This roleplay is part of the Maverick Hunter X series, based off of Mega Man X: Command Mission. It takes place after A Gate Discovered and mainly focuses on the female cast.


The year 20XX. The race of Reploids have seemingly been at peace, as Maverick activity started to slowly dwindle. A meteorite crash-landed in the Pacific Ocean, revealing a strange new element known as "Force Metal". Both Mobians and Reploids were curious of this new element, and thus founded Giga City upon the crash site.

The Mobians and Reploids of Giga City spent most times studying and mining Force Metal, trying to learn of it's properties and true origins. However, Epsilon and the Rebellion Army believed that the governemnt was prejudicing and manipulating the denezens and demanded independance of all Reploids. He banished all Mobians from Giga City, but the Reploids stayed to resist him. But the Rebellion Army was too strong and the Resistance was slowly fading.

If Giga City hopes to maintain full peace and drive off Epsilon and his Rebellion forces, a new hero must emerge. Now, only hope remains in a young Maverick Hunter known simply as I the Hedgehog....


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Prologue: A Hunter's Day Off

Axl: (yawns) Man, it's so boring....

X: No Maverick attacks in 5 weeks....

Zero: Careful. Don't jynx the break we have.

X: I feel good to have this relief. At last, a time without the worry of Mavericks. (sits down and lays back)

Axl: Speak for yourself. I'd rather just shoot any Maverick that come up. I'm so bored, I may end up killing former Mavericks!

X: That reminds me, where's I?

Zero: Oh, the free-loader? Probably with Yammark.

Cut Man: (storms in) Did I just hear someone say I's a free-loader?!

Axl: Way to get him going, Zero!

X: Zero, that's a low blow, even for you!

Zero: She's fighting fit, and Gate gave her the ability to fight, so why doesn't she? And don't say that she doesn't want to, X, because you were the same way.

X: I was built from my build and design, and she's still young. She still doesn't know a lot and needs more experience. It's just her choice! Why don't you get that?!

Zero: Excuse me for trying to be fair. Everyone here does at least something around here, except for I. Or does she get some special pass that I don't know about?

Oil Man: Yeesh! Talk about sexis...aha...ah...ACHOO!!

X: Gessuntheit!

Gate: (walks out of the lab) I is still training....she's getting a bit better, but her AI and battle specs are still off....

Zero: Hm... I see...

Cut Man: And why should it matter? She's still learning and--

(suddenly, they received a Repliforce transmission, Colonel is seen on-screen)

Zero: Colonel! What is the honor today?

Colonel: There appears to be some rebellious activity in Giga City, possibly Maverick. Our Far East unit is on the scene, however, we wanted to know if you can send any Hunter operatives to assist if this is indeed a Maverick rebellion.

Zero: Hmm...I think we can send assistance.

Colonel: We will be awaiting your operatives, I will notify our unit of your arrival. -ends transmission-

Zero: Hmm...

Axl: Alright! About damn time too!

X: (sighs) How long does this have to go on for?

Zero: I need to repeat myself for the umpteenth time? I know you don't like it, but that's gotten old, bud.

Gate:...Commander Signas, if I may make a suggestion.

Signas: Yes, Gate?

Gate: X and the others have longed for a big break. I believe instead we should send another hunter....preferably..I.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Signas: Hmm....

Zero: ...I agree. Let's give her some actual combat experience.

X: Are you kidding?! She still doesn't know what she can be up against! She could potentially make a simple mistake, or worse--

Cut Man: You have to be joking!

Time Man: Calm down, you two.

Cut Man: Calm down, Time Man?! CALM DOWN?!?!?

Axl: Hey...don't I get a say in all this?

Zero: Will she ever know what she could be up against if you keep her locked up with simulations? We'll send her with Yammark if that'll make you all feel better.


Yammark: Fine by me. I don't trust her with any of you slagheads anyway!

Zero: Hmph. You can take that attitude with you, and preferably leave it at Giga City.

Signas: Very well. I, Yammark, head immediately to the Far East HQ for further details from Colonel Redips.

I: Uh! O-Okay!

Yammark: Yes sir.

(the two girls leave, with X showing much concern)

Signas: Alia, Iris, Nana, head straight to Giga City. They may be on this mission for a while.

Iris: Understood, Commander Signas!

Nana: Roger.

Alia: Copy.

-the three girls also leave-

Zero: ...You'll thank me later. -retires to his quarters-


Axl: Well back to nothin....that's it, I'm headin' to find some Mavericks to shoot! See ya! (leaves)

X:....Heh. Kids today....



Depth Dragoon: (runs in) Colonel Redips! The Maverick Hunters are here!

Redips: Excellent. Bring them in.

-I and Yammark walk in-

Redips: So you're the Maverick Hunters I and Commander Yammark? I am Redips, Repliforce Colonel of the Far East Platoon. As already mentioned by my fellow Colonel, your mission is to infiltrate Giga City and halt the activities of Epsilon's organization, the Rebellion.

I: Y-Yes sir!

Yammark: Colonel, shouldn't you be sending others to do this?

Redips: We've sent a few teams already for the past 4 weeks. Not a single member of any team returned. We assume they either went Maverick or perished. You are our final hope. If you fail this mission, then we....we have no choice but to launch an indescriminate assault on Giga City....

I: -looks at Yammark, concerned-

Yammark: We understand. Anywhere you know how to find this guy?

Redips: No, but we are receiving an energy reading from the Lagrano Ruins.

(a sexy red cat walks in)
Breaker the Cat

Breaker the Cat

Redips: This is Breaker. She has a documented history of...."interesting" business affairs on Giga City, and knows it inside and out. She'll be of good help to you both.

I: Um...o-okay...

Redips: Good luck.

Breaker: Relax, kid. Just follow me and you're all set. (winks)

Yammark: (grumbles)

I: Uh... -looks at them, confused-

(the three girls leave, and teleport to Giga City)

Redips: (chuckles) If I actually does pull this off....we could kill two birds with one stone....Dragoon, get ready to call in Search Man and Ground Man in case I need to....

Depth Dragoon: Yes sir!

Redips: Very will be mine....(laughs)

Chapter 1: The Giga Battle Begins

(the girls are teleported to the gateway of the Lagrano Ruins on Giga City; it's now storming out)
Place of Oblivion - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Place of Oblivion - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Lagrano Ruins Stage Theme

Yammark: Good thing I got an impromptu shower from Rainy Turtloid before we got here....

I: H-He doesn't like to send over anything small, right? -giggles-

Yammark: (laughs)

Breaker: Gimme his number when we're done. Let's get inside. (struts in)

I: Huh...?

Yammark: Let's head in. (runs in) one here....suspicious....

I: -runs in after her- Uh! Uhh...

Yammark: Hmm....where to now?

I: B-Breaker seemed to have just left us... -looks around-

Breaker: I'm over here!

Yammark: (runs over to her)

I: -also runs to her-

(just then, an explosion occurs and some wreckage separates I from Breaker and Yammark)

Yammark: I!

I: WAH!! -jumps back from the wreckage-

Yammark: I, are you okay?

I: I-I'm okay...! U-Umm...

Breaker: I, use those stairs. The three of us will rendevous up top on the fifth floor!

I: R-Right! -goes up the stairs-

(when she gets to the second floor, she encounters some Batton Bone's)

I: Aah! -activates Ajout form and shoots at them with her I-Buster-

(they are easily destroyed)

Yammark: (calls her) I, do you read? Me and Breaker found some company. What happened on your end?

I: I-I just came across the same...I-I managed...

Yammark: I, try to think back to your training at the Hunter Base. Use the right weapons and forms to beat your opponents instead of mindlessly shooting targets, okay?

I: O-Okay...

Yammark: Good. Head to the third floor. I have a feeling we may find some clues to the Rebellion Army. Yammark out. (closes communication channel)

I: I-I can do this...! -goes up to the next floor-

(I heads into a room on the right and finds a few pods)

I: What...are these...?

Yammark: Looks like some Reploid stasis pods. There are some on my side too. A few combat and high-performance Reploids....

I: They're open...

Breaker: Looks like they've finished production long ago. No wonder the units sent here never came back.

Yammark: I, head to the fourth floor. I'll be waiting for you there. The doors to the stairs up there may be locked, get to a terminal on your floor and the doors may open up.

I: Right... -goes to find the terminal-

???: Hey, kid!

I: Huh?!

(I turns around and sees a sexy brown cat, with a calm voice; this was Layer, but I doesn't know this yet)

Layer: What are you doing here?

I: I-I'm here on a mission!

Layer: look familiar....who are you anyway?

I: I-I the Hedgehog...

Layer: I....intresting's Layer.

I: W-Well...I-I gotta go... -starts off to find the fifth floor-

Layer: That door to the fourth floor's locked. The console is in that room.

I: O-Oh...okay...thank you... -runs off to the console-

(the terminal received a synchronization signal of sorts)

I: Oh... Uh...okay...

Yammark: (calls I) I, are you at the terminal yet? This floor has a terminal set that the two terminals need to be activated at the same time. I'll send three signals. Press the console on the third signal. Got all that?

I: Y-Yeah!

Yammark: Okay! (sends three signals, one at a time)

I: -presses the console on the third signal, in a hurried manner-

Computer: 3rd Floor Signal: SYNCHRONIZED. 4th Floor doors unlocked.

Yammark: Alright, now let's get outta--what the-?!

Layer: Ummm, I? We got company!

I: Uh?!

(asome Preon guards await outside)

Preon: Government dogs! This is as far as you go!

Breaker: (contacts I) I, when you and Yammark sent that signal, you two blew our cover! Get ready for battle!

I: O-Oh... -about to activate Ajout form, but then thinks twice and activates Soust form and shoots at the Preon guards-

Preons: (barely affected)

Layer: (ignites her L-Rapier chaosblade and slashes at them)

Preon: (sustain heavy damage)

I: -attacks again-

Preons: (destroyed)

Layer:...You don't have much confidence in yourself.

I: Uh! O-Oh... -quietly, nearly inaudible- Zero says that all the time...

Layer: You need to try harder, have faith in your abilities. Maybe then you'll be a great Hunter....

I: O-Okay...!

Layer: So I see you got an investigation going on. Mind if I tag along?

I: Uhh...s-sure...

Layer: Lead the way. Fourth floor!

I: -runs off to find the next floor-

Layer: (runs after her)

I: -finds Yammark in the next room- Y-Yammark...!

Yammark: Nice to see yo--Layer?!

Layer: Good to see you too....

Yammark: Tch!

I: H-Huh...?

Layer: Well, let's get moving. That girl should be--


-the wall suddenly explodes, Vile being revealed behind it, cackling-
Let's Listen Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Vile Stage Theme (Extended)

Let's Listen Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Vile Stage Theme (Extended)

Vile Battle Theme

Yammark & Layer: Vile!

I: -gasps, then murmurs- X had talked about this guy...

Vile: Oh, did I just interrupt a baby shower? Or maybe "girls' night out"?

Layer: What are you even doing here?

Yammark: Are you with the Rebellion Army?

Vile: Rebellion? Ha! I'm trying to find out if Sigma came back, because the guy who leads it looks an awful lot like him, thought I'd find X in the process. Not like it matters to any of you!

Layer: Sigma?

Vile: Yeah, Sigma. X defeated him a while ago with his Maverick rebellion. Looks awfully familiar here, and I'll crush him myself!

Yammark: This isn't your business Vile! Get out or we'll make you!

Vile: Ha! I don't care! Anything I'm interested in is my business!

Layer: Alright then. I, get ready.

I: R-Right...

Vile: Ha? Would you look at this chick? You look a lot like X...

I: Uh!

Vile: Hmph! I must be imagining things! -readies his cannon-

Yammark: I look out! Change forms and get ready for attack!

I: R-Right...! -engages Ajout form-

Vile: Ha! Sounds like a child sent to fight Repliforce! -starts firing his cannon-

Layer: (dodges and ignites her L-Rapier; charges and slashes at him)

Vile: Ngh! -takes out his V-Dagger and stabs her- How about I make you join your sister?

I: -aiming at Vile- H-Huh?!

Layer: GUH! Don't push it, Vile.

Vile: Push? I think it'd be quite appropriate! Considering the history... -kicks her down-

Layer: do you know...what that kid did to Pallette?

Vile: The kid? The kid did nothing! He's too weak! I killed her! He's after me for killing her. Why? Because she got in my way! But the look on that kid's face...priceless!! -cackles-

Layer: (gasps) sunnuva--!!

Yammark: YAMMAR OPTION!!! (dragonflies appear and shoot at Vile)

Vile: Hrk! -jumps out o the way and shoots them down with V-Buster- That's right, skank, I am. -pulls out his V-Pistol and shoots at I-

I: Aah! -jumps out of the way and shoots back-

Vile: Ngh! Huh... (She does seem to be a lot like X...hmph, whatever.) -starts blasting V-Cannon at Yammark-

Yammark: (blown back far) AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

I: -gasps-

Vile: -drops a bomb on Layer, cackling- How do you want to go? I have many options...

Layer: (growls and viciously slashes him)

Vile: -blocks with V-Dagger and gets past her to stab her in the back-

Layer: GUH!!!

Vile: -rips the V-Dagger out of her and kicks her away, then starts for I-

I: -gasps again, afraid-

Vile: You're an easy one to take. -readies his cannon-

I: -starts panicking and shoots at Vile-

Vile: Urk! -jumps back- Hmph... Not worth my time... I must destroy Sigma... -blasts the ceiling out and jumps to the floor above-

Layer: I, you need to stay calm in battle. Don't give in to panic. Just focus and not worry. Only then can you win a battle...

I: R-R-Right... -trembling a bit-

Layer: Just trust in your abilities. You can't win if you don't believe in yourself.

I: -nods sheepishly-

Layer: Now c'mon. Let's meet up with that Breaker...

I: R-Right...

(they move up to the next floor with Breaker waiting)

I: -sighs in relief- W-Well...w-we made it...

Breaker: I! Where's Yammark?

I: Uh! W-We got separated...a guy called V-Vile shot her...a-and we lost contact with her...

Breaker: Oh....well bad timing. Look over there.

I: Huh...? -looks-

(they notice a large Echidna Reploid that Layer believes she knows)
Epsilon the Echidna

Epsilon, Rebellion Army Commander

Layer: S-Sigma...?!

???: Not quite. I am Epsilon, leader of the Rebellion.

-Vile drops down in front of them, facing Epsilon-

Vile: Ha! Sigma in a new guise, nothing more!

Epsilon: I'm afraid you are mistaken. I don't know you.

Vile: Don't give me that, Sigma! -readies his cannon- You're going down!

Layer: He's screwed. Vile is powerful, and it's 4-on-1...

Epsilon: Or is it...?

Breaker: (suddenly shoots Vile from behind with a powerful blast from her shoulder cannon, then holds Layer at slash-point with her converatble arm blade)
Mega Man X Command Mission - 024 - Rebellious Ambitions

Mega Man X Command Mission - 024 - Rebellious Ambitions

Breaker's Betrayal

Vile: Agh!

I: Huh?!

Epsilon: Breaker realizes the Rebellion ideal, and did not come here to help...but to defect to us!

Vile: Quit the useless talk and start fighting, Sigma! -blasts Breaker with his own shoulder cannon and tackles Epsilon, cackling as he does so-

Epsilon: Ngh!!

Breaker: You--!! (stabs him in the back)

Vile: Urk!! You're a fiesty one!! -slashes at her several times and blasts her with his cannon, then aims to blast Epsilon-

(a Chaoswhip wraps around Vile tightly)

Vile: GRAH!! Who else wants a piece of me?! -tries to stab it-

Ferham: (holding him back) Silence! Show the commander some respect!

Vile: Hmph! Funny you should say that... AGH!!

I: -gasps-

Vile: -attempts to turn and shoot Ferham, but is immobilized- 

-a powerful Chaosblade strike is seen directed toward Vile's legs-

Vile: GAAHH!!! -falls to one knee-

???: We cannot allow such rudeness.

Vile: Screw you! I do what I want! AAAGH!! -tries to cut the Chaoswhip with his Chaosknife-

???: -kicks Vile in the face- Don't even bother. Chaoswhips are made of the same materials as Chaosblades and knives, they can't be destroyed like that.

Ferham: Thank you, my dear Scarface.

Vile: Aw, such stupid gross lovey-dovey crap! ACK!!

Scarface: Hmph. an angry one, eh?

Epsilon: Hunters, examine this one as an example for you. This is what will happen if you get in our way.

Layer: This does not look good...

I: -trembling in fear-

Layer: I, we need to get out of here. We can't let fear and angst overcome us.

I: R-R-Right...

Vile: -struggling gainst the Chaoswhip holding him- AAAARRRGH!!

Breaker: (tries blasting I and Layer)

Layer & I: (barely evade and driop from the tower)

Ferham: Grr! You! (releases Vile and goes to chase the escapees) You won't get away!

Scarface: -jumps after them-

Vile: GRRAAAH!! YOU'RE MINE, SIGMA!! -charges at Epsilon, cannon blazing-

Epsilon: -evades and brings out forearm cannon and blasts Vile off the side- ...Hmph.

Ferham: (looks around) Scrap! They escaped! And where the hell is Botos?!

Scarface: The bozo's probably trying to do his own thing.

Ferham: Hmph! Let's return to base....

Scarface: Let's.

Chapter 2: Viva la Resistance

(I awakens in a strange bunker, with some Reploids she does not recognize)

Reploid: Look! She's waking up!

I: H-Huh...?

Reploid: I, you've come to! For a minute, we thought you were finished.

I: Wh-What happened....? And how do you know me...?

Reploid: Layer told us about you. We found you both badly damaged and returned you here to heal you.

I: O-Oh...

Reploid: This is the Resistance hideout. The Rebellion is taking over most of Central Tower, and a girl named Iris was kidnapped, when they heard she would be our new leader.

I: I-Iris...?!

Reploid: (nods) Try to stay vigilante. Here...(gives her some supplies) We'll give these to you. Layer is a few floors up and may need your help.

I: O-Okay... -leaves to go find Layer-
Recovery of Hope - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-2

Recovery of Hope - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-2

Central Tower Stage Theme

(some Maverick enemies appear to get in her way)

I: -activates Soust form and blasts them-

(the Mavericks get blasted apart; she makes it to Air City Square)

I: Where to now...?

(suddenly, she receives a transmission from Redips)

Redips: I, can you hear me?

I: Uh! Y-Yes sir!

Redips: What's going on over there? Report!

I: I-I lost contact with Y-Yammark, s-sir... W-We were attacked b-by a Reploid named Vile...but I-I also h-have a-another Reploid a-assisting m-me...

Redips: Vile?! He's alive?! And where's Breaker?!

I: B-Breaker d-defected t-to the R-Rebellion...sir...

Redips: What?! How could--(starts breaking up)

I: S-Sir...?

Redips: I, the signal's--(signal is lost)

(a billiboard of I in her Soust form is shown)

Announcement: Repliforce agents have illegally entered Giga City. Repeat: Illegal entry! Report any sightings of suspicious Reploids immediatly!

Reploids: (talking amongst themselves, most of them worried or concerned)

I: -gasps, utterly scared- (What do I do now...? Yammark...)


I: -carefully walking through-

(a large rowdy Reploid notices her passing by)

Reploid: Hold it!

I: Uh!! -petrified-

Reploid: You're that girl on the news, the Maverick Hunter. Sorry, but I had to report you.

I: Uh... -trembling-

Reploid: Why are you against Epsilon? I may not be one of his big fans, (clenching fists) but shouldn't you, as a Reploid, support the idea of our independence?

(suddenly, some playing cards and poker chips drop down as ammunition and kill the Reploid)

I: H-Huh?!

???: Trust me, that wasn't for you.

(an attractive Echidnahog jumps down and lands in front of her)
File:Poker the Echidna.png

I: -shaking-

???: I'm neither Maverick nor Rebellion...but I would get a good bet for myself if I brought your head to the Rebellion army!

I: (L-Looks like a-another fight...)

???: Now get ready to rumble!

I: -activates Soust form-

Poker: I'm Poker. It's a pleasure, I! (shoots some chip ammo at her)

I: -ducks out of the way, and retaliates by shooting back-

Poker: Whoa! UGH! (shoots card ammo at her) Take this!

I: AAH!! -shoots back-

Poker: You're pretty good....SNAKE-EYES!!! (throws some die bombs at her)

I: -gasps and jumps away from them-

(just then, an alarm sounded off)

Poker: Scrap! I was ready to finish it. We'll pick up where we left off later. See ya! (leaves)

I: H-Huh...?! -looking around, panicking-

Layer: (appears) I!

I: Wah! L-Layer!

Layer: You're up. The Rebellion's looking for us. Stop being so afraid and let's get moving.

I: -nods shamefully-

Layer: Look, I...I know it's difficult, but you need to be strong. Strong like X would be...we'll get through this, and I need you to be lead of this operation. Help free Giga City from slavery and this dark time.

I: ...R-Right...

(the girls continue forward, fighting Mavericks along the way)

I: (Why did Zero put me up to this...? X...)

(the girls enter a room and see a strange Cyber-Elf)
Resolution - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Resolution - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Layer and Pallette Reunite

Layer: (gasps) P-Pallette...?

Pallette: Hi sis.

I: -stares, wide-eyed-

Layer: (hugs Pallette) Oh, Pallette....I'm sorry that I--

Pallette:'s okay, big sis. I still love you.

Layer: (cries a bit) I...guess I owe the kid an apology...

I: ...A-Axl...?

Layer: (nods) I'll get that Vile for this....

Pallette: Umm...about him....Layer and...I, was it? Don't kill Vile. Please?

Layer: Why not?! He--

Pallette: I know!'s not his fault...

I: ...I don't think we can...

(just then, they hear some Rebellion troops outside)

Pallette: I'll have to tell you later. Here. (gives I an ID card) This belonged to an old friend of mine. Take it and you'll be able to enter and exit the governor's precinct and rescue Alia and Iris. Hurry!

I: A-Alia's captured too?! -takes it-

Pallette: I'll cover your escape! Go!


I: -nods sheepishly-

(the girls leave as Preon guards try to get them)

Pallette: No one gets past me! HIYAA!!! (releases energy towards the guards)

(more Mavericks get in the girls way)

I: -blasts them-

Layer: You're getting better, I.

I: Th-Thanks...

(the girls go forward and eventually find a Resistance member)

Resistance Warrior: Who goes there?

Layer: (coos) Well well....

I: U-Uhh...

Resistance Warrior: Wait! You're that girl from the news! Please, my friends and a navigator are trapped inside! You have to help them.

Layer: Alright, if you give us something in return. (winks)

I: Huh...?

Reistsance: S-sure, anything. Just help!

I: O-Okay...what is it?

Layer: Through that door, kiddo.

I: Oh, o-okay! -runs into the next room-

(several resistance fighters and Alia are tied up by guarded by Preon Guards)

Preon: More Resistance dogs? Well their road ends here and now!

I: -gasps- A-Alia..!

Alia: -weakened, barely concious-

I: -whips out Buster-

Layer: X is gonna kill us if he finds out we let Alia get hurt this bad. (ignites L-Rapier)

Preon Guards: (attack the girls)

I: -activates Ajout form and uses Meteor Rain-

Preon Guards: (destroyed in one hit)


Wild Jango: (watching it all from security cameras; snarls) Meddling prostibots! Just who are these girls anyway? How can they be so strong?!
Wild Jango

Wild Jango: Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid

???: What's wrong? A common soldier can't take on a couple of girls?

Wild Jango: (looks behind him and sees Poker) What?! Poker! So I guess you think you can take them?

Poker: (tisks him) What's the price? And don't say anything sexual or I'll rip your face apart, Jango.

Wild Jango: Nyarr! So it's about money with you? Alright then. If you can stop I and Layer, you can have as much as you'd like! It doesn't matter if that Clara girl got in our way. In due time, the Rebellion forces will rule over all and our ideal will be realized! Once that time comes, there'll be plenty of Force Metal and money to go around.

Poker: I don't care about whatever ideal you twats do. Although I could use a good have a deal.


Resistance Warrior: Thanks for saving us, I!

I: -smiles- You're welcome!

Alia: Ugh...

Layer: You okay, Alia?

Alia: I'll live...

Layer: Now...I'll stay here to tend to the wounded and reap my "rewards"...(smirks) I'll catch up with you later, I. You go over and save Iris.

Alia: Oh you and your lust...still at it, eh? Zero didn't scare it out of ya I see.

I: Uhh... -proceeds onward to the next room-

(after a while, she arrives at a door, but a familiar poker chip stops her)
Mega Man X Command Mission OST - Spider Magic Extended

Mega Man X Command Mission OST - Spider Magic Extended

Theme of Poker

I: -gasps and brandishes her Buster-

Poker: (laying back) You've caused a lotta trouble, I....perfect for work like mine.

I: U-Uhh... (I don't know about this...)

Poker: Say your prayers kid! (throws her die bombs at her, which knocks I back) Too slow...

I: AAHH!! -activates Ajout form- You...can't...I won't...let you...!! -uses Ground Dash- YAAH!!

Poker: NGH!! (throws chips at her)

I: -jumps out of the way and whips Metal Anchor so that it bounces into her at an odd angle- YAH!!

Poker: GAAHH!! (hit hard)

I: HAAAH!! -attacks with Meteor Rain-

Poker: (dodging it and kicks hard)

I: AAHH!! -unknowingly drops the ID, uses Ground Dash again-

Poker: NGH!! You've been practicing since this morning! I'm impressed! But it's time to end this! (about to finish her when she notices the ID that Pallette gave I) Wait....this ID....(attempts to pick it up)

I: H-Huh?! (Oh no! I dropped it...! H-How am I supposed to rescue Iris now?! Zero will have my head for this...)

Poker: How did you get this?!

I: W-Well...i-it's kinda hard to explain...b-but Layer's dead sister's...spirit, I guess...gave it to me...P-Pallette, is her name...

Poker: Pallette.....friend of Smokey's....does this mean....? (picks it up, cries a little bit; after a minute, she looks at a security camera) Sorry Jango, but if you want I dead, do it yourself!


Wild Jango: (growls) Damned bounty huntress! No one turns their back on me! Guards, destroy them both!

Preon Guard: Yes sir! (run out)


Preon Guards: (try to get I and Poker)

Poker: Look, I may be a filthy bounty huntress, but I won't cheat on an old love...(gives back the ID) I'll take care of these punks. You get moving and help out Iris! (runs off, passing Layer)

I: -pauses, amazed at the turn of events, then quickly rushing off to the next room-


Layer: Did I miss much?

Iris: (tied and gagged up)

I: Uh...s-save it for l-late--

-a large explosion occurs, Vile comes charging into the room cackling-

Vile: Now where's that punk?!

Layer: Bad news, X took a raincheck on his visit here. I's the only hunter they sent. If you're not with the Rebellion, Vile, then let Iris go and we'll call it even.

Vile: Iris? Pfft! You can have her! I'm not stopping you! I'm going for that Rebellion lackey! Make him tell me where that Sigma double ran off to after taking me out earlier.

Layer: Then stay out of our way, dickwad, and I'll stay out of yours...I hope.

Vile: How about let it be the other way around so you don't wind up like your sister?

Layer: Why you--that's it! (ignites L-Rapier and charges and slashes at Vile)

Vile: -jumps back- Thought you'd do that... -quickly stabs her back with V-Dagger-

I: Wah..?!

Layer: AAAHH!!!

I: Layer! -activates Soust form and attacks Vile with Ray Arrow-

Vile: Urk!! are like X after all, huh girlie? -jumps at her and blasts her with his V-Cannon-

I: AAAHH!! -manages to fire off Metal Anchor-

Vile: Ngh! (Confirmed...but how, relatable to X...?)

Layer: Ngh....(smiles)'re learning....and improving...(coughs some blood)

Vile: Hmph! I spent enough time here, I've got bigger targets to blast than some girls! -dashes off-

Layer: Grr....(unties Iris) There....

Iris: I didn't think I would ever say this...but thank you Layer...

I: -struggles to get up, activates Ajout form and attempts to recover some strength-

Iris: The Rebellion soldier, Wild Jango, is holding the whole tower ransom and keeping the Resistance in tatters, trying to bribe most of them into joining the Rebellion. And hired that bounty huntress to take down any and all that got in the way.

(then the console gets a transmission)

Wild Jango: HIAAARR!! Iris, such a beautiful you refuse to cooperate with us?

Iris: For the last time, Jango, as long as metallic blood runs through my metallic veins, I shall stand by with Repliforce forever!

Wild Jango: (growls) You stupid skanks! You are utter fools to resist the future kings of the Reploids...NYARR--but enough! I think it's time that you all--(shown holding a beaten up Poker)

I: -gasps- P-Poker?!

Wild Jango: Are cut down to size! I'll bring this whole building down to the ground too!

Iris: (gasps) But...all the citizens in New Hope and Air City will perish!

Wild Jango: Nyarr!! Farewell, fools!

-an explosion is heard behind Jango, familiar cackling accompanying it-

Wild Jango: NYARR!! I have no time for you! (ends transmission)

Iris: No...

I: Th-That's Vile...he'll buy some time as he tries to get Epsilon's location from Jango...

Iris: I, if that self-destruct program goes off, many innocents will perish.

Layer: Any way to defuse it?

Iris: Yes. Go to the Control Room and override it. Hurry! There's only 5 minutes before it goes off!

I: R-Right! -dashes off-
Mega Man X Command Mission - 028 - Brush with Danger-0

Mega Man X Command Mission - 028 - Brush with Danger-0

Dangerous Rush!

Layer: (dashes after her)

(as they run through the halls, some Preon guards got in their way)

Layer: Out of our way!

I: -activates Soust form and blasts them away wiht Magma Blade-

Preons: (easily destroyed)


(the girls fight through and come to a locked door)

Layer: Scrap! It's locked. I, will the ID work on this door?

I: -tries using the ID-

(the door opens and the girls proceed to a fork)

Layer: Which way now?

Iris: (contacts them) Take the left door then go straight. Hurry! Only 2 minutes left!

Layer: Got it!

I: -dashes through the left door-

Layer; (follows her and they go straight into the control room)

(Jango, Vile, and Poker are nowhere in sight, but Preon Guards are seen)

Preons: We won't let you stop the self-destruct sequence!

I: YAAH!! -attacks with Magma Blade-

Preons: (heavily damaged, but not destroyed)

Layer: (elegantly slices and destroys the Preons) This was a waste of time. Now to stop that self-destruc--

-a powerful stray shot flies through the room and destroys the control panel, with a familiar voice shouting-


Layer: What--?! (looks behind her) gotta be kidding me.

-Vile is seen strangling Wild Jango-

Vile: -notices the girls, and gets an idea- Hm...well looky here! Here's the Hunters now! Since you refuse to talk... -kicks Jango to them- ...get humiliated by being killed by a couple of girls! -cackles and runs off-

Wild Jango: NYARR!! (electrocutes the girls and rushes through some hallways)

Layer: ACK!! Stop him!

I: AAH!! -manages to start sprinting after him, activates Soust form, and uses Magma Blade-

Layer: (stuck in an extremely awkward position) I'm paralyzed....I, you'll have to go after him on your own.

I: ...R-Right.... -dashes after Jango-

Wild Jango: (waiting at the helicopter lift) So you cancelled the self-destruct?

I: Vile kinda blew up the console, trying to shoot you I guess...

Wild Jango: (growls) No matter! You stand no chance against me anyway! (slashes at I)
Megaman X Command Mission - Boss Battle Music EXTENDED

Megaman X Command Mission - Boss Battle Music EXTENDED

Maverick Boss Battle

I: -counters with Magma Blade-

Wild Jango: GYAA!!! You tramp! (uses a Rolling Assault on I)

I: -dashes under him and shoots him from behind-

Wild Jango: GYAA!!! (shoots lightning at her)

I: -counters with Magma Blade- YAH!!

Wild Jango: (barely dodges and knocks her back)

I: AAH!! -attacks with Metal Anchor-

Wild Jango: NYARR! You're a fool if you think a single Maverick Hunter has the power to take me on! (stomps on her and grabs the ID) you used this to sneak into the building....clever...but not irreversible...(starts trying to crush it)

(suddenly a few cards knock the ID out of Jango's hand and knock him back from I)

Wild Jango: WHAT?!

(the attacker is revealed to be a barely-functioning Poker)

Poker: Jango! Keep your hands off that! That is all that remains of my first--my only--true love. Creeps like you have no right to even TOUCH SMOKESCREEN'S SOUL!!

I: -gasping in pain and struggles to stand-

Wild Jango: You don't give up! Fine! I'll finish you both! (charges at Poker, charging electricity)

Poker: (dodges and shoots more chips at him)

Wild Jango: NYAAA!!!

I: ...X taught me to NEVER give up!! -lauches Magma Blade at him-

Wild Jango: (screams in pain)

Poker: (rolls her die; it comes out in 2 6's) TAKE THIS - THE FINAL JACKPOT!! (throws die bombs at Jango, dealing extreme damage)


I: -uses Magma Blade again-

Wild Jango: (is destroyed)

I: -nearly falls over- this is what...fighting a real Maverick is like...

Poker: (sighs)

Alia, Layer, and Iris: (run up)

Iris: I, did you defeat Jango?

I: Y-Yeah...

Poker: Hey. What am I, chopped liver?

Layer: Who are you?

I: Th-That's Poker...

Poker:....Smokescreen...that ID belonged to my ex-boyfriend Smokescreen.

Layer: Pallette said it belonged to a friend of hers....

I: ...How did she get it? She never said...

Iris: Hmm....

I: Well...guess we'll think about that later...

Layer: Alia...kind of a lucky coincidence this skank was here to help I, isn't it?

Alia: Extremely...

Poker: (looks at I and Smokescreen's ID) I get where ya comin from...

I: I bet it was this Smokescreen that brought the three of us together....

Iris: How fitting....


Chapter 3: Path of a True Heroine


Iris: Finally, able to regain the tower. Most of the equiptment's set up, the air bus is running again, and I have officially been named Resistance Leader.
Hunter Base - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Hunter Base - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Central Tower Base Theme

I: Oh, good!

Iris: I was hoping that you, I, would be leading on the battlefield...

I: M-Me?!

Iris: (nods) You would make a worthy candidate.

I: Guess Zero isn't as crazy as X said earlier...I-I would be honored...

Layer: Well now what? We can't do much with two navigators and three fighters...

Iris: I think I know where to find new recruits...

I: Where?

Iris: 30 miles west from here is an old Force Metal mine, on Tianna Island. But ever since the Rebellion Army took over, it's turned into a glorified POW camp.

Layer: Yeah. I hear that some hot Resistance members are still trapped inside....

Alia: Knock it off, Layer... -sighs- Even when the situation is serious, you can't go five minutes without thinking about getting done... It's surprising how Zero was still able to do his job...

Iris: Everyone, focus! Tianna Camp is also the last place we heard from Nana. It's safe to assume they have her captive with several others.

I: Right...

Alia: There have also been reports of a powerful warrior being held captive there...

Poker: Powerful warrior, huh? Let's check it out.

Layer: Alright, but Nana's not gonna be a happy virgin when she sees me.

Iris: Try not to worry about that for now. Just focus on the mission. I'll start the teleporter now.

I: -nods-

(the girls enter the teleporter and are transported to Tianna POW Camp)
Mega Man X Command Mission - 020 - Subterrania - Tianna Camp

Mega Man X Command Mission - 020 - Subterrania - Tianna Camp

Tianna Camp Stage Theme

Poker: This Maverick Hunter stuff better have a good raise! I don't like doing stuff for free!

Layer: Stop complaining and let's go.

Poker: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I: Right. -dashes on ahead-


(the girls near the gate come across a big, shaky dragon reploid, seemingly scared out of her wits)
Iron Maxxima the Dragon

Iron Maxxima, Legacy of a Legendary Heroine

Layer: Hey you!

???: WAHH!! (turns around) GET BACK!! AWAY!! (swings a sort of large lance around, in a panicking frenzy, but eventually calms down).....wh-well? Aren't ya...gonna kill me?

Poker: If we wanted you dead, these chips would be broken by now.

???: guys aren't Rebellion Army?

I: No, we're with the Resistance, we're here to help!

Poker: Who are you?

???: Me...?.....(gains confidence and laughs proudly) Why, I'm Maxxima....Iron Maxxima!

Layer: Iron Maxxima....I've heard stories about a legendary warrioress named Maxxima that fought armies of Mavericks on this rock before...

Poker: Well she sure coulda fooled me with the way she acted...

I: Uh...

Maxxima: (blushes a bit) Would it be...too much trouble if I...ask for your help? I mean, I can't do this all alone....

Layer: I?

I: Sure! We both need all the help we can get!

Maxxima: Thanks a lot! Let's move!

I: Right!

(the girls move down a floor, but immediatly encounter enemies)

Layer: That didn't take long...

I: -activates Soust form and starts blasting them-

Maxxima: (gets out her axe and starts slashing away at them)

Poker: Pretty subtle, for a legend...

I: -dashes onward-

Layer: Strange....the alarms haven't gone off....

Poker: Yeah. Almost a little too inviting...

I: ...I don't like it...

Poker:....(sees some Dober Man guards ahead)

Dobermen: Hault! No one is to free the prisoners!


Layer: Tch! As if! (ignites her L-Rapier)

I: Hmh! -accidentally uses her new power: Volt Slasher-

(the guards are blown away)

Layer: Whoa!

Maxxima: What...was that, I?!

I: I-I guess I got a new ability when Jango was defeated...

Layer: Incredible.....wait a minute...are you that knock-off Gate made?!

I: Knock-off? What are you talking about?

Layer: Huh?.....Uhh...

Maxxima: This is awkward....

Poker: Forget it. I hear some guards to the door on the right...

Maxxima: I just hope she'll be okay....

I: I don't know what you're talking about...I'm fine! Really! -blasts the guards with Volt Slasher-

Maxxima: Uhh...that's not what I meant...

I: -shrugs and proceeds on-

(the girls find some locked cells)

Maxxima: (playing with some console, trying to deactivate them all)

I: Any luck?

Maxxima:...I think it worked.

Poker: Let's get everyone outta here.

I: Right!

(the girls enter a few rooms and free some refugees, but one of them stays)

???: Hehehe....what a sap you girls are!

I: Hey! We're here to help you!

???: Help me? Or the guy I killed to get to you!

(the Reistance fighter transforms into a Doberman guard)

Layer; Maverick slime!

I: -gasps-

Doberman: (starts shooting at them)

I: -shoots back, reluctantly-

Doberman: GUH!!

I: -shoots again-

Doberman: Aah, gimme a break!

I: ... -blasts Volt Slasher at him-

(the guard is destroyed)

Maxxima: Good ridance!

???: I'll say.

I: Huh?

(the girls turn around to see Arcee among the captives freed)

Arcee: Thanks for breaking us loose.

Layer: You're Arcee, from Repliforce's Elite? How'd you get in a jail cell?

Arcee: Colonel Redips asked me, Sari, and a few others to investigate the Rebellion's endeavors. But Sari blew our cover and I've been separated from her ever since.

I: That's...not good... We'll help you find her!

???: Hey! Let me go too!

Poker: Huh? (looks behind them)

(there is a pink millipede reploid standing by)
File:Nutra Millipede.png

I: Huh? Who are you?

???: I'm Nutra Millipede. My brother is Magna Centipede. I wanted to be in the Maverick Army, but my bro says it's not for stupid girls!

I: Uhh...

Nutra Millipede: The warden, Silver Horn has killed and tortured me and so many. He's raped me five times! You have to let me go with you and get even!

I: -gasps-

Layer: Sounds serious....I can't imagine what they're doing to Nana....

Nutra Millipede: Let me go with, please!

I: Yeah!

Nutra Millipede: Alright!

Arcee: Let's hurry and get Nana!

I: -rushes off-


(Nana is being held captive and forcefully observing a private hub of information; just then, the large warden Silver Horn enters)
Silver Horn

Silver Horn: Silver Heavy Cannon Reploid

Silver Horn: -laughs boisterously- Anything unusual, my favorite slut?

Nana: N-no...master....

Silver Horn: Wahaha! Good, very good...because I don't like it when rats are running around in my prison, and messing around with all my babes!

Nana:.....(silently crying) O-of course, Master Silver Horn....

Silver Horn: Especially you... -chuckles as he gropes her-

Nana; (gasps) M-master....(No....not again....I...where are you?)

Silver Horn: Silence, slut! You know you like it!

Nana: N-no...

(before he could do anything else, he saw on the monitors I and her team breaching the camp's defenses)

Silver Horn: Huh?! -strikes Nana- You said that there was nothing going on!!

Nana: UGH!!....yes. I lied.....that girl is named I....and when she finds you......your terror ends--(is struck again by Silver Horn)

Silver Horn: (angrilly holds her down against her will) Normally I'd want to kill you and those inmates for this.....but naughty girls like you desever more fitting punishment....(smirks and laughs)

Nana: No...please not that.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(I and her team run into the room and find an unconscious Nana; she is badly bruised and her clothes have been ripped in places.)

I: (gasps) N-Nana...?! (runs to her with her team)

Nutra Millipede: Oh no.....she's been....

Layer: I can't believe it....that bastard's turned Nana into his personal slave!

Nana: (groans, waking up) Ngh.....m-master....don't--huh?! L-Layer?! What are you doing here?!

Layer: Getting laid....saving you....helping I.

I: Nana.....what happened to you?!

Nana: (crying) I saw you b-b-break in and I....I reprogrammed the the alarms wouldn't go off....Silver Horn used me....and so many his personal sex slaves...if I did not obey...he would kill everyone....(crying more) I...I...I hated it...

I: Th-Th-That's awful!! -starts crying-

Nana: (slowly gets up) I...kill him, please...I cannot forgive or forget what he has done....

Poker: Yeah. Let's get that creep!

Nutra Millipede:....

I: R-Right...

Nana: I'll stay here and back you's my job as a navigator....

Maxxima: Ummm...Nana? This is gonna sound awkward,  there any record being here?

Nana: Let me check...Iron says here you were captured ten days ago and placed in solintary confinement. It also says that after immense refusal to join the army, you were executed.

Everyone: Executed?!

Arcee: But, Maxxima's standing right here, alive and well...

Layer: Hmm....

Arcee: We should get to the lower levels and figure this all out.

I: R...R-Right...


Nutra Millipede: (using magnetic sphere blasts at some Maverick guards) YEAH!! Take that!

Arcee: Hey. Where's Maxxima?

Nana: (contacts them) Umm...about that...that Maxxima isn't really the real Maxxima...

I: She....isn't? She was impersonating as Maxxima?

Nana: (nods) The Maxxima that was with you doesn't match up with the one in the database....I didn't wanna say anything.

I: I...understand.

Poker: There was a route down near here....maybe she went to check on the real Maxxima....

Arcee: Let's check it out.


Maxxima: (enters the original Maxxima's prison and gasps at the sight of a chained and half-destroyed Maxxima, clearly tortured and raped constantly and barely alive, with blue blood and semen flooding the prison) Oh my!
Mega Man X Command Mission OST, T24 Sadness and Regret I

Mega Man X Command Mission OST, T24 Sadness and Regret I

Saddest of Moments

Original Maxxima: (chained up, barely alive)'s you....

Maxxima: What...have they done....?

Original Maxxima: This is what they do...when you join their clan....good thing I left the your hands....

Maxxima: N-no...Silver Horn is right...I was just a hollywood slut....and weak...I'm not strong like you...only the real Iron Maxxima...only you in your great strength deserve to wear this armor! I'll never be as strong as you!

Original Maxxima: (chuckles) You're quite naive, do have great strength...but you don't realize can be better....stronger...than I was....please...for my honor...take my armor....and be...strong...(dies)



(the girls find a depressed Maxxima outside)

Layer: You don't look so good, girlfriend. So, ya say hi to that dead girl they thought was you?


I: ...You're not the hero we thought, were you? You're something different.....

Maxxima:....Y-yes...I'm a fraud...the real Maxxima....she's dead...died of torture and rape, for pride...and for hope....hope that the Reploids of Giga City will be free...but--

I: -sighs-

Layer: Well.....I do know one thing. Iron Maxxima will always fight, so long as evil Mavericks threaten Mobius. Right, Maxxima?

Maxxima: (looks around)

Everyone: (smiles)

Maxxima: (blushes and cries) Thank you everyone....

I: Now...let's go kick that silver butt!



Silver Horn: -comes into the room, with an unconsious Nana, and tosses her onto the ground- Heheheh... It is a punishment game...hahahaha!


Layer: You are one sick bastard, you know that?!

Silver Horn: I'd watch that tongue of yours, it'll be your fate soon enough!

I: -trembles slightly-

Nutra Millipede: (shaking nervously)

Arcee: I'm going to exterminate you for what you've done, Silver Horn!

Silver Horn: Oh are you? I don't think so! -stomps on Nana- This is what I'll do to all of you when I'm done with your bodies!

I: -gasps-


Silver Horn: -mashes his foot down onto Nana, laughing heartily-

I: -sharply glares- can so cruel...?!?!

Silver Horn: You really don't understand the situation, do you, little skank?

I: ...Just enough to know...that...I CAN'T LET YOU LIVE!!! -activates Soust form and shoots Volt Slasher at him furiously-

Silver Horn: AAAH!!'s on now! -blasts her with his pressure cannon-

I: -evades it and repeatedly shoots him with Volt Slasher, unrelenting-

Silver Horn: AAARRGH!!

Maxxima: (charges at Silver Horn and slashes) I!
Megaman X Command Mission - Massimo of Steel

Megaman X Command Mission - Massimo of Steel

Theme of Iron Maxxima

Silver Horn: ACK! -stumbling-

I: HAAH!!! -shoots Silver Horn again with Volt Slasher-

Silver Horn: AAAAAAHHH!!!! -falls over-

Poker: (fires a few cards at him)

Arcee: (shoots with her guns)

Silver Horn: -battered greatly-

I: -runs up and aims for his face-

Silver Horn: know it's worthless to kill me...

I: Shut up, evil bot! -shoots Volt Slasher-

Silver Horn: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! -severely electrocuted-

Maxxima: HIYAA!! (slashes him)

Silver Horn: AACK!! Y-You... -loses strength, defeated-

I: -still appears extremely angry, buster pointed at him still-

Layer: Finish him!

I: WITH PLEASURE!! -blasts him again with Volt Slasher-

Silver Horn: -destroyed-

Nutra Millipede: I think the right term for that is: 'flawless victory!'

Layer: Spare me the memes, kid. (tries checking on Nana)

Nana: (crying) Go away, you harlot!

I: -gasps-

Nana: I...I want to go home...I don't want to be here....especially not with her!

Poker: Hey, Layer actually helped save your life, bitch! Maybe you should be more grateful!

Nana: Grateful of what?! That I don't catch AIDS from her?! I have always hated Layer, and her immoral values! I don't want to navigate a team with her around!

I: P-Please Nana...we need you...

Nana:.......I...need some think this over....

I: -nods slowly-


I: ...Maxxima?

Maxxima: I...I want to fight alongside you, rid Giga City of the Rebellion's evil!

I: -smiles- I was just about to ask you if you could stay with us! Truth is, we need all the help we can get!

Nutra Millipede: May I join too?

I: Sure!

Nutra Millipede: Alright!

I: Let's head back to base...we've spent too much time here...


Chapter 4: Izzy Glow and the Beautiful Generator

Iris: Will Nana be okay?

Layer: Eh...

Nana: (outside, cuddling herself)

I: ...We'll see after a while...

Iris:...(walks outside) Nana?

Nana: I hate this place....I want to go home...and be with X, and Zero and...and Armadillo. (cries) I don't want this....

Iris: Believe me, Nana, Alia and myself were really tortured by Jango...but if we hide from the danger, then Giga City won't have a future. I hate this as well...but I believe that we need to put our personal feelings aside. We need you Nana...wouldn't X, Zero, and Armored Armadillo want you to be strong and stay?

Nana: (sniffs) ...They.....they are right....(gets up) Thank you Iris!

Iris: (smiles)


Nana: (hard at work) I've reassembled connection to the Sky Room. You may go up there when you feel a need to take a break.

I: Alright.

Iris: But now isn't the time.

(the monitor displays a firefly reploid, who looks like a wise and elderly scientist)
Izzy Glow

Dr. Izzy Glow: Radiance of Intelligence.

Iris: This is Doctor Izzy Glow. We could really use him on our side. Alia, Nana?

Alia & Nana: (nod)

Nana: Dr. Izzy Glow was a central figure lead researcher in the giant Force Metal research lab here in Giga City. He's a renowned specialist in complex energy theories, laser science, and even an accomplished engineer.

Nutra Millipede: Cool! Where is this guy?

Alia: His laboratory is just east of here, within the Eternal Forest, a place where many find it difficult to traverse due to the multiple paths that can be followed. 

Nana: It will not be easy. He has refused any kind of help from both the Rebellion army and Repliforce.

Arcee: So we'll have to sneak into a lab that's heavillly guarded against intruders.

Iris: Yes, but the doctor could help strengthen the base, as well as help Alia prepare to fight Epsilon and the Rebellion Army.

Alia: -nods-

I: Okay then.

Nana: Transmitting coordinates. The teleporter is ready when you are. Be careful!

I: We will. Let's go!

(the girls enter the teleporter and are taken to the Eternal Forest and a high-tech medieval castle)
Megaman X5 - Izzy Glow Stage

Megaman X5 - Izzy Glow Stage

Izzy Glow's Labratory Stage Theme

Arcee: Intresting place to build a laboratory.

I: Well...he does seem like he wants to be left alone...but we can't turn back now!

(the girls only pass through one door before seeing a small platoon of Preon guards)

Preon: Who are you?

I: -activates Soust form and blasts Volt Slasher at them-

Preons: GAAH!! Resistance scum!

Nutra Millipede: (uses her magnetic powers to disassemble the Preons except their leader and merge their parts into a large sphere) TAKE THIS!! (tosses, immensly destroying it)

Arcee: I...think you may've overdid it a little bit.

I: Let's keep moving!

(the girls start to walk off, unaware there was someone behind them; when Arcee heard some fast footsteps, she turned around and aimed her guns at the air)

Arcee: Who's there?

I: -gasps-

Poker: What is it, Arcee?

Arcee: I thought there was someone behind us...

Nana: (through transmitter) I am picking up some life signals nearby, but I can't get a grip of who they are. There's some sort of jamming across Giga City...

I: That...doesn't sound good... -aiming all over the place-

Layer: Forget it. Let's just find the doc and move it.

I: R-Right... -continues on, more cautiously-

???: (chuckles) Well, whoever they are, I'm sure glad they took care of those guards. Now, time for a little treasure hunting...(dashes through another hall)

Arcee: (shoots her way through the guards and security)

Maxxima: A little too subtle, don't you think?

I: I'm open to suggestions. -blasts some guards-

(there are some laser devices as security)

Layer: Hold it. If we stand on those lasers, we'll be easily detected.

Maxxima: I hope we're not too late....

I: Hmm... -stares at the lasers, then has a flashback concerning training with Gate-

Gate: Your Soust form; however, is more offensively oriented, with a powerful Buster shot, and other abilities including cloaking and energy draining.

I: ...Nana, is there a control switch for the lasers on the other side of them?

Nana: There should be, but I don't see how--

I: I've got a plan...I hope... -still in her Soust form, cringes and after a few seconds becomes invisible-

Maxxima: I?!

Nutra Millipede: Hey, where'd she go?

-after a minute or so, the lasers deactivate-

I: -becomes visible on the other side-

Layer: I'm impressed. Let's move on.

(the girls move on until they see a scientist with a group of Mavericks talking through a door)
Dr. Psyche

Dr. Psyche: Computational Mobian Reploid

Poker: What the--

???: Capture him if you must, I want his full cooperation!

Layer: (ignites L-Rapier and slashes some guards) Not so fast, chump!

Maxxima: (slashes at some more)

???: Wah?! Brats!! -runs off-

I: -blasts some guards defending ???-

Nutra Millipede: (using her magnetic powers to easily bend and neutralize the enemies)


(the mysterious figure sneaking around before was still running through the Eternal Forest)

???: Well...sounds like quite a where's that treasure?

(she enters a small storage room and finds a young and cute reploid)

???: Hey there kiddo. D'ya live here?

Geneva: Yes, I do. I'm Geneva. (bows)
Geneva the Cat

Geneva, the cute mistress of time and Force Metal

???: Umm...I'm Marino.

Geneva: Can I help you with soemthing Marino? The doctor didn't say we were having guests.

Marino: Geneva, I am a thief. I heard there was some...treasure here. So I thought I'd take it off your hands.

Geneva: Oh...umm...the doctor didn't say there was any treasure in the Eternal Forest...

Marino: (Hmm...I wonder...) Listen, Geneva, the treasure I'm looking for is called a Force Metal Generator. Do you know where it is?

Geneva: The Generator? Why didn't you just say so? (parts of her chest plate starts to open up)


Izzy Glow: Dr. Psyche! It pains me to see you like this, as a Rebellion pawn in Epsilon's game....

Dr. Psyche: Pawn? No... I am a valuable contribution to the greatest change in history! It will be incredible, and it is in your best interest to assist us! Even if it is something as simple as donating a certain piece of equipment...

Izzy Glow: Never! I will never help you create weapons of war! Now get lost, Psyche!

Dr. Psyche: So sad to hear that, Glow Tie, we could've worked together like times of old, perhaps that's why they're called old. If you won't give, then I'll just take. -to his guards- Ransack the place! Find that Generator! Leave no stone unturned!

Izzy Glow: Generator? What generator?

Dr. Psyche: Don't play dumb, Firefly! The Force Metal Generator!

Izzy Glow: And why would you believe me to have such a device?

Dr. Psyche: For starters, you are the only confirmed researcher on Force Metal, and secondly, I know you, you would make such a device, purposes aside. -notices his guards having trouble with their task- And, I also know you're crafty, so come clean now and we'll leave peacefully. -more harshly now- Where is the Generator?

Izzy Glow: I will never tell you! I will not allow my work to be used for harmful purposes!

Dr. Psyche: Then you leave me no choice. After we turn this entire place upside down, find and take every single piece of'll be next. -to some guards- Keep our guest...comfortable... -leaves the room, the door locking behind him-

Izzy Glow: No...Geneva...


Layer: That's the last of 'em!

I: Alri--

-some guards are blasted through the hall in front of the girls, a familiar voice shouting something undistinguishable-

Poker: What was that?!

-Vile is seen on the other end of the hall-

Vile: Hah! This is what is called "security"?! This is nothing!

Maxxima:'re Vile!

Arcee: Impossible! X scrapped you long ago!

Layer: Umm...about that...

Vile: Hah! "Scrapped", let's just say this careless scientist named Gate brought me back and couldn't control me. No one can control me now, been there and done that.

Layer: Don't worry, you'll be going back to hell soon! (ignites her rapier)

Vile: -laughs at her- Don't talk to me about hell! Hell is where I was born! -blasts at her with V-Cannon-

Layer; GAAH!!

Nutra Millipede: How about some magnet pulses punk?! (shoots pulses of magnetism at Vile)

Vile: -jumps over them- No thanks, slut! -throws V-Dagger at her-

I: -gasps and suddenly blasts a powerful stream of pressurized water at him-

Vile: GAAH!!

Nutra Millipede: Oww....

Maxxima: (charges at Vile and hacks away)

Vile: -grabs her axe just below the blades- Isn't this too big of a toy for you? -blasts her in the face-

Maxxima: EEK!!

Poker: How's this?! (fires her chips at Vile)

Vile: -defends himself with Maxxima's axe- Pathetic. -throws it at her-

I: -tries blasting Vile with Pressure Blaster before he does, but fails-

Vile: NGH!!

Maxxima: (grabs it)

Arcee: (begins shooting at Vile)

I: -shoots Vile again with Pressure Blaster-

Vile: NGH!!! -retaliates with V-Buster-

Marino: (passes by with Geneva and stabs him from behind)

Geneva: WHOA!!

Vile: AGH!! -returns her stab blindly with V-Dagger- NO ONE blindsights me and gets away with it!!

I: Huh?!

Marino: See ya! (leaves with Geneva)

Layer: What was that about?

Vile: Ugh... I have to make that slut pay... She must be after that machine as well... -turns to run off-

Layer: What machine?!

Vile: A generator of great power, and I would need that power for what's to come... -softly, but vengefully- And for destroying him...

Arcee: That must be what the Rebellion army's after!

Poker: We're wasting time with this nimrod, I!

Vile: Hmph! The per usual occurs again, I'm wasting my time with you sluts explaining myself! -runs off-

I: ...He sounds like he needs to get even with someone...

Layer: I think I know who...

I: I don't think it's my brother or that "Sigma" guy...Vile mentioned both by name...and didn't care if anyone heard, either. X said that it was obvious that Vile hates him, but this time... This time, it seemed like something he wants hide... I might not know a whole lot, or him for a long time, but I think I can tell that's not his "norm". It doesn't seem like him to speak softly like that, or to have such an anger against one person...

Poker: We're wasting time! Let's help the doc!

I: Uh! R-Right... -softly- I need to talk to X about this...he should know... -runs off-


Layer: The door's locked.

Maxxima: Don't worry. (pulls out her axe) I got the key! (smashes the doors down, flattening some guards)

Arcee: Now look who's talking about subtlety...

I: -sighs and rushes inside-

Nutra Millipede: MAGNET PULSE!!! (fires a pulse to destroy the guards)

Izzy Glow: (sighs) Thank you for saving me, but...who are you ladies?

I: We're with the Resistance... I'm I! -smiles innocently, and goes about introducing her party- Mr. Izzy Glow...we really need your help...

Izzy Glow: I see....well you should know I will not help you or the Rebellion Army! I will not allow my inventions to be used to hurt anyone!

I: My brother, X, feels the same way...he's one of the top ranking Maverick Hunters, and really does not like fighting, you and he would get along well...he fights to restore peace to this world...but he hates the violence as its cost... He fights because he knows that it's the right thing to do... To not do anything is to help those who are doing wrong...

Izzy Glow: Hmmm.......I will consider it, provided you do me a favor.

Maxxima: What is it?

Izzy Glow: Dr. Psyche of the Rebellion Army is after Geneva, a time-elemental Reploid I created. Inside Geneva is the powerful Force Metal Generator, which can create and unlock the full potential of Force Metal. You must keep Psyche from Geneva at all costs!

I: That's probably what Vile is after too...he mentioned a generator of power... We'll do it!

Izzy Glow: Thank you. Now hurry!

I: Right! -runs out-


Marino: (pants) Feel tired....but the Rebellion'll find us...
Megaman X Command Mission -Pleasant Thief Marino

Megaman X Command Mission -Pleasant Thief Marino

Theme of Marino

Geneva: Marino, please rest. I can help--

Marino: No....we can't--

-the girls are blocked off by guards, Dr. Psyche appears to grab Geneva, and sends needles down, stabbing Marino-

Dr. Psyche: The one thing we haven't checked yet...and it would be just like Glow Tie to hide something like the Force Metal Generator within another Reploid... -slips past his guards and runs off-

Geneva: Marino!

Marino: No!


-suddenly, Vile crashes in and blasts the guards and Marino alike-

Vile: Urrgh! -grabs Marino by the neck and lifts her high- Normally I'd just kill you and walk away, but I have bigger things to attend the Force Metal Generator! -throws her to the wall hard and leaves a parting farewell blast from his cannon, then runs after Dr. Psyche-

I: -blasts Vile with Pressure Blaster- You're not getting it!

Maxxima: (slashes at Vile before he can escape)

Vile: Ugh!!

Nutra Millipede: (uses her magnetic powers to smash things against Vile) TAKE THIS!!!

Vile: ACK!! ...You stupid, stupid sluts... -looks at them and stares intently, darkly-

I: ...I think that's a bad thing... -runs after Dr. Psyche-

Marino: (runs after them)

Vile: -continues to stare after the girls, with dark intent, muttering softly- Run while you can, sluts...I'll make you wish that you never stood in my way... I don't care if you know him or getting in my're defending him...


Marino: Hey! Hold it!

Arcee: Ugh...

I: Huh?

Marino: You going after Psyche, right? I'm Marino, the petty thief.

Arcee: Thief?!

Marino: Look, if you're going after Psyche, take me with you.

I: Uhh...I guess...we do need all the help we can get...

Marino: Let's go!

I: Right! -runs off-

(they run into several mechaniloids)

Poker: Move it! (shoots her chips at them)

Nutra Millipede: (uses magnetic powers)

Maxxima: (ground ponds enemies)

Arcee: (shooting with her guns)

Layer: (sexily and elegantly slashes and lances at the enemies)

Marino: (swiftly slashes with Chaosknives)

I: -blasts Pressure Blaster at them-

(they are all destroyed)


(Geneva is being escorted through by Dr. Psyche and several Rebellion troopers when the girls arrive)

Marino: Psyche!

Dr. Psyche: Hmm? I see some little girls got lost...a group trip to find the bathroom, I suppose?

Geneva: Marino!

Maxxima: As if! We're taking you down!

Dr. Psyche: But I am an unarmed scientist, do you seriously think it's right to attack an unarmed Reploid? Isn't that what's called, "Maverick" behavior?

Layer: You yourself are a Maverick for attacking innocents and trying to kidnap a little girl!

Dr. Psyche: Did I? The Army has done so, certainly, I cannot argue that, but me myself? How can you be so sure?

Arcee: Cuz I know how Mavericks work....(readies her guns)

Dr. Psyche: Oh...such closed-mindedness these days...

I: -activates Soust form and readies her buster-

Layer: Now hand over the girl or this is gonna get ugly!

Dr. Psyche: I'm afraid I can't do that. She's too valuable to just give away.

Maxxima: Why?

Dr. Psyche: Izzy Glow is a brilliant, and crafty scientist; the girl is the Force Metal Generator! I see more that just the warring factions see its worth...

Marino: Hand her over, Psyche!

Dr. Psyche: I couldn't even if I wanted to, which I don't.

Layer: I, let's scrap him!

I: Right!

Dr. Psyche: Hmph! As if! Unlike that disgrace of a scientist, Gate, I have a much more grander method of battle. -transforms into a shelled-like creature- Meet, the Mad Nautilus! -cackles-
Mad Nautilus

Mad Nautilus: Corrupt Evolutionary Experiment

I: H-Huh?!

Layer: And I thought this guy looked ridiculous before!

Mad Nautilus: You have no idea yet! -two forearm cannons suddenly eject out of his arms, and starts shooting at the girls insanely, cackling likewise-

I: WHOA!! -barely dodges-

Poker: (throws die bombs at him)

Mad Nautilus: Hrk! -retaliates by shooting back-

I: -uses Pressure Blaster-

Mad Nautilus: Gah!

Marino: (stabes with Chaosknives)

Mad Nautilus: Ngh! -blasts her in the chest with forearm cannons-

Marino: AAAHH!!!

Mad Nautilus: -grabs Marino's shoulder and saps energy from her- HAAHAHAHAH!!

Geneva: Marino!

I: -gasps, the suddenly remembers something-

Mad Nautilus: -cackles- I think that tickled...

I: -shoots Volt Slasher at him-

Mad Nautilus: Ack!! -his cannons start charging some strange energy, and starts cackling maniacally-

I: ...Uhh...I don't understand...

Marino: (collapses)

Geneva: Marino!

I: ...This is bad...

Mad Nautilus: -still cackling maniacally- I don't suppose you've heard about...MAD ECSTACY!! -fires several beams at the girls-

I: WAH!! -barely retaliates with Ground Dash-

Mad Nautilus: GAAH!?!? -crushed and pinned to the ground-

Layer & Maxxima: (slash at Nautilus)

Mad Nautilus: -crys out as his arms are severed-

Poker: I, finish him!

I: -blasts his head with Pressure Blaster-

Mad Nautilus: -head is destroyed-

Poker: (destroys the body with her chips) Hmph!

I: -pants a bit-

Geneva: Marino! Marino! Hold on...
Mega Man Powered Up - Time Man FM Arrange

Mega Man Powered Up - Time Man FM Arrange

Theme of Geneva

Marino: Ngh...

Geneva: (groans and glows in a light purple aura, she appears to be healing Marino)

Maxxima: Whoa...

I: -activates Ajout form and helps heal Marino-

Geneva: I, I'm sorry I gave you all this much trouble....

I:'re not at fault...

Geneva: But I am! If not for my Force Metal creating and time abilities and weapons--

Layer: Time abilities?

Geneva: Oops.

I: Huh?

Geneva: I...have special time powers...I can time travel, stop time, slow down time, or speed up time, but I do not normally use these powers for fear of consequences...I also carry a Clock Buster, to shoot normal buster shots, as well as clock hand projectiles, and even carry my own Clock Saber. But....the doctor has warned me not to let anyone know about these, for fear about being put in the wrong hands....I-I'm sorry...

I: W-Wow...

Izzy Glow: (flies down) Geneva! You are alright!

Geneva: Doctor!

I: Doctor...we've eliminated Dr. Psyche...

Izzy Glow: And I must thank you...but I am reluctant to cooperate...

Poker: Great. We go through all that trouble for nothin!

I: I'm sorry you feel that way... 

Geneva:...Doctor, I want to fight with I. I want to use these powers you've given me to help the world.

Izzy Glow: Geneva....

Geneva: Pleeeaaase?

I: H-Huh?

Izzy Glow; Now that I stop to think of are correct. Before the Rebellion army began, Dr. Psyche was once a great mind and a true was Epsilon that destroyed him...we cannot allow that to continue! Permit us to help you!

I: Of course! -smiles-

Layer: Looks like we have a new ally.

Maxxima: A new ally? Don't you mean two?

Geneva: Marino! You're going to fight with us, Marino?

Marino: Wh-what? A thief like me?

Geneva: It doesn't matter what your past was. I know that inside you have a good heart.

Marino: Aw, shucks...

I: I think so too! -giggles and smiles-


Chapter 5: Completing at Mach Jentra

Nana: I, I have been analyzing the weapons you have gained and will now tell you how they work and what they do.

I: Okay!

Nana: The Volt Slasher was obtained from Wild Jango. Using Soust Form will allow you to shoot a fast, multi-target and multi-strike electric attack. The Ajout form allows you to shoot an electric boomerang that can also paralyze enemies.

I: Okay...and the new one...?

Nana: Be patient, one at a time! The Pressure Blaster was obtained from Silver Horn. In Soust form, you can shoot a powerrful stream of water. In Ajout form, it shoots widespread water bursts that will confuse enemies. The one you just got from Psyche is called Sadistic Insanity. It is a high damage blast that causes residual damage, but it will only work if your Soust form is active.

I: Huh...I see...

Izzy Glow: There. I have given the transmitter a boost. The reception should be improved, but we may still get some interference.

Layer: Better call Redips or Hunter base and give 'em an update.

I: ...L-Let's call Hunter Base...X is probably worried sick about me...

Nana: Connecting right now....complete.

Gate: (answers the call) Who is this--oh, I! How are things at Giga City?

I: We've managed...

-Zero is heard saying some sarcastic comment about I in the background-

X: I, are you alright? Are you damaged?! Is everything gonna be--

Layer, X, X! Calm it! She's fine, really. She's just leading me and a bunch of other girls on Giga City against the rebellion.

I: Y-Yeah...even though...I think we got Vile mad at, really mad...

X: Vile?! He's there too?! Stay right there, I'm--

I: Uh! H-He's not with the Rebellion though...! H-He thinks the leader of the Rebellion i-is a copy of Sigma of some kind...

X: Sigma?

I: Yeah...but the guy claims his name is Epsilon...that he's not Sigma...but looks like him...


Gate: I, continue your search. And report to Colonel Redips immediatly! We're all counting on you.

I: R-Right...

(they try getting through to Colonel Redips)

Redips: I, are you okay?! What's going on over there?!

I: W-We've defeated three of the Rebellion's commanders, and gaining more allies...but I think we got Vile really mad at us in the process...

Redips: I see...well, you sure are serving me--us, well, I.

Arcee: Hmm...

Redips: Anyway, we have just picked up a signal at point A-6. We might think that--

(signal begins to break up)

Poker: Not again.

I: Huh...

Redips: Help Yammark immedia--(signal breaks off)

I: Huh?! Yammark!?

Izzy Glow; Point A-6....that's the Ulfat Volcano.

Nana: Retrieving an analysis of it now....

I: ...A prison? Huh, wait...a factory...?

Iris: It appears to be heavily fortified....

I: Hm...

Layer: There's a good chance Yammark could be in there....

I: Right...and I think we should avoid confrontation with Vile...for our sake... I feel that Vile is now after us... He's not with the Rebellion anyhow...but he's not someone who we should just challenge every time we see him...especially now... I know that Zero would back me up on this... I don't want to compromise the mission with something as risky as fighting Vile with this recent development...

Nana: Understood. I'm preparing the teleporter.

I: Let's go.


(the girls are teleported to a relatively cool hallway, but the alarm suddenly goes off)
Mega Man X Command Mission - 025 - Unknown Energy - Ulfat Factory

Mega Man X Command Mission - 025 - Unknown Energy - Ulfat Factory

Ulfat Factory Stage Theme


I: Not so welcoming this time...

Geneva: Spotted already?

Layer: No. The timing's too perfect...there's someone else here....

Maxxima: Someones else here, Layer.

-the guards are being sent flying like random pieces of metal, debris from a bigger battle-

Arcee: I say we check it out!

I: Right...but proceed with caution! I don't like the look of this...

(the girls proceed into a warehouse-like room)

Marino: Halt! No one move!

(three beeps go off and a Mechaniloid scans the area for motion and then stops)

Geneva: What...happened?

I: I-I don't know...

Arcee: Motion sensors. If we stay put when those mechaniloids move, we won't be detected.

I: O-Oh...

Maxxima: So on the third beep, the sensors go off, but if we stand absolutely still....

Poker: It may take a while, but it's better than getting trapped like a pack of rats.

I: -nods-

(the girls move when the Mechaniloids not moving to avoid detection and move forward)

Rebellion Guards: (talking amongst themselves)

I: -activates Soust form and demolishes them with Pressure Blaster-

Rebellion Guards: GAAAHH!!!

Geneva: Wh-why'd you do that? They didn't do anything to you.

I: I-I would have to do that anyway...they'd come after us one way or another... C'mon...

Geneva: It still wasn't nice...(follows her)

A few minutes later....

????: HIYA!!! (an explosion occurs)

Maxxima: What was that?!

I: I-I don't know...

Arcee: It sounds like...Sari!

(an out-of-control Sari is taking down large mechs and Rebellon soldiers)

I: Uhh... You know her...?

Arcee: Sari, stop it!


Arcee: She's lost control of her powers....we have to stop her....

I: U-Uh...o-okay...

Maxxima: (prepares to attack Sari)

Sari: (slashes with wrist-mounted sabers and takes her down)

Maxxima: UGH!!!

Marino: (tries user her speed to outmanuever her)

Sari: (aimlessly shooting energy balls)

I: -hunkers down and uses Pressure Blaster-

Sari: GUUUHH!!! (shoots a sword wave)

I: -dodges it and uses Pressure Blaster again-

Sari: GAAH!! (pants, now calm) Ar....Arcee....

Arcee: Thank goodness you're alright kid!

Sari: Sorry about that....I just--

Arcee: Don't worry about it.

I: W-We should keep going...

(an explosion appears behind them)

Layer: Looks like Vile's not far behind.

Poker: Let's give him some real pow--

Geneva: (runs away) EEEEEKK!!!

I: I'm with Geneva... He's after us for her, and I don't think he'll be so nice like he was earlier... -follows Geneva-

Poker: Aww man...

20 minutes later....

Geneva: (shooting at some guards)

Guards: GUH!!!

I: Alright...

Poker: Heh...this is too easy.

I: Don't jinx it now...

Layer:....I think she may've already.

-suddenly, Vile ambushes Poker from behind, grabs her neck and slams her face to the ground, seething with anger-

I: -gasps-

Vile: -venomously- Jinx, verified.

Poker: Ngh....

Geneva: CLOCK BOMB!! (throws a clock shaped bomb at Vile)

Vile: -throws Poker at the bomb and blasts Geneva in the leg-

Geneva: AAHH!!

Sari: (runs up and slashes)

Vile: -blocks with Chaosknife and stabs her in the shoulder, and proceeds to kick her mercilessly-

Sari: AAHH!!

Arcee: (shooting at Vile)

Vile: -uses Sari as a shield and shoots back, at Arcee's legs-

Arcee: NGH!!

Nutra Millipede: (flings a lot of junk towards Vile)

Vile: -throws Sari at the junk and blasts Millipede several times-

Nutra Millipede: AAAAAHH!!!

Vile: -turns to Geneva- So I heard you're the Force Metal Generator... -starts for her-

I: -gasps and grabs Geneva- Run guys! Run! -uses Metal Anchor to cover their escape-

Vile: -starts blasting through the arrows-

Geneva & Marino: (start to run away)

Maxxima: I'll cover you, I!

I: No, we go together! -uses Metal Anchor again, followed up with Ground Dash- C'mon! -runs away with Maxxima-

(the girls barely get away)


I: -pants-

Layer: That was too close for comfort.

I: ...And that's why I wanted us to avoid him...

Marino: Guys, look!

I: Huh?

(many dead corpses of reploids are scattered everywhere)

Maxxima: My god....

I: ...I have a feeling Vile did this...

Layer: No, he couldn't have. These look like the work of shields and projectiles....

Geneva: What does it even mean?

I: Vile's very resourceful...we saw that when he used Maxxima's axe...

Nana: No....Vile didn't even head this way. I scanned the interiors.

I: So who did this...?

Layer: (facepalms) Isn't it obvious? It must be Yammark!


(a Rebellion soldier Mach Jentra is talking to his troops via communicator regarding the intruder)
Mach Jentra

Mach Jentra: Reinforced Light Armor Aerial Reploid

Mach Jentra: Fine! Lure her into the furnace room, and trap her in one of the melting pots. Then let the bug fry!

Rebellion Soldier: It's no use! She's too powerful! GUUUAAAA!!!!!!

Mach Jentra: Hmph! Looks like I'll have to deal with her myself!

Yammark: (blasts through the door) So, you're the factory boss, uh?

Mach Jentra: Indeed, I am, little bug. And do you know what happens to bugs around here? They get BURNT! -launches fire balls at her, and create pillars of fire when they hit the ground-

Yammark: (uses Yammar Option to defend herself and counter-attack)

Mach Jentra: Hmph! -defends himself with pillars of fire-

Yammark: Are you joking? That defense is soo last mega-cycle!

Mach Jentra: Bug-Reploids are also last mega-cycle! -summons fire pillars where Yammark is- HMPH!!

Yammark: AAAAHH!!!

Mach Jentra: Time for some AFTERBURNER!! -blasts a flamethrower at the struck Yammark-

Yammark: GAAAAHH!!!!

Mach Jentra: -laughs and summons a large fire pillar to engulf Yammark-

Yammark: (pants)

-I and the girls rush in-

I: Yammark!!

Yammark: Wha.....I....?

I: -blasts Jentra with Pressure Blaster-

Mach Jentra: WHA?! GAAAAHH!!!

(all the girls enter as Yammark gets back up)

Poker: If I were you, I'd think about surrendering right now....

Mach Jentra: Hah! The Rebellion never surrenders! Time to TURN UP THE HEAT!! -the walls are suddenly engulfed with pillars of fire, the machine behind him attatched to the wall is the only thing not swallowed up by the flames, and the temperature in the room starts to increase dramatically-

Maxxima: (pants) Is it hot in here...or is it.....

I: -pants also- It got hot really quick...

Geneva: Have to....keep going....(throws a clock bomb at him)

Mach Jentra: -deflects it with a pillar of fire- Hmph.

I: We can't...fight like this...

Poker: (flings cards at Jentra)

Mach Jentra: -roasts them with a flamethrower- Cards? In this heat? Can't even rely on the Jokers, babe!

Geneva: STOOOOPP!!!!!! (completely stops time)

(everything is still, as Geneva barely gets out)

Geneva: (barely takes out her Time Saber and slashes Jentra as hard as she can)

Mach Jentra: URK!!

Geneva: (continues to strike him, now that time has resumed)

Mach Jentra: -after taking several hits, crashes into her in a flaming tackle-

Geneva: AAAH!!

I: Geneva! -blasts Ground dash at Jentra and catches Geneva-

Mach Jentra: Hmph! -deflects it with a pillar of fire- Can't stand the kitchen heat, girls?

I: He seems too strong with all this fire around...

Layer:...I....use Pressure Blaster....hurry...!

I: -nods and uses Pressure Blaster on Jentra-

Mach Jentra: GURGH!! -lands in front of the machine, but retaliates by shooting out several fireballs that spawn several large stationary fireballs throughout the room, causing the temperature to increase even more-

Maxxima: Can't....take it....

Layer: Keep it up,,,,please....

I: Urgh... -switches to Ajout form- We can't fight like this... I can't... -starts blasting Pressure Blaster at the fire around them,causing a great amount of steam to occupy the room and the temperature to drop-

Mach Jentra: W-Wha?!

Yammark: That's using your brain....(nearly faints)

I: Yammark! -grabs her before she falls, and switches to Soust form and blasts in the general direction of Mach Jentra-

Mach Jentra: -is hit and is blasted into the machine- GAAAH!!

Poker: That did the trick alright....

I: -keeps blasting him with Pressure Blaster-

Mach Jentra: -falls to one knee, weakened-

I: -pants and readies for the final shot-

Mach Jentra: You...don't want to do that...if I am destroyed...the Duboar goes haywire...and I am the only one that can shut it down...if you destroy me...Duboar will eventually destroy you...

I: Huh?!

Marino: Duboar....?

Mach Jentra: Oh...just this factory's defense mechanism...and finish me, Duboar will initiate a war of attrition...sending endless soldiers to destroy won't leave here alive...

Layer: Ugh...

Mach Jentra: Of course...neither of us... -coughs- ...can leave this room... -his side explodes- HRK!!

Maxxima: He's lying! Don't trust him, I!

I: -after a moment, blasts him again with Pressure Blaster-

Mach Jentra: -head implodes, and slumps over-

-the machine starts making a loud alarm noise, the door behind the girls locks, two trap doors open on either side of the machine, with soldiers pouring out of them-

I: -gasps-

Yammark: (glares at Maxxima)

Maxxima:....What? I thought he was!

I: O-Oh no!

-suddenly, a hole is blasted through the wall, Vile appears in the hole-

Marino: Oh, scrap!

I: -gasps- Not him!

Vile: It was only a matter of time that I found you... -starts bashing through the guards-

Arcee: (ignoring him and blasting the guards herself)

Vile: -starts throwing guards at the girls, one heads for Arcee's head-

I: -blasts a Ground Dash at Vile-

Vile: -deflects it with cannon shot, crushing other guards with it-

Geneva: (shoots Clock Bombs at all enemies)

I: -suddenly fires a high-heat stream of fire, and gasps, quickly getting an idea- Geneva! I have an idea!

Geneva: What?!

I: Can you let more than one person move while time is stopped? -burns through a few guards-

Geneva: I....I don't know. I've never tried it before. Why?

I: That might be our only chance at getting out of here. Stop time so we can get out of this room through Vile's hole, and I'll plug it up.

Geneva: I will try....(hugs everyone) TIME STOP!!!

(time completely stops everywhere except for the girls)

Maxxima: It worked!

Geneva: I can't....hold it this long...for us....need to hurry.

Marino: Let's bolt!

I: Right! -picks up Geneva and climbs over the frozen throng to get to the hole-

Marino and Arcee: (using acrobats to get up)

Yammark and Maxxima: (fly up)

Sari:(ignites her jetpack)

Poker and Layer: (qwuickly escape)

Nutra Millipede: (trries following, but nearly slips) AAH!!

Poker: (catches her) I gotcha!

I: -climbs up and into the hole, sets Geneva down- C'mon!

Geneva: (finally gives up as everyone gets out; exhausted, passes out)

Yammark: Will she be okay?

Marino: She's had a rough one. She just needs some rest.

I: -quickly covers the hole with Ground Dash- We need to get out of here before Vile figures out what we just did!

Nutra Millipede: I can take us all out to the teleporter. Hang on! (uses magnetic powers to lift everyone and herself out and accelorates out towards the teleporter)

Maxxima: Whoaaaaaaa......

Layer: Think ya coulda warned us first...?

Nutra Millipede: Sorry...

I: Doesn't matter, we have to assume time's not on our side, just let it go this time, Layer.

Layer: Whatever.


Chapter 6: Breaking the Supra-Force

Yammark: So what happened...?

I: A lot...mainly we got Vile mad at us and wants to kill us... We're trying to avoid him now... And Nana... -looks at Nana- ...has been through more than what we signed up for...

Yammark: I see....and Breaker?

Layer: She defected to the Rebellion.

Yammark: Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Nutra Millipede: Hey, Commander. We need much help taking down the Rebellion. Could you please help us out?

Yammark: It's my job as a Maverick Hunter to take them down. Of course I'll help.

Nana: I've studied the Burning Jet you copied, I. In Soust form, you can shoot a jet-like fire attack comprised of extreme heat. In Ajout form, it's a close-range immobilizing fire attack--oh! Incoming transmission! Colonel Redips!

(a fizzy transmission from Redips appears)

Redips: I, were you able to make contact with Commander Yammark?

I: Yes sir, she's with us right now.

Redips: we can begin the hunt for Epsilon and shut them the meantime...(starts brekaing up a bit) We received intel regarding a crucial Rebellion army test facility.

(Redips sends a somewhat blurry picture of some lab of sorts)

Redips: Take a look at this. There appears to be some major testing and research done there. Want you to--investigate and find out--(breaks up)

Iris: What do you think, Alia?

Alia: ...I have a hunch...just from my studies with Gate...

Iris: Can you determine it's location, Nana?

Nana: Yes, but it will take some time...

Iris: Get started...

Nana: Roger.

Alia: Hmm...I think that's a weapons the kind that Gate would use to make the Nightmare Squad, or something larger...

Izzy Glow: It could even be larger than the work I do....

Geneva: Ngh....(slowly waking up)

I: Geneva!

Izzy Glow: I've warned her not to use her time abilities so dangerously.

Sari: If she didn't, we would never have been able to get outta that factory!

Izzy Glow: Even so....

I: Blame me, Doctor. It was my idea for a plan of escape from Vile...but it was the only way, otherwise none us would have come back in one piece.

Izzy Glow:....Just...don't let it happen again...Geneva is the closest thing I have to a daughter.

I: I'll do what I can to make sure she comes back. Repairing her from strain would be easier than putting her limbs back together from being torn apart by Vile... Can you please tell me what the danger is with her time abilities?

Izzy Glow: Aside from ripping holes in the time-space fabric, using her time powers in great quantities or for a long period takes much of her energy away. The more powerful the time ability used, the longer it takes for her to regain her strength. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks. But if she were to use them on a...g-grand scale....

I: ...Then she'll...n-never...?

Izzy Glow: (nods)

I: I hope that kind of usage won't be necessary then...

Nana: I've found it!

Iris: Where is it?

Nana: The Gimialla Mines.

Poker: The mines, of all places?

Alia: Mines are a source of minerals, which are used to create metal. If one were to have a nuclear facility, a mine with veins of radioactive minerals would be a good place to harvest materials to create nuclear reactors or warheads for example.

I: The Rebellion is interested in Force Metal...

Alia: Which means those mines must have Force Metal in them, or at least a material that can be refined into Force Metal, or perhaps even further refine it.

Geneva: Oh right! Whenever anyone wants any Force Metal to apply and use, just ask and I'll make it right away!

I: What does Force Metal do anyway?

Izzy Glow: It can enhance a Reploid's abilities and make them stronger. But there is a catch...

I: What's the catch?

Izzy Glow: There is an Erosion meter for each reploid. If the Force Metal exceeds it, there will be negative side-affects for the Reploids, and they could even go Maverick.

I: Hmm...I see...

Geneva: (nods)

I: Then...what about those that are already Maverick...?

Izzy Glow: All that they care about is power....the power of Force Metal will only blind them to their own future downfalls....

I: I...see...

Geneva: We should all equip a few Force Metals before heading out, since we're close to the half-way mark of this conflict!

I: ...Is Force Metal removable?

Geneva: (nods) You can take it off anytime ya want.

I: Okay. -nods- Let's do it then.

Geneva: Alright,. what kind would you guys like?

Arcee: What have ya got?

Geneva: (shows a list of different Force Metals she can produce)

I: Hmm... I wonder if these Force Metals can individually boost my forms...

Geneva: It's worth a shot. Which ones do you want?

I: I'll have to check how much I can take...I don't know, it's my first time with this...

Geneva: It's alright. Take as much time as is required.

I: Hmm... -does a self-analysis- I think I can equip up til 20 for Ajout, and up til 16 for Soust, then as normal, I can equip to general performance up to 10... For my Ajout: Armor +3, Shield +3, and Protect +1. For my Soust: Power +3 and Speed +3. General: LE +100 and Full Specs +1. ...That works, right?

Geneva: (nods and begins creating the Force Metals)

Maxxima: I will have Maxxima Plus, Armor +10, and Super Resist.

Poker: Bluff, Assassin Mind, Auto Barrier, and Block All.

Nutra Millipede: Speed +5, Gain WE +25, Parry Impact, and Attractor please.

Sari: Shield +5, Power +10, and DOA Protection.

Yammark: Firewall and Auto Recover.

Arcee: Shield +10, Initiative, and Cutting Edge.

Layer: Zero Shift, X Heart, Eagle Eye, and Full Specs +3

Marino: Fat Slicer and Auto Barrier.

Geneva: (after a few minutes finishes) And I've equipped myself with Light as a Feather, Lucky Girl, and Learning Aid!

I: Alright! I feel stronger already!

Nana: I'm preparing the portal now. Be careful, all of you.

I: Right.


Marino: The lab should be around here somewhere....
The Partners' Dilemma - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

The Partners' Dilemma - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Gimialla Mines Stage Theme

Poker: Should be anyway...

I: Hmm...

Arcee: We'll need to be careful. The Rebellion's not gonna let us just walk in.

I: Right...

Nutra Millipede: I feel strong energy nearby....might as well get started...

(unbejknowst to the girls, a familiar face is sexually and casually watching their entrance on camera)

Breaker: (chuckles) It's about time you two-cent hooker rejects showed time for the real fun...(to her wristcom) Incentas, our guests have arrived.

Incentas: Excellent! You have the Supra Force fragment instaled, right?

Breaker: You know it,big guy! Now...time for your death I! (laughs)


Layer: Intresting place to set up a Force Metal lab.

Arcee: It makes sense for the Rebellion to take hold of this place. With all the Force Metal being mined here, they could have an immense supply large enough to decimate armies.

Sari: Then we better shut 'em down before they can!

I: Right! Let's do it!

(some Rebellion warriors get in the way)

Maxxima: (slashes at them to take them down)

I: -goes into Soust form and wipes the floor of Rebellion soldiers with Ground Dash-

Sari: (cleans house with the Rebellion) HIYA!!

I: -destroys more with Volt Slasher-

Layer: (slashes through)

Poker: (fires some chips at them) Well, that takes care of business.

I: Indeed...but we have to figure out what they're building here.

(there is some large boulders in the way)

Maxxima: (smashes them)

I: -helps break them with Pressure Blaster-

Maxxima: HAH!!


Geneva: (gasps) It's a Met! And it's adorable!

Layer: Geneva, stay back! Those things can hurt you!

Geneva: (goes to pet one)

I: Uh! -stays close to Geneva-

Met: (scared a bit)

Geneva: Don't worry, little one. I won't hurt.

I: -watches, worried-

Geneva: (hugging the Met, unaware of its overprotective parent right behind ehr)

Sari: Uhh...Geneva?

Geneva: What?

Sari: (points behind her)


I: Huh...?

Giant Met: (begins attacking)

Geneva: EEK!!

I: -attacks it with Burning Jet-

Giant Met: GUUU!!!!!

I: -attacks again-

Giant Met: (attacks)

Yammark: Geneva, get rid of the youngling!

Geneva: Wh-why?

Yammark: This is obviously its mother and thinks we're trying to hurt its off-spring.

I: -trying to push the Giant Met away with Pressure Blaster-

Geneva: (reluctantly drops the young Met, which rushes to its mother)

Maxxima: Now RUN!!

I: -takes Geneva by the arm and runs-

Geneva: WAAAH!!

5 minutes later...

I: I thought that was a bad idea...

???: Oh you ain't seen nothing!

(a familiar voice and figure struts forward)
Standby, Zero - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Standby, Zero - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Battle With Breaker

I: -gasps- B-B-Breaker!!

Yammark: So you have betrayed us!

Breaker: (laughs) You know it baby!

Layer: You're gonna pay for betraying us!

Breaker: Well, I...if you took down my big ol' Silver Horn...that means ya want my Supra-Force Metal too...

I: S-Supra-Force Metal?!

Breaker: Of course! An improved version of Force Metal the army is studying to help achieve our ideal, and you stupid sheep can't have it!

Marino: What exactly does this Supra-Force Metal do?

Breaker: Instead of explaining the effects....why don't you take me on and find out?

I: -growls- Fine! -takes aim-

Breaker: (yawns)

I: -takes on Soust form and attacks with Volt Slasher- HAH!

Breaker: HMPH!! (doesn't show much damage) My turn! (blasts the group with her shoulder cannon, and it really hurts)

Layer; GAAAH!!


Breaker: What's wrong? Too much for ya?! (throws a grenade)

Geneva: (swats it back)

Breaker: (sidesteps as it detonates)

I: -blasts her with Pressure Blaster-

Breaker: TCH! (slashes her with her energy blade)

I: -jumps back to evade it, and grabs her arm to start draining her of energy-

Breaker: NGH!! Heheeh.....

I: -lauches Magma Blade at point-blank range-

Breaker: (blasts it)

Arcee: (attacks, but is quickly dealt with)

Sari: (tries dueling with Breaker but blasted away ruthlessly)

Yammark: (activates Yammar Option)

Breaker: See how stronger I've become, I? All thanks to the Supra-Force Metal! I swore allegiance to Epsilon for this!

Maxxima: Selling your own friends out for that? Some ideal! That's all you Mavericks care about is power!

Breaker: (launches laser at Maxxima) How dare you call the great Epsilon a Maverick!

I: -blocks it with Ground Dash then blasts Jet Burner right at Breaker's face-

Breaker: AGH!!!

Yammark: (uses flies to shoot at her)

Breaker: I'll get you for this!

I: Not today. -shoots a Ground Dash at her to crush her with it-

Breaker: (slices)

Nutra Millipede: (blasts her back with magnetism)

Breaker: Just...keep taking me down...I'll just get right back up,...without breaking a sweat!

-a familiar voice erupts into the room-

???: Oh, is that so? -breaks into the room, revealing himself to be Vile, and starts brutally attacking Breaker-

I: Huh?!

Breaker: ACGH!!!

Nutra Millipede: We're slagged!

I: That is if we don't get out of here before Vile's done with her! C'mon!

Vile: -throws Breaker into a wall and blasts her with his shoulder cannon- Where is the Supra-Force Metal kept?!

Breaker: should I know...?

(while he's distracted, the girls make a break for it)

Vile: You've had to have gotten it from somewhere, and I want to know where! If you really don't know, tell me who does and I may let you keep the chunk you've got!

Breaker: Incentas....(passes out)

Vile: -chuckles sinisterly- Good... -rushes out to find Incentas-


Nutra Millipede: (sighs)

I: That was close...

Maxxima: That was just a small bit of Supra-Force Metal...and we barely survived!

Poker: Now I'm curious about this stinking ideal of theirs...

I:'d think they'd just say it...

Poker: A good Maverick mastermind never reveals their secrets.

Marino: So we'll need to beat their secrets outta them!

I: Right!

???: Don't think so, Mega-dweebs!

(two Metal Blades fling at them, which they dodge)

Layer:...Metal Man!

Metal Man: Hehehe...

I: Cut Man told me about you...

Metal Man: Oh yeah. You're his dumb girlfriend aren't ya? Well too bad for you, I don't see him or his Mega buddy around....

(Quick Man, Wood Man, Crash Man, and Air Man appear beside him)

Quick Man: Unlike us, ladies!

I: Girlfriend...? I don't know what you're talking about...

Metal Man: Don't tell me you don't know he's got the hots for you!

Quick Man: You are so hot, you make Heat Man look cold!

Nutra Millipede: EEK!! PEDOS!!!!

I: -looks at them oddly- Uh...?

-a sudden blast of ice makes a wall of ice between them-

Air Man: What the-?!

Wood Man: (smashes through) Freeze Man!

-Freeze Man, Gyro Man, Galaxy Man, Bright Man, and Burner Man drop down-

Freeze Man: At least somebody has learned, somewhat.

Air Man: BAH!! You can't beat all of us!

Galaxy Man: You know you have no way of beating us either.

Quick Man: Wanna bet?! (spindashes)

Bright Man: -shocks Quick Man- HOLD IT!!

Quick Man: GAH!!

Burner Man: -fires jets of fire at Wood Man- You're toast!

Wood Man: UGH!!

Air Man: AIR SHOOTER!!! (throws a gust of wind at Burner Man)

Galaxy Man: Not today! -jumps in front of Burner Man, taking the hit comfortably, and retaliates- BLACK HOLE BOMB!! -throws a singularity bomb at Air Man-

Air Man: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

-Freeze Man and Gyro Man begin to advance on Crash Man and Metal Man-

Freeze Man: Give it up, Metalhead. Time to take you in.

Metal Man: HMPH! (throws two large Metal Blades at them)

Freeze Man: -breaks them with Freeze Cracker attacks-

Gyro Man: Hahaa! You're finished! -jumps and charges at Crash Man with Gyro Attack-

Crash Man: (launches his Crash Bomber)

Gyro Man: -kicks away the bomb and drills his feet into Crash Man-

Crash Man: GAAH!!

(Metal Man has already made his getaway, as his brothers slowly try to follow)

Arcee: Scrap!

-Freeze Man hot on Metal Man's trail, with his companions close behind-

I: Uh...?

Arcee: Freeze Man's been trying to hunt down Metal Man and his bros for a while now, but they always give 'em the slip!

Poker: Well let's keep moving!

I: Right!


Nutra Millipede: The lab's right through those doors. But it's locked!

I: Great...

Sari: These electric bars aren't gonna be cut easy. Any ideas?

I: I don't know...

Nana: Any ideas, Alia?

Alia: I'm not too sure... Hmm... Maybe I can hack into it, I watched Gate hack into something similar...

Izzy Glow: Perhaps we can. Though there is most likely a meaning behind it...try scouting the surrounding the area for clues.

I: Right.

Poker: (runs around and throws her die bombs at some Mavericks)

I: -crushes others with Ground Dash-

Nutra Millipede: (uses a Magna Blade to slice and dice)

Layer: (parries and slashes at many enemies)....Something's up.

I: I feel it too...what is it?

Nutra Millipede: There's three elemental Rebellion punks over here! One for fire, one for water, and one for electricity!

Maxxima: Devils....

I: What now?

(a Fire Devil, Electric Devil, and Water Devil surround them)

Sari: Look out....

I: Uhh... This is -blasts the Electric Devil with Burning Jet-

Electric Devil: AAAAGH!! (taken down)

I: -blasts at the Fire Devil with Pressure Blaster-

Fire Devil: GRAAAAH!!!! (taken down)

I: -attacks Water Devil with Volt Slasher-

Water Devil: AAAAHH!!!! (taken down)

Nana: The door has been opened! Hurry inside, but be cautious!

Geneva: You got it Nana!

I: Right! -runs inside-


???: AHAHAAH!!! Welcome to your death, my little pretties!

(a strange looking Maverick with six loose hands hovers down)
Incentas the Sphinx

Incentas: Ancient Elemental Master

???: Not even that 10-Zenny Whore, Breaker, could slow you down. But I guess even with the Supra-Force Metal the commander gave to her, she was simply a pathetic little slut...just like all of you!

I: !?

Layer: Hold on, Captain Obvious. Isn't this the Rebellion lab? Where's this Supra-Force Metal ya got?

???: Fools! You feel into my trap all too easily! Behold the might of INCENTAS!!! (glows a bit brightly)

(suddenly, some electric bars block the now-locked door that leads in and out of the room)

Incentas: There's not a scrap of Supra-Force Metal to be found! All misinformation to lure you Resistance slags in and knock your lights out! (laughs) You're trapped like rats in a cage!

Maxxima: What?!

I: Grr!

Yammark: Ya think we're just gonna lie down and surrender, Incentas?! You're dead wrong!

Incentas: (laughs) Have it your way! But the amount of Supra-Force Metal I've applied makes Breaker pale in comparison! Come forth and meet your doom!

I: -uses Volt Slasher-

Incentas: (one of his hands takes it) AHAAH!! Fools! I control Fire, Lightining, AND Water! (uses Elemental Change) Feel the power of electricity! (shoots massive thunder attacks at them)

Layer: UGH!!

Nutra Millipede: HMPH! That kinda tickled!

Incentas: !?

Nutra Millipede: I control both magnetism and electricity and I'm mostly immune to both. Now TAKE THIS!! (shoots magnetic bolts at Incentas)

Incentas: OOOF!!!

I: Ugh! -attacks with Volt Slasher again-

Incentas: (is barely affected) HAH!! ELEMENTAL CHANGE!! (resorts to using water, and then uses Giga Blizzard)

Arcee: NGH!!

Maxxima: C-c-c-cold....

I: URK! -attacks with Volt Slasher once more-

Incentas: WAAAAH!!!

Nutra Millipede: NUTRA BEAM!!! (shoots an electro-magnetic beam that shoots in 5 directions adn does loads of damage to Incentas)

Incentas: UGH!!!!

Poker: TAKE THIS - THE DEAD MAN'S HAND!! (shoots powerful cards at him)

Incentas: UGH!!!

Sari: (slashing away) We got him on the ropes!

Incentas: THINK AGAIN!!! (fires elemental missles from his hands and uses his hands as missiles themselves)

Maxxima: NGH!! (barely blocks)

I: -blocks them with Ground Dash-

Incentas: You will never defeat me! Bow down at my feet, you lowly whores!

I: I don't think so! -shoots another Volt Slasher-

Incentas: (stops it, then uses elemental change) BURN TO THE GROUND!!!! (shoots fire lasers at the girls)

Yammark: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I: AAAH!! -retaliates with Pressure Blaster-

Incentas: GUUUH!!!!

Arcee and Geneva: (blasting him)

I: -attacks again with Pressure Blaster-

Incentas: AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (defeated)

Layer: He was tough....not that I can expect less from a big guy!

Incentas: You're not bad....but...(rushes to a control panel and begins tampering around) This whole facility and mine is set to blow in 5 minutes! You have no chance to escape!

Marino: Well neither do you!

Incentas: Oops! Guess I forgot to mention. Only I can teleport in and out of this facility. Farewell! (teleports out)

Iris: I, you girls have to find a way out!

Nana: The system is too well-protected! I can't free you from here!

I: Dang it! So now what?

Nana: I can still get the employees out.....

Layer: The only way we'll get out is if Vile just conveniently appears and blasts us out from the outside.

Yammark: Yeah, like the chances of that happening are high!

I: We'll just have to take our chances trying to break down a wall!

Nutra Millipede: (tries blasting the door down with her powers)...ACK!! Sorry guys. No go.

I: Maxxima? Could you take a swing at it?

Maxxima: (tries swinging at the fence, but gets electroocuted)

Layer: Four minutes left....

I: Ngh! -fires a Ground Dash at it-

Poker: It's hardly working....

I: Ugh! -tries to melt her way through with Jet Burner-

(it only does a bit of damage)

Sari: Is this it for us....?

I: ...No, you try now Sari.

Sari: (concentrats and blasts the locks with her energy spheres) It worked!

Maxxima: Now to smash the door down! (bursts through the door)

Geneva: We're free!

I: Let's get out of here!
Mega Man X8 - 024 - Gateway - Escape

Mega Man X8 - 024 - Gateway - Escape

Escape from the Mine!


(the girls start to move quickly out)

Layer: Better hurry!

I: Right!

Geneva: (sees some worried Mets) Guys! The Mets! They won't make it! (tries going for them)

Arcee: There's no time to save them!

Geneva: I can't let 'em die! (gathering up all the Mets while momentarily stopping time to gather them all) Now let's go!


Nutra Millipede: We're not gonna make it!

I: We need to find a direct way out! Even if it's through another wall!

Maxxima: (smashes right through a wall)

Layer: I don't think she meant literally, Maxxima!

I: Actually, I did! We don't have time to screw around!

Layer: What was Gate thinking when he reprogrammed you?! We're slagged!


Arcee: Running low...on energy....

I: Don't give up! There HAS to be some fast way out of here!

Geneva: I can't do this kind of time stop again.....

Poker: Terrific! We're Beryllium Baloney!

I: -groans- We'll never get out of here with that kind of talk! C'mon!


Geneva: Almost....there.....but,....feel...(slips of exhaustion and falls down, with Mets huddling in concern)

Arcee: Geneva!

I: -picks up Geneva and scoops up the Mets- C'mon! We can do this!

Sari: Losing it....

Arcee: (carries her) We'll make it Sari!

Yammark: There's the teleporter....


I: -panting- We're on the home stretch! C'mon!

Nana: Only 10 seconds left!

Marino: Everyone....charge in!!

I: -dives in for it-

(everyone else does the same and are teleported out just in time)

Iris: (sighs in relief) Talk about cutting it close!

I: Ugh... See guys...? Told you we would... -panting, doesn't appear to have the strength to get up- ...make it...

Izzy Glow: I!

Iris: Nana, try getting on the horn to hunter base! We need Cinnamon and Maddie!

Nana: I'll try....



Incentas: Commander Epsilon, the Resistance has been crushed!
Liberion's Fate - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Liberion's Fate - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Rebellion Army Schemes

Epsilon: Are you certain of that? They've bounced back once, we do not need for them to bounce back again.

Incentas: I trapped them in my lab and rigged the place to blow! There's no way they can survive that!

Epsilon: I see. Then it's time for the next phase.

Ferham: We are already in position, as is the jammer.

Epsilon: Then proceed.

Ferham: You heard him, Botos. Jam all radio communications throughout Giga City and disrupt all attempted communication from outside parties!

Botos: Hmph! -acivates the jammer-

Ferham: (smirks) Well Scarface? I think we're close to success....

Scarface: I think so too.

Botos: -mutters- Suck-up...

Chapter 7: Dried Up of Randomness

Nana: (trying to call Maverick Hunter base) Central Tower to Maverick Hunter Base, do you copy?....Maverick Hunter base, please respond!

Izzy Glow: I've tried everything and the call isn't going through!

Layer: What's going on here?

Izzy Glow: It would stand to reason that the Rebellion has set up a jamming station here in Giga City to keep all communications down in the city and all lines going into the city will be destroyed.

Iris: Perfect! Just when we need to call the others about the Supra-Force Metal!

I: Oh boy...

Iris: Nana, Alia, can you get a fix on the jammer's location?

Nana: I already have, but it's....

Alia: In the middle of a desert...

Nana: The Vanallia Desert is a death trap.

Izzy Glow: It's notorious for its treacherous quicksand! Once you get stuck in, you can forget about getting out because you cannot escape! Damn that Rebellion Army!


Iris: We cannot afford to send you all there...

I: But we can't afford to not go either.

Maxxima: We have to go! Whatever the danger!

Layer: Yeah. Every mission's dangerous when you're looking to take down Mavericks. Right?

I: It's part of the job, as Zero would say.

Nana: Very well....I, the Chrome Blast you obtained is an elemental attack. It will randomly fire a fire, water, or electric attack at enemies or give them a status ailment of burn, confusion, or paralysis.

I: Sounds like a roulette...

Nana: Considering who you beat to obtain it....

I: Makes a ton of sense...

Nana: There's some signal jammers set up in the desert. If you followthe direction of the cables leading to the jammers, you should be able to locate the facility. We won't be able to contact or track you once you teleport out, so contact us immediately once you shut down the jammer.

I: -nods- Got it.

(everyone steps in teh teleporter and enters the desert)
Desert Maze - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Desert Maze - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Vanallia Desert Stage Theme

I: Ugh! Well this is a nasty wake-up call...

Layer: Very bad visibility...but we gotta keep going. Can't let this stop us.

I: Right!

(they are unaware they are being watched from underneath.....)

Ferham: Incentas! He was a fool! The girls escaped his pathetic trap!

Botos: What a shame. He tried so hard, but his bomb was too slow!

Ferham: Hmph! It doesn't matter. I'll make sure that those fools don't make it out alive....

Botos: -chuckles- You do that, Ferham.


Velguarders: (attacking the girls)

Marino: (throwing ChaosKunai at them) Man, we are just getting ambushed all over the place.

Geneva: (shooting Mega Tortoises with clock hands) They just keep on coming!

I: -crushing Mega Tortoises with Ground Dash- Ugh!

Nutra Millipede: I found the base....but it's locked shut! Not even Maxxima can break it down!

I: Guh! Sari! Can you try this?

Sari: (tries opening) Sorry. No go.

I: -tries breaking it down with a combination of Ground Dash, Jet Burner, and Pressure Blaster-

Yammark: Forget it I! We got company flying in!

(Ferham flies down to whip them back a bit)

Ferham: (hovers down) You've all come far. It looks like not even Incentas was able to stop you all...but I am Ferham, and I'll make sure you don't make it a step further!

Layer: Hey, I know you! You're the one who made Vile your little bitch! That was quite impressive. Only a small amount of Reploids are able to go toe-to-toe with Vile or slow him down like that.

Ferham: Save the flattery for later.

Marino: Well, we're just gonna have to go through ya!

Ferham: Oh you're quite brave. I like that....but...

(suddenly, most of the gang starts to sink into the quicksand, leaving only Layer, Geneva, and Marino)

Geneva: Guys!

I: AAH! -tries to rocket out by using Pressure Blaster-

Ferham: Aww, what's the matter? Sand already got you?

Maxxima: UGH!! (struggling to break free)

Yammark: Izzy was right! I can' outta here!

Geneva: Hang on you guys! I'll try to use my time abilities to get you out-

Ferham: Oh really? (uses her Chaoswhip to slash her)

Geneva: AAH!!

Layer and Marino: (tries to get them out) UGH!!

I: -growls and fires a Volt Slasher at Ferham-

Ferham: UGH!! Why you-! (slashes the whip at the "free" ones) Come on punks! I thought you wanted to fight!

I: -again tries to free herself with Pressure Blaster-

Ferham: Forget it kid! You're not getting out of there!

Layer: That's think...

Ferham: You're all boring me....such an anticlimatic death for all of you...but it's time to say good-bye!

(Ferham lashes one last time and everyone sinks into the quicksand)

Ferham: Now the Resistance ends....(flies off)


???: I...wake up! I!

I: -grunts- Uhh...?

Maxxima: Phew! She made it!

I: Wh-What happened...? Ugh, my head...

Poker: We hit solid ground below the quicksand. We got lucky.

Layer: call it luck. I call it divine intervention.

I: Ugh... Well then...

Maxxima: Luck or not, we should keep going. If we're lucky, they'll assume the quicksand killed us.

I: -gets up slowly, holding her head- Ugh... Right...

Marino: Well let's go!

I: Right. -tries to ease her aching head by breathing deeply-

(the girls start to head out and find a familiar little one, being tortured by several Preons)

Yammark: It's Maddie!

I: -seems to have some difficulty focusing, due to her headache- M-Maddie... -raises her Buster at the Preons-

Layer: I, you're fading...!

I: I'm fine...! -blasts the Preons with Burning Jet-

Preons: GAAAH!!! FIIIIIRRRREEE!!!! (burned up)

Maddie: I! (runs to her) Let me help ya out! (her top opens up, giving I a few E-Tanks and healing items)

I: -uses them and heals her headache- Thank you Maddie...

Maddie: X asked me and Cinnamon to come here and help you out...but this fattie named Botos kidnapped her and I got trapped by those guys!

Maxxima: Hmm...

I: We better go help her out.

Poker: There's an elevator just ahead. We could use it to get up and shut the jammers down!

I: Then let's go!

(the girls board the velevator, unaware that theyw ere being watched....)


(Cinnamon is tied up on the top floor as Botos and Scarface watch the security cameras footage)

Scarface: Hmph. Seems like Ferham had taken care of them.

Botos: Maybe, or maybe not.

Scarface: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Botos: -laughs- I was joking!

Scarface: There's a time and place for that, now is not the time, and here isn't the place.

Botos: Che...

Cinnamon: You bozos are outta luck! When I gets here, she's gonna pummel you all into quicksand mud!

Scarface: What makes you think she's even alive?

Botos: Yeah, the quicksand got 'em!

Cinnamon: Oh yeah? Take a better look, goof-balls!

Scarface: -notices I take out some Preons, and grimaces-

Botos: Oh, even Ferham failed too!

Scarface: -punches Botos- Quiet.

Botos: OW!

Cinnamon: HA HA! You're gonna get your butts kicked!

Scarface: Can't get kicked if we're not here. Botos, I'm leaving. Clean up here if Ferham doesn't.

Botos: Ugh, man!

Cinnamon: What's the matter? Ya chicken?

Scarface: Chicken? -menacingly glares at her and gets in her face- Do I look like a chicken to you? You'll look like one soon enough.

Cinnamon: You two are scared of I kicking your butts! Admit it!

Scarface: Silence. -slaps her-

Cinnamon: OWW!

Scarface: That'll be the least of your worries if you keep up your shenanigans. Here's a hint: -whispers to her- I know about your friends on the mainland, I wonder how the pistol-wielding punk breaks? -walks off-

Botos: Che! Scarface showed you!

Cinnamon: N-no! You cowards! Monsters! Don't you even dare hurt them!

Scarface: Who's going to stop me? You? I? From my understanding, you're both a bit busy, and who's going to warn them? We've got the entire place jammed, it's impossible. Botos, if she acts up again, hit her. Hard. -walks away-

Cinnamon: They'll come! You just wait and see!

Botos: -laughs at her-


(the elevator stops one floor up)

Yammark: Looks like we have four different sides that are needed to shut off the jammer....we should split up and take to each part of this floor.

I: Right.

Layer: So who's goin with who? You're in charge, I.

I: Hmm... Sari with Yammark...Maxxima with Poker...Layer with Marino...Maddie and Geneva with me.

Arcee: Ahem? What about me?

I: Oh! Millipede is with you. I'm sorry!

Arcee: (sighs) We'll head to the upper floor and see what we can find.

I: Right. Let's get going.

Nutra Millipede: Right!

(the teams separate to the several ends)

Arcee & Nutra Millipede: (head to the next floor which is near identical, but all the doors are locked)

Arcee: Scrap!

Nutra Millipede: Now whadda we do?


(I, Geneva, and Maddie enter a room filled with lasers and strange movable mirrors and blocks on the wall)

Maddie: This is probably how they control the jammers.

I: Hmm... Can we damage the mirrors?

Geneva: I doubt it. But we can use these control panels to make them hit that strange console on the wall. (points to a thing on the wall of the Rebellion insignia on it)

I: Hmm. Okay, let's see what we can do.

Maddie: Uhh, I think the one with the cable's what we have to--

I: ...What?

Geneva: Huh? Oh that! I dunno.

I: What do we need to do with the cable?

Geneva: Get the lasers to hit this box by playing with the mirror controls. Think of it like a puzzle of sorts.

I: Okay... -starts messing with the controls-

(the lasers allign to the box in the wall, which sends energy to the next floor)

Geneva: Hope Arcee and Nutra find something out....


(one of the doors unlocks to the North Block)

Nutra Millipede: Huh? Something happened downstairs and it triggered the door to open.

Arcee: Let's get moving.

(they head inside a room)

Arcee: This must be what controls the jammer. Time to shut it off!

Nutra Millipede: (pushes some buttons on the control panel)


Arcee: Guess the girls have to do most of the work down there for us to control this thing up here....

Nutra Millipede: Let's hope so....


Layer & Marino: (enter a similar room I, Geneva, and Maddie were in)

Marino: These lasers can accidentally trip the security if they hit the wrong box. Whatever you do, don't get those mirrors to reflect and zap the Rebellion sign!

Layer: I got it. (calmly experiments with several mirrors until she hits the electrical box) Easy as pie.

Marino: Whatever....


Yammark & Sari: (enter the east block)

Sari: This puzzle looks tough. But I can handle it. (plays with one mirror, but it doesn't get the right pattern)


Sari: Uhh...(paniccly plays with multiple mirrors, but keeps getting it wrong)

Yammark: Let me at it. (pushes her a bit and mpoves the correct pattern)

Sari: (laughs, extremely embarassed)

Yammark: (sighs)


Poker & Maxxima: (enter the final room)

Poker: Whatever ya do, don't break anything.

Maxxima: Hmph! (tries to forcefully change the direction) C'mon, c'mon! WORK ALREADY!! NGHH!!!!

Poker: Oh my god....(facepalms and goes over to the consoles to change it herself)

Maxxima: (trips backwards, accidentally hitting the alarm box and setting it off) Uhhh....oops.

(a bunch of elite Preons surround them)

Poker: Nice going Maxxima!

Preon Elite 1: Surrender, Resistance scum! You are not welcome here!

Poker: I didn't hear the magic word! (throws two bomb die at them; double twos)

(some blow up, but others charge in and manhandle them)

Poker: GUUUH!!

Maxxima: Alright that's it! (spins around swinging and takes them all out) YAAAA!!!!

Poker: Huh...


(all the girls meet back up, after disabling the jammers)

Nutra Millipede: Well that's taken care of. Let's try contacting Central Tower.

(just then, they receive a communication from Botos)

Arcee: Now what?

Botos: MUAHAHAHAHA! Do you actually think you can get a signal out from here? Dumb girls! I just shut down any external communications so you can only listen to my lovely voice! -laughs-

Maxxima: Well I guess we'll have to take you down!

Botos: MUAHAHAHA! Let's make it a game then, shall we? I have one of yours in my possession. Can you find me by the time I'm through with her? -laughs-
MistressZelda's List of Amazing VGM! 266 Boss Battle Rebellion Cadre (Mega Man X Command Mission)

MistressZelda's List of Amazing VGM! 266 Boss Battle Rebellion Cadre (Mega Man X Command Mission)

Rebellion Cadre Battle Theme

Cinnamon: I, Heeeelllllp!!!

Yammark: Cinnamon!?

I: -gasps- Cinnamon!

Botos: -punches Cinnamon- Shut up, slut! -laughs-

Cinnamon: OW!

Poker: On the elevator! We're taking him down!

(everyone hops on the elevator up to the third floor)

I: Botos!!
Botos the Ape

Botos, treasonous Rebellion Cadre

Botos: -had just finished choking out Cinnamon- Hahaha... You stupid little sluts... HAHAHAHAH! -reveals a fragment of Supra-Force Metal- Ya really think you'll beat me?

Geneva: Is that....Supra-Force Metal?!

Botos: Correct! -absorbs it into himself- You chicks won't stand a chance!

I: Urgh!

Poker:'re just a class clown....(throws two cards at him without even looking)

Botos: -launches a fast laser at her, burning through the cards to hit her for piercing damage- You shouldn't underestimate me, lady!

Poker:....Okay, now I'm pissed! HIYAA!! (throws some chips at him)

Botos: -laughs at her and shoots more lasers, destroying the chips and hitting her at the same time-

Poker: DAAAHH!!

Maxxima: Poker!

Arcee: (begins shooting with her blasters)

Sari: (readies her wrist blades and begins slashing)

I: -attacks Botos with Pressure Blaster-

Botos: ARGH! -tries to retaliate with his lasers-

Arcee: DUHH!!


I: WAH!!

Botos: Heheh... Done already?

I: Far from it! -blasts Botos again-

Botos: WARGH!!

Geneva: (fires a charged shot)

Botos: Urgh! -retaliates again with his lasers-

Geneva: HNGH!!

Layer: (casually tries scoring hits on Botos)

I: Geneva!

Botos: -laughs at her and zaps her with his lasers-

Layer & Geneva: (scream in pain)

Maxxima: Grr!!

I: GENEVA! -rushes to defend her and blasts Botos again with Pressure Blaster-

Botos: AAAH!!

Maxxima: (begins charging up herself and her axe) GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Nutra Millipede: Huh?! Maxxima?

Maxxima: BEHOLD; MY TRUE POWER!!! (finishes, then holds her axe like a cannon, as some energy begins building up at the tip of it)

I: M-Maxxima...?

Yammark: This may be big....everyone, back up!

(everyone takes a few steps back)

Maxxima: Stay DOWN!!! (fires a massive energy beam from her axe right at Botos)

Botos: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!! -takes heavy damage but manages to escape-

Maxxima: (pants)

Layer: Whoa.....(notices that Botos dropped the Supra-Force Metal fragment) Incredible, Maxxima! So much that it made Botos drop this piece of Supra-Force Metal!

Yammark: Now to restore communications! (uses Yammar Option to blast the main control console) There!

Maddie: Cinnamon!

Cinnamon: (coughing)

I: Cinnamon! -rushes to her- Are you okay?!

Cinnamon: I'll live...but X and the guys....they're in trouble....

I: -gasps- What?!

Cinnamon: The Rebellion's gonna take 'em down....need to...(passes out)

Layer: Let's try contacting Central Tower so we can get out and warn X....

I: Right!

Nana:....I? Did you destroy the jammer?!

I: Yes, and we got Cinnamon and Maddie! But we've got a very disturbing report in the process.

Nutra Millipede: And we also have Supra-Force Metal!

Izzy Glow: Supra-Force Metal?! Incredible! Alia, if we could analyze that....

Alia: We might be able to use their own weapon against them!

Iris: And even discover what they're planning! Everyone, get back here quick and we'll prepare for the analysis.

Layer: Sure, but first, get big blue on the line. We found somethin' out he may wanna hear....



(Cut Man is in a sparring match with Ice Man)
Mega Man 1 - Boss Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)

Mega Man 1 - Boss Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)

Cut Man vs Ice Man

Cut Man: HIYAAA!! (uses a jump kick)

Zero: -watching them intently- Cut Man, you look like you're just shoving your foot down in mud! Strike faster and harder!

Cut Man: (glares at Zero for a bit)

Zero: Don't you give me that, or I'll show you what a real jump kick looks like.

Ice Man: Hey bro, think fast! (shoots several Ice Slashers at Cut Man)

Cut Man: HAH!! (chops them apart with some precise ease)

Ice Man: ICE SLIDE!! (slides in an icicle-like wave)

Cut Man: (jumps up and hits with a roundhouse kick)

Ice Man: GAAH!! (rebounds back after hitting a wall; then unleashes a sort of ice beam at Cut Man)

Cut Man: (frozen solid)

Ice Man: (summons several icicles from the ceiling to hit him)

Cut Man: NGH!! (throws the rolling cutter from his head and throws it at him)

Ice Man: (barely able to dodge, then freeze it with Ice Slasher as it tries coming back) That all ya-(turns around and sees Cut Man gone)

Cut Man:Up here bro! (drops down with a big superkick)

Ice Man: WAAAH!! (crashes into a wall)

Cut Man: Heh!

Ice Man: (gets up) Now I see why you're leader, bro!

Cut Man: Well...(shakes Ice Man's hand in sportmanship) I still try. And you did good, Ice Man.

Ice Man: Back at ya, Cut Man!

Zero: Hm...

X: (walks in) What is it, Zero?

Zero: Just failing to teach, nothing more.

X: You'll improve some way....maybe. (chuckles)

Zero: Hmph... You've always been the better teacher, I just fight...heh.

Axl: (runs in) Guys! It's I and the girls, and they say it's an emergency!

X: Huh?!

(everyone runs into the control room)

Zero: What's going on?!

(they receive a transmission from Central Tower of I and her crew)

X: I, what's going on?

Zero: Report! Now!

I: W-We've received intelligence that one of of the Rebellion Cadres are aware of our connection to you...and he seems to be planning on attacking you...

Zero: ...Looks like our break is over, then.

Axl: About time!

Cinnamon: Axl, be careful! He's not very nice or a pushover.

Yammark: Everyone, be on guard! Scarface will test your limits!

Rainy Turtloid: Understood.

Zero: -nods- Axl, be serious. This time we are the ones being hunted. We have no idea what we're going to be hit with.

(just then some rumbling occured and the alarm went off)

Hunter: (on intercom) Rebellion forces are breaking in! Need back-up--AAAAAAAAGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!

(several Rebellion troops storm into the base, led by Scarface)

Signas: All Maverick Hunters, battle stations! Defend the base at all costs!

X: Roger!

Zero: On it!

Chapter 8: A Rebelling Shocker

(Alia and Izzy Glow are finishing up the analysis of the Supra-Force Metal)

I: Have you guys found anything?

Izzy Glow: Yes. This tiny fragment of Supra Metal....

Alia: Contains 10,000 times more energy than normal Force Metal!

I: Does that mean it's also 10,000 times more dangerous than regular Force Metal to apply?

Izzy Glow: (nods) Unless you have Erosion-reducing equipment, it will only heighten the chances of becoming a Maverick.

Geneva: (gulps)

I: Then we can't afford to use it. Not on ourselves anyway.

Layer: It would also take an immense amount of Force Metal to make this.

Izzy Glow: Yes. And only one place on Giga City has that much metal...

Nana: (pressing some buttons on her control panel) The Force Metal Refinement Plant on Mount Melda!

Layer: Nothin' for us to do here. Let's get moving!

I: Right!

Nana: (begins setting the teleporter to Mount Melda)

I: (I hope X and the others'll be okay...)

Maxxima: I?

I: H-Huh?

Maxxima: You okay?

I: Yeah...


X: (blasting awayb at the Preon guards, in Crusader Armor)


Cut Man: (throws his Rolling Cutter and halves most of the Preons and Rebellion drones)

Elec Man: (uses Thunder Beam to blast apart most Rebellion soldiers)

Zero: -slashing though Preons left and right- What gave them the bright idea to attack us?

Axl: (blasting soldiers with Ray Gun) Whoever they are, they're not too bright! They don't know who they're messin' with! (turns into Splash Warfly and begins lancing and soaking away at the soldiers) HEHEEHE!! How's that?!

Zero: Axl, I have a bad feeling about this. -stabs one, and throws it at others, making it explode- We're usually not the ones that are hunted.

Axl: (decapitates a soldier) What's the matter? Ya afraid of a little challenge?

X: (destroys a Raider Killer with a Plasma Shot)

Zero: No. -cuts some in half, vertically- There's something more... I can't quite explain it...

Big Monkeys: (charge in) OOHOHH AAAAARRRR!!!!!!

Bomb Man: Bombs away! (throws three Hyper Bombs at them and blows them up)

Oil Man: Yo, watch it, bro! You nearly cleaned our clo--ahh...ACHOO!!!

Time Man: Gesundheit!

-electric blasts fly at the RMs out of nowhere-

Elec Man: Look out! (blocks them)

Cut Man: Nice save, Elec Man!

X: (looks at the attacker) Who are you and what do you want here?!

Scarface: My name is Scarface, "officially", a Rebellion Cadre. The only one that knows about you lot. -looks at Zero-
Scarface the Hedgehog

Scarface: Knight-type Battle Reploid

Zero: -glares- I don't like where this is going.

Axl: Well it's time to send you guys outta here and into the junkheap! (takes out his Blast Launcher)

Cut Man: (battle ready with his brothers) Let's get him, guys!

Scarface: Let's see who'll be sent to the junkyard! -activates his double Chaosblade and proceeds to attack the RMs-

Zero: (Never saw that kind of blade before...)

Cut Man: (charges)


(the girls teleport outside the plant, where it's snowy and cold)
Glacial Activity - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Glacial Activity - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Melda Ore Plant Stage Theme

Yammark: (shivering)

Geneva: This pretty....

I: -smiles- It is, isn't it...? But we should be going... C'mon Geneva...

Geneva: R-right! (runs inside)

Yammark: c-c-c-c-cold....

Izzy Glow: Yes. The reason for this is to absorb the heat given off while refining the Force Metal here.

(everyone walks in)

Sari: The door's locked...let's take the elevator down.

A couple minutes later...


Layer:....Hmm? (sees a strange peephole) Girls, I think I've just found the world's narrowest gloryhole ever. (points to the peephole)

Poker: (takes a look and sees something strange) I, take a look at this! Whaddya think?

I: -looks also- I...can't see very well...

Maxxima: Hmm...try sending a picture of it to Alia. She might know what it is.

I: Right. -takes a picture and sends it to Alia-

Nana: Alia? What do you think?

Alia: I have no idea by just looking at this. I'll need more angles.

Nana: This is Nana. Alia will need images from other angles. There should be more peepholes like this one. Eight more, according to my scans.

Sari: Right! Let's take a look around!

I: Right.

(the girls begin searching for more peepholes)


Ice Man: (throws some plasma snowballs at Scarface) Take this!
Megaman X Command Mission Final Boss Battle Remix

Megaman X Command Mission Final Boss Battle Remix

Hunters vs. Scarface

Scarface: -blocks them with ease- Hmph. -stabs the ground, sending a wave of electricity along the ground toward Ice Man-

Ice Man: AAAAAHHH!!!!!

Cut Man: (throws the Rolling Cutter from his head at Scarface) Take this!

Scarface: -knocks it away- Please, how about you hold this for me? -charges an electric ball and blasts it at Cut Man-

Cut Man: UH!! (electrocuted) How...

Oil Man: (shoots some oil blasts at him)

Scarface: -spins his Chaosblade, blocking the blasts then shoots a volley of electric shots-

Oil Man: HNGH!! Hate to burst ya bubble, but I'm pretty resilient to electri--ahh...aahh....ACHOO!!!!!

Scarface: -stabs Oil Man while he was busy sneezing- Alergies? You should get that checked. -rips his blade out from him-

Oil Man: UGH!!

Cut Man: Oil Man! (runs to his brother)

Oil Man: Ugh....(lightly sneezes)

Cut Man: You're paying for this, Scarface!

8:38 P.M. - MELDA ORE PLANT - E-B02

(Poker takes a second picture and sends it to Alia)

Poker: Image scanned and sent, Alia.

Nana: I'm bringing it up now.

Alia: Hmm... Seems like some sort of pillar or tower..

Nana: Still hard to tell with just this....we'll need a bit more!

Maxxima: Hmm....(looks through another peephole) I found something!

Yammark: Well scan it and send the picture back!

Maxxima: (does so)

Nana: (projects the image on the screen)

Alia: Hmm...I still can't tell from this...

Izzy Glow: It has the Rebellion army symbol....but still more detail is needed....

Geneva: I've found another professor! (takes a snapshot and sends it to Alia)

Nana: (projects it on the screen)

Alia: ...I'm not liking the look of that...

Iris: This is looking quite grim....try getting more shots you guys....

Izzy Glow: I just hope we can stop whatever the Rebellion is planning....


Cut Man: (charges at Scarface)

Scarface: Get out of my face! -lauches a thunderbolt at Cut Man-

Cut Man: AAH!! (gets knocked back) Grr...(shoots some Rolling Cutter attacks at him)

Scarface: -spins his blade, deflects the attacks-

Zero: ...(I can't watch this...) Cut Man, I got this one. -puts himself between Scarface and Cut Man-

Scarface: (Perfect...)

Cut Man: No way! Lemme at him!

Zero: No. I have reason to believe that this guy's just toying with you.

Scarface: You are as observant as he said, Zero.

Zero: -seems surprised- How do you know my name? And who's "he"?

Scarface: -chuckles- You'll find out...

Axl: (Is this guy another creation of that guy...?)

8:41 P.M. - MZELDA ORE PLANT - E-B03

Marino: (snaps another photo) Alia, get ready for another one.

Nana: Projecting now....

Alia: Ooh... This is looking bad...

Iris: Looks like something on the left....go around the other side and see if you can get a shot of it.

Marino: Roger! (runs to the left and snaps another picture)

Layer: Well?

Nana: Give me a minute! (growls)

Alia: We're trying to put a puzzle together to figure out what this thing is!

Nana: (brings up another picture) This doesn't look too inviting....

Alia: Not at all... I'm really not liking this...

Iris: A tube for pumping energy.....a weapon of sorts?

Izzy Glow: I certainly hope not.....


-Zero and Scarface are engaged in an intense and fast-paced Chaosblade duel-

Cut Man:......

Zero: -manages to cut Scarface's Chaosblade in half and kick him away-

Scarface: NGH!! Good one... You really are the original...heh...

Axl: This guy that made High Max....he made you too didn't he?

Scarface: -chuckles- You catch on quick.

Zero: I was worried about this...

Axl: Those skills are nothing like anything I've seen before, it's not hard to put two-and-two together.

Scarface: You're induction is remarkable. Since you figured me out so easily, I'll give ya a gift before I leave...

Zero: -grits his teeth-

Cut Man: .....!?

Axl: (takes out his Dark Arrow guns) Bring it on!

8:49 P.M. - MELDA ORE PLANT - E-B04

Sari: I got another picture. (scans the picture and sends it to base)

Nana: (projects it on the screen)

Alia: Ngh... We need a top picture of this thing...

Iris: That outer casing looks inpenetrable....I think I've seen something like this before....but if only I could remember where....

Yammark: Hmm....(scans through another peephole and sends it) Is that all?

Nana: (projects it) No. One more, at the end of the hallway....

Alia: Grr...

Izzy Glow: Is everything alright, Alia?

Alia: Y-Yeah... It just seems so familiar...I don't want to think that's what I'm looking at...

Arcee: We're at the last peephole....(scans the last one)

Nana: (projects it and gasps) Alia....I think you're right, if you think it's what I think it is....

Alia: Grr! A warhead... That's a missile...a big one...

Layer: A missile?!

Izzy Glow: There's more bad news. Look closer. The warhead's armed with Supra-Force Metal. If it explodes, the energy will be released instantaneuously, affecting every Reploid in the Northern Hemisphere....

Nana: Creating an army of Mavericks! Epsilon's as crazed as Sigma was!

Alia: Urgh!

Nana: I, you must stop that missile from firing! Remove the metal from the warhead!

I: Right! Let's go!

???: Can't let you do that!

(some Triclaw Killers march in)

I: What?

Triclaw Killer: We can't allow you to get in the way of our ideal!

Yammark: Outta the way! (takes out blaster and starts shooting them)

Triclaw Killer: GUURR!!! (retaliating with lasers and claw slashes)

I: -blasts back with Pressure Blaster-

Triclaw Killers: (blasted back)

Geneva: We must stop the missile!

I: Yes!

(the girls rush through some corridors and encounter Botos outside)

Marino: It's him!

Botos: -laughs- Missed me, sluts?

Layer: Okay, first off, I'm the slut here, pal! So could we all stop with this? It's really getting old!

Arcee: You and the Rebellion are under arrest for development of a Maverick-spreading weapon!

Sari: We know what you plan to do with that Supra-Force Metal!

Yammark: And we're not letting ya fire off that missile!

Botos: -gasps sarcastically- Oh dear! Whatever shall I do? Perhaps I should run away! -runs off-

Sari: He's mine! (dashes after him)

I: -dashes after Sari and Botos-

Sari: (shoots several energy balls at Botos)

Botos: -blocks them with his lasers- Hah!

Geneva: Time to stop you in your tracks! (stops time for a short while and then throws a clock bomb at him)

Botos: WAAAH!!

Maxxima: (grabs him and picks him up once time is restored) Now you're gonna lead us to the warhead -- now!

Botos: Hah! Good luck with that!

Maxxima: (begins choking him out) You, lead, warhead, NOW!!

Botos: ACK!! N-Nope! J-Job's done... AACK!!

Maxxima: What job?!

Botos: I-I'm dead e-either way... -wheezing- Either

Layer: Tell us where the warhead is and we'll let ya off the hook.

Botos: Hah...hah... -seems prepared to die-

-a rumble suddenly occurs, like something had exploded below them-

Yammark: What was that?!

I: No idea...

-another rumble occurs-

Poker: We better check it out!

Maxxima: You're off the hook....for now...(throws Botos across the room)

Botos: WAH!

-a familiar cackling is heard-

I: I don't like that at all...

Layer: He's back....


Axl: (shooting Scarface with his Dark Arrow blasters)

Scarface: -dodging- I meant information you trigger-happy punk!

Axl: As if I'd believe Maverick scum like you! But I'm listening. Spill it!

Scarface: That's just it... Epsilon proclaims that he's after some ideal... There is none. He's doing what he's doing, to send a message.

Axl: What message? That Mavericks are all slime that don't deserve to live?!....(to some fellow hunters) No offense.

Scarface: NO! The message is a warning of things to come. Only Epsilon himself knows exactly what. If spoken, nobody would believe him. -looks at X- It's in complete opposition to recent history.

X: Opposition.....(gasps) Wait! You don't mean--

Scarface: I'm not sure if I believe it myself...but Epsilon is his brother...

X: Oh no! Then I doesn't stand a chance against him!  We need to call them back!

Zero: Easier said than done.


Layer: Vile....he's definately been here....

I: -looks up and notices the warhead is opened- I think he took something too... -points-

Yammark: I'll fly up and che-(gets blasted down by an ice shot) AAH!!

Ferham: (chuckles) Well well, aren't you all full of surprises. I'd thought for sure you had all died in the quicksand!
Ferham the Bat

Ferham, female Rebellion Cadre

Poker: Ferham...

I: Great...

Ferham: Now then, step right up to die. Form a line if you have to! I'll make sure each one of you gets it! (takes out her Chaoswhip)

Geneva: You're on!

I: -blasts her with Volt Slasher- HAH!

Ferham: (screams)

Nana: I, your Battle Presto weapon obtained from Botos can be used in Soust form and can fire a fast triple shot and breaks through heavy armor!

Yammark: (uses Yammar Option) Blast 'em apart! (her flies fires lasers at her)

Ferham: (gets hit by one two and evades others; then uses Crimson Shade)

Layer: (goes to lance her, but misses each shot)

Ferham: Hehehe....

I: -tries out Battle Presto on Ferham- LAUGH AT THIS!

Ferham: (screams in pain, her Crimson Shade fades)

I: -follows up with Volt Slasher- HAH!

Ferham: AAAHHH!!!!! (slammed hard into the missile and loses consciousness, begins falling down into an abyss)

I: -pants-

Layer: That was tough...but we better move!

I: We need to check out that warhead!



X: Scarface....if what you say is true, then I doesn't have a chance to defeat Epsilon!

Scarface: ...Then she won't have to. I may try to convince him to come to the table, maybe now someone will listen to him and believe him.

Axl: Since when do a bunch of Mavericks care about someone's well being anyway?

Scarface: Are we even Mavericks? -tosses his sliced Chaosblade aside and walks off- I'm worried about Ferham...I should be getting back.

Cut Man:.....They can't win.

X: We have to call them back.

Zero: X, you know for a fact that it's impossible at this point. They've come too far to abort. We can't afford to do it.

X: But remember how powerful HE was. Imagine how powerful Epsilon could be!

Zero: Have you become narrow-minded? Of course I know. That's exactly why we can't afford it. If you don't give I the chance to take Epsilon down, we can't act fast enough to stop him from causing damage to the planet! Let alone Giga City!

X: I'm not narrow-minded, nor am I self-absorbed! I just don't want her to get hurt!

Axl: Neither does Cut Man...or any of us....


Cut Man:.....I...I really think she can still try and fight with everything she has....

Zero: That's just it, X. You're more concerned about her safety than the world's safety. We put our lives on the line every mission we take so the world can have a hopeful future! That's our job! That's our duty! You should know this by now!

X:....! Of....of could I...? I feel really selfish...this long break we've's clouded my own thinking. I don't know what I'm even doing anymore! But....if we all just believe in I...I'm pretty sure she can do it!

Zero: Would I send her into a situation where I wasn't confident that she could do it?

(everyone looks at him and gives him an enthusiastic "YES!")

Zero: Really now? So you think I'd just randomly send one of you in somewhere where you'd probably die, without a care. I see how it is. -walks back inside-


Nutra Millipede: The Supra-Force Metal! It's gone!

Poker: Vile was definately here!

-a familiar cackling is heard from above, the voice saying: "Yes, I was...", drops down on the other side of the missile-

Marino: And he's still here! (runs to the other side)

Vile: Yes... -blasts her aside casually with a few shots from his V-Buster-

Marino: AAAH!!

Layer: He's armed himself with Supra-Force Metal! Can his body even stand all that power?!

Vile: I'm full of surprises, slut! I wasn't made by the average scientist that made the rest of you! -aims at the rest of the girls-

Arcee: (tries countering) Nana, get us outta here! ASAP!

Nana: Roger that! (begins teleporting them away)

Vile: DAMN IT! -evades and tries blasting them with his V-Cannon-

(they are all blasted away just as Nana teleports them back to base, greatly damaged)

Alia: -gasps- Oh no!

Layer; have no idea....

Chapter 9: The End of an Ideal

(after being repaired, I contacts Colonel Redips, and tells him everything that happened)

Redips: I understand. So Epsilon wants to use a missile to make an army, and Vile has all the metal you found?

I: Yes... Vile has somehow been able to equip it all without serious side-effects...

Redips: Incredible....well now that the interference has been eliminated, we'll be able to lend you our support. I'm planning to lead a squadron into Giga City. You try to locate the Rebellion Army base and bring them matter the cost! Do I make myself clear?

I: Y-Yes sir.

Redips: Good. Take care! You're my--I mean, our--last hope....good luck! (ends transmission)

Yammark: (looks suspiciously at the transmission) (There's something off about that Colonel....I don't trust him..almost as if...)

Izzy Glow: We have pinpointed the location of the Rebellion Army headquarters!

I: Where is it?

Izzy Glow: On top the Grave Ruins Glacier. Many places on Giga City were designed to test a person's limits....but this place is the harshest of them all. Be prepared. Epsilon will surely have something up his sleeves....

Iris: I, if you decide to head into this place, know that there's no turning back. Are you sure about this?

I: Bad things will happen if I don't go... So I have to!

Layer: And we're all gonna be right behind ya. Before this, I just wanted to score with some hunks...but none of it matters anymore. Not since I started working with you, I. You're a good babe I've been with since my sister....

Marino: I'm with you!

Poker: The payment won't matter anymore, I! It's you that's helped my show that.

Geneva: I must be brave....I, let's go!

Maxxima: I....thanks to you and the others. I am no longer a Hollywood pornstar in dumb armor...I am a real hero! I am what I wished to be like...I am Iron Maxxima! And I will help proect those that cannot protect themselves!

Arcee: This is what Cliff would've wanted.....I'm sure of it.

Sari: Let's get to it!

Yammark: Ready when you are, friend!

I: Alright! Let's do it!

Nana: This is it everyone! (readies the teleporter) Good luck!

(everyone steps in)


Ferham: (walks into the chamber, where Epsilon and Scarface are waiting) Botos....where is that asshole?! He raped and assaulted me! I want payback! Now where is that son-of-a--

Botos: -stumbles in, as if drunk- WOORRGH!

Scarface: Alright, Botos. -kicks him- Talk!

Botos: WARG! Wh-Whatever do you mean, Scarface?

Scarface: -growls and activates his new double Chaosblade-

Epsilon: Counts of rape and assault...and another, unfortunate count. -narrows eyes-

Ferham: (growls) You stole the Supra-Force Metal from the warhead, didn't you?! All the metal was cleaned out!

Botos: What are you talking about? I was out for the past two hours! That axe-chick knocked me out...

Epsilon: Botos is not accused of thievery. But of something worse.

Ferham: Then where's the metal?  Without it, we cannot accomplish our ideal or kill HIM!

Epsilon: Evidence suggests that someone broke in and stole it. Possibly that Vile character. But we have a much more imminent problem. And he's sitting right in front of you, Ferham.

Ferham: (takes out her Chaoswhip) May I kill him, commander?

Epsilon: No. We shall deal with him, more...personally. Botos has, on top of everything else, five counts of espionage.

Scarface: ?!

Ferham: A spy, huh? Why doesn't that surprise me?

Botos: -chuckles- You caught I thought you would...

Scarface: Who are you working for?!

Botos: Like I'd reveal that to you...

(the alarm starts to go off; security cameras catch I and her team going through the Main Gate area and blasting through the defenses)

Ferham: Well look who showed up...

Epsilon: Scarface, get on the scene!

Scarface: Roger that. -runs off-

Epsilon: As for you, Botos, your punishment shall be swift. -reveals his forearm cannon, and aims it at Botos-

Botos: W-wait a second! Commander! I'm sorry! I never should have sided with your brother! Spare me, please! I beg of you!

Epsilon: ...My brother is dead. -blasts Botos in the face, leaving a large cavaty for a body-


Layer: (lancing at the Preons)
Let's Listen MM5 Complete Works - Proto Man's Fortress Extended)

Let's Listen MM5 Complete Works - Proto Man's Fortress Extended)

Grave Ruins Base Stage Theme

Nutra Millipede: NUTRA BEAM!! (blasts at some Mechaniloids)

Arcee: (shooting) Give 'em everything ya got, girls!

I: -crushes tens of Preons with Battle Presto-

Cannon Drivers: (marching towards the girls, firing their grenades) ANNIHILATE!! ANNIHILATE!!

Sari: gimme a break! (slashes their legs and brings them down)

Cannon Drivers: OH SCRAP--!

Maxxima: (finishes them with an axe thurst downwards)

Yammark: There's the teleporter! Let's go!


(Scarface appears from the ceiling)

Marino: Scarface!

Scarface: Had some quality time with your friends. It was an interesting battle.

Layer: Well now you have to deal with us, Maverick.

Scarface: You and Pistol-Boy have a ton in common...

Layer: Oh really? How's that?

Scarface: You use and abuse the term "Maverick" to describe us. Very few do that with such animosity. Heh.

Yammark: To me, only a few trusting Reploids are exempt from being Maverick. And some of them are with me. Apart from Gate and his creations...I trust no one else. (summons her dragonflies) So you're as Maverick as the whole world! (commands them to shoot at him)
Let's Listen Mega Man X5 - Rangda Bangda Lamda Bamda (Extended)

Let's Listen Mega Man X5 - Rangda Bangda Lamda Bamda (Extended)

Boss Rush theme

Scarface: -spins his blade, deflecting the shots- Hmph...

Maxxima: (charges at him) HAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Scarfacee: -spins his blade and  attacks her- HMPH!

Maxxima: UGH!!!

Nutra Millipede: (shoots electro-magnetic power sphere at him)

Scarface: -deflects it- Gnn.

I: -blasts him with Battle Presto-

Scarface: ARGH!! -drops his blade-

I: -follows up wiht Jet Burner-

Scarface: AAAAHH!! -growls-

Poker: Pick a card...any card! (throws several cards his way)

Scarface: URGH!!

Arcee: (shooting at him)

Scarface: Urk! -evades, barely-

I: -blasts him with Jet Burner: HAH!

Scarface: NGH!! -falls to one knee- Urk...

Geneva: (slashes at him) What's this ideal you have? And why are you using a powerful rock and missile to blow up half the world?!

Scarface: NGH!! -looks at them, knowingly- The a warning...Epsilon should tell you himself... Defeat him, and he'll tell you...

Layer: We'll do more than that to your boss!

Scarface: Kill him, and the world will be in much more danger than you realize...

Yammark: If we keep him alive, we let the world down! Sorry, but the Rebellion's going down in flames, right I?

I: -nods-

Scarface: Then nobody will hear the warning...and the world could go down in flames as well... You won't see the true danger coming...

I: ...I don't like the sound of that...

Geneva: You're not gonna scare us like that, ya big jerk!

Scarface: Hmph... Perhaps Epsilon gravely miscalculated...either way, he would not be listened to... Such a shame... But I guess it's just nature, to reject things that would be completely at odds with recent history...

Arcee: Just get out of our way already! We got a Maverick to bust up!

Scarface: Hmph... Fine. If you won't listen, then you'll pay the concequences later on, long after we're gone. -rushes off, taking up his blade while doing so-

(the girls proceed through the teleporter)



(Epsilon and Ferham patiently await Scarface's return)

Scarface: -enters shakily from his wounds- Urgh...

Ferham: Scarface! (runs to him) My darling, did you--?

Scarface: Their leader is far too versitile... Urgh... She has Botos's power, which crippled even me...

Epsilon: Hmm...this is quite the problem then.

Ferham: That rat....she learns new powers as she fights....Commander, you must leave this place and leave them to me. If you die, then HE wins! I am sure he sent those ladies to kill you! If you are to perish....what would become of our ideal? What would become of us then?

Scarface: -wheezing- Commander! Urgh... Please! You need to tell us...the whole ideal! Before you...are forced to...take it to the grave...with you...!

Epsilon: ...It appears that I have miscaclulated... -sighs- I hoped that it didn't need to come to this...

Ferham: Commander....I shall gladly sacrifice myself for you and Scarface if I have to!

Epsilon: No, I won't run away. I will stand and fight. You two will be free to leave... I shall tell you the truth...

Scarface: It's about your brother... -wheezes- ...isn't it Commander?

Ferham: Commander?

Epsilon: ...Scarface is correct... Ferham...I lied when I executed Botos... My brother is alive...and I have found Botos to be one of his Maverick underlings...sent here to find out if I'm onto my brother and his plans...

Ferham:....I know, Commander.

Epsilon: ...I see. I know my brother is about to exact his revenge...and I wanted to warn the world that he will return in a blaze of destruction...but it is believed to be unbelievable, because of the results of his rebellion...

Scarface: That Maverick Hunter X killed him...

Epsilon: Precisely. I don't know the scale of what he's planning, but I know, if the world, Repliforce, is not prepared for it, it will fall quickly...

Ferham: Commander....Botos wasn't the only spy in this army....was he Scarface?

Scarface: ...



Rebellion soldiers: (trying to stop the girls, but failing)

Geneva: (using her time abilities to her full potential, even at the cost of energy)

Izzy Glow: Geneva, be careful how you use your powers!

I: -holds Geneva up- Yeah... You need to save your strength...

Geneva: Sorry, I guess I got carried away!

(powerful gold Kreons are barging their way)

Maxxima: (taking care of them) HAAAAHH!!! (slashes them apart)

I: -breaks through them with Battle Presto-

Nana: I, I've just analyzed the weapons you obtained from Ferham and Scarface. The Cold Touch allows impalements with large icicles, while the Plasma Shock is an anti-air electric shock that will paralyze their targets.

I: Got it!

(large Killer Mantis enemies appear to try to kill them)

I: -activates Ajout form and impales them with Cold Touch- YAH!

(they are killed instantly)

Maxxima: Let's get moving!


(some clones of a strange Reploid appear)
Gemini Man

Gemini Man

Marino: !? What the?!

???: (blasts the replicas with a reflecting laser weapon) Impressed? I look good don't I?

Poker: Who the heck are you?

???: I'm Gemini Man, best lookin Robot Master there is!

I: -mutters- I highly doubt that...

Gemini Man: Oooh, so you're that skank that Cutty keeps droolin' all over!

Yammark: How do you know that punk?!

Gemini Man: He and his pals always get in my way! Listen babe, I'm way better than scissor-head, so don't bother with that tool!

Sari: Move it or lose it, Gemini, or else we'll go medieval on ya!

I: I have no idea what he's talking about... But he sounds disgusting...ew!

Gemini know what? I was thinkin' of giving ya a good time, but if ya gonna diss me like that, then f*** you, bitch! (readies his blaster) Time to go to slut heaven!

Arcee: (begins shooting at him)

Gemini Man: (utilizies his many mirror cloning to psych them out) Which one's the sexiest, do ya think?

Arcee: Scrap!

I: You're all disgusting! -attacks them all with Cold Touch-

(all the clones are killed, but Gemini Man's vanished)

Gemini Man: Boo! (shoots from behind)

Geneva: EEK!! (ducks out of the way)

I: -turns around- Get away from her! -switches to Soust Form and blasts him with Sadistic Insanity-

Gemini Man: GAAAH!! You stupid whore! (launches a full-powered Gemini Laser)

Maxxima: (reflects it off the walls, which reflects off and accidentally hits I) Oops! Sorry, I!

I: OW!! -shoots Gemini Man with Battle Presto-

Gemini Man: GAAAH!!!.....damn you sluts! You just whore'd out for the last tiem! Once I get Red onto this, you'll wish you never f***ed Gemini Man! (throws a smoke bomb down and escapes)

Geneva: Good ridiance!

Cinnamon: Did he just say Red? But he's dead! Axl made a sandwich outta that guy!

I: Hm...well we have no time to think about it now, we need to get moving!

(the girls enter the teleporter)



Ferham: were a spy this whole time...

Scarface: That wasn't the real story...

Epsilon: Scarface is correct yet again. We have already discussed his former allegence and he has denounced it.

Ferham: You.....have....?

Epsilon: Indeed. It was certainly a surprise, but his reasoning is more surprising... -smiles- Isn't it, Scarface?

Scarface: Y-Yes...

Ferham: Wh-why?

Scarface: ...You.

Ferham: (gasps, blushing) Scarface....

Scarface: -blushing also-

Epsilon: Take the shuttle. You two are dismissed. Go, and be happy while there's still time.

Ferham: Commander....(goes to Epsilon and both bows and hugs him) It's been an honor serving you, Commander Epsilon. I swear that your sacrifice won't be in vain. Thank you.

Epsilon: -smiles and pats her back-

Scarface: -takes a knee and bows- It's been an honor...sir...

Epsilon: It has been an honor indeed...

Ferham: (smiles and prepares to leave)

Scarface: -goes over to Ferham to help-

Epsilon: -sighs- ( the end my efforts would be least I could save those two...)



I: Alright... Who's next...?

Maxxima: (hacks at every Preon) I feel that I can handle anything now!

Layer: Don't push your luck, Maxxima!

Maxxima: I don't believe in luck. Not anymore!


(a mysterious ninja Robot Master appears, with large shurikens)
Shadow Man

Shadow Man

Nutra Millipede: A ninja?!

???: I am Shadow Man, and I know that you fight for a lost cause and an enemy within....

I: Huh?!

Shadow Man: Turn back and leave this place! Your true enemy is not here!

Yammark: Don't worry! Once we deal with Epsilon, this honcho is goin' down too!

Shadow Man: Big mistake....SHADOW BLADE!! (throws large shurikens)

I: -protects with Ground Dash- HNN!

Shadow Man: (dashes onward)

Marino: (throws kunai)

Shadow Man: (dodges) HMPH!! (throws more Shadow Blades at her)

Marino: (dodging and then slashing away)

Shadow Man: HMPH!! (goes to attack more)

Maxxima: (gets blasted back)

I: -attacks with Volt Slasher-

Shadow Man: (deflects with Shadow Blade) Not bad! (throws kunai) TAKE THIS!!

I: -ducks and counters with Cold Touch-

Shadow Man: GAAAH!! (greatly damaged) Very well....but you will regret your decision later...(teleports off)

I: -pants- W-Well then...

Layer: Let's get moving.

I: Okay!




Poker: (flinging chips at elite Preons)

I: -impaling other elite Preons with Cold Touch-

Sari: (panting)

I: You okay?

Sari: So tired....feeling weak....(falls on her knees) You guys go on without me....

Layer: We're not leaving ya, kiddo! Get up!

I: C'mon! You can do it!

Sari: Ugh....

Geneva: We won't leave you, Sari!

I: That's right! C'mon, Sari!

Sari: I'll be fine...just go.

Arcee: No way, soldier! We're getting through this together! (defending her from some powerful Preons)

Sari: Thanks....Arcee....


(a knight-based Robot Master appears down)
Knight Man

Knight Man

Layer: Who's this hottie?

???: I am Knight Man, a new Maverick Hunter. Sir X has asked me to test your strength, to ensure you are ready. (arms himself with a shield and his Knight Crush mace)

I: U-Uh... O-Okay...

Knight Man: TAKE THIS!! (fires his mace towards her)

I: -deflects it with Ground Dash, then following up with Battle Presto-

Knight Man: NGH!! (keeps using it)

I: -dodges and blasts him with Chrome Blast-

Knight Man: (barely deflects it)

I: -attacks again with Battle Presto-

Knight Man: GUUH!!!!

I: -follows up with Chrome Blast-

Knight Man: (blasted back) Well have proved yourself (throws her a copy chip) Take my power and proceed forward. Farewell! (leaves)




I: We're getting there...

Poker: Wonder who the boss is now....(flings die bombs at some Picket Men)

Maxxima: I see a ring...heading right for us! Duck!

I: -hits the deck-


(a Robot Master catches the ring flung)
Ring Man

Ring Man

Nutra Millipede: Now who is it?!

???: Hmm, this is rather odd. I thought for certain a blue Reploid would be here.

I: Huh...?

Layer: How do you know X exactly?

???: X? I don't know X. I'm looking for my rival, who's not this X.

Poker: What kinda rival? And who are you anyway?

???: None of your business. My name is Ring Man.

Nutra Millipede: Get outta our way, Ring Man! We have a world to save!

Ring Man: I'm afraid my only way out is through you. En garde!

Marino: He's mine! (charges at him and goes for some quick strikes with her rapier)

Ring Man: -evades and launches energized rings at her- Hmph!

Marino: (evades just in time and fires Chaoskunai)

Ring Man NGH!

I: -blasts him with Chrome Blast-

Ring Man: GAH! -suddenly paralyzed-

Geneva: (slashes with her Clock Sword)

Ring Man: GAAAH!! -falls over, unable to counterattack-

Layer: Now are you gonna be a good hottie and move outta the way?

Ring Man: -still bound by the paralysis- Like I have a choice...




Maxxima: They're upping the ante! (slashing through some Uber-Seedrian units)

Layer: Are you surprised?

Maxxima:...Not really.

Geneva: (blasting some Sniper Joes with her buster)

I: -blasting through other Sniper Joes with Battle Presto-

Nana: I, you still have Cut Man and his team's special weapons  you can use as well as those four Robot Masters you've defeated. Try using different combos with different weapons and forms.

I: Got it.

(some more Mavericks show up)

I: Outta the way! -impales them with Cold Touch-

Layer: Use some of the other weapons you've gotten--


(Crash Man drills through the wall and lands in front of them)
File:Crash Man.png

Crash Man: Going somehwere, whores?

I: -growls- Crash Man...

Crash Man: In the metal! (winds up his drills)

Poker: You wanna get in the way, be our guest, but you're gonna get hurt!

Maxxima: Get ready for a pounding! (charges at him)

Crash Man: (thrusts his drill through her)

Maxxima: AAAAHH!!!!

I: -blasts him with Hyper Bomb-

Crash Man: TCH! Child's play! (counters with a Crash Bomber)

I: Grr! -blasts him with Chrome Blast-

Crash Man: GAAA!!!

Geneva: (blasts him with Clock Hand projectiles)

Crash Man: Time to blast you to pieces! (gets ready to blast them with Crash Bomber)

I: Not so fast! -hits him with Battle Presto-

Crash Man: (he is blown to lots of pieces, and teleports off)

Layer: Subtle.....

Arcee: Let's keep moving!



Maxxima:....Whoah. You could have some gladiator battles in here.

I: That's reassuring...

Maxxima: I'm just sayin...

Servbots: (sleeping in the stands, but no one notices quite yet)


(a red Centipede Maverick drops down and poses)
Magna Centipede

Magna Centipede

Nutra Millipede: (gasps) You!

???: (laughs) Well well! My stupid sis found some slutty friends! Out for a dumb orgy? Kekeekekeke!!

I: -grimaces- Your brother, I'm assuming?

Nutra Millipede: Yeah. Magna Centipede....

Magna Centipede: In the transmetal! (fires a Magnet Mine)

Nutra Millipede: (flings it away)

Servbots: (awake, scared, at the explosion)

Magna Centipede: Not bad sis, but you're still a dumb slut that's as useful as a baby Cy-Bug! You're nothing! Nothing but a stupid little bitch! You can't beat me!

Nutra Millipede: (growls) I'll show you, bro!
Maverick Rising 3-11 'Intruder Alert' (Magna Centipede) by Washudoll Mega Man X2 OC ReMix

Maverick Rising 3-11 'Intruder Alert' (Magna Centipede) by Washudoll Mega Man X2 OC ReMix

Theme of Nutra Millipede

I: -hits him with a Chrome Blast, giving him a burn as a result- You don't talk to my friends like that!

Nutra Millipede: Step back, I! He's mine!

I: ...Okay.

Nutra Millipede: (gets ready)

Magna Centipede: You are gonna be sorry, sis! (throws Magna Shurikens at her)

Nutra Millipede: (blasts them with her magnetic powers, but Magna Centipede is gone)

Magna Centipede: (appears behind her) Boo! (stabs her with his tail)

Nutra Millipede: AAH!!

Geneva: Millipede!

Marino: Stand back, Geneva! She's got this!

Geneva: But--

Marino: She needs to do this herself!


Nutra Millipede: (feels weak) I'm drained...

Magna Centipede: (laughs) What did I tell ya? Nothin but a dumb weak lil' whore! Now to finish ya off! (prepares a Magnet Mine)

Nutra Millipede:.....

I: Get up, Nutra! You can do it!

Yammark: Don't let that scum beat you! You're better than him!

Arcee: C'mon, Millipede!

Sari: You can take him!

Nutra Millipede: I...everyone.....(glares at Centipede)

Magna Centipede: MAGNET MINE!! (fires it at his sister, which hits on target) Heh...too easy...

Nutra Millipede: (when the smoke clears, she is missing)

Magna Centipede: Huh?! Where'd she go?!

(a tail tap is felt from the ceiling)

Nutra Millipede: (sticking to the ceiling; waves) Hiya! (drops down and fires a electro blast at him)

Magna Centipede: OOF!!

Nutra Millipede: This slut's learned some new tricks, bro! (shoots some Electro-Magnetic Kunai and Shurikens at him)

Magna Centipede: GAAH!! You little--!!

(the two start dueling in close combat, with Centipede getting an early edge, but Millipede rounds back and beats him)

Nutra Millipede: (hits with a powerful stab from her tail)

Magna Centipede: GAAH!! (defenseless on the floor)

Nutra Millipede: (about ready to finish him)

Magna Centipede: W-wait! Stop! I-I-I'm sorry, little sis! I should never have been so mean like that! I promise, I'll let you in the army! We'll be a great team! Please, don't kill me! (secretly waiting for an ambush)

Nutra Millipede:..........Keep your invite. (charging a Nutra Beam) I don't want it anymore! (blasts him and destroys him)

Magna Centipede: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! (killed in a big gorey and destructive mess)

Maxxima: Whoa....

Nutra Millipede: (panting, nearly collapses)

I: -catches her- Milipede!

Nutra Millipede: I did it....proved I'm better than my bro after all....(catches Centipede's Power Chip and hands it to I)

I: Th-Thank you...



Arcee: Hmm....looks like some sorta puzzle.

I: Just what we need...

Sari: These controls must be what shifts this revolver shaft.

I: Guess we'll need to align this thing the right way to continue.

Poker: Get it to the right door way so we can get to Epsilon....

I: Right.

Maxxima: Hmm...

Nutra Millipede: (pushes some buttons on one console and it moves to one side a couple times)

I: Hmm...

Geneva: Is this it? (walks outside and finds a dead end) Nope! Wrong door!

Maxxima: (pushes the other way a couple more times, but end up going full circle)

Marino: (goes a few more ways and find another dead end)

I: C'mon, we need to keep trying.

Layer: (hears something from a particular door and guides the shaft towards it) I think it's--


(a fiery blaze blasts through the door and stops to unveil a stallion-based Reploid ready to fight)
Flame Stag

Flame Stag

???: At last...worthy opponents....

Layer: Well....Flame Stag. Isn't this a surprise. I heard you were dead.

Flame Stag: Reports of my demise were....greatly exaggerated. Instead, I chose to reject Sigma's invite into his army to retain my position of Cagefighting Champion. But lately, my attempts to find a worthy opponent have been in vain....until now.

I: Then I guess we'll have to go through you then!

Flame Stag: Now put up your dukes! (gets in battle ready position)

Poker: You got it!

I: -nods-

Flame Stag: Very well. Layer, you will go first.

Layer: (ignites L-Rapier and begins elegantly slashing)

Flame Stag: (defending with ease and hits some powerful punches and kicks before hitting a flame kick)

Layer: GUUH!!! (lances forward)

Flame Stag: (dodges and fires a powerful fireball, which knocks down Layer) Hmph!

I: Layer...!

Layer: I almost forgot what a powerful warrior you are, Staggy!

Flame Stag: (points to Poker) Bounty Huntress, show me a challenge.

Poker: You got it! (flings Poker chips at him)

Flame Stag: (uses Speed Burner to blaze through them and into Poker)

Poker: WHOA!! (rolls a double-six die bomb at him)

Flame Stag: (sent back a bit) HAAA!!! (torches her with a flamethrower)

Poker: Ugh....

Flame Stag: (defeats even Sari and Arcee after a good fight) I the Hedgehog, I now challenge you!

I: -nods- Right... -readies buster-

Flame Stag: (shoots a fireball)

I: -activates Ajout form and uses Pressure Blaster, neutralizing the fireball-

Flame Stag: Not bad! (charges at her and prepares some punches and kicks)

I: -stops him cold with Cold Touch-

Flame Stag: UGH!!

I: Here's some more! -blasts him with Ground Dash-

Flame Stag: (throws a flame punch and breaks it)

I: -switches to Soust form and uses Battle Presto-

Flame Stag: (barely blocks)

I: -uses the stronger Pressure Blaster without warning-

Flame Stag: GAAH!! (falls down) Well done, I.

I: Thank you...

Flame Stag: Beware, though, Epsilon is incredibly powerful. Not just because his brother is my former commander....but he has Supra-Force Metal installed into his body, and has much more of it in the Hall of Glory.

Maxxima: Supra-Force Metal?!

Nutra Millipede: In his body?!

Geneva: Hall of Glory?

Layer: His brother's Sigma?!

Flame Stag: (throws his Power Chip at I) Here. Take my power. Use it to free Giga City, and then on the corrupt Repliforce Maverick.

Arcee: Dragoon?

Flame Stag: That's for you to figure out. Farewell! (jump-dashes away)

I: Let's go!



(the girls arrive and see bodies of dead Preons and Rebellion soldiers everywhere)

Geneva: Oh my goodness....

Arcee: I can't believe it....but I feel sorry for the poor things....

Layer: Someone else was here....and still is....

I: I wonder who...


(a familiar face slides down)

Chill Penguin: WAAKK!! Surprise!

Layer: Chill Penguin?!

I: Didn't X kill you years ago?!

Chill Penguin: That's what he thought! But in reality, I was just playing possum! I've now formed my own league of Maverick bounty hunters! Yo, guys! Come and say hello!

(five Mavericks jump down and pose, in a menacing way, kind of)
Team Chill-Out

Team Chill-Out

Chill Penguin: Allow me to introduce, Team Chill-Out!

Crush Crawfish: Crush Crawfish no want introduce! Crawfish want to kill slut-girls! Crawfish want SMASH ALL!!

Crystal Snail: Cool it, Crawfish. I am Crystal Snail. Crawfish here has a one-tracked mind and because of an accident during creation, he's not the brightest Maverick around.

Bubble Crab: The name's Bubble Crab! If the price is right, I'll do whatever ya want!

Duff McWhalen: I am Duff McWhalen, entrepreneur of the seas! A pleasure it is to meet you fine ladies!

Storm Owl: And I'm--

Iris: Storm Owl?!

I: Huh?! You know him?

Iris: He was a member of Repliforce. He was once so nice....I can't believe it....such a loyal soldier like you would become Maverick...

Storm Owl: Web Spider and I planned on getting rid of General and Colonel, cuz it was their faults we started some dumb coup and then nearly got blamed for the Sky Lagoon incident....TWICE!! But that double-crossing Redips sold us out! He hired Red Alert to kill us, and that twerp Axl killed me!

Arcee: So how are you even still alive?

Crystal Snail: I personally requested Morph Moth to resurrect him and Web Spider. Spider rejected his offer to join us.

Duff McWhalen: We're just here to get the Supra Metal. We don't want no trouble!

Marino: Well you found some anyway!

I: Urgh...

Chill Penguin: Scrap 'em now!

Crush Crawfish: CRAWFISH LAUNCH PINCER!! (hands turn into charp pincers which he launches forward like a rocket)

Crystal Snail: (launches a crystal shard at the girls)

Chill Penguin: SHOTGUN ICE!!!

I: -activates Ajout Form and blocks the attacks with Ground Dash- Divide them and take them out one at a time!

Maxxima: Right! (charges at Duff)

Duff McWhalen: (gets into a wrestle-fest with Maxxima) GNN!!

Storm Owl: (fires several tornadoes at the girls)

Geneva: (trying to hang on)

Marino: (throws kunai at him to stop)

Storm Owl: HAH! Missed me!

Yammark: (flings fly missiles at him)

Storm Owl: GAAH!!

Nutra Millipede: (flings electro-magnetic waves at Bubble Crab)

Bubble Crab: (dodging them) Missed me whore! (shoots powerful bubbles)

Nutra Millipede: UGH!!

Poker: (throws her poker chips at him)

Bubble Crab: Why you--

Chill Penguin: (shoots an icicle beam at I)

I: -creates a barrier for herself and blocks the attack, and blasts Plasma Shock at Storm Owl-

Storm Owl: GAAAHH!!! (paralyzed)

Geneva: (slashes at him down)

Storm Owl: (beaten)

Chill Penguin: (lunges into I) TAKE THIS!!

I: -impales him with Cold Touch before he gets to her- NO THANKS!!

Chill Penguin: WAAAKK!!!

Duff McWhalen: (goes for his Goo Shaver)

Maxxima: UGH!!

I: -activates Soust form and blasts Chill Penguin away with Burning Jet-

Chill Penguin: AAAHH!!! RETREEEEAAAT!!!!

(Team Chill-Out leaves)

Yammark: Good ridiance!

Maddie: (appears) Guys! You all look tired! Need a free refill?

I: Yes...please... -pants and takes a knee-

Maddie: (gives them all some weapon and energy refills)

Geneva: That helps! Thanks Maddie!

Maddie: (teleports off)


(the girls run in and confront Epsilon)

Layer: Epsilon!

Epsilon: So... You have made it...

Yammark: As Maverick Hunters, we are putting a stop to your plans for good!

Epsilon: -sighs- I suppose you are still unwilling to listen... Listen to the warning of the return of real Mavericks...

Poker: What?

Epsilon: You heard me.  -rises- I will now confirm this now. Sigma is my brother.

Layer: And I presume you have Supra-Force Metal installed in your body?

I: Layer...he used present tense...

Epsilon: -nods- Some.

Layer: I know what he did. But Sigma is dead. The way he was one can survive that!

Epsilon: I am well aware of his demise; however, consider this: I have executed Botos for being a double agent for Sigma.

Yammark: Well most Mavericks still work in a militia. But I still hind it hard to believe...that Sigma may still be alive....

Epsilon: Why would anyone fight for a dead leader, if there was no hope for revival?

Geneva: Because most bad guys are pretty stupid?

Epsilon: No. No leader means no plan, and no plan means no action. An army cannot function without its general.

Arcee: (groans) Quit stalling already! (loads up her guns)

Sari: Arcee, hold it-!

Epsilon: -grimaces- Repliforce needs to prepare for much larger battles than Giga City.

Maxxima: You're the ones who threatened the whole world with your tactics of killing and hurting innocent lives! I won't forgive you for this, Epsilon! Not one bit!

Epsilon: What I have done pales in comparison to what is to come!

Layer: Stop wasting our time already! You either come quietly or we take you down! Your choice.

Yammark: Even if Sigma is alive, X and the others will stop him, no matter what.

Epsilon: Sigma is alive...and he is going to return, in great power. X might prevail in the end, but with a scorched world in Sigma's wake. This is my warning. If you will take me seriously, then I will come quietly.

Nutra Millipede:....I?

I: ...X doesn't like I won't either.

Epsilon: If you need proof, the communications room is open to you. You can see how I found out Botos was working for Sigma.

Yammark: Don't I. It could be another Maverick trap!

Epsilon: If you're that distrustful then I'll take you there and extract the files myself.

Arcee: it!

Epsilon: This way. -walks off-


Epsilon: -hands an external memory cartridge to Yammark- For your viewing pleasure. Here are the messages sent between Botos and Sigma.

Yammark: (takes it and plays it) If this is an explosive, you're dead, Maverick!

Epsilon: -sighs-

-the playing clearly produces Botos' voice, in an unusually hushed tone-

Botos: Commander Sigma, come in. Agent Botos here.

Sigma: Commander Sigma here. Report, Agent Botos.

Botos: It appears that Epsilon is creating a powerful new energy source...this thing called Force Metal...

Sigma: What are its specifications?

Botos: It seems as if it can bolster the power of Reploids. Normally, it must be mined and refined in order to be used. Our scientist is on his way to retrieve something that Dr. Izzy Glow has developed: a Force-Metal Generator.

Sigma: I see. So this Force-Metal Generator can bypass the mining and refinement processes?

Botos: It seems that way, Commander Sigma.

Sigma: Keep me posted, when you can.

Botos: Yes, Commander Sigma. Agent Botos, out.

-the first message ends-

Geneva: (cuddles up, scared)

I: -holding Geneva- It's okay...we're all here...

Layer: Wait...there's some more messages...

I: ...Play the next one.

Yammark: (plays it)

Botos: Commander Sigma, come in. Agent Botos here.

Sigma: Commander Sigma here, report.

Botos: I have received information about a refinement process that can create something called Supra-Force Metal. It is apparenlty over 10,000 times more energy than regular Force Metal.

Sigma: Is that so? This is very useful information indeed... Give me some locations of where this Supra-Force Metal can be found and we can sneak some away for our own purposes.

Botos: Yes sir, sending them now. -a slight pause occurs-

Sigma: Received. Thank you Agent Botos. Alert me if something else comes up.

Botos: There is more, Commander Sigma.

Sigma: Then speak.

Botos: It appears that Vile is here in Giga City, suspecting that Epsilon is you.

Sigma: Hmm...he does pose a problem... Keep me posted.

Botos: Yes sir, Commander Sigma. Agent Botos out.

-the message ends-

Layer: Hmm....

Epsilon: Approximately 60,000 units of Supra-Force Metal were stolen before I found out about this...

Poker: Vile stole that much?!

Epsilon: Not Vile. Whatever Sigma used to steal the Supra-Force Metal. Vile took the 5,000 units that were installed in the warhead.

Marino: Well don't look at me!

Nana: Someone else did this....I doubt Sigma would simply just blow his own cover like that, and I doubt Botos had any sets to try gathering it for the army....

Epsilon: We have found that specialized "new-generation" Reploids in stealth and illusion carried this out. Sigma could have easily sent them and not blown his cover doing so. Even with close inspection, one could not determine that they would belong to Sigma.

Yammark: Hmm.....(It has to have been Redips....but why?)

Nutra Millipede: Something wrong Yammark?

Yammark: Hmm?'s nothing...

Epsilon: Whatever the case... I have to assume that Sigma has a large amount of Supra-Force Metal, if not taken earlier certainly soon it will...

Yammark: What's the verdict I?

I: ...I believe him.

Arcee:......(How we gonna explain this to Colonel Redips?)

Maxxima: That's it? After all that he's done to all those innocents....that's it?!

I: X wouldn't want to kill if he had the choice under any circumstances! I know he would do the same thing!

Layer: She has a point there. Trust me....I've know big blue longer than any of you. You may be part of him, I, but you still don't know everything about him....

I: -nods slowly-

A while later....

(as the girls begin leaving, they hear some footsteps behind them)

Redips: I detected high energy signatures here, that matched that of Supra-Force Metal.

I: Huh...?

Redips: What happened to the metal?

(everyone looks at Marino)

Marino: (groans) I swiped it off Epsilon...(takes out a small fragment of Supra-Force Metal and hands it to Redips) You're welcome.

Redips: (stares at it intently) So...this is it....(turns to the girls) and your comrades performed splendedly. You are all to be commended.

(Redips salutes the girls, who salute back)

I: Thank you sir.

Redips: Now ladies, return to base. A cargo ship will arrive for you shortly. Take care.

I: Yes sir.

(the girls leave as Redips stares at the Supra-Force Metal)

Redips: (chuckles) Well done, whores. Now that I have the last of won't be needed anymore. (to a soldier behind him) Is the Death Rogumer II ready yet?

Redips Guard: Yes sir! She's ready to go, and ready to kill!

Redips: Good! Prepare for launch. We will ambush them when their guards are down. And then, everything will be mine. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 10: The Scum of Repliforce


(Nana explains the extent of every weapon I has; the girls then contact X and tell them about Sigma)

X: What? You mean Sigma's alive?!

Layer: Unfortunatly it's true, X. Sigma somehow cheated death. He'll be gunning for you soon.

I: X...

X: If that's the case....I'll be ready! I will have to keep fighting, evolving at my own pace! I finally realize that's the only solution to finding peace....

Layer: Whoa, X! When did you grow a set?

X: (chuckles) I musta stole it from you.

Layer: Now wait just a minute--!

(everyone laughs, Nana more than the others)

Iris: Nana? You're...laughing?

X: I haven't seen her laugh so hard since when I beat Spark Mandrill....

Alia: Wow... This is a first...

I: (I wanna go home... My mission's done, I just wanna go home X...)

X: I'll see you all when you get back. Take care. (ends transmission)

Geneva: So, umm...does this mean good-bye...?
Sorrow - Megaman X8 Music Extended-0

Sorrow - Megaman X8 Music Extended-0

An emotional farewell

I: Huh? Uh! Umm... Never thought that far ahead...

Yammark: You were all great allies, some that I trusted with my life....but I'm not sure if you can come with us.

Geneva: Huh? But...but why?

Alia: -sighs, rubbing the back of her own head-

Geneva: But...I wanna go with you...(starts to cry)'s just not fair!

Marino: (tries to comfort her) Look Geneva....they have to leave now...they can't stay here...

Geneva: (doesn't stop crying) But I don't wanna leave them! They're our friends!

Yammark:....(begins crying, a little bit)

Nutra Millipede: I....I'm glad to have met you all....(sheds some tears herself)

Sari: So am I...(cries a bit herself)

I: -starts crying also- I'm sorry... -hugs Geneva- 

Poker: So this is it....thanks for everything I. You really helped me see that the bounty and reward isn't the most important thing about business. It's the relationships you do in it, and how close you get to your clients. And I'm glad I got to do business with ya.

Maxxima: Yeah. Thanks to you, I feel like I can now keep the world the Iron Maxxima! Thank you...everyone!

I: Everyone...


Alia: ...We should be getting ready...

Izzy Glow: It has been an honor working with you all.

Iris: (nods)


(the girls walk to the heliport to await their pick up)

Sari: It's here!

(the Death Rogumer II comes into sight, with Yammark looking on suspiciously)

Death Rogumer II

Arcee: (to I) We completed our mission objective...that's all that matters, right?

I: R-Right... I just want to get home already... Zero would reward me at least with some rest...

Layer: But...what are we gonna do about the rest of the Supra-Force Metal?

Arcee: Well, from what Epsilon told us, it looks like before the metals were stolen, they weren't yet retrieved all that was necessary for the warhead. So I don't think we need to worry about that missile going off for now....

Sari: Well with the Rebellion Army finished and the Federation and Repliforce able to operate here, Colonel Redips can search for it.

Yammark: I think he already did....

Iris: (waving to the ship)

(most of the girls turn to her)

I: Is that the cargo ship?

Yammark: More like a battleship. Redips' timing arriving and cutting out is way too convinient to say the least, and the way he acted....makes me think Scarface wasn't trying to warn us about Sigma....

Maxxima: don't actually mean....

Layer: Iris, get out! It's an ambush!

Iris:...What was that?

(two large cannons appear on teh underbelly of the Death Rogumer II and fire down onto Iris five times)
Megaman X7 Our Blood Boils - vs Sigma 1st Extended

Megaman X7 Our Blood Boils - vs Sigma 1st Extended

Repliforce Ambush!

Iris: (screams in terror)

Everyone: Iris!!

Iris: (falls down, seemingly dead)

Star Man: (from inside the ship) Bullseye! Now to send the other units to finish 'em off!

(the ship sends out several Reploids and Mechaniloids, who begin firing on and attacking the group)

Everyone: (gets to cover and tries to hold them off)

Geneva & Cinnamon: (shaking scared)

I: What is this?!

Yammark: Redips has gone Maverick and tricked his cronies into thinking we're the bad guys!

Arcee: Running low on Energon! Can't hold on forever!

Repliforce Troops & Drones: (still trying to kill them all)

Poker: (grabs Iris and flings some chips at them) There's too many of them.

Redips: Star Man, finish them. Destroy the heliport with our secret weapon.

Star Man: The Judas Cannon?! But sir, it hasn't been officially tested yet.

Redips: Then consider today the test run, kid. Now do it.

Star Man: Fine, but don't call me kid!

(the Death Rogumer II goes right above the heliport and the twin cannons that shot Iris are replaced with a much larger cannon that begins charging)

Nutra Millipede: Oh I don't like the looks of this!

I: Urgh!! (Zero...what would you do...?) -readies her Buster, activates Soust form and aims at the cannons- (Maybe...just maybe...)

(it barely does anything)

Star Man: Hasta la vista, Mavericks! (fires the cannon and destroys the heliport, sending all on it falling to their death)

(unsuspecting, as the Death Rogumer II was leaving, the Aerialbots and other Air Force members saved everyone just as the heliport was destroyed)

Wing Saber: Looks like we were just in time!

I: Uh...?

Silverbolt: Redips has brainwashed our friends...but we must stop his evil! Commander Skiver!

Skiver: -floats down- Report, Silverbolt.

Silverbolt: Star Man and several other soldiers have been paralyzed by propaganda yet again, Redips is the true villain.

Layer: (Dear god, could this guy be any more overdramatic?)

Air Raid: Commander, let's fly to the Far East HQ and kick him to the fifth wall!

Jetstorm: Now you're talkin' Air Raid!

Skiver: In good faith, yes. However, such an action is unadvisable at this moment. The propaganda must be cleared up first before we take such an action. I will notify the Colonel about Redips. Jetfire, you're in charge. Do not engage Redips until I give you the all-clear, understood?

Jetfire: Understood sir!

Nutra Millipede: That may not be a good idea. (points to a large TV)


Redips: My fellow Reploids, I Colonel Redips of the Repliforce have finally disposed of the Rebellion Army and the traitorous Maverick Hunters, lead by I, who conspired with the Rebellion Army for Supra-Force Metal. But my followers and I have defeated them and taken all that they had. Now...we will build our own peaceful paradise, for all Reploids like us! Without fear, for we are the Repliforce - the most powerful army in history!

(many sychophantic Repliforce followers cheer)


X: WHAT?!?!?! I, A MAVERICK??!?!!?!

Cut Man: Taking credit for her actions?! Just who the hell does he think he is?!?!?!

-Zero's voice is heard bellowing in deep, intense rage-


X: (shows him the news feed) There's your mothaf****in answers, Zero!! ENJOY THEM!!!!

Axl: Man, I know this pisses us all off, but do ya guys need to rage so loud-

Cut Man: Shut it, punk-ass!!


Axl: EEIIIGH!!! (runs to the control panel and contacts Abel City Repliforce base) General, it's Redips, he's--

General: We know, Axl. He's been broadcasting all across the world.

Bumblebee: Talk about being real vain....


General: Redips has been blocking my calls and refused to report in....for 10 straight days. I knew he was up to something. So to answer your question Zero...the answer is no-

(just then, the Repliforce gets an incoming transmission from Far East HQ)

Metal Man: Fellow military scum and government dogs, I am Metal Man, and my brothers and I want something!

Wood Man: We want Mega Man, and/or Mega Man X! We know they're here and we wanna take 'em!

Air Man: You bring us them and stay outta our way, too!

Quick Man: Or else we burn down every last base and city we see until we find 'em!

Flash Man: And this unethical place of blandness will make for good target practice.

Heat Man: Maybe we'll even kill some innocent hotties for no good reason too!! NYAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Bubble Man: And maybe Bubble Man not get blown up again, instead blow up all otehr Reploid Mans!!

Crash Man: Oh, and Freeze Man! Ya get in the way, we'll blast ya to kingdom come! (laughs)

(the transmission ends)

Wheeljack: This day keeps getting better and better....

Colonel: General, pardon the interruption. I believe you and Zero might want to hear this report. It's from Skiver.

General: Link it through.

Colonel: -sends it to both General's and Zero's consoles-

Skiver: Sir! Approximately 3 minutes ago, a ship arrived that was supposably a cargo ship that would carry our team home; however, it turned out to be a battleship, and used its weaponry to attack the team. ...Iris was the hardest hit, and is currently in critical condition. The helipad designated as the pick-up zone was also destroyed, the experimental Judas Cannon system was most likely utilized in this attack. Therefore, I have probable reason to believe that Redips has gone Maverick, and decisive action is highly reccommended.

Zero: ...IRIS!? IRIS?!?! -slams his fists on the console, anger stoked- THAT F***ING A**HOLE BETTER NOT HAVE F***ING KILLED HER!!!

Gate: Zero....we may have to accept that--


General: And he will. Freeze Man, take your platoon to the Far East HQ and deal with the eight sons. As for I, you were the one chosen to lead this operation, so you must end it. Take your unit....destroy Redips and stop whatever he's planning, at any cost to you or your team! Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Freeze Man: Yes, General, sir!

I: Y-Yes sir...

X: Be careful, I!

I: -nods sadly- Guess this mission isn't over yet...


(the AIr Force drops the girls off and then fly off)

Maxxima: When I get my hands on that Redips, he's gonna regret it!

(the alarm suddenly goes off and several guards rush out to attack)
U-Gen Megaman 5 Dr

U-Gen Megaman 5 Dr. Wily Stages

Far East HQ Stage Theme

Layer: Here comes the welcoming commitee!

Poker: Right on schedule! (pulls out her die bombs)

I: -blasts them with Burning Jet- HAH!

Geneva: (blasting the guards with Clock Bombs)

Marino: (taking the Redips guards with her close combat skills)

Bee-Bladers: (break through the glass to attack)

Poker: (throws a ten) 10! 10! 10!

(the Bee Blader is easily destroyed and the girls move on)

I: Urgh...!

Nana: (through communicators) I, can you hear me?

I: Yeah, Nana...

Nana: I snuck into the communiations room with the others. Good news is Iris is alive, but the bad news is her condition is more worse off than she thought. Izzy's trying to help, as is Alia, but....

I: No... Zero's already mad about that...

Nana: (nods) Be prepared, it seems that Redips has brought some insurance policy....Ground Man.

Maxxima: (smashes some cannon-like mechaniloids) HIYAAAAA!!!!!

Yammark: (using Yammar Option to blast all Repliforce units in her way)

I: Ground Man...? -blasts through some defensive mechaniloids with Battle Presto-

Nana: Yes. A Robot Master that worked with Repliforce but later left to be a bounty hunter. He's weak to explosive based weapons. Try using the Magnet Mine or Crash Bomber. Remember to try using some variety in your weapons.

I: R-Right...

(the girls proceed on when....)


(Ground Man drills up to the surface)
Ground Man

Ground Man

Ground Man: So... It's you sluts who Redips wants dead. This shouldn't take long.

Geneva: What is it with everyone calling us sluts?! I don't even know what slut is.

Layer: A slut's what I am, not anyone else. But this punk's going down!

Ground Man: Hmph. Yeah right. -launches drills at them-

I: -ducks underneath them and lauches a Crash Bomber at him-

Ground Man: GAH!

Poker: Nice shot, I! My turn now! (throws some of her whole artillery at him)

Ground Man: GAAH!! BRATS!! -charges toward them-

I: -sends him into the air with a Hyper Bomb-

Ground Man: GRRRAAAAAH!!

Maxxima: (slashes at him while in mid-air) TAKE THIS!!

Ground Man: NGH!!! -crashes onto the ground-

I: -blasts him with Magnet Mine-

Ground Man: GRAAH! -some parts fly off of him- This isn't worth the pay! -digs to escape-

Poker: Loser....let's keep moving!

I: -nods-


(there are eight boss capsule teleporters with a locked door at the end of the hallway)

Layer: Looks like a boss rush room...

I: I don't like the looks of this...

Splash Woman: I! Arcee!

Arcee: Splash Woman!

Splash Woman: It's Freeze Man! He and the others need help! Metal Man is too strong!

I: -gasps-

Layer: Better help 'em out I!

I: Right!

(the girls go through the first capsule and Nana contacts them)
File:Wood Man.png

Nana: The first boss is Wood Man. You won't be able to damage him while he has his Leaf Shield up and his strength is unmatched. However, you may be able to damage him with fire or cutter based weapons.

I: Got it!

(the girls run in to see Wood Man standing over a defeated Search Man)

Wood Man: Should have rejoined my brothers when ya had the chance Search Man! I could've been merciful to you....

Search Man: Grr! I'd rather die as a soldier than to live as a Maverick!

Wood Man: (crushes his back with his own foot) HAH!! Your pride's only gonna be your own doom! Get ready to die, Search Man!

Yammark: I don't think so Wood Man!

Wood Man: Huh?! You girls again?!

Layer: Hands off the hottie, elk boy!

Wood Man: Hah! What can some stupid girls do to stop me?!
The Megas - Carved from Mighty Oak

The Megas - Carved from Mighty Oak

Theme of Wood Man

I: THIS! -fires a volley of Battle Presto- 

Wood Man: GAAAH!!! Why you! (throws leaves at the girls)

Arcee: Pah-lease! (fires guns at him)

Wood Man: (blocks with his arms)

I: -jumps and fires a Fire Storm over Arcee to hit Wood Man-

Wood Man: GAAAAHH!!!

Sari: (slashes with her blades)

Wood Man: (sliced in half) Th-this isn't over girls! (retreats)

Arcee: (goes to check on Search Man)

Search Man: -coughing and panting-

Arcee: C'mon, let's get him patched up!


Cinnamon: (heals Search Man) There you go!

Nana: The Leaf Shield can only be used in Ajout form. It will create a leaf barrier to protect you but can be thrown towards enemies if you move it forcefully.

I: Got it!

Marino: Next!

(the girls head into the next capsule and Nana calls them)
File:Heat Man.png

Nana: Heat Man is next. Fire and explosive based weapons will only power him up, so try using water based attacks or even the Ice Slasher.

Layer: The fact that Ice Man's powers can do damage to fire based Mavericks is quite impressive....remind me to check him out after all this....

Nana: Just get going already!

(the girls run into the room and see Heat Man standing over a defeated Burner Man)

Heat Man: (laughs) What's wrong, Burnie? Can't take the heat?!

Burner Man: Heh! Maybe the heat's gone to your head!

Heat man: (burns him with a flame tower) WAH HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!! BURN, BITCH!! BUUURRRRN!!!!!!

Poker: Well look who's a psychotic punk!

Heat Man: (whistles) Well I just found chicks hotter than me! HAHAHA!! Ya wanna see some real action, ladies?
Man on Fire

Man on Fire

Theme of Heat Man

Layer: I may like hot guys, but I prefer not to get burned. So get lost, punk!

Heat Man: Suit yourselves! But I'm way too hot for you sluts to handle!

I: Then we'll just have to cool you off! -blasts him with Pressure Blaster-

Heat Man: GAAH!! WHY YOU--!! (turns into a fiery blaze and charges straight at them)

Geneva: (severly burned) AAAH!!

Maxxima: (slashes at him)

Heat Man: GUH!!

I: Geneva!! -growls and activates Ajout form and impales Heat Man with Cold Touch-

Heat Man: OWW!! Hey! Watch it bitch! (throws powerful fireballs at her)

I: -neutralizes them with a wider-ranged Pressure Blaster, then launches Meteor Rain-

Heat Man: (rusted up) I been burned up! I'll be back! (disappears in a fiery blaze)

Sari: (checks on Burner Man)

Burner Man: Heh... He just had more gas...that's all...

Geneva: Let's get you fixed up!


Nana: When using Atomic Fire in Soust form, you can charge it up to get more power and range out of the fire it throws. In Ajout form, you can create fire towers around yourself or towards foes.

I: -nods-

Cinnamon: He's fixed. You go get the next guy!

Nutra Millipede: Right!

(the girls enter another capsule and Nana narrates)
File:Flash Man.png

Nana: Flash Man is next. He may throw you off with his personality, but when he flashes, time stops and you'll be open for him to hit with his gun. Get rid of him quickly! Atomic Fire, Crash Bomber, Ice Slasher, or any cutter based weapon will do the job.

I: Right.

(the girls walk in to see Flash Man standing over a defeated Bright Man)

Flash Man: What a shame Bright have to destroy a beauty of nature like yourself....we could have been something more....(chuckles) but alas, it wasn't to be....

Bright Man: I was never on your would never have worked...

Flash Man: Pity....(points his gun at him) You would have made a fine first mate...(chuckles evilly)

Arcee: (shoots his cannon)

Flash Man: AAH!! My beautiful buster! Who dares?!
The Megas - Blue like you

The Megas - Blue like you

Theme of Flash Man

Arcee: I dare, Flash Man!

I: That's not all! -launches a Hyper Bomb at him-

Flash Man: GAAAH!! (flown back) Oh, you are asking for it! (prepares Time Stopper)

Geneva: Oh no you don't! (throws a clock bomb at him, stopping it)

Flash Man: Why you brat! (gets in a close combat fight with her)

Geneva: (holding her own well)

I: How about I make things a bit more interesting? -uses Time Slow, then gets beside Flash Man, and hits him with a fully-charged Atomic Fire-

Flash Man: AAAAAHHH!!!

I: -follows up by impaling him with Cold Touch- HAH!

Flash Man: I surrender! I surrender! (runs off)

Layer: Moron....

I: -pants- Well...was that quick enough?


Nana: As the name suggestes, Time Stopper stops time for a little while. Only use it in Ajout form.

I: Got it.

Cinnamon: Bright Man's good as new!

I: That's good...

Layer: Next!

(the girls go through the next teleporter and are called by Nana)

Nana: Crash Man is beyond this door. You know how to deal with him now, right?

I: Yeah.

(the girls ran into the room to see Crash Man standing over a defeated Galaxy Man)

Crash Man: Guess my bombs are stronger than yours, Galaxy Man!

Galaxy Man: -remains coldly silent, only giving a steady death glare-

Crash Man: Time to get scewered! (activates his drills and laughs)

Galaxy Man: -retains cold silence and death glare-

Nutra Millipede: (throws electric bolts at him) Not so fast!
The Megas - Programmed to Fight

The Megas - Programmed to Fight

Theme of Crash Man

Crash Man: Not you whores again!

I: A beatdown like last time to boot! -blasts him with Battle Presto-

Crash Man: (digs underneath to dodge)

I: Darn!

Crash Man: (appears behind her and about to stab her)

Layer: Look out, I! (pushes her aside and take the hit) AAAH!!!!

Crash Man: (laughs)

I: Grr! -impales him with Cold Touch-

Crash Man: AAH!! (fires a Crash Bomber)

I: -neutralizes it with Ground Dash, then follows up with Plasma Shock-

Crash Man: (electrocuted) GAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAHH!!!! (fainted)

I: -pants- Double-dosage...

Layer: (groans)

I: Layer! Are you okay?!

Layer: I....can't move on....not gonna....

Geneva: Save your strength, Layer!

Poker: Let's move!

Cinnamon: (trying to heal Galaxy Man and Layer)

I: Grr... And we're only halfway through...

Layer: Ugh.....still feel dizzy....but I'll make it through. Let's go!

(the girls make it to another capsule and get called by Nana)
File:Quick Man.png

Nana: The next is Quick Man. As his name suggests, he's about as fast as my creator's ex-husband and the Quick Boomerangs are very powerful. If you could slow him down a little, you may be able to take him out. I, perhaps you and Geneva could use your time abilities to your advantage.

I: Got it.

(the girls run in to see Quick Man standing over a defeated Crystal Man)

Quick Man: Heheh! Too fast for ya, eh Crystie?

Crystal Man: Give me a break, you were just lucky!

Quick Man: And here I thought Shadow Man was a sore loser! Face it, I'm better than you! (fires his buster)

I: -uses Time Stopper and gives Quick Man a Plasma Shock attack-
"The Quick and The Blue" by The Megas music video

"The Quick and The Blue" by The Megas music video

Theme of Quick Man

Geneva: Talk about jumping the gun, I!

Quick Man:.....! Hey! Crystal Man! What the hell'd you do to me?

Poker: That was Flash Man's Time Stopper, which I used. Then she used Scarface's Plasma Shock to paralyze ya!

Quick Man: Oh crap!

I: Not so fast now, are ya? -raises buster- Now get crushed! -lauches a Ground Dash at him-

Quick Man: GAAH!!! (blown apart, but starts putting himself together) know what they say...he who fucks and runs away lives to fuck another day! (winks at the girls) Ciao! (dashes off)


Cinnamon: (trying to fix up Crystal Man)

I: Ugh... Can these guys get any more disgusting...?

Nana: In Soust form, the Quick Boomerang can shoot a V-shaped projectile in a straight path, while in Ajout form it can fire some small boomerangs at enemies that'll ricochet back to you after a while.

I: I see.

Cinnamon: Be more careful, Crystal Man!

Crystal Man: Right... He just got one opening and it went downhill from there...

Arcee: Rough translation, he still can't accept the fact he's not high rank material or that good a clean fighter....

Sari: He'll never learn from his mistakes.....

Crystal Man: GRR! Why you--!!

Splash Woman: Save it, Crystal Man!

Crystal Man: -grumbles-

(the girls head through another capsule and into a room at the surface of a pool; Nana then calls)
File:Bubble Man.png

Nana: Bubble Man is down there. His bubble attacks are quite powerful, but if you use blade or cutter weapons, you could take him out easily.

I: Right.

(the girls jump into the water and see Bubble Man standing over a defeated Wave Man)

Bubble Man: (dancing and lkaughing) Wave Man no match for Bubble Man! Bubble Man more pimpin! Bubble Man better battler! Bubble Man...RULES!! Eheheeheheee!!!!

Wave Man: What a bubble mouth... It should be washed out...

Bubble Man: Yes, and Bubble Man now wash yooouu! Then Bubble Man get laid with Splash Woman!

Marino: That's not happening, sod-off!

Bubble Man: Err?! Slut Womans not supposed to be here! Slut Womans should be in scrapheap!
The Megas - Promise of Redemption-0

The Megas - Promise of Redemption-0

Theme of Bubble Man

I: Disgusting creep! -launches Quick Boomerang-

Bubble Man: (flung backwards)

I: -blasts him with Plasma Shock- HAH!

Bubble Man: (paralyzed) Hey! Slut Womans cheating!

Nutra Millipede: Oh yeah! NUTRA BEAM!!! (blasts him apart away in a mess)

Poker: Too easy....


Cinnamon: (healing Wave Man)

I: Ugh...ew... please tell me we won't be facing him again...

Nana: Hopefully not...but there's two more until we move on to Redips....hurry!

I: Right!

Nana: The Bubble Lead in Soust form will fire powerful bubbles at opponents, while in Ajout form it can create a bubble around you for protection until hit by a large enemy.

I: I see.

(the girls run into another teleporter and Nana briefs them again)
Air Man

Air Man

Nana: Air Man will be difficult to defeat with his Air Shooters and high winds, but you may stand a chance if you could jam his fans. Try using the Leaf Shield.

I: Okay.

(the girls enter the room and find Air Man standing over a defeated Gyro Man)

Air Man: (laughs arrogantly) You're pathetic, Gyro Man! You can't defeat me!! So why bother trying?!

Gyro Man: It is my duty... -wheezes- A duty I have chosen...

Air Man: BAH!! Your duty's as worthless as you are! (readies his cannon) Get ready to die!

Gyro Man: Even if you kill haven't won... Repliforce is mightier than you...

I: -throws a Leaf Shield at Air Man-
Annihilation Of Monsteropolis

Annihilation Of Monsteropolis

Theme of Air Man

Air Man: GAAAH!! Who's there?!

I: I. -blasts him with Plasma Shock-

Air Man: GUUH!! Take your best shot!

Layer: (lances at him a few times)\

Air Man: That tickled! (smirks and spits at her)

Layer: Hey!! No one does that to sexy old me and gets away with it! (goes into "Zero rage" mode and slashes at him mercilessly)

I: (Whoa...that makes me think about Zero...)

Air Man: (breaks free of Plasma Shock and shoots twisters at teh girls)

Layer: AAAH!!

Geneva and Marino: (easily taken out)

Maxxima: (holding on with her axe)

Poker: These winds are strong alright!

I: -defends herself by holding a Ground Dash- Ngh!

Air Man: You sluts can't beat Air Man! No matter how many times you dodge my tornadoes, I'll just kill you again!

I: -launches the Ground Dash at him and follows up by throwing a Leaf Shield at him-

Air Man: AAAH!! L-leaves?! Rocks?! I-Impossible!!

Poker: Our turn now! (throws projectiles at him)

Air Man: This can't be! No one can beat me! NO ONE!!! AAAARRRRRRGH!!! (destroyed)

I: Ugh... That should've gone better...

Poker: Well we beat him. Now all who's left is Metal Man....


Nana: The Air Shooter fires a vertical upward tornado in Ajout form, and a powerful stream of wind in Soust form.

Cinnamon: (healing Gyro Man) So then...Freeze Man went to fight Metal Man...

Gyro Man: -nods- Boss fights boss...

Nana: Metal Man's Metal Blades are very powerful, but it looks like you can taken him out with--huh?! What the?! H-hey! Let me go!

I: Huh?!

???: Someone's been very bad! You won't snoop around the Colonel's place anymore, you filthy slut! (laughs)

Nana: N-No! Please! Don't! Not agai--(transmission cuts off)

Layer: I, let's hurry and thrash Metal Man so we can save Nana!

I: Right!

(the girls rush into another teleporter and see Metal Man battering at an already worn-down Freeze Man)
Metal Dance

Metal Dance

Theme of Metal Man

Metal Man: C'mon Freeze Man! Show me how tough you really are! (slashes at him with his chainsaw arms)

Freeze Man: -defending with ice shields- Hmph! I'm beginning to think you haven't gotten this strong on your own... -launches icicles underneath Metal Man's arms-

Metal Man: (smirks and smashes them and begins throwing powerful Metal Blades)

Freeze Man: -counters with Freeze Crackers-

Metal Man: (gets a cheap shot in the smoke and kicks him in the face)

Freeze Man: GUH! Urgh...

Metal Man: Shoulda joined me when you had the chance....(metal blades blasted from his hands) Huh?! Who the-?!

Freeze Man: -smirks- Why would I join an arrogant metal-head who gets distracted by his own speeches? -heaves in a huge breath and blasts Metal Man with a strong Freeze Cracker- HAH!!

Metal Man: GAH!!

Layer: We'll take over from here, Freeze Man!

Metal Man: Well look who's back!

Freeze Man: Careful. I have reason to believe that these guys have scooped up some Supra-Force Metal...

I: These guys too?!

Metal Man: Excuses excuses! You don't have any proof! You just can't accept the fact my bros are better than your stupid military! And these dumb sluts, too! Come on and face me, whores!

I: With pleasure, jerk! -hits him with Cold Touch-

Metal Man: GAAAH!!

Geneva: (blasts him with Clock bombs)

Poker: (takes him down with chip ammo)

Metal Man: UGH!! Too weak from the battle....wearing off....

I: -crushes him with Ground Dash-

Metal Man: GAAH!!

Sari: Metal Man, you're under arrest for being an asshole!...(slaps some cuffs on him) I've always wanted to say that!


Metal Man: (being escorted to prison) I'll get you sluts for this one day!

Cinnamon: (fixing up Freeze Man)

I: -sighs-

Layer: No time to waste! Nana needs us!

I: Right!

(the girls run through the now-unlocked door and eventually come to the control room, where Depth Dragoon and his men are raping and harassing Nana; Izzy Glow, Iris, and Alia are all knocked out cold)
Depth Dragoon

Depth Dragoon: Loyal Liutenant of Redips

I: -gasps- Nana!

Depth Dragoon: So you whores cheated death after all. Colonel Redips'll reward me greatly me for my loyal services in putting you all in your place!

Nana: (coughing)

Layer: You no good son-of-a-bitch! You're worse than Redips!

Depth Dragoon: You're in no position to insult me, you whore! (grabs Chaosblade and shield) From what I hear, you're hated all over the world for being slaggier than her! And she hates you too!

Layer: Maybe....but Nana's still a good friend. I'm not asking for unneeded rewards or any type of praise. I just do the right thing and leave to get what I do it again. It doesn't matter what she thinks of me, I won't let you have your way with her!

Nana: Layer....

Depth Dragoon: Oh, I'm not all bad! But you whores asked for it! (prepares to attack)

I: -blasts him with Plasma Shock-

Depth Dragoon: (unaffected) That tickled a little!

I: Urgh! -switches to Soust form and uses Battle Presto-

Depth Dragoon: (defends; then shoots electricity bolts at everyone, heavily damaging everyone but Nutra Millipede)

Nutra millipede: Back at ya!! (shoots electric beam at him, but does nothing)

Depth Dragoon: No use! (slashes at her)

Nutra Millipede: GAAH!!

Layer: (begins duelling with him and getting an upper hand)

Depth Dragoon: NGH!! The guilty shall be punished!

Layer: if you're such a good guy, why do you follow a slime like Redips?

Depth Dragoon: I remain loyal to the Colonel and Repliforce until the end! No matter what! (prepares an electric attack)

Geneva: No you don't! (stops time for everyone except Layer)

Layer: (thrusts and parries right through some hard blows)

Depth Dragoon: OWWWW!!!!! (heavilly damaged)

I: -blasts with Sadistic Insanity- Hah!

Depth Dragoon: I lost.....(comatose)

Nana: (gets up slowly) Layer....did you mean that?

Layer: Yes....

Nana:......Layer....thank you. (cries and hugs her) Thank you...

I: -smiles-

Nana:.....(recomposes herself after a while) The Metal Blade can be used in Soust form and you can shoot it in any direction.

I: Got it.

(the girls prepare to leave for Redips until they hear a familiar whistle; Blues appears)

Blues: Hold it, I. I need to test you....

Layer: Hey....I know that hottie. He's the one that beat up the kid during Gate's retarded revenge plot.

Blues: The name is Blues, I. We've met before....

I: H-Have we...?

Blues: (nods) Of were vastly different...and not just gender-wise. (takes out Protoshield and Protobuster) Now, en guarde!

I: (I have no idea what he's talking about...) -takes out buster-

Blues: (fires a powerful shot)

I: -evades and attacks with Metal Blade-

Blues: GAAAH!!! (takes heavy damage)

I: -follows up with Battle Presto-

Blues: UGH!!!! (already feels weak and electrocuted)....looks like it's time...

Cinnamon: (runs in) Oh my gosh!

I: Uh! -suddenly feels guilty-

Nana: According to this....his stabilizer and energy core are both faulty and unstable. If it's not fixed soon....he's going to die....

Cinnamon: Let me help you....

Blues: (shoves her aside) No! I own fate....I won' a....puppet...(passes out, about to die)

Geneva:......(rushes to Blues and prepares healing him indefinatly)

I: -looks down, saddened-

Blues: (awakens a while later)....I'm....alive?

I: M-My friends saved your life...  I had no idea about your condition, and I apologize for attacking you as I did to put you in this situation...

Blues: You shouldn't have done that....but.....(stares at her for a minute) Thank you anyway. (teleports off)


(the girls run into Redips' quarters; Redips is watching outside the window, speaking without looking at them)
Redips the Hound

Redips: Repliforce Colonel gone Maverick!

Redips: Well, if it isn't I and the Slutketeers. Incredible how you're still alive....

Sari: How could you?! What are you up to, Redips?!

Redips: Me? Well let's just say...I'm in charge! I am the ruler of all Reploids and filthy organics, who I intend to eradicate!

Sari: You what?!

I: -gasps-

Redips: Yes....exactly what do you sluts plan to do to me?

I: (X...Zero...what would you do...?) ...We have probable reason to believe that you have gone Maverick...we'll have to take you down.

Redips: (laughs) Take me down? you have any idea who you're dealing with? (takes out two long and strange-looking Chaosblades and uses them to smash the table behind him) Take me if you can, but I promise you'll be beginning for mercy in about a minute!

Geneva: I doubt it! HIYAAAAAAA!!!! (goes to swing her Time Saber at him)
Redips, 1st Movement - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Redips, 1st Movement - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Battle with Redips

Redips: Pathetic! (swats her away)

Geneva: AAAH!!! (crashes hard into a wall)

Redips: Hmph!

Layer & Maxxima: (try a double team, but Redips easily takes out Layer)

Maxxima: (brings him to his knees with her axe)

Redips: Persistant aren't you?! (throws a a grenade in her face)

Maxxima: AAAH!!

Sari: That's playing dirty!

Redips: A victory is a victory, no matter what! I thought you'd realize that already! Or did you "forget" to kill Epsilon like I ordered?

I: ...Neither you or Epsilon are what you appeared to be. If you truly cared about peace, you would have gone to the table where he would have shared his true motives with you. Epsilon was willing to negotiate. You were not. Trust me. I won't "forget" to finish you. -activates Ajout form-

Redips: Let's see about that! (attacks with his Chaosblades)

I: -protects herself with a barrier, then counterattacks with Ground Dash- HAH!

Redips: D'OHH!!!

Nutra Millipede: (fires Magna-Spheres at him)

Redips: GAAAH!!! Why you--

Marino: (goes for some cheap hits, but is kicked down)

Geneva: (successfully cheapshots him with a clock bomb)


I: -smirks and impales him with Cold Touch-

Redips: NGH!!! So it takes more to beat you, eh?! (steps back towards a strange teleporter)

Arcee: (prepares to shoot) This ends now....

Redips:.....Not quite! (shoots her across the room with lasers from his hands and eyes) This was all for my ideal! For Supra-Metal!

Yammark:  So it was you that stole all that Supra-Force Metal!

I: -growls-

Redips: You foolish girls never realized it, but Supra-Force Metal can increase my power to unimaginable levels, taking me beyond all others! Farewell, sluts! It's been a pleasure using you! (enters the teleporter)

I: Grr...we have to go after him!

Nana: I, he is heading for the Space Station Babel. If you go there, there will be mostly teleportation dampeners and communication jammers. I can't contact you, nor can I get you down through a simple you still wanna go?

I: We have to! We can't let Redips get away!

Nana: Okay....but be careful.....

-just outside, a familiar Reploid has overheard the conversation-

???: Unimaginable levels? Beyond all others? Beyond me?! We'll see about that!

Ancient Capital - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Ancient Capital - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended-0

Space Station Babel Theme

Nutra Millipede: Looks like we lost him!

I: We'll have to search the place! Maybe he'll be at the top!

(the girls begin searching all over the space station, but with very few people actually on it; Geneva looks out the window, looking at awe in space)

Geneva: Wow.....hey! Guys, look! There's a baby moon! (points to what appears to be a half-moon orbiting Mobius)

Marino: That's no baby moon, kid. That's the Space Colony ARK. The place where Professor Gerald Robotnik created Project Shadow and X.

I: X was made there... -stares at the station for a moment- Sorry, we need to keep moving!

Sari: Hey, what's that? It looks like something's stuck to the moon!

Arcee: That's an orbital elevator. Part of the Jakob Project. I remember Skiver telling me about it....

Arcee: Hey Skiver! What's the deal outside? You building a space elevator or something?

Silverbolt: Arcee! Show respect to your superior officer! Commander Skiver, please forgive her rudeness and disrespect!

Skiver: Silverbolt, that outburst was unnecessary, please have more composure. Arcee, that space elevator is a government project utilizing the "new-generation" Reploids and their copy abilities to build it. Its purpose is to create a means of colonizing the moon, for the future problem of overcrowding. This is unlike the Sky Bridge that my unit is overseeing, which is a means of mass transport in the event of invasion.

Arcee: Overcrowding? I thought Reploids and Mobians were to co-exist or something.

Skiver: The colonization of the moon might help with that. It was intended for both Mobians and Reploids to take advantage of.

Arcee: That's good to know. Just hope Mavericks don't try take advantage of it.

Silverbolt: With our justice....that will not come to pass....

(present day, the girls climb up a ladder and into the core of the space station, where Redips is sitting on a throne, with a large amount of Supra-Force Metal in the dome)

Redips: Welcome, ladies! To your own demise!

Yammark: manipulated us so you could get your hands on the Supra-Force Metal, didn't you?!

Redips: You're right. Epsilon knew of my intentions, but never unveiled anything to anyone. But you know just how well Epsilon hides things. So I took advantage of your Maverick Hunting abilities and pin-up assets, so that I can steal the Supra-Metal under all your noses!

I: Urgh...!

Redips: And shall witness the divine miracle! The new ruler of the universe!!

Nutra Millipede: The universe?!

(a bright light blinds them for a moment; when it subsides, most of the space station is in ruin and Redips has now changed into a large four-armed creature known as "Great Redips")

Great Redips

Girls: Whoa...

Great Redips: MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised? But why should you be?! After all, it is all thanks to you that I am now the most powerful entity in existance! I will rule over all, and eradicate all contaminent organic life as well as all that dare to resist me! I am a GOD NOW!!! I should thank you all....but it would be much more fun to kill you!

I: -growls, and whispers- How could we have been so stupid?!

Yammark: We won't let you get away with this, Redips! (prepares Yammar Option) We may be whores, but if we go out, we won't go out like one! Bring it on!

(everyone else stands ready to fight, much to I's surprise)

I: -nods- Let's do this! -readies buster-
Redips, 3rd Movement - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Redips, 3rd Movement - Megaman X Command Mission Music Extended

Final Battle - Vs. Great Redips!

Nutra Millipede: (fires her Nutra Beam at Great Redips)

Great Redips: (heavily damaged....but then two Supra-Force Metal fragments on his shoulders repair the damage and he laughs it off) Is that your best?

Yammark: No! THIS IS!! (uses hyper beamed Yammar Option at him)

Great Redips: (catches each beam with his own palms and absorbs them) That tickled! Let me return the favor! (sends the beams back at them, heavily damaging the girls) Fools! I haven't even used my full power yet!

Maxxima: It's those fragments.....they're--

I: Supra-Force Metal fragments!

Marino: i got 'em! (jumps up to grab them but is swatted away by Great Redips and falls to the ground hard)

I: Marino!

Great Redips: (laughs) Weaklings! You will all be great examples to what will happen when children become disobediant!

Geneva: Let's try this! (fires some buster shots at the fragments, but nothing happens)

I: -growls and switches to Soust form, blasting Battle Presto at the fragments, but nothing happens-

Great Redips: Give up! Resistance is futile! I will rule over all! (summons multiple meteors to crash down on the girls, laughing as it happens)

-the girls are somehow unharmed, as a familiar green figure floats between the girls and Great Redips-


Vile vs. Great Redips

I: -gasps- Wh-Wha...!?

Layer: Vile?! He....saved us?!

Vile: -cackles- How pathetic. Some "god" you are!

Great Redips: How dare you! You shall die, Vile! (fires beams from his hands at Vile)

Vile: Hmph. -neutralizes them with powerful shots from his cannon- You don't realize the true situation, do you? You're no god! You're just a me!! -activates the Supra-Force Metal he has, causing him to turn gold and have a powerful golden aura around him-

Great Redips: HAH!! I HAVE MUCH MORE THAN YOU DO VILE!! (shoots powerful attacks his way)

Vile: -destroys them with his buster- Child! -launches more attacks from buster- I've aquired more since I've aquired that miniscule amount in the warhead! Your body can't handle it all without transforming into a thing! My body can!

Great Redips: That is why I wanted it! I will rule all!! (Keeps attacking)

Vile: -keeps counter attacking- Child!! You can't possibly rule anything talking like that!! -blasts a powerful laser from cannon-

I: Look at all that power..

Poker: I, now's our chance! While he's busy, let's get that Supra Metal off Redips!

I: Got it! Let's do it!

(the girls go to each shoulder to remove the metal while Redips is busy with Vile)

I: Guess we just grab them and heave...?

Poker, Maxxima, Geneva, Marino, and Nutra Millipede: (try pulling at the right fragment)

Poker: Put your backs into it girls!

Maxxima: Whaddya think we're trying to do here?!

Great Redips:....Hmm? (turns to them) What do you think you're doing?!

Vile: Focus on your opponent, child!! -blasts a laser at his face-

Great Redips: CHILD?! (summons dark matter lasers to fire at Vile)

Maxxima: Almost got it! THERE!!

(the fragment is busted off and the five girls fall off)

Great Redips: WHY YOU--(about to finish them)

Vile: -blasts the lasers with his own, which also strikes Redips- Child, or immature brat?! Pick your poison, pussy!

Great Redips: YOU'RE BEGINNING TO ANNOY ME!!! (summons much larger meteors to smash Vile, as well as all the girls)

Sari: I, hurry!

I: Right! -tries to yank off the fragment-

Vile: -blasts the meteors- Please! Enough with the light show! -blasts Redips again-

Great Redips: MORTAL!!! (shoots a paralysis beam at Vile)

Vile: -protects himself with a barrier- You are mortal as well, child! -hits him with an energy fist as large as Redips' in his face-

Great Redips: AAAHH!!

Arcee: It's coming loose!

Great Redips: (shoots at them) LET GO!!

(it unintetionally blasts both the girls and fragment off him)

Great Redips: NO!! YOU WILL ALL DIE!!! (blasts powerful attacks at them all)

Vile: Hmph! Now's the chance! -ducks underneath some and charges straight for him in an energy-imbued tackle-

Great Redips: GAAAAHHH!!!

Poker: I....finish him--!!

I: RIGHT! -suddenly dons a strange red and blue armor nobody has seen before, having two busters, one red and other blue, charges them both up, jumps over Redips and blasts a powerful red beam and a powerful blue beam down on him-

(everyone is amazed at what just happened)

Great Redips: Nooo!! This is impossible! How could I lose to a group of cheap whores?! AAARRRRGH!!!!

(a massive explosive destroys Great Redips, retuning him to his original form, damaged heavily and on the verge of death)

Redips: Are you happy now, I?

I: ...This wasn't supposed to make me happy. I have fulfilled my duty, though, if that is what you mean.

-footsteps are heard walking up, a black figure with some medics arrive-

I: C-Colonel!

Colonel: Medics, patch Redips up. -walks up to Redips and holds him upright as the medics fix some vital systems- Redips, you are under military arrest for treason and corruption. You will hearby face court martial and your fate will be decided. Do you understand, soldier?

Redips: (chuckles) should be the one arrested....all Mavericks, going on about such ideals like love and this all Reploids will be? Stay in our place, be firendly to all...decade after day....we'll change the world.....(dies)

Arcee: Yeah yeah yeah....wait. Sir, how'd you get up here anyway?

Colonel: By rocket. General wanted me to personally arrest this one. An embarressment to Repliforce. -calls off the medics, and the medics march out the room- Since Redips is dead, we have some extra space. Would you like to leave with us? -takes out Chaosblade and cuts Redips' body in half, and kicks it away-

Poker: Well I?

I: We don't have any way off otherwise, so we'll take it.

Colonel: Then follow me. -leaves the room-

Vile: -floating about where Great Redips was, facing the planet-

(the girls leave as a Cyber-Elf Pallette walks behind Vile)

Pallette: Vile....I looked into your see what you truly are....and why you are....this...

Vile: -growls- ...Who are you?

Pallette: It's me, Pallette. The girl you killed?

Vile: I've killed many girls and guys alike. It never mattered who got killed.

Pallette: I see that it isn't your fault...

Vile: ...Then you might know of my true mission...

Pallette: defeat--NGH!! (starts to disappear)

Vile: -growls- Don't say that name. -reveals the Supra-Force Metal fragments aquired from Great Redips that he's been holding in both hands- That name shall never be spoken... -crosses them in front of himself, activates the power within them, and blasts off down toward the planet below in a yellow energy bullet-

Pallette: Vile!! (disappears)

Epilogue: Strength in Numbers


Signas: Maverick status of the Rebellion commander, Epsilon, has been deferred, and I has now been promoted to Rank AB hunter status, given her own commanding squad with many of her friends brought into the organization. X is extremely proud of what she has done....

I: I humbly accept this honor... Speaking of X, where is he?

X: (walks in with Zero and Axl) Hey guys.

I: X! -runs to him and hugs him tightly- X... I made it...

X: And I'm proud of you sis. Now we'll be great hunters together!

Zero: Now...before we relax, I just have one question that just concerns one small detail... WHERE THE HELL IS IRIS?!

Iris: (glomps Zero from behind, playfully) Not here....(giggles)

Zero: Uh! -smiles- Heheheh... -turns to hug her tightly-

Iris: (smiles)

Cinnamon: (walks in) Hey guys! I got a special surprise!

Axl: Huh?

I: What is it?

Zero: Hm?

Cinnamon: I installed some of the Supra-Force Metal inside me. It overrode my original code and gave me a battle suit! Now I can go and fight with you guys!

Axl: W-wait a minute! Y-you shouldn't be--!

Zero: Huh? Um... I'm not sure what to think about that...

Cinnamon: Don't you guys wanna at least wanna see it?

Axl: Umm...I bad can it be?

Cinnamon: Alright! TRAAAANSFOOOORRRM!!! (brightly shines and her nurse outfit is turned into a different and more powerful and attractive maid's outfit) Meet my Iron Maiden armor! Whaddya think? (winks)
File:Cinnamon's Iron Maid Outfit.png

Axl: (nosebleeds; stuttering over his own words)

X: Wow....impressive, Cinnamon.

Zero: Quite interesting...

I: ...Why is Axl going crazy?

Axl: (blushing madly) Wh-wh-what are ya talkin' about?! (Damn, Cinnamon's so hot in that....I must be dreaming now...)

I: Your face is as red as Zero's armor, your nose is dropping blood faster than Mavericks' armor fall and you suddenly have a hard time talking. That is what I'm talking about.

Axl: I AM NOT!!

X: Actually you are. And it's because you can't stop perving over Cinnamon's new look. (smirks)


X: (laughs)

Zero: -chuckles- Axl, don't deny. Even I over there can see it.

Metal Shark Player: (appears) Yo guys! I accidentally got some bitch woken up, and she won't stop following me, and talking about Vile and Axl!

Blizzard Wolfang: She seems to know you....

Pallette: (walks from behind the Nightmare Squad) Hi Axl!

Axl:....Huh? P-Pallette? Is it you?

Pallette: (smiles)

Layer: Sis!

Axl & Layer: (hugs her tightly)

Layer: Oh I missed you sis! I thought that--

Axl: I'm sorry...I'm sorry I couldn't save you before....

Pallette:'s okay you two!

I: -gasps- Pallette...

Pallette: Oh, hi I! I saw you and Vile beat Redips! That was incredible!

I: Heheheh... -blushes- Th-Thank you...

Pallette: Signas, sir! I would like to be reinstated into the Maverick Hunters! I know new technology to make and how we can win the war against the Mavericks!

Signas: Very well. But if you slip up, you're fired.

Pallette: Sir yes sir!

Flame Hyenard: WOOHOO!! THE GANG'S BACK!!!!

(then the alarm sounds)

Nana: Intruder in the base! It--wait. He's....passing through the defenses! Literally!

Axl: Passing through...wait! It couldn't be!

Zero: Huh?!

Poker: Is that--

(a Reploid phases right through the doors and appears in front of them)

Axl, Hyenard, and Poker: Smokescreen!?

Smokescreen: Hey guys! Long time no see!

Axl: Oh man! Smokescreen! It's been so long!

Poker: I...thought that you were....dead...

Smokescreen: Poker, baby, c'mon! Takes a hell of a lot more to take me down!

I: Uh... I have no idea what's going on...

Zero: Neither do I... Smokescreen, was it?

Poker: He's my ex-boyfriend. When I saw you with his ID, I thought he was dead.

Axl: Smokescreen was also an old friend of mine at Red Alert, but left shortly after Pallette died...

Smokescreen: Axl, I came back to warn ya. Some time ago, I heard you totalled Red.

Axl: Yup! He's now pushing lugnuts--

Smokescreen: No he isn't. He's been in hiding, reforming Red Alert.

Axl: What?!

Zero: Another one who just can't stay down, eh?

X: He'll definately come for Axl, no doubt!

Axl: Let him come! I'm not afraid! I'll just finish what we started!

Poker:...By the way, Smokescreen. Do you remember that promise we made?

Smokescreen:.....Nope! Haven't forgotten it, Poker! Whaddya say I, (winks) fulfill it?

Axl: Commander, would you allow Smokescreen into the hunters?

Signas: Of course. There is always strength in numbers!

Axl: Alright! Me, Hyenard, Pallette, and Smokescreen! The Red Alert vets are gonna show Red what we got!

Smokescreen: Yeah!

Zero: Looks like this is your test, Axl... -smirks deviously-

Axl: What's that suppsoed to mean?

Zero: Oh, did you not think that teaching tool was just for I? -chuckles- Axl, you're next.

Axl: Great, now you're gonna call me a free-loader, aren't ya?

Zero: No, just send you into a place by yourself where you could die, but I'd know that you'd survive.  Heheheh!

Axl:....Oh god, help me!


Sigma: GRAAAAHHH!!!!! Everything is ruined! My brother still lives and he has unveiled my true fate! My plan nearly in tatters!
Sigma Juno

Sigma's new look

Cyber Peacock: Commander Sigma! You have no reason to proclaim defeat! No one outside knows of the plan! Your fate being revealed would only cause them to scramble in terror of what their future holds!

Sigma: Perhaps....but that spy you created has made little progress in information and obtaining what we need, Peacock! And if he slips up, our ideals will be shattered! I must have absolute victory! And the main threat to our empire is X! He must be dealt with!

Cyber Peacock: I assure you, our preparations are nearly complete. The entire purpose of the plan is to overwhelm X into a sobbing mess! And don't worry about my...imperfect spy. He'll die before slipping up. We have already begun taking over some of the Supra-Force Metal plants that your brother created, to hasten the preparation. I have even found that we can mine and refine our own. We'll be able to strike sooner than previously projected.

Sigma: Excellent....and I assume Morph Moth was successful in reviving my deceased commanders?

Cyber Peacock: More than that, Commander Sigma... We've taken the liberty of augmenting their power with the Supra-Force Metal that we have acquired, and we have also retrofitted them with the schematics of the new-generation Reploids.

Sigma: Magnificent! Now all that is the completion of the Jakob Project and the Orbital Elevator! But.....we still need that buckethead...

Cyber Peacock: Reports show that he has become a wild card. If he doesn't become involved at all our job will be that much easier, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim... I believe the best strategy in the case of Vile is to negotiate with him when he comes into contact with us. ...Commander Sigma, I believe Vile could be the very thing that can assure our absolute victory or defeat. Either he needs to be on our side, or neither at all. I'm more apt to believe that he would choose his own side, which is the realistic situation we could be facing, but a neutral one.

Sigma: Perhaps a test for him is in order....and to send those Hunter fools in circles. It's fortunate that we know of that doctor that created him....let's see how well he breaks. (laughs)

Cyber Peacock: Hmm, a risky play, Commander... If it pays off, we will be in business! -laughs as well-


-a streak of yellow light crashes down onto a rather barren wasteland, creating several waves of energy flying from the point of impact, revealing Vile, completely unharmed from his descent-

Vile: -chuckles- Now I have the power to take X on directly... -walks off- I am now strong accomplish my task...


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