, Saizo was contempt with the group he pulled together, but he wanted someone who was very close to his own power other than Guyviroth. Before he set out, Guyviroth did extend a hand in the search, stating that he could sense the power of individuals using the Shinraijin Gate as a medium, and was easily able to pick out a suitable person. As Guyviroth gave directions, Saizo set out alone to find the fifth Hand. He visited the world that Guyviroth told him, but noticed it looked exactly like Earth, but he wasn't sure of what made him feel so uncomfortable. Suddenly it struck him; powerful evil souls attacked him, but were no match for his strength. He heard the words "Shinigami" and "Hollow" from them before they were destroyed, so he set out to search their meaning. He came across something known as "Hueco Mundo" in his search; apparently something had summoned him to this gray desert of a plane. He encountered who he was looking for; a main that bore a similar look to himself physically, but wore a white coat and white hakama, and whose hair and eyes were of a sky blue color. The man introduced himself as Gai'Vahros, the third of the Espada; the name shocked Saizo in which it was similar to Guyviroth's. Saizo told his story and extended his invitation, but Gai only responded with an attack. As before, the two fought, but Saizo was on edge the entire time; his opponent was extremely powerful and, in strength alone, was actually more powerful than him. However, Saizo remained on the ball, three steps ahead of his opponent, going as far as using the Curse Seal of Hell, and in the end had won. Gai was interested in Saizo's proposition, harboring inside himself a chance to live again. He accepted, and become the fifth and final Hand of God.

Mobian Chronicles

After finalizing the Five Hands of God faction, Saizo decided he would travel to different worlds to see if it could protect itself. However, as he drew closer to a certain world, Saizo was overcome by a shock to his mind, noticing something that had a similar energy wavelength to his own; perhaps another incarnation of himself lived on this world. He decided to investigate, but decided he would stay for a while to see if any trouble kicks off that he could join in with. Within a short amount of time he had noticed something already.

Saizo took part in a coliseum-style arena, in which strong people from around the globe took part, defeating one another in a death match style battleground where the winner would receive points. Saizo decided to take part as well, but he found that the challenge was not as high as he had expected, despite the fact that his skills were incredibly dull from loss of form. Saizo had taken part in two matches, and had already scored the highest amount of points, whilst leaving after his third match due to the lack of decent competition. It is unknown if Saizo would return to the coliseum afterwards.

After the coliseum, he decided to fund his own coliseum in a similar working to the coliseum he previously went to, but decided to do things differently; there were no restrictions and there were certain ranks depending on the amount of points earned. Saizo had decided to incorporate, as the last ranking match, the Five Hands of God should anyone get that far. It was in this coliseum that Saizo had taken a fond interest of a certain Panda, who shared similar skills to him. As a reward of her rank advance in her first match, Saizo gifted her with one of his own golden kunai; this was to help her in developing her strength, but also to quickly come to her aid if she was ever in trouble. The coliseum is kept running irregularly but matches are still open.

Saizo decided to take a break from the fighting for some time, deciding to scour the continents to see what this world was like. He came across a few people along his travels, but most of them were not bothered he was there, which was how he liked it but began to wonder if this planet was as war torn as his own as a reason as to why everyone was so gloomy. Shrugging it off, Saizo returned to his own coliseum to find another one already opened nearby. It was a knock-out tournament named the Dragon Fist Tournament, which gave Saizo the needed push to get his fighting mood back. Having joined in, along with his fellow Hands of God, Saizo had won his first match, while the other four still wait for theirs.

Some time later, Saizo would meet up with Summers the Hedgehog, the two sharing a lifelink; a link in which Saizo can sense his other counterparts within different dimensions as he did with Jamie Summers in the Digital World. The two would travel together, each sharing each other's secrets. While Saizo began to learn about Chaos Energy through the Book of Orion Sigmus, Summers began to learn about utilizing Chaos Energy in the form of elemental manipulation.

Convinced that no one on Earth/Mobius could provide the challenge he had been yearning for, Saizo decided to retreat back to the Trials of Conquest Coliseum and reopen it for participation, deciding that if a challenge were to present itself, the best way was to watch the participants himself as they reach through higher rankings. Happy to see that Abumi has reintroduced herself into the coliseum, Saizo seems convinced that she is the challenge he has been waiting for.

Joining a tournament that was labeled the Cosmic Championship, Saizo joined in a hope to fight some of the strongest fighters. However, after such time he knew that he would not find worthy opponents here; his words instigated a fight with the host himself. The fight was at a stalemate for some time, until after much time had passed that Saizo decided to feign his defeat for three reasons; he believed that the host did not show the potential he was looking for, that the fight was meaningless and thus no longer wanted to carry on, and to continue finding any more people to join the Hands of God. As the match was over, Saizo gave a farewell speech but vowed to return to fight the winner, knowing that the tournament would finish by the time he returned. However, when Saizo returned, he'd seen that the tournament did not progress much further than when he left.

God's Second Wave

After leaving the Cosmic Championship, Saizo began to try and recruit more warriors into the Hands of God. The first world that he had went to was back to the Digital World Nexus had come from. However, when Saizo had returned, he saw that things were much more peaceful though he couldn't understand why. After days of searching, Saizo had found Jamie within an old pyramid-like structure. As soon as Saizo entered, jamie was awoken from his slumber atop of a high throne. Jamie declared he knew Saizo would come and for what reason, and so challenged the founder to a battle. The fight raged for a long while, though Saizo was the victor. Revealing that the Digital World was under a Time Lock, Jamie stated that because of this, no outside interference could tamper with the world's balance, which was what he was there for. Jamie sent a message to his since unheard of son, Terra, that he would leave the duty of protecting the digital world to him before joining Saizo as a Hand of God.

Several days later, Saizo would be drawn to an unknown world that has escaped his scope but had since stood out among most others. This world was a basic world where it was dominated by fighting tournaments. However, Saizo couldn't understand why he was drawn to it; no fighter seemed anything special. For days Saizo searched for the person who he was searching for, which soon lead him to a small island off the coast of Japan called the Shinikara Isles. As Saizo arrived, he found two powerful warriors that matched his strength; Akuma and Shou. Akuma insisted the two fight before Shou stepped in; he understood that the two were connected, something that no other counterpart to Saizo knew about. As the two fought, Saizo was constantly repelled by Shou's attacks and counters. Shou stated that he could read all of Saizo's techniques, because he was him. According to Shou, he was born after Saizo cast away and had forgotten about his Saizatsuken Technique, which gradually began to turn him to darkness. Born into a seperate world, he knew they were fated to meet but had no qualms in killing his other. Because of this, Saizo left the isles, knowing that Shou would never become a Hand of God, and knew that he could not beat him.

Saizo decided to return to Mobius, relocating Summers within hours due to their strong bond. Saizo asked if Summers would become a Hand of God, and after much hesitation, Summers accepted. However, the decision changed Summers' destiny, creating a Paradigm Shift; an instance where a person steers off course from their fate, creating a future paradox; whereas Summers was fated to die in the future, it had been avoided, thereby creating an entity called Trinity; a being that indirectly begins to lead Summers towards his chosen destiny. However, being alongside Saizo had kept Summers away from his dire path of fate, but has the name "Trinity" bored into his mind.

Some time later, Saizo senses an unknown presence from one of the worlds which he has constantly been looking over. However, this presence is never picked up by anyone else, neither is it displayed by the computer which Saizo uses to scan worlds. Without informing his fellow Hands of God, he dispatches to this world, only to find out that it is comprised by smaller worlds. Not knowing where to go, or even how to leave the small world he is on, a sudden distortion of space transports him to where he felt the presence. Seeing a figure clad is black, red and gold armor, knelt down in front of two intricate shaped swords, Saizo awaited for a response. Sure enough, the figure slowly raised to his feet and pulled the two weapons from the ground.

The both of them began to fight, but Saizo was, surprisingly, having a difficult time against his opponent. The opponent was quick, agile, and was able to teleport around the area; something that Saizo couldn't do freely. Saizo had resorted to using his Infinite Omnibreaker, and as the figure was set up inside the circle of dropped kunai, Saizo launched the attack. However, his opponent was able to deflect every single strike of the Omnibreaker with utmost speed and precision before launching his own counterattack. Saizo seemed to of truly met his match and, for a long time, had a sense of inferiority, not believing he could win. Saizo noticed he could use his Moon Release techniques though, not realizing that this realm of light and darkness is what could allow him to do so. Using his moon style techniques, Saizo was on par with his opponent for a time before he revealed two more swords, materializing behind him and attacking on their own. Somewhat annoyed, it forced Saizo to use the Ryuudan to fight against him, up to three tails were used. Being able to use the Beast Chakra Cloak to attack and deflect the other weapons, Saizo once again managed to come out on top. His opponent wouldn't lose so easily, and began to use powerful magical attack, many of which Saizo couldn't avoid. As time went on, Saizo began to exhaust while his opponent didn't seem to tire at all. Saizo intended to resort to using his Emeragan, revealing both eyes and, from both of them, launched two separate Amaterasu; the strain was noticeable but he seemed to of caught his opponent. However, the flames went around as a barrier was created, then deflected back at Saizo who quickly retracted the flames. However, calling upon the Ryuudan's power, he gained another two tails for a total of five, changing his appearance dramatically. With a final attack, Saizo charged up his Surge of the Dragon's Wave attack, but before he fired it, used his Flying Thunder God on a kunai left in front of his opponent, and fired it at point blank range. The attack drained nearly all of Saizo's chakra, but his opponent was defeated. After a brief pause, his opponent got up slowly and stared towards Saizo before returning to his position before the fight began. As a bright flash of light covered the area, Saizo was transported back to Galifras, with the name "Judgment" etched into his mind.


At some point after the gathering of more Hands of God, Saizo was thrown into a battle unknown of location time or even what happened, however, Saizo was killed at this point in time; how this happened especially due to his immortality is unknown. Saizo's body was recovered by Guyviroth Nara, and was taken back to their own world where he was permanently buried upon the old burial grounds of the Hidden Moon Village, attended to by over 10,000 shinobi, buried with all of his belongings in his old emerald coffin.

The funeral's attendies were Ninja of various villages that Saizo was associated with, including the Hidden Leaf, Hidden Moon refugees, Hidden Sand, Hidden Mist and even from the Hidden Sound. The elusive Dragons from the Dragon Summit even paid respects during the hours of mourning, lighting ten braziers around the burial grounds, said to last forever, to mark Saizo's burial place.


See Edo Tensei Saizo

During the ordeals of Yamimakai, to which three alternate worlds were beginning to merge, where powerful Shinobi were brought back through the use of the Impure World Ressurection, Saizo was the last remaining undead Shinobi along with Uchiha Madara and Ayanami Shinji. Each of these powerful ninja single handedly dominated most of the Allied Shinobi Forces before they were finished by the combined powers of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Saizo was the last to be finished, but unlike the other two who were sealed, Saizo was able to return his soul back to his lifeless body, again obtaining peace in death.

2014 Cyborg Technology Age

See Cyborg Ninja Saizo

A century later after the Yamimakai ordeal Saizo's body was once again defiled in the Getsuga crypts by several graverobbers. His body had all but mostly been decomposed besides much of his head. His corpse was taken back to a cybernetics and engineering laboratory just off the coast of the Lightning country and was being rebuilt artificially using new engineering techniques. The ordeal, however, revived Saizo but with no memory of his past life.

In place of his old memories, which would of left him vulnerable to psychotic breakdowns had his mind been unable to comprehend his existence, Saizo was given fake memories that would lead him to become an avenging killing machine; he was born to rich parents and married to a young Cloud kunoichi and had two kids, to which were killed during the Fifth Great Shinobi War and why his body had to be rebuilt cybernetically, with the other allied nations to blame for his loss. With this, Saizo became an unstoppable construct of death as he saught revenge for his "losses".


Saizo is a great practitioner of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, although his Emeragan gives him a slight use of Genjutsu as well. The majority of his techniques were taught to him or were learned when his Emeragan has the power to copy other Jutsu. Despite this, he has a wide variety of self-taught techniques; his most famous techniques are those using his Getton Style [Literall Moon Style]

  • Thunder God Style: Infinite Omnibreaker is a powerful technique that utilizes the powers of the Flying Thunder God technique. But placing kunai around the opponent, Saizo constantly teleports from one kunai to another, while slashing at the opponent as he reaches each one. It is often so fast that all one sees is blurred images of a sword while the opponent is carved to pieces.
  • Moon Style: Moon Body Flicker This is a high speed movement technique, which one can travel across distances at near untraceable speeds. However, Moon Body Flicker does more than this; the user discharges his chakra around him, creating a bright flash of light as they speed off, which can blind an opponent if they are looking at the user as he performs this.
  • Moon Style: Sword of the White Moon The first technique that Saizo created prior to being able to utilize his Getton. It is a technique that increases the cutting power to any weapon, blunt or sharp. The user channels his chakra into the weapon, increasing its cutting power, able to cut through stone with relative ease.
  • Moon Style: Crushing Moon Saber is used normally in conjunction with Sword of the White Moon. The user can make a swing of his weapon, and lash out a powerful blade of light that projects towards the direction it is swung. It will keep traveling until it cuts through an object as dense as human bone, although even if it strikes something that is able to stop it, it will combust and deal damage to whatever it hit on a molecular level, but only to the point of slightly damaging it; though under this premise, any consecutive attacks in the same spot will cause the barrier to collapse.
  • Moon Style: Intersection of Tranquil A technique which gives the user a boost in power as well as displaying physical changes. By generating chakra inside the body, but then compressing it within each of the 361 chakra points, the user gains a boost in stats for a vast amount of time although not indefinite. Their reflexes become more responsive, their speed increase, and the power of their Moon Style techniques are increased by an addition 30%. In addition, because of the changes, their appearance also changes; their hair becomes a bright white/silver color, their skin turns pale, and develop a white aura around them.
  • Moon Style: The Moon's Cutting Blade The user transfers absorbed moonlight into his hand, in which the user can swing his hand as though it were a sword, and if desired, send a blade of light at the opponent. This is essentially a mix of Sword of the White Moon and Crushing Moon Saber that can be used without a weapon; this was derived when Saizo had lost in a fist fight with Shinji.
  • Moon Style: Spiralling Moon Bullets By concentrating his own chakra into his finger tips, Saizo can create small orbs of white light, and then fire them off at fast speeds, either consecutively or simultaneously. This can pierce through solid rock with ease, although will dissipate if they travel too far.
  • Moon Style: Form of Cero This technique is used to conjure weapons when disarmed. Saizo expels absorbed moonlight, and with chakra control, can form that moonlight into weapons, such as scythes,swords, kunai, windmill shuriken etc. Because chakra control is always needed, the user cannot maintain them forever.
  • Getsuga's Third Great Jutsu: Moon and Stars Release from Heaven A technique that was created by the second Kage of the Moon Village in order for one to easily manipulate Moonlight. The user mixes his chakra with absorbed moonlight, which allows one to execute any Moon Release technique easier, as well as stronger. However, overuse will cause the body to fatigue quickly.
  • Getsuga's Fourth Great Jutsu: Moon and Stars Return to Heaven A powerful technique that was created within the Moon Village. Saizo accumulates enough chakra into his hands to form a sphere of enormous proportions, bigger than himself, and then fires it at the opponent. The ball will explode on contact with something of great density, creating a large blast radius of 50 feet in diameter. Because of its nature, it is considered impossible to block due to it combusting when it hits anything dense enough to stop it.
  • Getsuga's Fifth Great Jutsu: Surge of the Moon Dragon's Wave A powerful technique that Saizo had created prior to leaving the Moon Village, and taught it to the then current Kage of the village. Saizo will create enough energy in his hands to form a ball, similar to Fourth Great Jutsu, except will expel it in a stream of energy, capable of destroying mountains.
  • Makuryajin Saizo had created this prior to killing Samael during the Fourth Great Ninja War. He creates either a ball of burning fire than incinerates anything it touches, or completely engulfs his hand in it depending on the circumstance.
  • Misogiken A powerful attack that was created when Saizo began training with Shinji in Taijutsu, who Shinji was an expert practitioner at. By quickly vanishing into the air, Saizo will create such forces of Chakra in his hand, while speeding down towards the ground at an extreme velocity, he will chop at his opponent; a guaranteed killing technique as the opponent will either explode from its impact, or from the impact as the ground beneath the point of impact explodes into a large crater.
  • Kongo Kokuretsu Zan is a more controlled and yet somewhat more effective form of Misogiken. The user creates a huge amount of chakra into their hand, and then slams it into the ground. Due to the friction in the air, a bolt of lightning comes first, and then from the chakra expelled into the ground, a wave of purple chakra will explode from all around the user. If the opponent is caught in the lightning strike at close range, it is almost guaranteed they will die from the bolt of lightning, let alone the bone-cutting pressures of the chakra waves.
  • Tensho Kaireki Jin is a powerful attack that was created by Saizo recently alongside the Shun Goku Satsu. This attack creates an enormous amount of chakra around the user, who spins around in the air with a single leg extended like a helicopter, as flies around the area in this state, creating a vortex of chakra wherever they go; this attack can easily cleave any human in half from the speed and power of the vortex.
  • Shun Goku Satsu is a dangerous attack to the user and opponent alike. the user catches the opponent and, using the Yin Yang portions of Chakra control, clutches a hold of the opponent's soul, channeling the power of all sixteen hells through the opponent's soul using their own soul as a medium; because of this, it is extremely dangerous to an inexperienced of weak fighter. However, because Saizo is a half demon as well as a king of one of the sixteen hells, he is not affected by this drawback, and this is a one-sided technique.



Saizo's Marushagan/Emeragan Eye

Saizo has a great amount of abilities in a physical sense; he has developed great speed and agility, although the majority of the time he needs not display it to its full potential. His strength is that of above average, but the speed in which he can throw out attacks is what gives him his killing touch. He has enough flexibility and equilibrium to dodge many attack from an acute angle and to maintain his footing in doing so. Above all else, Saizo has a great sense of strategy and, as some may say, is always three steps ahead of his opponent.

Saizo possesses an artificial now biological Doujutsu [Literally "Eye Technique"] called, at first, the Marushagan; the Multiple Copy Wheel Eye. The eye was first given to Saizo after his first death to replace his then missing left eye. The Marushagan was the same as the Sharingan, instead an emerald green instead of red and branches into three alternate forms akin to the Mangekyo; the Mangekyo, Majishin and Mangoukon Marushagan. However, after some time the properties of it began to extinguish itself in terms of being able to copy abilities, but instead it increased the slowdown time of the opponent as it appears to the user, in which the user sees everything in slow motion as well as the strength of the advanced Sharingan techniques. Before it changed however, Saizo had killed his friend Guyviroth, who had the same eye as him, and had taken his eyes to replace his own, giving him an Eternal version of the Marushagan comprised of all three advanced states.

Each advanced state can be accessed in a certain way and is not exclusive to one person, although the design is unique, much like the Mangekyo Sharingan. The first state is the Mangekyo Marushagan, which can be attained after one succumbs to their own darkness and revenge, and throws away their humanity, as was the case for Guyviroth; this form also increases the power of Tsukuyomi. The second is the Manjishin Marushagan, which is achieved by one attaining a higher respect for devotion and justice, as well as righteousness, as did Saizo during the fight with Guyviroth; this form also increases the power of Amaterasu. The third is the Mangoukon Marushagan, which is obtained after one follows the path of truth; a neutral state in which one does not distinguish between good an evil, which was obtained by Saizo after the Fourth Ninja War; this form also increased the power of Susanoo.

As well as using Kunai to initiate the Flying Thunder God Technique, Saizo can also use his chakra to create an invisible link, much like a TV remote, to control the kunai, being able to control all of them at once with both hands. Because there is no direct link it does not expend as much chakra as the Puppet Master technique.

Due to being in Hell for several years, Saizo has developed a half-demon anatomy along the entire left side of his body, which he keeps concealed over his clothing. This demon hide gives him superior defense, more so that steel, against conventional weapons such as swords and bullets, much like dragon scales. This carapace is also heavily resistant to all forms of elemental attacks; fire cannot be conducted through the scales and thus has heat resistance of thousands of degress; lightning cannot conduct itself through the skin and thus does not come in contact with neurones nor muscles, and is then earthed into the ground; water and frost cannot seep between the slates because of their close compaction; wind cannot assume enough pressure to crack nor damage the scales, and earth is not strong enough to break them. Saizo can also assume a full demon form if need be through the Cursed Seal of Hell, which gives him extreme powers over the demon realm itself, although Saizo next to never uses the form.

Seven Tails Dragon, Ryuudan

The Seven Tails Demon was one of the seven "New Beasts" that manifested themselves as powerful demons of Chakra made atfer the Third Great Ninja War from the darkness of man. Being the strongest of the new beasts, the Ryuudan is arrogant in its age, being centuries years old. Said to be as strong as the Kyuubi, it is considered its rivals for all intents and purposes, although it finds itself to be much better at fighting due to its raw strength as opposed to the Kyuubi's "Cowardly ways". Cunning and rather intelligent, the Ryuudan would happily banter with anyone who would converse with it, not being as malicious as the majority of other Tailed Beasts, however when it does fight, it will not stop until its target is dead.

Ryuudan absolutely despises Jinchuuriki, even as Saizo's tailed beast. Because he has lost his freedom, and thus the ability to kill whenever it wants, it will angrily demand bloody kills whenever Saizo fights, even against people that the Ryuudan knows are his friends. Because Saizo has become much stronger in years, Saizo has learned to suppress the Ryuudan's temptations as well as its power to control Saizo.

Much like other Tailed Beasts, Ryuudan can augment his chakra with Saizo's own chakra, although it is rarely ever needed. The prominent features from giving his chakra is the changes on Saizo's face into more reptilian-like features, growing chakra tails that he can use as appendages, as a chakra shroud. Statistically, Saizo's already immense strength, speed, agility and reflexes are enhanced, as well as an improved healing factor to be able to recover from otherwise seriously debilitating attacks.

Whereas some Jinchuuriki have no control over their beasts and some have, Saizo sits in between the middle of the two classes. Whereas the Ryuudan isn't sealed seperately from Saizo, much like the Kyuubi is with Naruto, they do not work together either as with Killer Bee and the Eight Tails. Within Saizo's subconscious, meetings with the Ryuudan are held in what looks like a dark fire-lit cabin in the middle of a field of snow; where Saizo used to live.

Whereas the Ryuudan speaks harshly to Saizo, Saizo speaks equally as harsh back, which results in a more love-hate relation than as enemies or friends. However, this is more-so because Ryuudan, whether or not he admits it, is actually intimidated by Saizo as sees his position as a "tenant" to Saizo's body, whereas Saizo has no known reason to keep the Ryuudan inside him, although he sometimes hints at a one-way friendship; this is sometimes wondered by the demon himself, as to why Saizo doesn't just seal him seperately.

Dragon Summons

Saizo was first taught the Dragon Summons after Ba'al, the future Amekage, suggested he should acquire a group of summonings. Saizo decided that he would not let others teach him and that he would go to the Dragon Summit himself to obtain a Summoning Scroll. After several days, he made it, but was denied the scroll until he completed some training. In that time, he befriended many of the dragons in the Dragon Household; the exception being Ramuda.

Dragons are extremely powerful, considered to be the strongest summons next to the Quilin and the Phoenix. The dragons are very unique from one another, ranging from differing sizes to their breath weapons. certain colors of dragons have a unique breath weapon, from fire, to acid, to cold, to gases. All dragons can also shapeshift due to being well versed with chakra control; the common forms being Wolves and Humans, although they are also known to transform into Big Cats such as Lions or Jaguars.

However, Human transformation is the most common as these dragons tend to socialize with humans the most as they are highly intelligent beings, although some dragons do not wish to meddle in human affairs, such as the Elders. The majority of dragons tend to enjoy the company of humans to the point of developing sentimental attachments to them; however it is forbidden that a dragon should have a romantic relationship with a human due to humans being regarded as "below them".



A calm and collective male golden dragon. It does not fight against the good, but will show no mercy against the wicked. Arufa was one of the first initial dragon summons that Saizo had learnt about 580 years ago. Because dragons do not age as quickly as other creatures, Arufa was a child when Saizo learnt to summon him. He has had a long history with Saizo, and sees Saizo not only as his master, but his friend, and so does Saizo in return. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Arufa's being Fire. Arufa can also expend his chakra to cause his scales to glow brightly, causes a huge flashbang within a 20m radius, blinding all those who see it.



A male red dragon who will fight anything and anyone. Malicious and vindictive, he enjoys the thrill of battle and will spare no one. Omeka was one of the first initial dragon summons that Saizo had learnt about 580 years ago. Because dragons to not age as quickly as other creatures, Omeka was a child when Saizo learnt to summon him. At first, Omeka and Saizo did not get on, as Omeka continuously ignored Saizo when he was summoned. However, when Omeka challenged Saizo to a deathmatch, Omeka found friendship when Saizo had beaten him, but did not kill him, saying that Omeka was his friend. Omeka had never experienced friendship before, even with his fellow dragons, and now stands by Saizo as a fighting partner. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Omeka's being Fire. Omeka can power himself up to increase the power and size of his breath weapon by 50%.



A male green dragon who enjoys nothing but money and luxury. Most of the time when summoned, Shiguma would charge Saizo a stupid amount of Yen before he would fight, but it normally end with Saizo bopping him on the head. Shiguma was brought up as a spoilt dragon and, evidentally, still is, even after 600 years. When he first met Saizo, Saizo used to spoil him even more, giving Shiguma a few yen out of his mission rewards. because of this, Shiguma was a suckup to Saizo, and even in adulthood, still is. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Shiguma's being Poisonous Gas. Shiguma can expend his chakra to release a huge cloud of poisonous gas, and then use his wings to blast it towards the opponent. The poison from this gas, at first, causes cardiovascular pains, making it hard for the infected to breathe. this lasts for a couple of days, gradually getting worser. On the third day, the diaphragm starts to become paralysed, again, restricting breathing, until finally the muscles seize up, and stops breathing altogether, suffocating the sufferer.



A female white dragon who's just as spoilt as Shiguma, but in a more classier way; instead of just asking for money, she would sweet talk people into buying her gifts. She has the so called "womanly charm", and thus is a huge figure within the dragon society. However, she herself already has someone in mind. Well, two. She takes a liking for Saizo because of his cool attitude, but also has the hots for Shiguma due to their similar personalities. Saizo remains oblivious about her feelings for him though. When Feita was first introduced to Saizo, she used her womanly charm to take advantage of Saizo's nature. However, she knew that her charm was not the only reason why Saizo was treating her well; even when she displayed a negative attitude, Saizo was always there to comfort her. This lead for Feita to take a liking to Saizo. However, when he died, she was overcome with sorrow and couldn't speak for nearly a week. Shiguma was successful in cheering her up, and Feita decided to move on. However, when Saizo was revived, she didn't know what to do, and so decided to stay single. Even now, she remains in a mental struggle between the two boys. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Feita's being Ice. Feita can use her chakra to control the nitrogen in the atmosphere around herself, causing blizzards and rains of ice to aid her in combat.



A malevolent male black dragon who enjoys maiming, killing and torturing his victims. Because of his aggressive nature, Ramuda is rarely summoned. Ramuda has, and always has been, an aggressive dragon. When Saizo was first introduced to Ramuda, Ramuda tried to severe Saizo's left arm, but Saizo had easily fended him off. Since then, Ramuda was only summoned three times. The first was against an attacking missing nin when on a mission. The second time was when Saizo was ambushed by Orochimaru and his men, having killed many of them, but returned back to the dragon island when Saizo couldn't maintain the summon. The third was involuntary when Ramuda tried to take the Dragon Scroll Summoning from Saizo by force to emilinate him from the contract; the event nearly cost Ramuda his life. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Ramuda's being Acid. Ramuda can use his barbed tail as a stinger, injecting acid into a person's body, melting them from the inside.



One of the oldest of the Elders, Omikoron is a male Elder Gold Dragon, and was the one who led Saizo to the Dragon Summit, in which he learnt to summon Dragons. Old and wise, he has vast knowledge about the world, and his powers are greater than that of any normal dragon. Omikoron is the most stern of the four Grand Dragons. Omikoron has been around for over a millenia, knowing anything and everything about the Ninja world. He is the oldest of all of the dragons besides Bahamoto and Tiamato. When Saizo was taken to Dragon Summit, he had later trained besides the four Grand Dragons. Omikron and Epusiron, the Elder Red Dragon, trained Saizo is the art of Fire Release, which is why Saizo could use fire techniques. Because of his vast improvement, as a reward, both Omikoron and Epusiron gave Saizo their summoning scrolls. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Omikoron's being Fire. Omikoron can use his enormous chakra levels to create thunder storms and lightning strikes, with his own special technique being Kirin.



Epusiron, a male Elder Red Dragon, is respected among all of his dragon brethren because of his mental strength, will power and spirit. All red dragons are brought up to display dark behaviour, but even after his 400 years after birth, he broke away from the influences of red dragons, and displayed a truely neutral outlook upon the world. Taking no sides, even if the dragons are in the wrong, he has developed the reputation of being the most philisophical dragon in existence. Epusiron is the younger brother of Omikoron by nearly 200 years, and was inducted as a Grand Dragon by Bahamoto and Tiamato the same time as Omikoron. After Omikoron brang Saizo to Dragon Summit, he heavily aided Saizo in mastering the element of Fire, through large training regime's, even nearly causing Saizo's death when he threatened to burn down Getsuga if Saizo stopped training. The huge amount of chakra spent nearly caused Saizo to die when he nearly ran out of chakra. However, Saizo later learnt that, because of Epusiron's push, Saizo has highly elevated chakra levels, as well as being able to easily execute Fire jutsu. As a reward, Epusiron gave to Saizo his summoning scroll, as did Omikoron. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Omikoron's being Fire. Epusiron's mastery of Fire can cause blasts of fire from almost any type of element, from air causing friction, from water creating it into steam and then with friction, from earth by heating it up with his chakra into magma, and lightning by absorbing its heat and firing it.



A female silver dragon who prefers brain over brawn. observant and strategic, she is often used when tactics are needed. She is nearly always seen with Arufa. When Saizo was brought to the Dragon Household, Deruta was one of the first to greet him, having heard about him from Arufa. She has always enjoyed Saizo's company, always wanting to hear about his battles as though she was a kid wanting a bedtime story read to her, although she is most impressed with Saizo's tales of how he overcame the impossible through tactic alone. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Deruta's being the element of ice, being able to freeze the air around her, much like Feita can; however, she often uses this power in a supplementary way, such as creating icy floors of walls of ice.



A male copper dragon, Gama is seen near enough always fooling around, playing practical jokes or otherwise being mischievious; however, he doesn't mean any harm by it and just wants to make others laugh and to familiarize with himself. Gama was always at Saizo's wits end, sometimes putting a strain on his training by dropping buckets of water on him. In the end, Saizo denied the training and nearly left if Deruta didn't tell him about Gama's personality. In the end, Saizo stayed and he himself began playing jokes on Gama, such as using his Flying Thunder God Jutsu to repeatedly hit Gama with custard pies. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Gamas being able to produce a neurotoxin gas which, unlike Shiguma's gas, is not fatal; it attacks the neurons in the limbs that, over time, will cause them to numb and to not respond, and then affects the muscles, causing paralysis in the arms and legs. It does wear off within a few days though.



A female brass dragon who likes to do nothing but go on... and on... and on. See is a first grade chatterbox who can talk about anything from how her day was to how your day was to politics to sports; these conversations can go on for hours. However, if she catches you with a hint of uninterest or boredom she'll snap at your hand to keep you awake. Tafu was first introduced to Saizo during his first meal in the Dragon Household, at which point she began her ramblings. However, to everyone's surprise, Saizo was fully interested at all times, from 7:00 pm til 1:15 am; over 6 hours of talking, and Saizo never wavered even the slightest. Because of this, the two of them grew to be fond of one another's company, and how both of them obtained more knowledge from each other. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Deruta's being a strong dose of sleeping gas; very ironic really. This gas could put someone to sleep or in a deep coma for several days if needed.



A male blue dragon, Iota is a very lazy individual who would rather eat instant noodles and read the news than do anything physical or slightly productive, although he does have a very loyal side to him, willing to fight anyone who insults him or others he cares about. Iota first met Saizo on his second day of training, who watched Saizo while lounging on a beach chair. At first, Saizo ignored him, but over time his presence seemed to put him off to the point that Omikoron said that Iota should train alongside him. He was also summoned during the fight with Orochimaru, clearing most of the crowd. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Deruta's being the element of lightning, manipulating the charge of ions in the atmosphere to create powerful and destructive waves of electricity.



A male copper dragon and brother to Gama, Ro enjoys nature and wildlife, enjoying the time to interact with the smaller creatures in life, and especially humans, to which he spends most of his time in human form; something that dragons are not comfortable with. Ro first met with Saizo during his training, scolding him for punching and kicking a tree, however he was understanding when he was told the reason, but still didn't like the idea. Saizo thought that Ro may think that he hates nature, and offered him a tour of Konoha; a villiage surrounded by trees and told Ro of how he enjoys wildlife, spending the majority of his life outside of civilization. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, with Ro's being a neurotixin gas, much like Gama's and Shiguma's, however Ro's gas reduces the beating time of the opponent's heart, which can lead to lack of blood to the brain and inducing instantaenious unconsciousness, or death due to lack of blood oxygen to the brain.



A female brown dragon, Kappa is very outgoing and ditsy, although above all else she enjoys getting dirty, often taking mudbaths, gardening, painting and playing in sand. However, she is also the "mother-figure" of the Dragon Household despite being one of the younger dragons, helping out with the housework and cooking; her speciality is baking. When Saizo was first brought to the Dragon Household, kappa did everything in her power to make Saizo feel at home, to the point of always asking him if he was hungry; apparently he needed to be fed every half an hour or he would starve to death, as was the running gag of the rest of the Dragon Household. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, Kappa's being the element of earth, being able to spit a quick-drying mud-like liquid and oil to incapacitate her opponents, as well as supernaturally hot sand that corrodes flesh on impact and blinds vision.



A male cobalt dragon and brother to Feita, Beita is not at all like her sister; he is considered to be very cool, laid back and easy-going, and utmostly wants to be far away from Feita as possible, as is the rules of sibling love. Beita first met with Saizo after his training hours, stating that Saizo would have to train harder in order to tame the dragons fully. However after a skirmish, Beita conceded that he was stronger than first thought and departed. Saizo has not had much connection with Beita outside of this event except in the fight with Orochimaru. As with all dragons, they have a breath weapon, withBeita's being the element of ice much like his sister Feita and Deruta; however he uses a mixture of their styles of combat; Beita would create traps made of ice in order to fight his opponents, such as slippery floor into spiked walls or thin ice into icy waters.


  • Kael Marushagan Saizo's father; died during a bandit raid.
  • Kyoko Marushagan Saizo's mother; died during a bandit raid.
  • Helios Marushagan Saizo's brother; ran away after watching Saizo kill attacking bandits. Assumed deceased due to time lapse.
  • Guyviroth Saizo's best friend and once enemy; Saizo lost an eye during a fight, and later took Guyviroth's during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Was revived later by unknown means, becoming a Hand of God.
  • Ayanami Shinji Saizo's closest confidant and teacher in terms of Taijutsu.
  • Ayanami Asuka Shinji's younger sister and Saizo's lover; assumed deceased due to time lapse.
  • Jeshan Friend of Saizo and former enemy during the Fourth Great Ninja War; assumed deceased due to time lapse.
  • Ba'al Close friend to Shinji and Saizo; became Amekage before the Fourth Great Ninja War; was a target of Saizo when under contract by Samael.
  • Ryan Mokoto Somewhat rival who disliked Saizo; was killed by Saizo during the Fourth Great Ninja War.
  • Jet Lee Descendant of Rock Lee who was taught Taijutsu by Saizo after the Fourth Great Ninja War.
  • Samael 7th King of Hell who blackmailed Saizo in killing all of the Kage's; was killed during a rebellion by Saizo, taking his place as the 7th King.
  • Summers the Hedgehog A powerful Shoukan Warrior who follows Saizo, looking for the one named Trinity.
  • Jamie Summers Digital World 036's Guardian; declined becoming a Hand of God when asked by Saizo.
  • Gai'Vahros Deathstrike A third rank Espada who became a Hand of God at Saizo's request.
  • Nexus Masters A friend to Jamie of Digital World 036, becoming a bound prisoner of the Dark Area after becoming a demon. Joined the Hands of God after Jamie's refusal.
  • Samanexum Ginrai A once evil person bent on destroying his world and creating a new one; became a Hand of God when promised a world for he could go to where Dragons were revered.
  • Abumi the Panda A powerful Panda Mobian who caught Saizo's eye when she displayed Ninjutsu. Was given one of Saizo's Golden Kunai after advancing a rank in his colloseum.
  • Cielestra the Litemon A young girl who Saizo has taken as a student in order to make her into a powerful fighter.

Theme Tunes

  • Main Theme: Bobby Prince - Pharoah [1]
  • Battle Theme: Ryuichi Takada - Hall Of Fate [2]


  • Saizo had completed 1,036 official missions in total: 212 D-rank, 217 C-rank, 264 B-rank, 108 A-rank, 235 S-rank.
  • Saizo's hobbies are training, reading, fighting strong opponents and creating new jutsu.
  • Saizo wishes to fight anyone strong, as settling the score with Shinji
  • Saizo's favorite food is extra salty pork and egg ramen.
  • Saizo's least favorite food is anything with too much mint.
  • Saizo's favorite phrase is "Don't disappoint me."
  • Saizo has gone through 10 different major concept designs, three of which were canonically used; his Jounin attire, his Demon Saizo outfit, and his current outfit.
  • Saizo's conception was inspired by many characters, including Final Fantasy's Vincent Valentine and Sephiroth, Naruto's Hatake Kakashi, and Street Fighter's Akuma.
  • Unlike many fan-characters who are created from scratch to be powerful, Saizo was created initially as a Genin-level character, and over the space of 7 years roleplaying became what he is today.
  • Saizo was initially to be called Saizo Hatake, as a relation to Kakashi Hatake. However, due to disputes this never came to be.
  • In some recent roleplays Saizo has been known to be the "fan equivilent of Uchiha Madara". Because of this, Saizo and Madara tend to have growing similarities over time.
  • Despite knowing most Sharingan techniques, Saizo has never used Susanoo or Kamui at all. Because of this, it is unknown what any of the forms of Saizo's Susanoo look like.