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Selethen on Evo and Fist

Evo Maximilion Hedgegoose






Hedgehog/Mongoose hybrid (clone)


Sonic The Hedgehog, Mina Mongoose, Peace, Running, Chilidogs, Hamburgurs


All Evil, Seeing Sonic or Mina Getting Hurt, bananas(allergic), out of date root beer

Favorite food


Ability type

Speed, Chaos

Evo is a Hedgehog-Mongoose cross who is the result of an accident between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mina Mongoose. On a mission they fell into a cloning chamber together creating Evo. Inheriting his "father's" speed and shape, he got coloration from Mina. After he was created he formed an instant bond to his "Parents".


Evo Is A Strong Headed, "I Must Save Everyone" Kind Of Guy, And Will Never Betray His Friends.

He Is Cool And Calculating, Allways Trying To Find The Upper Hand, But He Is Emotionally Unstable, And Suffers Major Mood Swings.


Camo T-Shirt

Black DAFT PUNK Jacket (Some Times)

Black Under Armour T-Shirt

Brown Vest And Kama

Black (Or Brown) Wheighted Gloves

Black (Or Brown) Wheighted Boots


"Cake" getting an S on a mission

"Easy as can be" getting an A on a mission

"They were strong, But I am stronger!" getting a B on a mission

"That was fun" (in a sarcastic tone) getting a C on a mission

"How? I'm Ususaly Good at this kinda thing!" getting a D on a mission

"I've failed my friends" getting an F on a mission

" 'ello Dr." meeting Eggman (the 'ello is to annoy him)

"I Will Win" starting a race

"Just give me the trophy"(sarcastically) winning a race

"I wont lose again" losing a race

"Heyo (Character Name Here)" Happy Greating

"Hello (Character Name Here)" Nuetral Greating

"Hey"Upset Greating

"I Don't Dance. Period." When Asked To Dance.


Streak (Ex-Girlfirend)

Tails (Friend)(Future best friend)

Kimiko (good friend)

Sonic (genetic "father")

Mina (genetic "Mother")

Shadow (roll model)

Knuckles (distant friend)

Slash (good friend)

Myesha (good friend)

Floyd (good Friend)

Eva (Sister)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed (Friend)

Dachande (Sparring Partner)

Shadow The Wolf (Friend, Future Wife)

Sam The Wolfgoose (Future Daughter)


  • If Evo Had A Voice Actor, It Would Be The That Dude From Linkin Park
  • For Some Reason, He Seems To Love Sharp Things.
  • He Can Go Super With His Fake Emerald, Thanks To His Stressful Past
  • He Has A Faster Top Speed Than Sonic, But He Is Wheighted Down By His Gear, Making Him Slightly Slower than Sonic
  • Whilst His Powers Are Questionable, He Has A Heart Of Pure Good


Speed = 8/10

Accelaration = 6/10

Strength = 7/10

Chaos = 9/10

Skill = 9/10

As Super

Speed = 10/10

Accelaration = 7/10

Strength = 9/10

Chaos = 10/10

Skill = 10/10


Spin ball

Evo Spins Like Sonic

Chaos Dome

A Large Dome Protects Him and/or Friends

Chaos Sheild

Like Chaos Dome But Smaller, It Appears On His Left Arm

Chaos Katana

A Perfect Copy Of His Katana In Chaos Form

Chaos Bomb

Sonic Version Of Spirit Bomb (DBZ)

Chaos Control

He Teleports, Like Shadow

Chaos Fire

A Basic Chaos Attack, Similar To Firebending

Chaos Lightning

Similar In Tecnuique To Chaos Fire, But With Electricity


The Thing Above His Enemy's Head Falls


He Turns His Enemy Into Glass, The Next Part Is Pretty Obvious


He Turns Into A Golden Mist

Red Eyes

This Move Has No Name. But It Causes Enemys To Enter A Near Death State, But A Stable One.



Evo In Anime!

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