Chillverse 2.0 is reboot of the original Chill continuity set in alternative universe where things, while they appear similar are quite the contrary. It stars a colorful cast of characters.

Changes from Chillverse 1.0

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As with most reboots, Chillverse 2.0 changes numerous thing from Chillverse 1.0 whether it be for a more fun creating/viewing experience or to patch up old ideas with flaws. You can see all the changes in the link above.


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Chillverse 2.0 follows numerous characters rather than simply focusing on one and as such it has an abundance of characters, some more recurring than others. You can see the full list of them here. 


  1. The Divine Children- The revelation of the legacy and legends of the Celestial Plane and Spirits as well as their journey to defeat the Demented Spirits with today's mobians to help them.
  2. Mobian Heroes In Space- The discovery of the Wisp Planets and many other smaller planets have peaked intrest in many many investors and scientists alike, Selected mobians and some guests are in to help settle and create civilizations on them. This story is the adventure of these brave Mobians who wanted to see the vast new worlds out there.
  3. Chill Heroes (tentative title)- After many months of being in space, collecting debris and creating 2 Robot Generals. Metal Apallo sends them out to Mobius as he is unable to advance any farther due to using his energy to build his generals. When they arrive they are given the task of to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds as well as any data they can obtain on powerful beings. (the plot is mostly based on Sonic Heroes) meanwhile the heroes have been hearing about attacks occurring across the globe, while some people are detecting something approaching the planet. The clock is ticking to stop the generals before Metal Apallo arrives on the planet and save the planet.


  1. Crossovers
  2. Locations
    1. Locations 2: Questions
    2. Locations 3: CD Renaming
    3. CD Location Name Vote
  3. Angel Island and it's Existence
  4. Characters
  5. Mobius, Earth or Other?
  6. Height Discrepancy
  7. The Sol Dimension
  8. Permitted Crossovers
    1. Permitted Crossovers 2
    2. Permitted Crossovers 3
    3. Permitted Crossovers 4: What Do We Want?
  9. Storybook Canoncity
  10. Gems
    1. Gems 2: Sentience or Objects?
    2. Gems 3: Unit Name
    3. Gems 4: Master Gems
    4. Gems 5: Gem Forms
  11. Amount of Emeralds/Zones
  12. Aliens
    1. Aliens 2: Black Arms and Seedrians
  13. Storybook Locations
  14. Are Guardians Necessary?
    1. Guardian Sign-Ups
    2. Guardians Election
  15. Genres
  16. Idea Entry
  17. Master Emerald vs. Grey Emerald
  18. Little Planet's Inhabitants
  19. Canon Use
  20. Mobians: Mutants, Magic or Native?
  21. Canoncity of Rings
    1. Purpose of Rings
    2. Rings: Currency and Energy
    3. Rings: Currency and Energy Vote
  22. Apallo's Stash of Suggestions and Ideas
    1. SRB2 Locations
    2. SBtS and SAtS Locations
  23. Planets
  24. AotSH Emerald Names
    1. Emerald Names Vote
  25. Ghosts
    1. Ghosts 2
    2. Ghosts 3: Vote vs. Fusion
    3. Ghosts 4: Idea Fusion
  26. Adapting Canon Stories
    1. What Stories to Adapt?
    2. Adaption Vote
  27. The Universe
  28. The Babylon
    1. The Babylon 2: Aliens?
  29. Forms
  30. Other Dimensions
  31. Tournaments
    1. tourNaMENTS into Dreams
    2. Health and Energy Vote
    3. Dream Tournament Entry Cap
  32. Time Travel Talk
    1. Time Travel Vote
  33. TP Running System
    1. Buddyfight Crossover
    2. Shin Megami Tensei Crossover
  34. Fanets, Dimensions and Locations Suggestions
    1. Fanets, Dimensions and Locations Votes
  35. SAmObius
  36. Extreme Gear Variants
  37. Little Planet State
  38. Canon Request 1: Nocturnus and Knuckles
  39. Majang Revamp
  40. Technology Status
  41. Human Canoncity
  42. Canon Request 2: Acorn Origins
  43. Ark X Egg Rock
  44. Pokémobian Islands
  45. Emerald Sharing and Mano y Mano Battles
  46. Gizoids Canoncity & Purpose
  47. Hareta Asa/Motherboarder: Canon or Retcon + Location Suggestions
  48. Emerald Balancing
  49. Light and Dark Gaia Canoncity
  50. Riders Tournaments RP Exclusive?
  51. Crossover Request: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  52. Crossover Request: Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
  53. Are Arms Allowed?
  54. The Grey Emerald's Fate
  55. Canon Request: Mephiles, Solaris and Ifrint + Plot Pitch
  56. Glitz Pit and Flipside/Flopside Request
  57. Crossover Request: Banjo-Kazooie
  58. Crossover Request: Kirby
  59. Archie Items
  60. Series Name
  61. Rules
  62. Origin of Chillverse 2.0: Suggestions
  63. Reviving, Extra Lives, Death Suggestions
  64. Origin of Chillverse 2.0: Vote vs. Fusion
  65. Reviving, Extra Lives and Death Vote vs. Fusion
  66. Origin of Chillverse 2.0: Vote
  67. Military Factions and Divisions
  68. Reviving, Extra Lives and Death Vote
  69. Episode and Event Entry


Where Rose was sealed happens to be below Emerald Revenue So the group all go there Some of the students (including Crym) find out and get involved, helping in the defeat of Blacklust After Rose's defeat and Blacklust's change Apallo Jr. begins to develop a crush on Crym but also notices he's beginning to fade  So Apallo gives him and his friends necklaces with Quantum Shards attached to protect them from fading/infuses Quantum Shards into Junior, Cloud and Heart so they don't fade.

Shadi takes to the sky in order to use the Nexus to shut the hole Nova is ripping and instead rip a new one in her. James and Janine also follow as Boom tells James about Shadi's secret and James takes it upon his self to finish Shadi. Nova is able to disarm the Nexus from Shadi and James gets the Nexus and impales Shadi with the Nexus, with implodes close enough to send James, Janine and Shadi away but crystalize Nova, her ship and anything else on the ship. The reason being that it doesn't kill Shadi, James and Janine. James gets temporary control over the Nexus, seals the universe eating hole and creates a barrier.  But not Nova and the outer interior of the ship. When they teleport, Shadi still takes stab damage however.

  • Old Forefront: When you're a young kid, you usually do stupid things that, while bored in math class, you tend to remember and regret. Such is the case with out very own Chillverse. Riddled with much regret and bad decisions and a now pretty much exclusion central plot we here have decided to start over, leaving this once beloved universe to start anew. It may be a bit hard but when you get to rebuild your characters in a different way or add the ideas you dreamed of implementing in Chillverse 1.0, it'll be worth it.

Potential Names

  • World of Chaos
  • Chill World
  • Mobius Heroes
  • Mobian Legends
  • Mobius Tales
  • Chaos Tales
  • Tales
  • Tales of Chaos
  • Tales of Mobius
  • Chaos Tales
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