General the Wolf
General the Wolf
General is the chief commanding general of Repliforce




Wolf-Reploid (formerly Humanoid-Reploid)


Brute strength, able to launch his fists and energy rings at enemies

Love Interests



Serving the world, assisting the Maverick Hunters, stopping any dangerous threats, his own army, etc.


Memories of his manipulation, losing one of his own, being disgraced, all evil on Mobius, etc.

General the Wolf is the commanding general of Repliforce and reincarnated Mobian-Reploid form of the original Repliforce General. He was the first Repliforce member to be reincarnated, along with Colonel.


In the year 21XX on the planet Earth, General was a charismatic leader of Repliforce taht ruled with an iron fist and greatly sympthaphized with humans and Reploids until being unwittingly manipulated by the original Sigma into starting a coup after being labelled Mavericks for involvement in the Sky Lagoon incident. It was later revealed, however, that Magma Dragoon was manipulated into this by Sigma, with promise of being able to fight the original X and Zero.

No longer feeling that humans deserved to live, Repliforce decided on creating a large Final Weapon cannon to wipe them all out. He eventually came across X and Zero, who soundly defeated him. Realizing that Sigma had tricked him all along, he finally decides to sacrifice his own life to destroy the Final Weapon satelitte and thwart Sigma's plans.

About two months passed before the souls of Repliforce were found by Tikal and Chaos. They realized that they cannot be blamed for becoming Mavericks and that they were merely deceived. Using the Master Emerald's energies, Tikal and Chaos revived all the deceased souls of Repliforce. General recreated Repliforce as a Reploid army to assist the Maverick Hunters and help the world, in an attempt to mend the wrongs they had done on Earth. General has grown a great bond and friendship with the new Mobian X, who he originally mistook for being the same person as the original.


General is a very strict yet caring general within his ranks, known for his great judgment on the battlefield and selflessness towards his own soldiers. He takes great values to his own men and would gladly give his own life for his most proud and strongest members. This attitude has lead him to a great friendship with not just the original X, but also the new Mobian X.





  • It is unknown what General's actual name is, or if he even has one at all.
  • General is one of the strongest Reploids to exist, due to his immense size and physical power.