Ib the human

Ib is a mysterious person. Nobody knows where she comes from, how she got to Mobius, or why she was sent there. Ib is mostly silent, and communicates through telepathy. She currently has no different forms.


Ib can use a magic paintbrush that can be summoned from out of nowhere to perform most of her attacks.

ヒドラ: paintbrush becomes purple, and multiple dozens of snake heads emerge from the brush and constrict or bite opponents.

火炎放射器: Paintbrush becomes red, and changes into a large flamethrower capable of melting through solid titanium.

水力発電大砲: paintbrush becomes blue, and an immense amount of water comes gushing out of it at speeds of up to 200 mph.

氷河の: paintbrush becomes light-blue, and the brush part of it changes into icicles, which can be fired at an opponent.

アニメーション: paintbrush becomes gray, and nearby inanimate objects become controlled by Ib.

呼び出す: paintbrush becomes black, then a large pentagram made of fire forms on the ground, and demons/machines are randomly summoned to attack any opponent.




Jared the unknown


Jack the hedgehog (spongebob100)

Patricia the skunk (spongebob100)


  • Ib's name is based off of the character of the same name from a game with the same name
  • All of Ib's attacks are in japanese