Early Years

Teen Years.

Late Teen Years


Cryshan is a Black and Ice Blue cat with Pink Hair  hair with two Long Pony Tails that lead down to her middle back. She has red eyes, like her mother,  and her tail pattern comes from the flame design of her father's spines. 


Cheerful, Entergetic, and always feuled with an undieing spirit, Cryshan is the polar opposite of her twin brother, who is always quiet and in the house and always by Crym's side or in her arms.


Like her father Cryshan can fly and use fire abilities as well as her mother.


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Here are the list of the key strengths Cryshan has:


.:~Super Formes~:.


.:~Friends And Family~:.

  • Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog (Father) ~ Crymson met Junior and a few others while on their way to the theatre. Crym was a bit shy around Junior at first, and was always the one that is loss for words. During their visit to Juniors Sky Castle, he confessed his feeling to her while in the observatory. Crymson was shocked to know aboutbhis feelings to her, but she gladly accepts. During the adventures, he was always by her side, even scaring her when his presence wasn't known, and the two became inseperable. Then one day, while in the beach, Junior took Crymson to his (now their) beach side house, where he proposed to her. Crymson agreed to.marry him. After a few months Junior told Crymson that she was pregnant with Twins, a Boy and a Girl, the girl being Cryshan.
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