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Axel-Isaiah Conflict is currently being written by ITH/Mr.Zaya & Bluray. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.


Nazo Returns

Axel and Isaiah never got along at first. They're always fighting, and Jack always settles it being the kind guy he is. The first was when Isaiah was taunting Nazo, not realizing his danger . Then, Axel called him an "idiot". Then the conflict was born. Eventually the two became close friends defeating many obstacles that came there way

Chaos Quest

The two began the conflict here with after Isaiah fired multiple energy shots at Zenaroid slowly making him stronger. An ugly battle insued withAxel and Isaiah, and Isaiah hoping that his Special Beam Cannon kills Axel, because "he will end this battle once and for all". Then, Axel started insulting Isaiah, saying he's a recolor (as his design was at the time) . Then Shred got into the fight, (he is Isaiah's older brother, if Jason comes in and fuses with Shred, it'll be a really horrifing fight) so he could protect him. Axel was able to hold his own in combat against the two and they eventually became allies.


Chaos Quest

Nazo Returns



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