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Bane the Dynamite is currently being written by Sonicstar3000. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Bane the Dynamite
Bane the Dynamite
Bane is the son of Bean and Keira
Vital statistics
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Age 23
Gender Male
Species Duck
Fur/Feathers/scales Green
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Appearances King of Fanon 2012
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Bane is the son of Bean the Dynamite, unlike his father, he does not speak unnatrually, he only does this in a situation where he completely cannot control himself. He was created by Sonicstar3000

Past life and Talent

Bane has been able to respond to body language, sign language, and extremely fast speech, this has also caused him to be fluent in most world Languages, this makes him a very good worldwide negotiator. He is part of Team Hooligan II and him and Flint want to get revenge on Eric for resigning forcefully.


  • Flint the Weasel
  • Eric the Polar Cat (old friend)


  • Eric the Polar Cat
  • Shine the Hedgehog
  • Fetalia the Dark
  • J Jr. the Androhog
  • Drake the Hedgebat
  • Maya the Echidna


  • Bane is an anagram of Bean.