Commander Yammark
Commander Yammark
Commander Yammark is the friendly yet preserved leader of the Maverick Hunter Nightmare Squad.





Love Interests

Blast Hornet


Duty, scouting, good practice, balanced offense & defense, cuties, nature, etc.


Perverts, rape, harassment, most Reploids, group conversations, judgmental people, "humorous" jokes, etc.

Commander Yammark is a Dragonfly-based Reploid created by Gate the Hedgehog. She is a member of the Maverick Hunters, where she served as leader of the Nightmare Squad. She is actually quite secluded and mostly distrustful towards Reploids, due to an unfortunate accident caused by sabotage by another Reploid.


Original Creation

Commander Yammark was created during Gate's research years, as part of a Nature Preservation Squad. Along with many other of Gate's creations, Yammark's abilities were incredible, but it caused some jealousy and critisism from fellow researchers. One day, while on duty, Yammark accidentally lit a forest on fire, a moment that haunted her for many years to come. Though she wasn't blamed for it publically, someone actually sabotauged her systems. This meant that when she flew again, she crash-landed and was nearly completely destroyed. This was what caused her to have a hatred and paranoid for any otehr Reploid she came across. The only exceptions were Gate's own creations and Blast Hornet, who took responsibility for the fire and she grew to fall for him.

Copy-X Incident

Years later, during the Copy-X Incident, Yammark was chosen as one of the eight investigators meant to stop the now-Maverick X and his new army. In reality, she was only leading a world-dominating army of Gate's with Copy-X in charge of it all. The Maverick Hunter Axl later confronted her in the Amazon Area. Axl was awed that he had to take down a "hot chick", though she was unamused at his comments. Axl was able to easily defeat her with the Ray Gun.

Following the defeat and reforming of Gate, Yammark and the other seven Investigators were rebuilt and brought into the Maverick Hunters, as the Nightmare Squad, with Yammark as the squad's leader.

War on Giga City

As the conflict on Giga City reached a breaking point, Yammark and I were sent to deal with teh crisis. Accompanied by Repliforce soldier, Breaker (who was later revealed to be a traitor), the group found a lead at the Lagrano Ruins, where they ended up separating. After rendezvousing at the fifth floor, with Layer joining I, they are attacked by Vile. The resulting battle had Yammark blasted away, far away from I and Layer.

Yammark would reconvene with I and her now-massive team--consisting of Layer, Arcee, Geneva, Sari, Poker, Nutra Millipede, and Marino--at the Ulfat Facory, where she laid waste to most of the Rebellion's security until meeting Mach Jentra, who easily disposed of her before escaping to the core, where Duboar rested. After rejoining I and her crew, theyd efeated Jentra, but his death caused Duboar to go berserk and a mass-army of Mechaniloids to be made to destroy them. As Vile arrived to deal with them, they escaped by using Geneva's Time Stop asbility, but at a cost of much of her own power.

The group later receives intel regarding a Rebellion lab being set up in the Gimialla Mines, where they discover Breaker and the Rebellion's plans to harness Supra-Force Metal, a powered-up version of Force Metal. After beating Breaker, they encounter Incentas, who reveals the entire report as a hoax to trap them there. Though they defeated him despite his use of Supra-Force Metal, he set the facility to self-destruct. Luckily, the group managed to escape thanks to Sari.

Witth their main generals defeated, the group chose it was time for the final battle against Epsilon and his cadres. After several battles with Botos, Ferham, and Scarface, and several others, they found the Rebellion's plan to use Supra-Force Metal to power a missile and create a mass-army of Mavericks. However, Vile stole the metal from the warhead and this left the girls to deal with Epsilon, at their base in the Grave Ruins. After many trials and tribulations, they find Epsilon, who turns himself in and ending the conflict.

As I and Yammark prepare to leave with their Hunter friends, they find themselves saddened for having to say good-bye to their new ones. However, during departure, their "escort" ship attacks them, revealing the whole war with the Rebellion to be a total set-up by Colonel Redips to get the Supra-Force Metal. Yammark, however, had already anticipated this as she grew suspicious of Redips' behavior and actions. With thanks from the Aerialbots, the group survived the attack and went to the Far East HQ to confront Redips, as well as Metal Man and his gang attacking.

As they reached Redips, he proved to be a powerful opponent and upon defeat, he retreated to the Space Station Babel, with the girls in hot pursuit. Upon arrival, Redips transformed into Great Redips with the Supra-Force Metal and the girls were no match for him. It was only after an unexpected assist from Vile and removing the Supra-Force Metal from his body were the girls able to finally kill him. Yammark and I were greatly rewarded and all their allies (save for Arcee and Sari) were welcomed into the Maverick Hunters.

Sigma Wars



Commander Yammark has a quite understandable paranoia towards most Reploids, seeing them as untrustworthy destroyers of all things that simply pretend to be nice. As such, she tends to stay out of large meetings and conversations with other hunters and Reploids. The only Reploids she seems to completely trust are her team, any of Gate's creations, and, of course, Gate himself. However, Yammark does have a caring side. She enjoys the quiet of the outdoors, especially the jungle and forest areas. Yammark is extremely caring about I, seeing her as a young niece. Sometimes, however, she is scolded of being overprotective of her, as Yammark feels she is not ready for most things, like love and friendship. She also doesn't take much interest in Cut Man's crush on I either.

Yammark's personality slightly shifted following the battle on Giga City. She opemned up more to Reploids and became a bit more trusting of others, but she still manages to keep her emotions in check, except when around Blast Hornet or whenever he is brought up in a negative fasion.


Commander Yammark's signature weapon is the Yammar Option. The ability doubles as an offensive and defensive weapon that fits well with her balanced fighting style. When used, Yammark summons several small dragonflies as both a shield and weapons. Thge dragonflies will shoot laser projectiles at enemies and occasionally also tackle them. Yammark is also capable of holding her own without them with great speed and a well-balanced offense and defense fighting style. She also carries a Dragonfly-shaped handgun.



Original Counterpart

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Commander Yammark originally appeared in Mega Man X6, as one of the eight Nightmare Investigators. In that one, Yammark was actually a male, despite the feminine look to him. Also, Yammark did not apparently survive the sabotage crash, and was revived during the Nightmare Incident.

Commander Yammark was also the easiest boss within the whole game and the one most recommended for players to start with. His weakness was Infinity Mijinion's Ray Arrow. His stage is known as the Amazon Area, which is a sort of jungle with small Mechaniloids the player could ride on to get through certain areas, such as spike pits. The Nightmare effect in the stage was a darkness gimmick, which also existed in Rainy Turtloid's stage.


  • The decision to change Yammark's gender was due to the aforementioned counterpart's feminine design and it making look more sense to change the gender. The genders for Lumine and Optic Sunflower were changed for these same reasons, as well.
  • When first confronted by Axl, Yammark unveils she already has a crush on anotehr Reploid. Wood Man was originally the one that she liked, but this was changed to Blast Hornet.