Gentun the Ninjafox
Gentun the Ninjafox
Gentun is a mysterious yet dangerous ninja whose true nature is unknown






Very agile and quick, had mastered every ninja technique and weapon, able to speak and understand English, Japanese, Spanish, and French

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Gentun the Ninjafox is an assasin whose entire identity is shrouded in complete mystery. Very little is known about him, but he is often considered an enemy to all he meets.


With what little is known about him, Gentun is assumed to have worked for the Yiao Tribe before and was a close friend of Joseph's father. He was the one that gave his sword to Meredith. His reasons for leaving the tribe remain unclear. Gentun currently works as an assasin for any price imaginable, but he doesn't seem to care too much about the paycheck given. He is also flent in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French, but mainly speaks in Japanese.


Gentun shows very little emotion or sign of opening up to anyone. People often find it unclear as to what Gentun's true allegiance is, as he can be a great ally one minute, and a dangerous foe the next. He is always willing and proud to do his job as a ninja.


Many, if not all, of Gentun's close contacts have been both friend and enemy at some point, due to his inconsistant allegiances and as such, the two sections of "Friends/Allies" and "Rivals/Enemies" have been mixed together into one.


  • Gentun is the only one of Gurahk's characters with an unclear or unknown age. However, we can assume taht he is older than most of his major characters, but much younger than Fetalia and Maya.
  • Gentun's appearance appears to be a mix between Strider Hiryu and Guy from Final Fight.
  • One show that Gentun hates the most is Naruto, calling it a mockery of his kind and has been known to kill obsessed fans of it.
  • While he rarely plays games, Gentun's favorite game series is Ninja Gaiden, as he finds it a fun challenge and has beaten them all with only minimal difficulty.