Pharaoh Man
Pharaoh Man
Pharaoh Man is a charismatic and powerful Robot Master and Slash Beast's right-hand man.




Wolf-Reploid (formerly Pharaoh-based Robot Master)

Love Interests



Treasure, honor, strategic operations and planning, showing his might, beautiful women, peace, success, etc.


Raiders, Maverick slime, unworthy challengers, failure, being timid, slaying innocent Reploids, mass destruction, etc.

Voice Actor

Dan Green

Pharaoh Man is a charismatic member of Repliforce, serving in the African Assault Platoon as Slash Beast's right-hand man. Originally created by Dr. Cossack as a Robot Master, he was remodelled into a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog.


Pharaoh Man was created by Dr. Cossack on Earth in the year 20XX to explore pyramids and tombs, with incredible agility and high resistance to avoid traps and sensitive eyes to see in dark places. However, he was later reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to conquer the world after Wily blackmailed Dr. Cossack into working for him through his daughter, Kalinka. Mega Man was able to soundly defeat Pharaoh Man and thwart Wily's plans after learning Cossack's true intentions.

Pharaoh Man would return to his normal duties until he was deemed no longer needed and sealed away in a warehouse with all the other Robot Masters. This place would be inadvertdly discovered by Gate, who was astounded by all the technology that was before him. Intrieged and anxious to try the technology out for himself, Gate stole all the Robot Masters and some technology made by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack, refitting them to his own image.

When he awoke, Pharaoh Man and his brothers were surprised what had happened to them and where they ended up. Regardless, Pharaoh Man saw fit to try finding a more fulfilling duty and soon found a place within Repliforce, as Slash Beast's first liutenant.


Pharaoh Man is an extremely charismatic warrior, who is said to have over 1000 Mummira working for him. He is also very wise, often giving advice to some of the younger and less patient members of Repliforce. Pharaoh Man also has a sense of honor, but also a small bit of arrogance, believing that not one being could outmatch a king. Another notable weakness of his is timidness and kindness to beautiful women, which is often used against him if said women is a Maverick.


Pharaoh Man's signature weapon is the Pharaoh Shot, a powerful fire sphere that can be charged up and shot from either Pharaoh Man's hands or his buster. Being a pharaoh-based Reploid, he also has a great deal of mystical and governemntal powers as well, most of which given after Gate's modifications. He is able to summon minions perform solar beams, and use the "powers of the gods" to get an edge in battle. However, Pharaoh Man is weak to time and space based weapons and has very sensitive eyes.






  • Pharaoh Man's dislike of raiders may be a reference to archeology movies (such as Indiana Jones) and also a reference to the legendary "Pharaoh's curse" often wrought upon those who loot the pyramids.
  • Pharaoh Man's weakness of being kind and weak to beautiful women is also shared with fellow Repliforce member, Silverbolt.