· Kensou: *arguing with Athena*

· 4:38BlurayOriginalsWeallhavebrodon'thaveacowman

· 4:38Sonicstar3000Athena: Well if you hadn't left the bun there I wouldn't have eaten it!

· 4:38Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -struts past the two-

· 4:39Sonicstar3000Kensou: I was catching up on my training!

· 4:39BlurayOriginalsCharlie and Charlotte: *playing in the sad* SHOW US YOUR DOTS!

· 4:39Fawful117Michael: (thinking) one can tell me to stay dead.

· 4:39Sonicstar3000Athena: Well don't slack off!

· Kesou: Greedy!

· 4:39Fawful117Michael: (thinking) I choose to live or not live.

· 4:39BlurayOriginalsBluray: I'm psychic bro. Stay dead.

· 4:39Apallo The HedgehogSonia: ....Kids..... no

· 4:39BlurayOriginalsjk

· 4:39Fawful117Michael: (thinking) No.

· 4:39Sonicstar3000Athena: Slacker!

· Kensou: Kiss me.

· 4:39BlurayOriginalsCharlie: What?

· 4:39Sonicstar3000Athena: What?

· Kensou: Noething!

· 4:39Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -laughs at Kensou-

· 4:40BlurayOriginalsBluray: (thinking) I am motherfucking Bluray. I do whatever I damn please, Michael.

· 4:40TDIfan83Holly: *stabs Heidi to death8

· *



· Holly: *runs*

· 4:40Apallo The Hedgehog((No TDI -.-))

· 4:40Sonicstar3000XD

· 4:40Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -was a shadow clone-

· 4:40BlurayOriginalsCharlie: What is it mommy.

· 4:40Sonicstar3000Nameless: -was a kyo clone-

· 4:41BlurayOriginalsBluray: (thinking) Yup. Peace.

· 4:41Apallo The HedgehogReal Heidi: Awe -at the twins-

· So Cute

· 4:41KoggehKoggeh: *Is confused*

· 4:41RioFan01Lyra: Twins...? <Meh, I've seen better.>

· ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 4:41BlurayOriginalsCharlie and Charlotte:

· 4:42Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Kids. Say thank you

· 4:42TDIfan83Holly: BE LIKE GLIMMER. *shoots an arrow into Real Heidi*

· 4:42BlurayOriginalsTwins: Thank you.

· 4:42Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -grabs it-

· Cya RavenGgirl. ):

· 4:42BlurayOriginalsBluray: *Looks at Holly* Are you retarded?

· 4:42TDIfan83Holly:


· 4:42RioFan01Lyra: (Thinks she has seen better) :l

· 4:42Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -calls 911-

· 4:43Sonicstar3000911: -doesn't exist because this is mobius not worlds scariest police chases*

· Cya XxZekeKnightxX. ):

· 4:43RioFan01XD

· ♪ Nothing suits XxZekeKnightxX like a suit! ♪


· 4:44Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: -calls for help*-


· 4:44Apallo The Hedgehog(can u call the zone police?)

· 4:45Fawful117Michael: (still asleep in a tree)'

· 4:45BlurayOriginals((No. This is games not archie.))

· Bluray: *cuts down the tree and slaps Michael* DAMMIT BRO

· 4:45RioFan01DancerFurs: (Faves my stuff) Me:

· 4:45MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: =/

· 4:45BlurayOriginals??????: *jumps away*

· ((I hope.))

· 4:46Apallo The Hedgehog((Meh))

· 4:46RioFan01

· 4:46Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: Why cant she leave me a lone

· 4:47BlurayOriginalsRuby: *comes over and slaps Holly* Keep it together bitch.

· 4:47Apallo The Hedgehogalone*

· Cya XxZekeKnightxX. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits XxZekeKnightxX like a suit! ♪

· 4:47BlurayOriginalsBluray: I THINK IT'S HER TIME OF THE MONTH.

· 4:47Sonicstar3000Edd: this is fun.

· 4:47BlurayOriginalsRuby: That would explain alot.

· 4:47RioFan01Edd:

· 4:47BlurayOriginalsDouble D: This is fun.

· 4:47RioFan01Edd: Gtfo @Double D

· 4:47Apallo The HedgehogHeidi: Her Peroid?

· 4:47RioFan01TP: (Derailed by Rio)

· 4:47Fawful117Michael: (rubs face) JErk...

· *Jerk

· 4:48BlurayOriginalsBluray: Shut up. It's cliche.

· Bluray: And yes Heidi.

· 4:48TDIfan83Holly: *thros a knife into Bluray*


· 4:48MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: *DEFEND*

· 4:48Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -catches the knife in mid air-

· 4:48BlurayOriginalsBluray: *uses his Psychic powers to grab it* Eryka/!

· 4:48Apallo The HedgehogApallo: >.> No Holly

· 4:48BlurayOriginalsBluray: YEAH I HAVE FRIENDS.

· 4:49RioFan01((Wth)) ((A conversation with MOL goes from if she can put my character in art ALL THE WAY TO GANGNAM STYLE AND EDDSWORLD))

· 4:49BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Eryka's really serious about this.>

· 4:49BoombombI hate-


· 4:49BlurayOriginalsCoD

· XD

· Hey.

· 4:49Apallo The HedgehogCoD...........TROLLARCH FTW

· 4:49RioFan01XD

· 4:49BlurayOriginalsAt least cola isn't banned,

· 4:49MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: That was really uncalled for, Holly. =n=


· 4:50Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -cuffs holly-

· 4:50RioFan01"Well without Edd it would just be you and me, and well... that would suck." ...True story bro :'c

· 4:50BlurayOriginalsRuby: Where did you get those from Apallo?

· Bluray: ^

· Dokuro: ^

· Twins: ^

· 4:50MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: ^

· 4:50Apallo The HedgehogApallo: I Carry a Pair always

· ♪ Nothing suits RavenGgirl like a suit! ♪

· 4:50BlurayOriginalsDokuro: *innuendo mind kicks in*k...

· 4:51Apallo The Hedgehog-remembers Eclipse getting drunk-

· 4:51TDIfan83Holly: RAPE.

· Holly: *tries to run*

· 4:51RioFan01 Cuffs POOR HARLY DX

· 4:51Apallo The HedgehogApallo: >.> >:o

· 4:51RioFan01((MOL is so Fluttershy-like))

· ((She's too kind to turn anything down))

· 4:51BlurayOriginalsTwins: You never told us what a blowjob is.

· 4:51Apallo The Hedgehog-grabs her by the tail and puts her in a closet then blocks it off-

· 4:52MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: *Facepalm*

· Eryka: ...Where'd the closet come from?

· 4:52BlurayOriginals^

· ^

· ^

· Bluray: ^

· Dokuro: ^

· Twins: ^

· Eva: ^

· Aleah: ^

· Zaytah: ^

· Axel: ^

· 4:52BoombombBoom: I'm epic

· 4:52BlurayOriginalsMaxwell: v

· 4:52Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -pops the twins- Children......

· Apallo: at the beach house

· 4:52BlurayOriginals

· ((Pops?))

· 4:52Apallo The Hedgehog((Laggin))

· 4:52Boombomb on you

· 4:52MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ^ (@Boom)

· 4:52RioFan01Lyra: I never told Eric what a pussy was.

· 4:52BlurayOriginalsXD

· 4:53BoombombYou caroted Apallo


· 4:53BlurayOriginalsDoes that mean flicking there head

· 4:53TDIfan83Holly: *tries to get out of the cuffs*

· Holly: LET ME GO

· 4:54BlurayOriginalsBluray: WE'LL LET YOU GO WHEN YOU'RE OFF YOUR PERIOD.

· 4:54BoombombCiel: Wow, you're funny! Boom: I KNOW!

· 4:54MaverickHunterSigma

· 4:54RioFan01Date Night much?

· 4:54Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -robotnik style- NO @Holly

· 4:54Boombomb

· 4:54KoggehBack

· 4:54BlurayOriginalsRio: *mentions Gangnam style*

· 4:54BoombombThe vid I linked is the reference.

· 4:55BlurayOriginals*cuzz Apallo said Robotnik style*

· 4:55Fawful117Michael: (asleep in a box)

· 4:55MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: So, your place or mine? (jk? idk.)

· 4:56TDIfan83Holly: *struggling*

· Holly: *tries to run*

· 4:56BlurayOriginalsBluray: *trips her*


· 4:56BoombombXD

· 4:56BlurayOriginalsRuby: *brings Jowan*

· Jowan: -_-'

· 4:56TDIfan83Holly: Aaaaah!

· Holly: *rolls around and jumps up eventually*

· Holly: *tries to run again*

· 4:57BlurayOriginalsTwins: MOMMY, WHAT'S A BLOW JOB!

· 4:57RioFan01Boom: AAAH THEY'RE EATING ME

· Jk

· 4:57BlurayOriginalsMaybe the socks are what really happened to Tord!\

· xD

· 4:57Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Should I get her?

· test

· 4:57RioFan01Omg poor Tord

· 4:57TDIfan83Holly: *runs off*

· 4:57Fawful117Michael: (asleep in a box)

· 4:58MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: *Slams her tail down at Holly, but misses* .-.

· 4:58BlurayOriginalsTwins: *cross their arms and wait*

· Bluray: Let her go guys.

· 4:58TDIfan83Holly: *trips*

· 4:58BlurayOriginalsJowan: BANZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! *lands on her*

· 4:58KoggehI just beat Battletoads.

· 4:59BlurayOriginals._.

· o_o

· O_O

· 0_0

· 4:59Fawful117WHAT

· 4:59KoggehWhat?

· 4:59Fawful117THAT GAME

· 4:59Boombomb


· 4:59KoggehThis isn't my first time.

· 4:59BlurayOriginalsDokuro: *grabs the box Michael's in and throws it* GET A HOUSE.

· ♪ Nothing suits Mr.Zaya like a suit! ♪

· 5:00Apallo The Hedgehog

· 5:00KoggehI've beat it many times.

· 5:00Apallo The HedgehogNOW ITS A PARTY

· 5:00Mr.ZayaBanzai:*looks at Dokuro* uh

· 5:00BlurayOriginalsDokuro: Hey Banzai

· 5:00Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Sup Banzai

· 5:00Mr.ZayaBanzai:.... *walks off whistling nervously*

· 5:01Apallo The Hedgehog((Sup Dude))

· 5:01Mr.Zaya(Yo)

· 5:01BlurayOriginalsDokuro: ._.'

· 5:01KoggehWhy are you shocked I beat Battletoads?

· 5:02BoombombFlame: *slides up from the ground*

· 5:02RioFan01

· 5:02Boombomb^

· ^

· 5:02RioFan01Lyra:

· 5:02Mr.ZayaDaniel: God damn these coincidences

· 5:02RioFan01Flame:

· 5:02BoombombFlame: ikr

· 5:02RioFan01NINJA'D

· 5:02Boombomb

· Flame: *kills the 4th wall*

· 5:03Fawful117Michael: (still asleep in a box)

· 5:03BoombombFlame:

· 5:03RioFan01Lyra: 4th wall died? 'Ey Edd.

· 5:03Mr.ZayaDaniel:*incinerates the box*

· 5:03BoombombEdd: *pokes his head in from EW and becomes mobian* WHAT!

· 5:03Apallo The Hedgehog((Lol Minnesota Trolling Kids))

· 5:04RioFan01Lyra: BUTT

· 5:04BlurayOriginalsDokuro

· 5:04RioFan01Jk

· 5:04Boombomb LOL

· 5:04RioFan01Lyra: SHMEH!

· 5:04BlurayOriginals*Dokuro: *kicks Michael* GET. A. HOME.

· 5:04MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: ._.

· 5:04Mr.ZayaDaniel:I'm done here...

· Banzai:*runs away screaming*

· 5:05Fawful117Michael: CAN I NOT SLEEP ANYWHERE!?

· 5:05BlurayOriginalsDokuro

· 5:05Fawful117Michael:

· Michael: (sleeps on a bench)

· 5:05BlurayOriginals*Dokuro: You can. In a house. Like the rest of us.

· 5:05Mr.ZayaBanzai:*trips over the bench Michael is sitting on*

· 5:05BlurayOriginalsBluray: *flips the bench over* NO.

· XD

· 5:05Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*helps Banzai up and looks at Michael*YOOUUUUUU.

· (I did that for a reason.)

· 5:05Fawful117Michael: ;_;

· 5:05Mr.Zaya(Well, 2)


· 5:06Fawful117Michael: FINE. I'LL JUST GO HOME.

· Michael: (stomps his way home, grumbling)

· Cya Tynic The Hedgehog. ):

· 5:06RioFan01Omfg

· 5:06Mr.Zaya

· Cya RavenGgirl. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 5:06RioFan01MOL said she's doing me a free animation

· 5:06Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Someone's mad.

· 5:06BlurayOriginalsBluray: Lazy.

· 5:06RioFan01FREE. ANIMATION.

· 5:07Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I wonder where Ferham is?

· 5:07Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Hello -at Isaiah-

· 5:07BoombombOnO

· 5:08RioFan01((Boom: (Thinks I'm one lucky sunovabitch right now))

· 5:08Boombomb((Boom: (Thinks Rio's one lucky sunovabitch right now))

· 5:08RioFan01((xD))

· ((Oooh new PM))

· 5:08BlurayOriginalsDokuro: *looks over at Flame* ._.'

· 5:09Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at Sonia*...Hi?

· 5:09RioFan01((Ooooh))

· ((It's from SWIFT ))

· 5:09Mr.ZayaDaichi:*in a bush*

· 5:09Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Kids. Say Hello

· 5:09RioFan01 That's her new account

· 5:09Fawful117Michael: (runs to Blu) WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, MR. DVD PLAYER?

· Cya Koggeh. ):

· 5:09BlurayOriginalsBluray: A P.A.B. PUSSY. ASS. BITCH. *pimpslaps Michael* Now go away.

· 5:10Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Who are you?

· 5:10BlurayOriginalsJK

· Bluray: You heard me.

· 5:10Apallo The HedgehogSonia: I am Sonia the Eagle

· 5:10Mr.ZayaIsaiah:...

· 5:10BlurayOriginalsTwins: MOMMY! WHAT. IS. A. BLOW. JOB.

· 5:10RioFan01Gtg

· 5:11BoombombDoom: *flies in* Tom:

· 5:11MaverickHunterSigmaAww, cya.

· 5:11Apallo The Hedgehog((Bye RioFan))

· 5:11MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: ._.

· 5:11Boombomb(Bye Rio)

· 5:11Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -expains to them a lie-

· 5:11Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Where IS Ferham...?

· 5:11Sonicstar3000Awh

· Cya Rio

· 5:11Apallo The HedgehogThat is what a Blowjob is Kids

· Cya RioFan01. ):

· 5:11BlurayOriginalsTwins: OK!


· 5:12Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Who wants ice creammmmmmy GOD WHAT IS THAT

· 5:12MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *Around?*

· 5:13BlurayOriginalsBluray :o.o

· 5:13Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks around for her then*

· 5:13BlurayOriginalsTwins: IT'S DOOM!


· jk

· Bluray: Oh God.

· Dokuro: What is that?

· 5:13Fawful117Michael: (punches Blu)

· 5:13MaverickHunterSigmaEryka:

· 5:13Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Kids.....Battle Form

· 5:13Fawful117Michael: Jerk.

· 5:14Sonicstar3000Abercrombie: Eeuheh

· 5:14Fawful117Michael: (goes back to his house)

· 5:14Apallo The Hedgehog<Where is sis at a time like this>

· 5:14BlurayOriginalsBluray: *blows up Michael's house*


· 5:14Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at Bluray* T

· 5:14BlurayOriginalsJowan: ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION.

· 5:14Mr.ZayaWhoops

· Isaiah: *looks at Bluray*:

· 5:15BlurayOriginalsJowan: *throws a stick into the portal*

· 5:15MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: o3o? *Notices Isaiah, running over*

· 5:15BlurayOriginalsDESTROY YOUR SOUL

· 5:15Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at Ferham, holding his arms out*


· 5:15BlurayOriginalsI'LL TAKE THE CHICKEN.


· 5:16MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *Hugs* :3

· 5:16Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*hugs back, wagging his tail*

· 5:16Fawful117Michael: (rebuilds it)

· Michael: You're not a creeper.

· 5:16BlurayOriginalsI miss this show. What happened to Cartoon Network having good shows? The only thing they have that's worth watching is Clone Wars. CurtisAlfeld 6 months ago 18

· 5:16Fawful117(you dont even know where he lives)

· 5:16BlurayOriginalsI hope you're joking. MrDrunkenFox in reply to CurtisAlfeld 6 months ago 87

· I follows him.

· And how does he rebuild it?

· 5:16Sonicstar3000Seigyo: *walks out of the portal*

· 5:16Fawful117stalker

· 5:16BlurayOriginalsPull the tools out of his ass?

· 5:16Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -goes to Michal- Hey you Change your act you little f*ck

· 5:16BlurayOriginals^

· ^

· Bluray: ^

· 5:17Fawful117Michael: !

· 5:17BlurayOriginalsBluray: Seigyo!

· 5:17Fawful117Michael: What do you mean, change my act!?

· 5:17BlurayOriginalsDokuro: *steps back*


· 5:17BlurayOriginalsEva: !

· 5:17Mr.Zaya(Dammit)

· 5:17BlurayOriginalsRuby: *pulls out her sword*

· 5:17MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: ...!

· 5:17Fawful117Michael: He's veing a jerk! He blew up my house!

· *being

· 5:17Mr.ZayaIsaiah:How've you been, Ferham?

· 5:18BlurayOriginalsJowan: SEIYGO?! DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL!

· 18Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Michael...Move


· 5:18MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: I'm alright. :3

· 5:18Sonicstar3000Seigyo: Uh, excuse me?

· 5:19Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*kisses her* Great.

· Daichi:*looking around for Daniel*

· 5:19MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *Smiles, kissing back*

· 5:19RayxCreamMakerbrb

· 5:19Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*blushes* What now?

· Daniel:I wonder...

· 5:20Fawful117Michael: What do you mean "move

· *"move"?

· Michael: This is my house!

· 5:21Mr.ZayaDaniel:No it isn't

· 5:21MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: ...*Shrug*

· 5:21BlurayOriginalsBluray: *pushes Michael over and stomps on his balls* THERE IS AN EVIL VILLAIN. RIGHT THERE. PAY A DAMN TENTION.

· Cya ULF294. ):

· 5:22Apallo The HedgehogApallo:-picks Michael up and carries him to the nut house-

· 5:22BlurayOriginalsXD

· ♪ Nothing suits ULF294 like a suit! ♪

· 5:22Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Hmmm....

· (Oh shit it's ULF)

· 5:22BlurayOriginalsBluray: Now then...what do you want SEIYGO?

· 5:22Mr.Zaya(How ya been bro.)

· 5:22Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Dont come back until your sane enough to be near us

· 5:23BlurayOriginals^

· Bluray: ^

· Eva: ^

· 5:23Mr.ZayaDaichi:^

· 5:23BlurayOriginalsAxel: ^

· 5:23Mr.ZayaDaniel:^

· Aahil:^

· Banzai:^

· 5:23BlurayOriginalsRuby: ^

· Cya TDIfan83. ):

· 5:23BlurayOriginalsSeiygo: ^

· 5:24Fawful117Michael: (in immense pain)

· Michael: (gets up slowly)

· Michael: (limps back to his house) ... (sniff) jerks...

· Michael: (goes inside and locks the door)

· 5:25BlurayOriginalsInside his broken house.

· 5:25Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I'll be right back, Ferham... *teleports in and slams his head into the door* TRY AND CRACK MY SKULL AGAIN, ASSHOLE! *disappears and goes back to Ferham*

· 5:25BlurayOriginalsBluray: Damn.

· 5:25Mr.Zaya(Isaiah's Mama used to say kick those bitches' asses who fuck with him.)

· 5:26BlurayOriginals((So he did.))

· ((And they threw a party))

· ((Even Seiygo the villain came.))

· 5:26Mr.Zaya(And broke the fourth wall with his theme song.)

· 5:26BlurayOriginals((And they were all happy))

· 5:27Fawful117(he rebuilt it, smart one)

· 5:27Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Now.....who wants to nuke his house

· while he is in Rehab

· 5:28Sonicstar3000Seigyo: Look, I'm not here to cause havoc, I'm not ALWAYS here to cause havoc. =n=

· 5:28BlurayOriginals((In two seconds.))

· 5:28Mr.Zaya(We don't give a fuck, smart one)

· 5:28BlurayOriginals^

· 5:28Sonicstar3000User_blog:Sonicstar3000/A_poem

· 5:28BlurayOriginalsBluray: Than why are you here?! You scarred one of our friends!

· 5:28MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: *Confused*

· 5:28BlurayOriginalsXD

· Eryka: *feels even worse since she wasn't there to figure out what the fuck was happening*

· 5:29Sonicstar3000Seigyo: *shrugs*

· Seigyo: I couldn't give less shits.

· jk

· 5:29MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: *That's... probably true*

· 5:29Mr.ZayaBanzai:*looks at Eryka*...

· 5:30BlurayOriginalsBluray: So why are you here?!

· 5:30Mr.ZayaBanzai:Wait, me?

· 5:31Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Oh well. -nukes Micheal

· s house

· -

· 5:32BlurayOriginalsMichael: *pulls tools out of his ass and rebulds* Jrkz.

· 5:32Mr.Zaya

· 5:32BlurayOriginalsBluray: No not you. Seiygo.

· 5:32Mr.Zaya(ISAIAH'S)


· Cya XxZekeKnightxX. ):

· 5:32Mr.Zaya(THEME SONG)

· (...It doesn't mean he's a mama's boy)

· 5:32Fawful117Michael: (standing in his crater of a house)

· 5:32BlurayOriginals((It means he has respect.))

· 5:32Fawful117Michael: Why do you all hate me so much?

· 5:33Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I just hold a grudge because you nearly murdered me in the act of hostilely attacking me.

· 5:33BlurayOriginalsBluray: You antagonize my friends, insulted me and you're annoying.

· 5:34Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Plus...

· Isaiah:You're cocky and make the most idiotic and fucked up assumptions.

· 5:34BlurayOriginalsBluray: *looking at Seigyo*

· 5:34MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *Listening* ...

· 5:34BlurayOriginalsBluray: Exactly.

· 5:34Fawful117Michael: Hey, I was just cautious then.

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· 5:35Fawful117Michael: You ever hear of this phrase: "forgive and forget"?

· 5:35Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I don't see how you want us to forgive you when you aren't even sorry.

· 5:35BlurayOriginals^

· ^

· ^

· ^

· ^

· ^

· ^

· ^

· Bluray: ^

· Bluray: You tried tokill one of my friends and when he whooped your ass....


· 5:36Mr.ZayaIsaiah:That was..?

· 5:36Boombomb>.>

· 5:37BlurayOriginalsHe did

· 5:37Fawful117Michael: ...

· 5:37BlurayOriginalsMichael tried to kill someone.

· They whooped his ass.

· And he ran.

· 5:37Fawful117Michael: ...

· Michael: I...

· Michael: (walks over to Isaiah)

· Michael: I'm...sorry for attacking you...

· 5:38Mr.ZayaIsaiah:After all this time...

· ♪ Nothing suits Danucciguzman like a suit! ♪

· 5:38Mr.ZayaIsaiah:You're FINALLY apologizing?

· 5:38DanucciguzmanHello, all.

· 5:38BlurayOriginalsHey

· Here to rage?

· 5:38Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Congratulations. *sarcastic tone*

· (Yo)

· 5:38BlurayOriginalsBluray: *slaps Michael* I don't except.

· 5:38Danucciguzman(Just drop it, Blu.)

· 5:38Mr.Zaya(That doesn't even make sense)

· (He doesn't except.)


· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 5:39BlurayOriginals((I am disappoint.))

· ((Same thing.))

· 5:39Apallo The HedgehogApallo: lost you chance for respect.

· 5:39Mr.Zaya(k.)

· 5:40BlurayOriginals^

· 5:40Danucciguzman(Where is Boom?)

· 5:40Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Exactly what Apallo said

· 5:40Apallo The Hedgehogyou thirst for revenge

· 5:40Mr.Zaya(He's here)

· Isaiah:You're arrogantly foolish.

· 5:40Apallo The HedgehogApallo: You never die

· 5:40Danucciguzman(He hasn't greeted me since I got here.)

· 5:40BlurayOriginalsk

· 5:40Apallo The HedgehogYou are just annoying Micheal

· 5:40BoombombBack

· 5:40BlurayOriginalsWB

· 5:40BoombombOh, Hi Dan!

· 5:40BlurayOriginalsDan isn't raging today.

· 5:40Sonicstar3000Blu

· 5:40DanucciguzmanBlu, just stop it.

· 5:40Sonicstar3000DROP IT.

· 5:41Apallo The Hedgehog^

· 5:41Sonicstar3000*When I'm bored*

· 5:41BlurayOriginalsyay

· 5:41MaverickHunterSigmafgsfds

· 5:41Mr.Zaya^

· sdjjded.

· 5:41ULF294got something for ya

· 5:41Sonicstar3000^


· 5:41ULF294

· 5:41Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Just...kill yourself...

· 5:41Sonicstar3000@Zaya

· 5:42BlurayOriginalsBluray: ^ @Isaiah

· 5:42Apallo The HedgehogApallo: No dont......You dont need to kill your self... you need to live with it.

· 5:42Mr.Zaya(?)

· 5:42Apallo The HedgehogAlone

· -spits on Micheal-

· 5:42Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Apallo. I wasn't finished...

· 5:42MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: ^ *Also @Isaiah*

· 5:42BlurayOriginals^

· Bluray: ^

· Eva: ^

· Axel: ^

· 5:42Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Everyone but you agreed

· 5:42Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Can I spit on him again

· 5:42Mr.Zaya(Trollface MASK)

· 5:42BlurayOriginalsJowan: *looking at Seiygo*

· 5:42Apallo The HedgehogAnd I to agree

· 5:42Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I suppose

· 5:43BlurayOriginalsBluray: Please do Apallo.

· 5:43Mr.ZayaDaichi:^

· 5:43BlurayOriginalsMy characters: ^

· 5:43Mr.ZayaDaniel:^

· Mordecai:^

· Isaiah:^

· 5:43Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -Hacks a Loogie and Psits it at him-

· 5:43MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: ^

· 5:43Apallo The HedgehogSpits(

· 5:43BlurayOriginalsJowan: Does anyone else notice the bad guy? *looking at Seiygo.

· 5:43MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *MHS, you and your late posts*

· 5:44Apallo The HedgehogApallo: If Eclipse were here..... oh man

· 5:44BlurayOriginalsDokuro:

· 5:44Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*socks Michael in the stomach* Me against the world, baby....

· Banzai:*looks at Dokuro and runs away*

· 5:44BlurayOriginals((From action to kicking ass*

· Dokuro: Does he think I'm gonna bludgeon him?

· 5:44Mr.Zaya(Bluray should get my reference)

· 5:45BlurayOriginals^

· 5:45Mr.ZayaDaichi:You left him paranoid, I think

· 5:45Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: -comes up from behind and grabs Micheal- Is this guy scum?

· 5:45Mr.Zaya(Do you?)

· 5:45BlurayOriginalsDokuro: Oh.

· 5:45Fawful117Michael: !

· Michael: Hey, wait!

· 5:45BlurayOriginalsBluray: *punches Michael in the face* NO WAITING! DUST THIS BITCH!

· 5:45Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: -No wait a Court from the Gods.....if he is guilty He is in the underworld for ever

· 5:46BlurayOriginalsWTF

· Dokuro: Nope.avi. *pulls out Excalibolg* ^^

· 5:46Mr.ZayaBanzai:*trips over*!!!!

· 5:46Fawful117(you all want him dead.)

· (GREAT.)

· 5:46Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: Oh well -kicks him on the ground- and throws a glass bottle on him-

· ((It IS your fault Faw))

· 5:46Fawful117(HOW!?)

· 5:47BoombombBRB

· 5:47Mr.ZayaIsaiah:JOIN SPARKS AND LET HER ADD YOU TO HER STOMACH FAT!!! *uppercuts Michael*

· 5:47Fawful117(danny PM)

· Michael: (weak)

· 5:47Apallo The Hedgehog(( You want him to have revenge, you never let him stay dead....may I add On?))

· 5:47Fawful117Michael: N-no, please...

· Michael: I-I can change! I promise!

· Michael: Just leave me alone!

· 5:47Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: -has his Dark Aura Charge into his palm

· Will you promice

· 5:48Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*revives Sparks*

· 5:48Apallo The Hedgehogto never ever swear vengance

· 5:48BlurayOriginalsBluray: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

· 5:48Mr.ZayaIsaiah:WAIT NO NO NO!

· 5:48Apallo The Hedgehogto never assult Women

· 5:48Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*throws Sparks into the sky and blows her up*

· 5:48Fawful117Michael: Y-yes...

· Cya Danucciguzman. ):

· 5:48Fawful117Miochael: I swear...

· *Michael

· 5:48Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: -puts the dark aura to his face- You have one last chance

· if you screw up

· Your mine

· 5:49Fawful117Michael: ...?

· ♪ Nothing suits Danucciguzman like a suit! ♪

· 5:49Fawful117(what does he mean by that?)

· ♪ Nothing suits Loana Lalonde like a suit! ♪

· 5:49Apallo The Hedgehog((Make record of that))

· 5:49BlurayOriginalsBluray: HE IS GONNA KILL YOU.

· 5:49Loana LalondeHi!

· 5:49Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Whatever happened to ganging up on him?

· 5:49BlurayOriginalsBluray: YOU DERP.

· Hey

· 5:49Fawful117Michael: I...I promise...

· 5:49Mr.Zaya(Hi)

· 5:49Loana LalondeI'm back!

· 5:49BlurayOriginalsk

· 5:49BoombombBlu...

· 5:50Fawful117(danny PM again)

· 5:50Boombomb^

· 5:50Fawful117Michael: (weak)

· 5:50Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: And to make shure you are a good boy - puts the orb inside of him- You have But One time to fuck up if you do... Boom.....

· 5:50BlurayOriginalsBluray: Now then...BEACH TIME!

· 5:50Fawful117Michael: ?

· 5:50Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at Bluray, then facepalms*

· 5:50Fawful117Michael: A-alright...

· 5:50Loana Lalondewhat is SAI(体験版)で スーパーペーパーマリオのマネーラを 描いてみた?

· 5:51Fawful117Michael:

· 5:51Apallo The HedgehogApallo: =sighs- Micheal he is saying you mess up you blow up

· 5:51BlurayOriginalsBluray: <The usual Mike cycle. Arrogance, pleeding, pissing his pants, crying.>

· Cya Danucciguzman. ):

· 5:52Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Eclipse man... you are taking it to far........

· ♪ Nothing suits Danucciguzman like a suit! ♪

· 5:52Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: Oh And have the little shit do someting worse?

· Apallo: I know your my clone and all but that dosen't mean you have to

· 5:53Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at them both* You're making the same mistake as him.

· Cya Danucciguzman. ):

· 5:53Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: . . . -sighs-

· 5:53Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*hugs Ferham*

· 5:53BlurayOriginalsBluray: This is boring. Let's go back to the beach

· 5:53Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: I was sent here to make him stop

· ♪ Nothing suits Danucciguzman like a suit! ♪

· 5:53Fawful117(hey)

· 5:53Apallo The Hedgehog-walks off into the shadows-

· 5:54Sonicstar3000I gave James a new appearance

· 5:54Fawful117(he didnt pee his pants)

· >:(

· 5:54Mr.Zaya(Okay...)

· 5:54Apallo The HedgehogApallo: I hate my Clone -_______________-

· 5:54DanucciguzmanDanielle: What is going on?

· 5:54MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: =/

· 5:54BlurayOriginals((Good for him. Too bad I don't give a fuck.))

· 5:54Fawful117Michael: Ngh..

· Michael: (tries crawling away in pain)

· 5:54BlurayOriginals(( ))

· Bluray: *looks at Danielle* Nothing.


· 5:55Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Well my brother "aka the Reaper "have him a chance to advoid death...

· And Sonia You are lookin -slaped-

· Sonia: No Apallo....just no

· 5:55Danucciguzman*Danielle runs up to Michael*

· 5:55BoombombDanny PC.

· 5:55Danucciguzman....

· 5:55BoombombSorry.

· 5:55Fawful117Michael: (thinking) ...little I haven't heard that one before...

· 5:56BlurayOriginalsBluray: *facepalms* I can still read minds.

· 5:56Fawful117Michael: (passes out from too much pain)

· 5:56BlurayOriginalsBluray: Cuzz ya know. Psychic. Herp.

· 5:56Fawful117(IDGAF)· :56


· 5:56Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: -in his mind laughing evily-

· 5:56Tynic The Hedgehog( File:The_New_and_Improved_Tynic.png )

· 5:56Mr.Zaya(Saying you don't shows you actually do, otherwise you wouldn't say anything)

· 5:56BlurayOriginals^

· 5:56Apallo The Hedgehog^

· 5:56BlurayOriginals(( ))

· 5:57Apallo The Hedgehog(Take it from me just stop the BS))

· 5:57Boombomb < I did that.

· 5:57BlurayOriginalsBluray: *stomps on Michael*

· (( ))

· 5:57DanucciguzmanDanielle: *to Michael* Hey, are you all right? *tries to help him up*

· 5:57BoombombIt took effort and

· 5:57Fawful117Michael: (passed out)

· 5:57BlurayOriginalsBluray: *stepping on Michael and looks at Danielle*

· 5:57Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*kicks Michael*

· 5:57Fawful117(Blu, you are a jerk)

· 5:57Loana LalondeSAI(体験版)で スーパーペーパーマリオのマネーラを 描いてみた

· 5:57BlurayOriginalsBluray: Nope. *continues dancing*

· ((k))

· 5:57Fawful117(you too, Zaya)

· you cold, heartless bastards you

· 5:58Apallo The Hedgehog(

· 5:58BlurayOriginals((After you try and kill my best friends characters. GTFO))

· 5:58BoombombFaw, stop, NOW.

· 5:58BlurayOriginalsBluray: *jumping on Michael's spine* Yolo.

· jk

· Cya Sonicstar3000. ):

· 5:58BlurayOriginalsAt the Yolo part.

· 5:58Apallo The HedgehogAnd that is why go your FC killed in SFW and this is happeneing

· 5:58DanucciguzmanDanielle: *to Blu* What are you doing? O_O

· 5:58Apallo The Hedgehogyou little tryhard

· 5:58Fawful117...

· 5:58BlurayOriginalsExactly.

· 5:58Fawful117(danny PM)

· 5:58BlurayOriginalsSo shut you face.

· ♪ Nothing suits Sonicstar3000 like a suit! ♪

· 5:59BlurayOriginalsBluray: Kick a little bastards ass and you?

· 5:59Apallo The HedgehogAND SHOW ME DEM DOTS


· 5:59Sonicstar3000

· James' new appearance

· 5:59BlurayOriginals*hides from Rio*


· Cya Fawful117. ):

· 5:59BlurayOriginalsRagequit 2.

· Within one hour.

· 6:00Apallo The Hedgehog

· ♪ Nothing suits Koggeh like a suit! ♪

· 6:00BlurayOriginalsBluray: *throws Michael into a trashcan and pushes it out to sea* BEACH PARTY!

· Jowan: *turns on the radio*

· 6:00Sonicstar30003==D

· Sorry.

· 6:00BlurayOriginalsRadio: GET READY FOR THE ALPHABET. A, B, C

· 6:01Mr.ZayaBanzai:I wonder where Aleah is>

· *?

· 6:01BlurayOriginalsJowan: *slaps it*

· 6:01Sonicstar30003===D

· 6:01Loana LalondeSAI(体験版)で スーパーペーパーマリオのマネーラを 描いてみた

· 6:01Tynic The Hedgehog(hey)

· Cya Tynic The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:01Sonicstar30003==D

· 6:01BlurayOriginalsRadio: *SUMMER TIME, LA-HA-HA-VIN!*

· Cya Tynic The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:01MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: X3

· 6:02DanucciguzmanDanny: *drives by in his Mitsubishi Montero* Beach party!

· 6:02Tynic The Hedgehogbrb

· Cya Tynic The Hedgehog. ):

· 6:02BlurayOriginalsBluray: *dancing*

· 6:02Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*kisses Ferham, smiling*

· 6:02BlurayOriginalsThe Trash Can Michael's in: *flips over drowning him*

· 6:02Apallo The HedgehogApallo: SO I have a Plan For

· 6:02MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: *Kissing back* :3

· 6:03Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA An intresting story

· 6:03Danucciguzman*Danny parks the Montero, and joins the party*

· 6:03BoombombI g2g in like, 7 mins.

· or less.

· 6:03Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*blushes* At least Michael's gone..

· 6:03Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA An intresting story

· 6:03BlurayOriginalsMichael: *dead*

· 6:04Apallo The HedgehogEclipse: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA A VERY intresting story

· 6:04BlurayOriginalsDevil Chao: *eat him*

· 6:04Mr.ZayaIsaiah:mirite

· 6:04BlurayOriginalsBluray: YUP. urite

· 6:04RayxCreamMakerback

· 6:04BlurayOriginalswb

· 6:04RayxCreamMakerthnx

· 6:04BlurayOriginalsMichael was brutally beaten and killed by Devil CHao.

· 6:04Apallo The HedgehogMp

· 6:04Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I was asking Ferham...

· 6:04Apallo The HedgehogNo*

· 6:04BlurayOriginals*eaten

· 6:04Apallo The HedgehogEclipse Has him by the balls

· 6:04BlurayOriginalsBluray: Aw.

· Nope.

· 6:05Loana LalondeSAI(Boomer and Chickie Boom) Boomer saving Chickie Boom by Evil Boom

· 6:05BlurayOriginalsThe chao ate him.


· 6:05DanucciguzmanDanny: *brings out a boom box, and it plays "Walk This Way" by Run-D.M.C.* Heheh! ^^

· 6:05BlurayOriginalsJowan: *smashes boom box* SUMMER TIME LOVIN'S ON THE RADIO

· 6:05BoombombBOOM

· 6:05Apallo The HedgehogApallo: NO

· 6:05BoombombBOX


· 6:06Apallo The HedgehogBOOMBOX360

· 6:06BlurayOriginalsJowan: Ynoy?

· 6:06DanucciguzmanDanny: Jowan... Why'd you do that?

· 6:06BlurayOriginals*ynot?

· 6:06Boombomb=n=

· 6:06Loana LalondeBoomer Chickie Boom Evil Boom

· 6:06BlurayOriginals...

· Jowan: We already have a radio.

· 6:07Mr.ZayaBanzai:Where's Aleah...?

· 6:07MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: Yeah. :3

· 6:07DanucciguzmanDanny: But that doesn't mean you have to break it.

· 6:07Mr.Zaya̯͡

· 6:07DanucciguzmanCould've at least turned it off.

· 6:07Mr.Zaya̯͡<---EPIC

· Isaiah:*smiles*

· 6:08Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -stares at Dan- . . . -heart beats-

· 6:08BlurayOriginals

· 6:08DanucciguzmanDanny: Come on, Josiah. You destroyed my boom box, now you gotta pay me back for it.

· 6:08BlurayOriginalsBROKE

· 6:08Mr.Zaya(He died a virgin he was eaten by his chao his zorua was raped by a group of FORD TAURUS MODELS)

· 6:09Boombomb̯͡

· 6:09Mr.Zaya(...the 1985 models >=3)

· 6:09Boombomb

· 6:09BlurayOriginalsJowan: Josiah? Who's that?

· 6:09Danucciguzman(Mr. Zaya, that car didn't come out until 1986.)

· Danny: I mean, Jowan.

· 6:09Mr.Zaya(Whoops...)

· (Then the 1986 models.)

· (Screw it, the 85 Mustang Hatchbacks, those were ugly)

· 6:10Danucciguzman(Hehehe. XD)

· 6:10BlurayOriginalsJowan:

· ((Can we start a new serious TP?))

· 6:10BoombombG2G.

· 6:10BlurayOriginalsAw.

· Bye

· 6:10DanucciguzmanDanny: *he looks at Sonia* Hmm?

· (Bye, Boom.)

· 6:10MaverickHunterSigma(Aww, cya.)

· 6:10Mr.Zaya(I much preferred the Mustang IIs as my favorite Mustang Generation)

· 6:10MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Around*

· 6:10Mr.Zaya(buh-bai)

· 6:11BoombombCya

· Cya Boombomb. ):

· 6:11Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -blushes-

· 6:12DanucciguzmanDanny: Hi, there.

· 6:12Mr.ZayaBanzai:Gah...where IS Aleah?

· ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:13Danucciguzman(LOL: )

· 6:13BlurayOriginalsBluray: Don't Sonia.

· 6:13MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ...?

· 6:13DanucciguzmanDanny: *walks up to her* My name is Danny. What's yours? =3

· 6:13Apallo The HedgehogSonia: W-why not.......

· 6:14Mr.ZayaBanzai:*walks off*

· 6:14BlurayOriginalsBluray: He's friends with Clara. Nuff said

· 6:15Mr.ZayaAahil:Hmm.

· 6:15DanucciguzmanDanny: That was ages ago.

· 6:15BlurayOriginalsBluray: The queen of sluts.

· Cya Koggeh. ):

· 6:15BlurayOriginalsBluray: Not to mention he hit on Audrey too.

· 6:16DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia, don't listen to him. He's trying to slander me.

· 6:16Sonicstar3000Danny I finished the FDM pic

· 6:16BlurayOriginalsBluray

· 6:16Mr.ZayaAahil:Who's the queen of sluts?

· 6:16BlurayOriginals*Bluray: Clara.

· Bluray: Danny tried gettin' busy with her.

· 6:16Sonicstar3000 I totally messed up on the hair XDD

· 6:17MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: Uhhh... Sis?

· 6:18Mr.ZayaAahil:Asking a question, for it'll never be answered...

· 6:18Sonicstar3000ALSO


· 6:18BlurayOriginalswut



· fap to this

· jk

· 6:18BlurayOriginalsBluray: I said CLARA.

· 6:18Sonicstar3000But do take a look at it.

· (twss)

· Anyway

· Me right here

· I'm tired

· I'll see you all soon!

· 6:19DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia, he's trying to make me look bad. I'm not what he thinks I am... <=-(

· 6:19Mr.ZayaAahil:Well, exCUUUUSSEE me princess, I didn't hear you.

· 6:19Sonicstar3000Bai all

· 6:19Danucciguzman(Bye, SS3K! Thanks so much! ^^ )

· 6:19RayxCreamMakerlater...

· 6:19Sonicstar3000(NP)

· 6:20Tynic The Hedgehog(Bye SS3K)

· 6:20BlurayOriginalsBluray: *summons Clara* FREE HORNY MEN~!

· 6:20RayxCreamMakerClara:

· 6:20DanucciguzmanDanny: Oh, no... O_O *holds Sonia's hand*

· 6:20Sonicstar3000Leonard: _

· jk

· Cya all soon.

· 6:21BlurayOriginalsBluray: Clara didn't Danny try to get busy with you?

· Bye

· Cya Sonicstar3000. ):

· 6:21Mr.Zaya("Well, exCUUUUSSEE me princess, I didn't hear you.")

· 6:21BlurayOriginalsClara: Yup. It was fun.

· JK

· 6:21Mr.Zaya(Aahil's greatest quote)


· 6:21RayxCreamMakerClara: You bet your ass he did

· 6:22BlurayOriginalsBluray: Exactly. I'm just trying to look out for my friend. Sonia, Danny did it with the Queen of sluts. Is he REALLY someone you wanna be with?

· 6:22Mr.ZayaAahil:*looks at Clara, squinting his eyes*....

· 6:22DanucciguzmanDanny: Bluray, stop it.

· Audrey would be an angel compared to YOU, Clara! You nearly destroyed my life!

· 6:23Mr.ZayaAahil:She's the "Slut"?

· 6:23BlurayOriginalsBluray: I said I'm looking out for a friend. Audrey's changed.

· Bluray: Yup.

· 6:23Mr.ZayaAahil:Not the queen of them.

· Aahil:Venus the Cat is.

· 6:23BlurayOriginalsBluray: Who?

· 6:23DanucciguzmanDanny: ....

· 6:23Mr.ZayaAahil:She practically raped me.

· 6:24BlurayOriginalsClara_the_Fox

· Boys She's Slept With Most of these men she has had sex with more than once. Miles "Tails" Prower Joseph the Wolf Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog Surge the Hedgehog Reggie the Bat


· But seriously?

· Canon rape?

· 6:24Mr.Zaya(Venus did it with)

· (Aahil)

· (Jonic [technically, but was only seducing him])

· 6:24Tynic The Hedgehog(ok)

· 6:25RayxCreamMakerClara: Look at all these fucks I give, manwhore

· 6:25Mr.Zaya(And a bunch of others)

· Aahil:Who's a manwhore?

· 6:25RayxCreamMakerClara: (points to Danny)

· 6:25BlurayOriginalsBluray: ^

· Ruby:

· 6:25DanucciguzmanDanny: NO!

· 6:25Mr.ZayaAahil:Of course I wouldn't know. I'm not a manwhore. *kisses Ruby*

· 6:25BlurayOriginalsRuby: *hugs Aahil*

· 6:25Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -is crying because she is lonely=

· 6:26RayxCreamMakerClara: Yes

· 6:26Apallo The HedgehogHidi:

· 6:26BlurayOriginalsCharlie: Don't worry momma, you'll find someone.

· 6:26DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia...

· 6:26MaverickHunterSigma(Friggin' laundry....)

· 6:26Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Is it true Danny

· 6:26BlurayOriginalsBluray: Not to mention, James found porn of him on a website.

· ((True Story ^))

· 6:26MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ._. *Confused*

· 6:27Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Sis

· 6:27DanucciguzmanDanny: It was... But I don't wanna do that anymore.

· (Bluray, stop it.)

· (Just stop it right now.)

· 6:27MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: Hmm?

· 6:27BlurayOriginalsBluray: Aw I didn't mean to make you cry.

· 6:27Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -faints-

· 6:27DanucciguzmanDanny: I want a girl who really cares about who I am, rather than just for my body.

· 6:27BlurayOriginalsBluray: I just don't want you falling for someone like-- O.O

· Charlie: MOMMA!

· Charlotte: D:

· 6:28Danucciguzman*he tries to wake up Sonia with CPR*

· 6:28Apallo The HedgehogApallo: =checks her pulse and pushes him off-

· She is ok but she is in shock

· 6:28BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Says the guy who makes porn on FurAffinity>

· 6:28Danucciguzman(Bluray, I'm warning you.)


· 6:29BlurayOriginals((k))

· 6:29MaverickHunterSigma(...)

· 6:29Loana LalondeHi!

· 6:29BlurayOriginals

· Hey Loana

· 6:29DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia... Are you all right?

· 6:29MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Trying to wake Sonia up*

· 6:29Tynic The HedgehogTynic: Sonia , are you ok

· 6:29Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -is in a coma like state-

· 6:30DanucciguzmanDanny: Oh, no... ;___;

· 6:30Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -looks at dan.- I think you miight want to stay away from her

· 6:30BlurayOriginalsBluray: ^

· 6:30DanucciguzmanDanny: *slowly begins to cry while doing so...*

· 6:30BlurayOriginalsTwins: *start crying* Momma!

· 6:30Apallo The HedgehogHer heart is hurting alot from her ex...he was like you

· 6:31MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Really concerned right now, trying to wake her up still*

· 6:31BlurayOriginalsTwins: MOMMA, WAKE UP!

· 6:31Loana LalondeBluray is a butterfly

· 6:31BlurayOriginalsKrillin: HEY GUYS I'M ALIV-- Oh.

· ♪ Nothing suits Koggeh like a suit! ♪

· 6:31DanucciguzmanDanny: *slowly becomes enraged* Bluray...

· 6:31Apallo The HedgehogApallo: soon

· Cya Koggeh. ):

· 6:31BlurayOriginalsKrillin: B-but. D"

· ♪ Nothing suits Fawful117 like a suit! ♪

· :31BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yes, Daniel.

· 6:31Apallo The Hedgehog=carries Sonia to the hospital=

· 6:31Loana LalondeBluray the butterfly

· 6:32DanucciguzmanDanny: How dare you...

· 6:32Loana LalondeBluray Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· Cya Fawful117. ):

· 6:32MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Helping*

· 6:32BlurayOriginalsBluray: Ruin your chances of getting with a girl for warning her of your horny past?

· 6:33DanucciguzmanDanny: You have been targeting me for slander, rumors, and frame-ups!

· 6:33Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:33BlurayOriginals Everyone got this saved?

· 6:33Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:33BlurayOriginalsBluray: Not my fault! Boom told me about the pr0nz.

· 6:33Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -looks at Blu and Dan- SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!

· 6:33Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:33DanucciguzmanDanny: You have crossed the line too far this time, Bluray!

· 6:34MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: o.o

· 6:34Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:34Apallo The HedgehogMy Friend is in a Coma state and you both are arguing like little fucking kids

· 6:34DanucciguzmanDanny: Apallo...

· 6:34Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:34MaverickHunterSigma:I

· 6:34Apallo The HedgehogCome on Guys.... =carries her into her room and helps the doctors get her in her bed-

· 6:35MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Also helping*

· 6:35DanucciguzmanDanny: *follows Apallo* Oh, my... *slowly cried*

· 6:35Tynic The HedgehogTynic : * Helping*

· 6:35Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· BlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:35BlurayOriginalsBluray: *follows*

· Loana quit spamming

· 6:35Tynic The Hedgehog( STOP SAYING THAT LOANA )

· 6:35Loana LalondeOk BlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:35BlurayOriginals^

· Stop spamming


· 6:36Mr.ZayaBanzai:WHERE'S ALEAH....?

· 6:36BlurayOriginalsBeing the ghost is harder than I thought

· 6:36Loana Lalondealright Ok BlurayOriginals Butterfly CHILL SONIC FANON

· 6:36BlurayOriginalsJowan: In the beach house.

· MHS.

· 6:36MaverickHunterSigmaLoana, that's enough.

· 6:36Loana LalondeOk sorry

· 6:37BlurayOriginals^

· Exactly, shut up.

· 6:37DanucciguzmanDanny: Apallo?

· 6:37Apallo The HedgehogApallo: What Dan

· 6:37Mr.Zaya Sparks Vs Shred...

· No one said saying "Shut up" was necessary, Bluray...

· 6:38DanucciguzmanDanny: *sighs* I don't see how that Bluray gets the nerve to bring up my past.

· *covers his face and cries*

· 6:38Loana LalondeBlurayOriginals the butterfly

· 6:38BlurayOriginalsBluray: *puts his hands in his pockets*

· MHS, she's starting again.

· 6:39Apallo The Hedgehog-is looking at Dan- Dan......Leave

· 6:39DanucciguzmanDanny: Why...?

· 6:39Apallo The HedgehogLeave until you can get over it

· 6:39MaverickHunterSigmaLoana, one more out of you and you're out the door.

· 6:39DanucciguzmanDanny: Get over what?

· 6:39Loana Lalondeok

· 6:39MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Sighs*

· 6:40Tynic The HedgehogTynic; faceplam

· 6:40Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Your Past

· 6:40BlurayOriginalsBluray: *facepalm*

· 6:40DanucciguzmanDanny: Oh...

· 6:40MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: =/

· 6:40Apallo The HedgehogEclipse isnt here is he?

· 6:41DanucciguzmanDanny: I've been over it, until that slanderous butterfly brought it up.

· 6:41Mr.ZayaIsaiah:How come you're saying "Facepalm"?

· 6:42Apallo The Hedgehog. . .

· 6:42BlurayOriginalsBluray isn't a butterfly Dan.

· *facepalms*

· 6:42Mr.ZayaIsaiah:...

· 6:42RayxCreamMaker-_-

· 6:42DanucciguzmanDanny: If you want me to get over my past, I could really use your help...

· 6:43Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Er...

· 6:43MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: ...?

· 6:43DanucciguzmanDanny: Then Sonia and I can be together...

· 6:44Apallo The HedgehogApallo: You dont know her

· 6:44Mr.ZayaIsaiah:What's going on right now..

· 6:44DanucciguzmanDanny: Oh...

· But I would love to get to know her, though.

· 6:45BlurayOriginalsBluray: He must be blind. I'm a fox.

· 6:45DanucciguzmanDanny: She seems pretty nice, and I think she likes me...

· 6:45Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I'm a Coyote!

· (Well, for the most part)

· 6:46BlurayOriginalsTwins:

· 6:46MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: I'm a squirrel--wait, what are we talking about again?

· 6:46Mr.ZayaIsaiah:I just said that.

· Isaiah:...not thinking it'd confuse anyone

· 6:46MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Sighing, worried still*

· 6:47BlurayOriginalsBluray: Danny being blind and not being able to recognize a member of his own species.

· Twins: Mommy....

· 6:47Mr.Zaya(Dad is angry)

· (oh god)

· Isaiah:Bluray, you troll

· 6:47Danucciguzman(I didn't know what species was Bluray, BTW.)

· 6:47BlurayOriginals((Aw.))

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:48BlurayOriginals((G4U))

· Bluray: Oh God, IMMABASTARD....

· 6:48Mr.ZayaIsaiah:..Eh?

· 6:48Tynic The HedgehogTynic: *Goes training*

· 6:48Danucciguzman

· 6:48MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: Huh?

· 6:49Danucciguzman*Danny sadly leaves...*

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· 6:49BlurayOriginalsBluray: We fought a few days ago. He blew up the downtown of Station Square

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:49Tynic The HedgehogTynic : 0-0

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· 6:50Mr.ZayaIsaiah:...

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:51Mr.ZayaUser_blog:Mr.Zaya/My_Character's_Greatest_Quotes

· Why, did I make this...

· 6:51Danucciguzman(Apallo?)

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:52BlurayOriginalsThe Twins: *have cried to the point their eyes are red* ...

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:54MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Hugging the twins, trying to comfort them*

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· 6:55Danucciguzman*Meanwhile, Danny is having a slice of cheesecake at an Italian bistro...*

· Danny: *sighs* ... <=-(

· 6:55BlurayOriginalsThe Twins: Auntie Mommy gonna be OK.

· 6:55Tynic The HedgehogTynic: I hope sonia is alright

· 6:56DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia... *a tear rolls down*

· 6:57MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: All I can do is hope...

· 6:57Tynic The HedgehogTynic:*grunt* *Tears come from His Eyes* SONIA

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:58BlurayOriginalsThe Twins:

· 6:58Tynic The HedgehogTynic: * falls to the ground*

· Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ):

· ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪

· 6:59Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -was waking up slowly-


· ♪ Nothing suits Draon029 like a suit! ♪

· 7:00Draon029(Hey guys)

· 7:00Tynic The Hedgehog(hey)

· 7:00BlurayOriginals((Hey.))

· 7:00Danucciguzman*Meanwhile, Danny is walking back to the hospital...*

· (Hi, Draon.)

· 7:00BlurayOriginalsTwins: MOMMY!

· 7:00Mr.ZayaIsaiah:<Take it in your stride...>

· 7:00Apallo The HedgehogSonia: I dont want to be with Dan

· . . . . Im sorry Dan....

· 7:01Tynic The Hedgehogtynic: *on the ground - in a trance)

· 7:01BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Momma used to say!>

· 7:01Mr.ZayaDaniel:Nothing happened to me!

· Isaiah:<Fuck you>

· 7:01BlurayOriginalsBlurya: <Aw....>

· 7:02DanucciguzmanDanny: *he is shocked having to have heard that...*

· No... *is about to cry...*

· Sonia, I want to be with no one else but you...

· 7:03Tynic The HedgehogTynic: -wakes up - Uh Uh What happened

· 7:03Apallo The Hedgehog-Sonia: No you remind me of my ex.....and he...... raped me

· 7:03BlurayOriginalsBluray: *looks around for Eryka*

· Cya Draon029. ):

· 7:03DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia, I would never rape anyone.

· 7:03BlurayOriginalsTwins: Mommy....what's rape?

· 7:03Apallo The HedgehogSonia: Im afraid of people with a past like yours Dan

· 7:04BlurayOriginalsJowan: Sonia's fine.

· 7:04Apallo The HedgehogSonia: We can be friends

· 7:04DanucciguzmanDanny: Sonia... ;___;

· 7:04BlurayOriginals((Clara disappeared when Bluray tricked her about the free slags))

· 7:04Danucciguzman(Bluray, you're gonna regret this...)

· 7:04BlurayOriginals((k))

7:05Danucciguzman(Are you happy that you ruined Danny? Do you think that you've won? Do you think you have succeeded in humiliating him?)

· · 7:05Apallo The HedgehogSonia: - Can the Twins and Blu and Tynic And Sis stay in here

· (Dan....That is part of her new back story....)

· 7:06MaverickHunterSigma(...)

· 7:06BlurayOriginals((Why not?))

· 7:06Danucciguzman(Huh?)

· 7:06BlurayOriginalsJowan and Ruby: *leave the room*

· 7:06Apallo The Hedgehog(She was raped.....I just never put it in the back story)

· 7:06Danucciguzman(Oh.)

· 7:06Mr.Zaya

· 7:06BlurayOriginalsBluray: I'll see you in a bit Eryka.

· 7:06MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Trying to comfort Sonia*

· Eryka: Alright...

· 7:07Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -sobs in her hands-

· 7:07Danucciguzman*Danny follows suit*

· 7:07BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yes Sonia?

· Twins:

· 7:07Mr.ZayaIsaiah:<This sucks balls>

· 7:07Danucciguzman*Danny suddenly snaps*

· 7:08Apallo The HedgehogSonia: What should I do...Stay Single or......idk...

· 7:08DanucciguzmanDanny: BLURAY.... >8-S *screams loudly and punches the wall*

· 7:09BlurayOriginalsBluray: ! Stay single. If he has a cow about not getting you if you ever wanna break up with him. SLICE

· Twins: Whatever makes you happy momma.

· ♪ Nothing suits Koggeh like a suit! ♪

· 7:09Danucciguzman*Danny is heard sobbing loudly*

· 7:09BlurayOriginalsBluray: I guarantee a murder or suicide will happen.

· 7:09Apallo The HedgehogSonia:...I want to be with a dude but....Someone that is nice...someone who dosnt have a sexual past

· 7:10DanucciguzmanDanny: *lays in fetal position* ... <X,-o

· 7:10Apallo The Hedgehogsomeone I see as a Sood

· 7:10BlurayOriginalsBluray: Well Danny's TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION! <THAT'S IT!>

· 7:10Apallo The HedgehogRehab Men: -grabs Dan-

· 7:10BlurayOriginalsBluray: Hmm....Sood?

· 7:10DanucciguzmanDanny: Huh? O_O

· Aaahh! Help!

· 7:10Mr.Zaya

· 7:10BlurayOriginalsRehab Man 1: It'll be OK Daniel...

· 7:11Mr.Zaya(Isaiah's theme song...LIVE)

· Daniel:What?

· 7:11Apallo The HedgehogRehab Man 2: -knock him out-

· 7:11BlurayOriginalsRehab Man 1: The other one. The fox.

· 7:11Danucciguzman(How could you do this to me, Bluray?)

· (Now you've made Danny miserable.)

· 7:12Loana LalondeI so sad

· 7:12Tynic The HedgehogTynic - Feels a great amount of power- That power

· 7:12DanucciguzmanDanny: ....

· 7:13Mr.Zaya(Anyone listening?)

· 7:13BlurayOriginals((To what?))

· 7:13Apallo The HedgehogRay: WHERE IS SONIA

· -blast the city-

· 7:14MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ._.

· 7:14BlurayOriginalsTwins: HERE!

· 7:14Apallo The HedgehogSonia: NO BABIES

· 7:14BlurayOriginalsBluray: *shuts there mouths*

· 7:14Apallo The Hedgehog-THAT IS MYY EX

· 7:14BlurayOriginals*their

· 7:15Tynic The HedgehogTynic: I gonna find out what happening

· *flys off*

· 7:15Apallo The HedgehogSonia: -grabs them and runs-

· 7:15BlurayOriginalsBluray: I'm not gonna let him hurt you!

· 7:16MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ...! *Follows*

· 7:16BlurayOriginalsBluray: *jumps out the window and dashes to Ray*

· 7:16DanucciguzmanDanny: *still unconcious* Mmmm... ~__~

· 7:16Tynic The HedgehogTynic: IT's RAY

· 7:16BlurayOriginalsRehab Man 1: Tie him up!

· 7:17DanucciguzmanDanny: *falls back unconscious*

· 7:17Tynic The HedgehogTynic : I Got This *goes Super*

· 7:17Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*confused*

· 7:17BlurayOriginalsBluray: *telepathically* <Aahil, Danny, Isaiah, you coming?>

· 7:17Tynic The Hedgehog*Charges at ray*

· ♪ Nothing suits Fawful117 like a suit! ♪

· 7:18BlurayOriginals((How does he go super. Without emeralds?))

· 7:18Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*looks at Ferham*...Ferham, Bluray wants me, are you coming?

· (^)

· 7:18Apallo The HedgehogRay: -THATS RAY THE GRIFFIN

· 7:18Mr.Zaya(@Bluray)

· 7:18BlurayOriginalsBluray: And the fucks I gave that day were none existent.

· 7:18MaverickHunterSigmaFerham: Yeah.

· 7:19BlurayOriginalsBluray: ZAKERUGA! *fires a lightning blast at Ray*&

· 7:19Mr.ZayaIsaiah:Alright then!

· 7:19BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Eryka, can you here me?>

· 7:19Mr.ZayaIsaiah:<Coming, with Ferham...>

· 7:19Tynic The HedgehogTynic:*punches Ray in they stomach*

· 7:19Mr.Zaya(Can she here him makes zero sense)

· 7:19DanucciguzmanDanny: *wakes up* Bluray... wants me? O_O After all the hell he put me through today... he wants me to help him!? >8-O *he suddenly becomes supercharged*

· 7:19Mr.ZayaAahil:<Coming!> *glides off to where Bluray is*

· 7:19BlurayOriginalsNo.

· blu didn't call danny.

· *hear

· Bluray called his friends.

· 7:20Danucciguzman(Uh, you said "Danny".)

· 7:20BlurayOriginalsJowan: *refuses to use his powers*

· ((Danny the Armadillo))

· 7:20Apallo The HedgehogApallo: DAN HAS THE TROLL VIRUS

· 7:20Mr.Zaya(ANGELIC Armadillo )

· 7:20Danucciguzman(T___T)

· 7:20Mr.Zaya(The one who was going to hang himself because of Dokuro)

· 7:20BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Thanks guys!> *spindashes at Ray*

· 7:20MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: <Hmm? Oh, right!>

· 7:20BlurayOriginalsNO

· 7:20Apallo The HedgehogRay*

· 7:20Danucciguzman(You really ruined me, Blu....)

· 7:20Apallo The HedgehogRAY HAS IT

· 7:20Koggeh*Snipes Wife on TF2, she backstabs me as uncloaked spy for the rest of the game*


· 7:21Loana LalondeCan somebody found a photo of klaymen for me?

· 7:21BlurayOriginalsIT DEAD.

· 7:21Mr.ZayaDaniel:<Perhaps...> *dashes off at light speed* Here.

· 7:21BlurayOriginalsNO MOAR OF DEM TILL DECEMBER.

· 7:21Mr.ZayaIsaiah:*with Ferham I guess, with Bluray?*

· 7:21BlurayOriginalsBluray: <Thanks, Eryka!>

· 7:21Mr.ZayaAahil:*swoops down to where they are* Squirrel, Flying Squirrel? FUCK YEAH!

· 7:21Loana LalondeKlaymen?

· 7:21Apallo The HedgehogAnon Virus?

· 7:21BlurayOriginalsBluray: *goes up to attack Ray*

· ((Nah. Can't he just be insane?))

· 7:22DanucciguzmanDanny: *is nearly waking up* Mmmmhhh...

· 7:22Apallo The HedgehogRay: IMMA RAPE YA BITCH

· 7:22BlurayOriginals((Or vengeful))

· 7:22Apallo The Hedgehog-grabs sonia-

· 7:22BlurayOriginalsRehabMan 1: *uses two as a shield*

· 7:22Apallo The Hedgehog(Vengeful-

· 7:22MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: ...! *Tries to kick Ray*

· 7:22BlurayOriginalsTwins: *turn into rifle form*

· Jowan: *fires the twins at Ray* Bullets fly through there sternums~

· 7:22Apallo The HedgehogRehabMan2: STRAIGHT JACKET SHELD

· 7:22Tynic The HedgehogTynic: Bluray Let use the light speed attack

· 7:22Fawful117danny PM

· 7:23Mr.ZayaAahil:*uses a homing mid-air dash coming Ray's way*

· 7:23BlurayOriginalsBluray: READY?!!

· Ruby: *comes down* READY!

· Bluray: <Just need a flying type!>

· 7:23Apallo The HedgehogRay: -one of his wings blows them away before they could connect-

· 7:23Loana LalondeKlaymen?

· 7:23MaverickHunterSigmaEryka: I should warn you--I don't know how to pull my punches!

· 7:23DanucciguzmanDanny: *he wakes up completely* Hey! *he bites one of the Rehab Men in the hand...*

· 7:24Mr.ZayaAahil:

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