Calsie is the romantic relationship between Callum the Angelhog and Cassie the Hedgehog.


Cassie, who wants to be in love but not be taken advantage of for her body, and really never had anyone to confide in, finds an Angelhog that actually likes her for her.


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Cassie: -sighs, sitting on a bench alone-

Callum: *flies around through the clouds feelin the amazing gusts of wind pass through his spines, he sighs in delight*

Cassie: -staring at her feet, sighs, depressed-

Callum: Wha!!? Whoaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *loses control, and flies onto Cassie*

Cassie: WHOA!!!! -is crashed upon-

Callum: Oh my gosh! I'm SO sorry!!! Here! Lemmie help you...

Cassie: Uuuhhh... Oooowwww...

Callum: I'm REALLY sorry!

Cassie: ...It's okay, I guess... -holds her head-