Richard "Richie/Bitchao/Richao" the Chao (リチャード "リッチー/ビッチチャオ/リッチチャオ"チャオ called Bitch chao and Rich chao in Japan) is a smug chao bent on telling it how it is, earning him the nick name "Bitchao".



Richard had an odd birth. At his birth his brain was severly more devolped causing him to be much smarter than his peers and remember nearly everything that happens in his life.

School life

Richard was often teased by his peers and school bullies about his intellegence. He one day unleashed his rage in a PACKage leaving the bullies mezomrized. Every thing he said about the bully was true. One of the children in his school even said "Ric-chie don't you think that's enough?". Richie was still furious. "Bitch, I'm just telling it like it is!!" The child whimpered in fear. For days everyone thought about what he said to the bullies. He told it EXACTLY how it is like a...bitch...from then on most ecknowledged him as Bitchao.

Current life


Mimic Mouth

Bitchao has the ability to mimic any voice in his memory.