this roleplay is uncanon and interferes with new continuities

A story of a young hedgehog designed to be the ultimate lifeform before Shadow the Hedgehog. Will he be used for good or evil? Tune in to find out.
Spines the hedgehog


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Chapter 1: Release

(an object is seen hurtling towards Earth. It seems to be a stasis pod.)

Plasma: Hmm....

(the stasis pod crashes into the Earth, causing a massive earthquake)

Plasma: *smashes his fists in the ground to hold on, but to no avail* He flies back and luckily hits a tree preventing him from flying off*

(GUN is sent in to investigate.)

Spines: (is knocked unconsius by the impact)

Soldier: Sir, a young hedgehog is in a stasis pod!

Someone: Get him outta there!

(someone lifts Spines out of the stasis pod.)

Spines: (slowly wakes up.)

News Guy: This just in: A gray hedgehog who fell out of a stasis pod has revealed himself! Please stay tuned.

Jane & Brittney: (watching the news; staring at the image of teh hedgehog)

GUN Agent: Is he ok?

Gun Agent 2: Not sure?

News Guy: Please stay tuned to this exciting story!

Brittney: He's pretty cute!

Jane: I know, right, sis?

News Guy: This just in, the grey hedgehog has just regained consiusness. What's your name, son?

Spines: I'm Spines... Spines the Hedgehog. (weakly gives the news guy a thumbs-up.)

Jane: Ooh... That hedgehog is cute!

Joseph: Hey, girls what's up?

Jane: Check this out!

Joseph: (looks at the news)

(Joseph sees that Spines crash-landed on the planet.)

Jane: It's a hedgehog!

Chapter 2: Love at First Sight

News Guy: You heard it here first, folks! It's Spines the Hedgehog, a new citizen here at Mobius!

Jane: And damn, is he hot?

Spines: (thumbs-up'ing to the cameras.)

News Guy: It's Spines the Hedgehog! We'll have a personal interview with him later in the brodcast.

Brittney & Jane: (sigh lovingly)

-Surge is seen leaning up against the wall in the back of the room, with Jane and Brittney-

Surge: -scoffs silently- <Typical...>

Falco: (looking at the TV) Sup Surgery-Doo. What you think of the newbie?

Spines: (talking with the news guy about his interest in girls. A description of Brittney and/or Jane pops in there.)

Plasma: *watches Spines from afar* I don't like this guy...something isn't right...

(Darkblood: Bluray, Spines is a good guy, ok?)

Surge: -growing annoyed-

News Guy: And there you have it, folks!

Brittney & Jane: (blushing)

Spines: (gives up last thumbs-up to the camera before dashing off.)

Surge: -annoyed- ...Hmph.

(the 4 of them hear a Sonic Boom around their block.)

Joseph: Huh?

Spines: (rushes by and gives them all a peace sign.) Catch ya later!

Surge: ....Hmph.

(Spines finally stops running at Green Hill Zone.)

Spines: Whew! That was a great workout. Wonder if anyone followed me here? (looks behind him) Nope. (starts to run around the loop-de-loops and kill the badniks.)

Brittney: Oh, come on Surgy! Give him a break!

Spines: (After killing the Badniks, Spines runs back to the neighborhood.)

Surge: Meh...

Spines: (skids) Didn't take me long to get back here.

(Boombomb lurks nearby and realises other stuff is going on)

Boom: Well looky over here...

Spines: (sees a house nearby.)

Brittney: Pweeeeaaaase....?

Spines: (sees Britt and nosebleeds)

Boom: (follows closely, but discreetely, as the CIA sent him on a mission)

Surge: You can go with whoever you want. You said it yourself. -shrugs-

Brittney: And so can you...I promise not to get mad.

Spines: (walks over.)

Boom: *rolls fastly, cracking a branch*

(Plasma doesn't know yet.)

Spines: (walks over to Brittney) H-h-h-hi, I'm Spines...

Brittney: Hey! I'm Brittney, and this is my twin sister Jane.

Jane: Hi! You're hot!

Boom: ... *creeps round, behins the house*

Spines: I-I think you're very pretty, madam...

Jeff: *flying around*

Tizoc the Griffon


Boom: *get's in*

Spines: (heartbeat faster) H-hi... (as nervous as Reggie right now.)

Boom: >.>

Falco: (glares at him suspiciously) Where did you come from exactly?

Tizoc: *flying, and lands near boom and Falco*

Spines: I-i don't remember... all that i do remember is that my name is Spines... And that I crash-landed on Earth... in a stasis pod.

Jane: Well for a hedgehog from space... (seductivley rubs him) you're pretty hot...

Spines: T-thank you...

Jane: ;3

Brittney: Grrr......


Jane: (winks)

Spines: (teleports out of Jane's arms and next to Brittney)

Jane: Huh!?

Brittney: Mmm....

Jane: (getting a little jealous)

Spines: What's up with your sis?

Brittney: We like hot boys....and sometimes wanna get the hottest ones before the other.

Spines: I see.


Spines: Hmm?

Jospeh; Huh?

Spines: See ya, guys. I gotta find somewhere to live. (dashes off)

(A bat that looks like Brittney follows him)

Jane: ZHuh? Who's that?

Susan: Hey girls. What's wrong?

Jane: (points at the figure following Spines) That's what up.

Susan: Au....Audrey....?

Jane: Audrey!? You never told us about...

Brittney: What?

Jane: I'll tell ya later, sis! We gotta find Audrey! (flies off)

Brittney: What's going on, mom?

Susan: That, dear, is your long lost sister....

Brittney: Another?

Spines: (skids) Back at green hill, huh? (quickly builds a house) not bad... (goes inside)

Audrey: :3

Spines: (looks around) I've done pretty good for a hedgehog...

Audrey: (takes her bra off and throws it down.) Yes you have...

Spines: Huh?

Audrey: ...for stealing my heart.

Spines: Brittney?

Audrey: I'm not Brittney, sweetie... I'm her sis, Audrey... now, touch my body....

Spines: Why?

Audrey: Cause... I want you to do me...

Spines: I can't do that... (teleports back to the city)

Susan: Huh?

Surge: Hm?

Sear: ...Hm?

Chapter 3: Ultimate vs. Ultimate (Spines vs. Drake)

Spines: (dashing around the city)

Katie: ...

Spines: (sees a hedgebat floating in the air) Is that... Shadow? It can't be... the professor told me about Shadow and why he was in the stasis pod... that can't be him...

Drake: (flies down).....

Spines: Seems I was right... that isn't Shadow... then who is it?

Drake: Hmm? (looks behind; mistakes Spines for Shadow and glares)

Spines: Who is that... well, no time to figure it out now! (dashes off)

Drake: You!!

Spines: (turns around) Who are you supposed to be? You look like Project: Shadow...

Drake: What are you prattling on about now?

Spines: I don't know who you are. You look like you wanna fight. (fighting stance)

Drake: I'll make you pay....(chaos energy powering up in his hands)

Spines: (chaos energy surges through him) You really wanna fight? Bring it on, then.

Drake: (charges at him and punches hard)

Spines: Ugh! (bleeds) Not bad... (teleports behind Drake) Over here. (kicks him hard)

Drake: Ngh! Lucky shot! (punching and kicking hard)

Spines: (also punching and kicking hard) Just who are you? Who do you think I am?

Drake: You think I'm dumb, dad?! Like you?

Spines: Dad?! Hold on, I'm not your father.

Drake: What kind of idiot do you think I am?!

Spines: Your dad isn't grey, and your dad clearly doesn't have blue and black shoes.

Drake: (punches hard)

Spines: (grabs his hand quickly and flips him over) And he couldn't have done that.

Drake: (lands perfectly)

Spines: (dumbfounded) Not bad...

Drake: Chaos...SPEAR!!!

Spines: (dodges it) Fine, if that's how ya wanna play it... Chaos... BLITZ! (sends about 7 Chaos Spears at Drake)

Drake: (outflies them)

(something that appears to be levitated flies at Drake)

Drake: What the?!

Jeff: *cloudgazing when he notices a fight* Wha--!

Chrome: (appears) Ya don't just fight someone in the street! You just gotta fight 'em for a reason, y'know?

Drake: (looks up) Shine! Get out of my way!

Chrome: Shine? I can tell you right now that I'm not him. I'm his brother, Chrome! (levitates a car and throws it at him.)

Spines: Chrome, wait! I actually wanna fight this guy... It's pretty fun!

Chrome: You gotta screw loose or something?!

Spines: No! (charges a hadoken) METSU.... HADOKEN! (Blows the car up before it hits Drake.)

Drake: AAH!!

(Car debris flies everywhere)

Spines: See ya. (teleports away)

Chrome: Man, what a coward!

Spines: (reappears in Green Hill Zone)

Katie: ... (follows him)

Sylux: (hiding in the shadows) Target acquired...

Audrey: About time ya came back, babe!

Spines: You again? (sighs)

Sylux: (jumps out of the bush) Spines the Hedgehog... (electric balls surge in his hands) you are my bounty.

Spines: Whoa! Who are you?

(Darkblood: Gurahk, are you there?)

Sylux: I am Sylux the Hedgehog... A bounty hunter from the future.

Audrey: Bounty hunter, my ass.

Sylux: SILENCE! (fires an electric ball at Audrey)

Audrey: AH!

Spines: Audrey! (growls) Now you're asking for it, metal head! Get ready! (fighting stance)

Sylux: This'll be fun... (smirks)

Chapter 4: Attack of the Bounty Hunter (Spines Vs. Sylux)

Sylux: I usually never fight with the hunted unles I have to... heh.

Spines: Bring it on, metal-head.

(Sylux makes an unexplained solar blast which hurls Spines at a breakneck speed, he breaks the sound barrier and the light barrier, flying out of the atmosphere like a moon exploring peregrine falcon, causing a huge tremor from where he was shot, his flight was caught by NASA, but he was never identified, as he made his barrier-breaking ascent into the galaxy and beyond. See you, space Spines.)

roleplay cancelled.