Meredith the Wolf
Meredith the Wolf
Meredith is Joseph's attractive and sweet mother.






Joseph the Wolf (son)

Love Interests



Good company, seeing her son grow up, being with Joseph and his friends, etc.


Rape, war, seeing her son and friends sad, being reminded of Joseph's biological father, etc.

Meredith the Wolf is Joseph's single, caring mother. She is a stay-at-home mom that often cares about her son a bit too much.


When Meredith was a teenager, she had an affair with a charming young man, which had gotten her pregnant, and she had Joseph. Before she could tell her mate the news, she found him cheating on him with a hooker. Heartbroken at the realization that it wasn't love and she was being used as a sex object, Meredith started the family on her own with Joseph. He's the only thing she has left to care about, so Meredith looks after him carefully and with love. She does her very best to try and avoid any and all conversations and discussions about his biological father, as he was also a member of the murderous Yiao Tribe, which made Joseph a descendant of said group.


Meredith is a very caring woman and mother. She enjoys the company of men as well, particuarly her son and his friends. Many people think Joseph takes his kind and helpful demeanor from his mom.


  • Meredith is often compared to Cream's mother, Vanilla, as they are both nice women and also attractive for their age.