Arcee the Cat
Arcee the Cat
Arcee is an agile Repliforce soldier, and skilled motorcycle driver.






Amazing agility and close combat abilities, armed with a couple of laser guns, incredible motorcyclist

Love Interests

The Skiver


Recon, pulling stunts, kicking tail, killing Mavericks, serving her Colonel and General, etc.


Murderers, death and suffering, pervs, distrustful comrades, defeat, failure, poor performances, etc.

Voice Actor

Sumalee Montano

Arcee the Cat is a soldier and motorcyclist for Repliforce, currently serving in the K-9 Elite Unit under command of General, Colonel, and occasionally Slash Beast. She is a vengeful one that wants to kill all Mavericks, as well as one of her own superiors, following the loss of her partner Cliffjumper.


Joining Repliforce

Once just a renowned Reploid racer, the Maverick Wars changed Arcee's world forever. When Mavericks started to attack and hurt civilians, she enlisted with the Maverick Hunters, but her application was accidentally turned down by an irresponsible Pallette. With hardly any other place to go to, she enlisted with Repliforce, who gladly accepted her this time.

Planning Vengeance

In her first weeks, Arcee showed incredible physical appeal and agility, as well as outstanding control on vehicles. She was granted access to her own specialized motorcycle for her objectives. Arcee also found a perfect partner in the roughhouse and tough-as-nails soldier, Cliffjumper. However, one day, Arcee was forced to go through a wave of emotions she never experienced before. She was given the day off of her duties in Robotropolis, to go street racing in Abel City. Towards the end of her night, Sky Lagoon was sabotauged and crashed into Robotropolis, killing almost the entire population and all Repliforce within the city.

By the time that Arcee returned, Cliffjumper--who was in charge of patrolling the city--was already dead along with hundreds of other civilians and soldiers. Though still relieved that some actually survived, she was still distraught at the loss of her beloved friend, and angered that Magma Dragoon was the one responsible. She has since held great contempt and hate for Dragoon, despite his repeated attempts to redeem himself. Arcee also got involved at the final battle with Red Alert, helping hold off the front line of rogue bounty hunters to allow the Maverick Hunters to sneak in and deal with Red. Arcee also grew a great friendship with the young recruit, Sari, and growing a crush on superior officer Skiver and is one of the few who is allowed to call him by name rather than by rank. In spite of this, Silverbolt finds this disrespectful, but Skiver trusted her enough to tell her all about the Jakob Project in progression.

Mission on Giga City

When the Rebellion Army incited insurrection and rebelled against the Federation Army and Repliforce on Giga City, Colonel Redips dispatched Arcee and Sari to deal with this, after a few teams failed to return. However, Sari unintentionally blew their cover, separating the two. Arcee was captured by the Rebellion and imprisoned in Tianna Island's POW Camp. There, she and many fellow inmates were tortured and tormented by the warden, Silver Horn, and made his own personal toys.

Several weeks after her capture, Arcee and the other inmates were freed by the Maverick Hunter I, leading the Resistance with Poker, Layer, and Iron Maxxima. Arcee, along with fellow inmate Nutra Millipede, joined the Resistance to search for Sari as well as complete her mission to stop the Rebellion Army.

Arcee proved to be a most valued asset, using her athletics and use of her guns to take down the Rebellion forces. When first encountering Vile, Arcee was very surprised to see him, as he was last thought to have been destroyed by X. When investigating the Ulfat Factory in search of Commander Yammark, they came across an out-of-control Sari, which they were forced to defeat in order to calm down. When the Rebellion jammed all communications in and out of Giga City, Arcee and Yammark were the ones tasked with shutting them down, and Arcee was the one that scanned the last picture in the Melda Plant to reveal the Rebellion's plan to launch a Supra-Force Metal-powered missile.

The Rebellion Commander, Epsilon, turned himself in and revealed that Maverick Army Overlord and Epsilon's brother, Sigma, was still alive and planning a destructive war of attrition. However, as they prepared to leave Giga City, the girls were ambushed by a Repliforce "cargo ship", with Redips revealing the whole mission was a manipulative set-up by Redips so he could get the Supra-Force Metal for universal conquest. Arcee and the girls narrowly evaded death with thanks to the Air Force and were dropped off at the Far East HQ to confront Redips.

During the assault, the girls went through several hordes of enemies to reach Redips, with Arcee giving a hand to defeat Flash Man by blasting his arm cannon. When they finally reached and defeated Redips, Arcee was ready to kill him, but was flown across the room by Redips' new powers thanks to the Supra-Force Metal, escaping to the Space Station Babel with the girls in hot pursuit. Transforming into Great Redips and powered up by the Supra-Force Metal, the girls stood no chance until they removed the fragments, with a small unexpected assist from Vile. Sari and Arcee were later escorted back to base by Colonel.


Arcee is rather serious in her work and for the most part can be quite level-headed, but starts to lose her cool when Mavericks or the Sky Lagoon are even mentioned. Still, she enjoys her duties as a soldier and stunts-person. Arcee still refuses to follow orders or operations with Dragoon due to the history between them, but is still forever loyal and obediant to her Colonel and General.



Original Counterpart


  • Arcee's motorcycle is equipped with installed mini-laser guns, for maximum coverage when on the road.