CV the Androhog
CV the Androhog
CV is an insane clone of JT the Androhog, created by Nazo the Hedgehog


Hedgehog-Echidna android




Nazo (formerly)




Being left alone, to relax (for once)


Insane overworking, orders, being called insane, etc.

Special power

Similar to JT's

Ability type


CV is an insane clone of JT the Androhog, like many others, created by Nazo the Hedgehog, in the attempts to create a new Ultimate Lifeform to serve his purposes of domination. CV escaped captivity after failing a test.


CV wasn't really allowed to have one by Nazo, so he has a hard time figuring out exactly what DOES he like. But, what has been determined, anything related to Nazo, he hates. The scars that Nazo had put upon him and many others before him, and after him, are sheer cruelty that will never be erased. This has been imprinted deeply upon him. He's become paranoid, ragged, restless, yet longs for rest.


Due to Nazo's failure to maintain Sear as his slave, he decided to try and find another one, either to be a placeholder or a true slave. He found Eggman's old materials and DNA to create JT the Androhog, and decided to create his own androhog creation. CV, dubbed CV-179 numerically, was the first CV creation to escape captivity after failing a training exericise, having an insanity rush and combined with the instinct to survive (because Nazo was about to kill him soon after failing). He's now on the run from Nazo.


CV has abilities very similar to JT's in terms of kinetic abilities. However, these abilities are executed in much more of a brutal manner, possibly directly from Nazo's brutality. He's also trained to be extremely strong as well as fast physically, due to his DNA consisting of both Sonic the Hedgehog's and Knuckles the Echidna's DNA. His mental impairment disallows him from making that great of use of these abilities, however. CV is also expirienced in Chaosblade combat, appropriately from Nazo, studied Form VII, an insane, psychologically eroding style. He was also trained to back it up with the both variants of Form V, a style that also focussed on offense, but also had defensive aspects to it as well.






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  • Nazo the Hedgehog


  • CV is actually based off of the story of Starkiller (clone) from The Force Unleashed II