Ryan Silva
Ryan Silva
Ryan Silva is a young wrestler for the Yiao Tribe, with ambitions of being the best





Weight Class

Light Heavyweight

Love Interests

Irina Gosform Nalfar


A great match, training hard and well, hanging with Jimmy, a good victory, feeling good, etc.


Cheating, important losses, rejection, dishonor, being prejudiced, feeling miserable, etc.

Ryan Silva is a young professional wrestler and best friend of Jimmy Canvas. He works for several independant promotions around the world, as well as the Chill Wrestling Alliance (CWA), with a style that combines lucha-libre with puroresu. Ryan is also a member of the Yiao Tribe, but is not like most others and is actually morally bound and quite kind.


As a member of the Yiao Tribe, Ryan Silva was brought into a race and family of fighters and warriors, and had to endure rigorous training even at a very young age. When the time came when he was asked to choose his fighting style, he became very interested in wrestling and chose to become one. After great training, Silva began accepting bookings at multiple indy promotions and eventually found a great friend in fellow young wrestler, Jimmy Canvas, who he often either faces or teams up with. Outside the ring, he began a sort of intrest in Huqani Clan member, Irina.


Ryan is a cool guy that likes to help out and be teh best he can be. He wants to represent his friends and tribe very much, but doesn't exactly approve of their tactics all the time. He also feels comfortable being with fellow wrestlers and their close friends, as well as training for important bouts. Ryan enjoys the company of Jimmy and Tammy, but gets a bit timid around hot or beautiful women.




  • The reason Ryan chose to be a wrestler and not a boxer or fighter is because he felt the sport was not getting enough public attention, and wanted to attempt to restore its popularity.