Junior Solaris is a playable character in Chill Sonic Fanon: All-Star Free For All!!, he is beside where James' icon is located



Intros are the motions played at the start of the match.

So you came to battle? Bring it on! - Junior looks at the camera and holds his main sword (the Iris), and swings it out as he says "Bring It On"

Let's go! - Junior becomes sclient while he looks at a pendent with His wife and twins with his two chao in then and turns around to say "Let's Go"

Looks like this'll be hard. *chuckle* James would Kill me! - Junior looks at his saber, and swings it a little. And Chuckles. then saying "James would Kill me"

Just hang on a few seconds, You'll be resting in pieces soon! - Junior has his hands behind has back before going into a fighting stance, he says a his quote.

Outro (Winning)

Outros are motions played when the player wins.

Looks Like I Improved my Skills! - Junior  tosses his sword up in the air and has it fall in his hand putting tit on his shoulder then grinning as he says his quote.

My Power grows! - Junior does a few jabs and sword slashes and then spins around stopping making a musle.

Closeed: Another Chapter in My Story - Junior sighs of relief.

That's enough for today kids! - Junior swings his saber before putting it on his shoulder.

Outro (Losing)

When using an Outro, not only do they change the winning animation but the losing one, too.

When using Noooo! - Junior slams his fist down on the ground-

When using Phht... - Junior claps for his winning opponent and rolls his eyes.

When using Let's Go! - Junior is knelt, looking down into his two hands which are together.

When using Looks like this'll be hard. *chuckle* James would Kill me! - Juniot facepalms at his loss.


Rival Name: Junior Solaris

Connection: Both James and Junior appeared in Digimon Chaos. In SS3K's Legacy -Battlers series, both characters are unlocks in Legacy -Battlers EX, Apallo being in the Tricky Team and James being sub-boss, in some way, both of them also represent the colours Red and Blue. In talkplays and roleplays, both are depicted as best friends, both characters are also fourteen years of age (In Digimon Chaos and in Legacy Battlers) and weild a blade-like weapon each. 


  • If Possible, Junior will have a Alternate outfit that gives him the apperance of  his Digimon Chaos Counterpart, in his Digital Warrior form
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