Hareta Asa High School

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Station Square (rebuilt city;not village)

Hareta asa field riofan01

Field (Drawn by RioFan01/ShenanigansShikra)

Hareta Asa High School (1942-present) was a very popular secondary school in Chillverse 1.0. It has many students in it and has won many awards for school competitions.


The school's system sticks to uniform, being a very prestigious school, they need all their students holding up to the standards to represent it. The male students and female students both wear different sets of clothing.

Joseph in school clothes

Joseph wearing the Male Stduent Attire

Jane in School Clothes

Jane wearing the Female Student Attire.

Known Students

Their are currently 54 in total.

School Grounds

Main Building

The main part of the rich school, which contains many classes and blocks. There shall soon be a picture.


The field is a place where students can visit during break. It contains a small pond, where Mobians and Chao can swim in.


  • English
  • Sex Ed
  • Biology
  • Music
  • P.E
  • Math
  • Art/Drawing/Painting


  • Boombomb the Hedgehog (Hates teaching, but somehow always gets pushed into teaching anyway, really a CIA agent)
  • Jade the Kangaroo (works part-time as an assistant teacher, due to her primary job as an office worker.)
  • Mrs.Ribble
  • Ms.Wyan
  • Mr.Krupp (principal)
  • Ms.Take
  • Stacy the Hedgehog
  • Hilary the Hedgehog (nurse)
  • Ms.Febe (secondary Nurse)
  • Ms. "L" Lyabul (Gym teacher)
  • Mr. Meaner (other gym teacher)
  • Ms. Jepsen (Unqualified, music teacher)
  • F8B the Cockatiel (Drama)


  • Despite being a very popular place for TPs and RPs, Hareta Asa was one of, if not, the most controversial places in Chillverse 1.0, being the central map of the disliked School TP genre and having some of Chillverse's more controversial moments.
  • Hareta Asa was the only one of 3K's place creations to be retconned in 2.0, as it was retconned to make way for a new area, Hikari-Sonata High .