Gibson is an anthro, brown echidna who is a huge fan of Hero the Echidna, he was created by Sonicstar3000.

Gibson the Echidna
Gibson the Echidna
Gibson is a boy that idolises Hero.
Vital statistics
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Age 17
Gender Male
Species Echidna
Fur/Feathers/scales Brown
Attire School Uniform/Blue Gi
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First Appearance King of Fanon
Appearances King of Fanon
American/English VA Sean Schemmel
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After he watched the televised Sonic Fanon Battlers tournament, Gibson became a huge fan of Hero. Gibson saw each of Hero's moves once, wrote down every move, and practiced them everyday. He participated in the King of Fanon 2012 for the school team entry and passed. Although he excelled in his year of training, he was apparently defeated somewhere in the King of Fanon tournament.


He is one of the more lighthearted and silly characters in the SS3k's continuity. He considers every fighter his friend, making them consider him to be a "weird, but good" kid. Gibson admires Hero like an idol, and often dedicates his victories to him. He dreams of being able to wield wind like Hero, which is stressed to the point of comic relief. However, it seems that only Gibson can see this "wind"


  • While Hero was a good guy, Gibson is meant to be a "simple and plain, everyday guy".
  • Gibson is based off Shingo Yabuki from the King of Fighters games series