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Apallo 13' OVA is currently being written by ApalloTH and BlurayOriginals. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.



Apallo The Hedgehog- 

Diana The Hedgehog

Lunas The Hedgehog


Eclipse The Hedgehog


Dr. Kintobot


Home Areas

  1. Sky Castle
  2. Lunas's Apartment

Apallo 13' OVA

anyway TP START____________________________________________•

8:47BlurayOriginalsWho are you using?• And Sonic Elements are games right?•

8:52Apallo The Hedgehogya•


8:58Apallo The HedgehogI'll use Apallo and Diana•


9:00Apallo The HedgehogDiana: -is looking at her gems-•

9:00BlurayOriginalsI'll use Blu and Litus.•

9:02Apallo The Hedgehogalright• Apallo: -is watching tv-•

9:11BlurayOriginalsBluray: *knocks on the door*•

9:12Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -opens it- Hey Buddy•

9:12BlurayOriginalsBluray: Sup?•

9:15Apallo The HedgehogApallo: So.....its been a month sence the Doc attacked•

9:17BlurayOriginalsBlu: Yup•

9:19Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -looks out the window- And Eclipse is gone•

9:20BlurayOriginals((he died?))•

9:20Apallo The Hedgehog((He will soon...he'll shut down)) •

9:21BlurayOriginalsShut down? I thought he was an organic clone• oops•

9:31Apallo The Hedgehog((He is but he is like Zero, he'll have to shut down soon))•


9:33Apallo The Hedgehogya•

9:33BlurayOriginalsBluray: Man...•

9:34Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Holly left him and his kids are living here. But he is dieing•

Apallo; Well not dieing dieing...but you know..his shut down•

10:00BlurayOriginalsBluray: Awww...• 1

0:02Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -feels an earth quake-•

10:02BlurayOriginalsBluray: Oh no....• 10:04Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Get ready bud, DIANA GET THE SHIP•

10:05BlurayOriginalsBluray: Here we go....•

10:06Apallo The Hedgehog-ans the trio sets off to the island base of Dr. Kintobot ((btw..this is Apallo 6's Story))-• Apallo: -jumps off of the Air ship and lands on the building-• Apallo: You ready bro?•

10:30BlurayOriginalsGTG• Continue tomorrow?•

10:30Apallo The Hedgehogsure• can you save the TP i refreshed•

Bluray: Ready!•

3:52Apallo The HedgehogDiana: -blasts the top of the building and creates a openign for the Boys- Its all yourse guys•

3:54BlurayOriginalsBluray: *jumps in*•

3:55Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -spin jumps in-• Apallo: Its quiet•

4:26BlurayOriginalsBlu: TOO quiet•

4:28Apallo The Hedgehog)

Kintobot: -rises up a machine-•

4:33BlurayOriginalsWho's the third person?•

4:37Apallo The Hedgehog(Probally Isaiah or anyone you want)•


4:41Apallo The HedgehogHELLZ YA•

4:47BlurayOriginalsSol Emeralds: fak ur muffer•

4:48Apallo The HedgehogBlaze: SAWNEEEK U IZ A THEEEF• GENESIS DOES•'s_Epic_Adventure•

Bluray: Kintobot....what's good?• and you were the second one?• you perv•

8:49Apallo The Hedgehoglol•


8:50BlurayOriginalsBluray: Someone's facing severe butthurt.•

8:51Apallo The HedgehogApallo: No matter, what kind of doomsday machine are you making now•

Kintobot: You'll see once I destroy you and your homes•

8:56BlurayOriginalsBluray: You've made that boast. So much.•

8:57Apallo The HedgehogKintobot: KINTO CRUSHER ATTACK• -kintobot summons a large titan crushing robot to attack the bot•

Apallo: -trashes the Kinto-Tital MKII-• Apallo: Getting Sloppy Doctor?• 8:12BlurayOriginalsBluray: GETTING sloppy?!• 8:13Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Well what did you Expect, his Bots have been Lacking in the threating department• 8:16BlurayOriginalsBluray: They never WERE truly a threat• 8:17Apallo The HedgehogDr. K: Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrr -stomps- I'LL BE BACK APALLO AND BLURAY -gets into his Kinto Beetle and flies up into his Space Station-• Apallo: Humph, Blu wana go see what else he's been doing on the planet?• 8:18BlurayOriginalsBluray: This was short• Apallo: Before the Sequel = hao i met bloorai• 8:19Apallo The Hedgehog • Apallo: We do need a Workout and who knows maybe we might Find Eclipse• 8:24BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yeah• 8:26Apallo The HedgehogDiana: -lands the Air Ship outiside- Guys! Ive got 7 Locations on Radar Just tell me where you want to go and I'll take you there!• Apallo: Well Bud, ready to go?• 8:29BlurayOriginalsBluray: Ready.• 8:30Apallo The HedgehogDiana: -helps the two on board and they set off for Milky Bay-• ((Yes the first stage of Apallo Adventure is A Water Stage))• 8:32BlurayOriginalsGet shot• 8:33Apallo The Hedgehog((Not like Underwater))• 8:34BlurayOriginalswhew• 8:35Apallo The Hedgehog((In Apallo Adventure OVA it wont be Milky bay It will be Sea Armada))• Apallo: Look at all those ships• Get ready Blu• 8:38BlurayOriginalsBluray: ugh water...• 7 Things That Make People More Violent Than Video Games! LEGOS! LEGOS ALL OVER THE FLOOR! (source) GODDAMN IT I SOMEHOW STEPPED ON EVERY SINGLE ONE. LEGOS ARE SO SHARP! WHO DESIGNED THESE THINGS? A RAZOR BLADE COMPANY? THE DEVIL?!••• 8:41Apallo The HedgehogXD• 8:42BlurayOriginals• 8:43Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Well we might make a path.. if you can break the ships controll rods from here.• 8:44BlurayOriginalsBluray: Let's go for it!••• 8:46Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -jumps off of the Air ship-• 11:07Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -grabs blu and jumps on a Ship Platform-• 11:26BlurayOriginalsBluray: omai• 11:27Apallo The HedgehogApallo: I'll head off to the Main Ship while you go to the others and mess up the computers• 11:29BlurayOriginalsBluray: Alright!• 11:38Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -jumps and homing attacks different Robots and creatures and reaches the main boat-• Apallo: -running on the sides of the ship- YO BLU!• 11:19BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yeah!?• 11:20Apallo The HedgehogApallo: This seems to be too easy, old Kintobutt should have something here soon or soemthing• 11:21BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yeah... *makes sure there's no traps*• 11:22Apallo The HedgehogKinrodroid: Primary Targets Apallo and Bluray. Mission...Destory• 11:23BlurayOriginalsBluray: Did you here something?• *hear• 11:23Apallo The Hedgehog-the Kintodroid jumps out of the wreckage and grabs Apallo-• Apallo: Ehup...Too Easy....• Kinrodroid: -Targeting Bluray the transforming into water serpant mode-• 11:26BlurayOriginalsBluray: He's lame but he's never been THIS bad.• 11:30Apallo The HedgehogKintodroid: -smashes the footing where Bluray has been standing on-• 11:30BlurayOriginalsBluray: What the!?• 11:31Apallo The HedgehogApallo: Blu, do me a favor and dont shock me.• 11:33BlurayOriginalsBluray: Alright...• ♪ Nothing suits Spongebob100 like a suit! ♪ • 11:33Spongebob100(Back)• 11:33BlurayOriginalswb• 11:34Apallo The Hedgehog(Wana Join SB?)• Droid: -shoots aqua balls at bluray-• 11:34BlurayOriginalsBluray: *runs away in the opposite direction*• 11:35Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -looks around to find a weakness- BLU ATTACK THE BASE OF THE HEAD!• 11:36BlurayOriginalsBluray: ZAKERUGA! *shoots it at the head*• 11:37Apallo The HedgehogK.Droid: -is hit hard and falls to its doom letting go of Apallo-• Apallo: EGH YA -lands in frount of blu- Thanks Bro• Cya Spongebob100. ): • 11:39BlurayOriginalsBluray: No problem.• 11:41Apallo The HedgehogDiana: -beams the boys up- Alright Guys, the scanners are picking up a Quantam Energy Spike due south• 11:41BlurayOriginalsBluray: Alright!• 11:41Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -It might be him.• 11:42BlurayOriginalsBluray: *nods*• 11:44Apallo The HedgehogDiana: Wait! ITS GONE!• 11:44BlurayOriginalsBluray: It's him...• 11:45Apallo The Hedgehog-suddenly a Purple Energy Ball hits the Airship-• 11:45BlurayOriginalsBluray: AH!• 11:46Apallo The Hedgehog???: You never want to leave me alone dont you Apallo• Apallo: Hey Eclipse, we were looking all over for-• -eclipse tackles Apallo off of the ship-• 11:47BlurayOriginalsbluray: !!• Cya Apallo The Hedgehog. ): • ♪ Nothing suits Apallo The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪ • 11:52Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -falls near Station Square while Eclipse Falls towards desert villiage• -• Apallo The HedgehogApallo: -falls near Station Square while Eclipse Falls towards desert villiage• -• 11:55BlurayOriginalsBluray: What now Diana?• 11:56Apallo The HedgehogDiana: Well I think we should Contact Lunas and find the Doctor• 11:56BlurayOriginalsBluray: *nods*• 11:57Apallo The HedgehogDiana: Where is Eva?• 11:59BlurayOriginalsBluray: Not sure.• 11:59Apallo The HedgehogDiana: We might need her too• 11:59BlurayOriginals((What timeline do the Apallo games occur in?))• 12:00Apallo The Hedgehog((After Apallo 5))• ((No wait..After Adventure 2))• 12:01BlurayOriginalsI meant all of them• 12:02Apallo The HedgehogYou mean in order?• Oh wait...this is still the main timeline• 12:02BlurayOriginalsNVM• Bluray: Alright!• 12:03Apallo The HedgehogI'll figure it out• -Meanwhile with Lunas in Station Square-• 12:05BlurayOriginalsAlright• Eva: Kintobot's back...• 12:06Apallo The HedgehogLunas: What makes you say that• Lunas: That old bastard hasent resurfaced ever sence Metal Apallo took over Mobius• 12:07BlurayOriginalsEva: I feel him...• 12:08Apallo The HedgehogLunas: Well -hears a loud thud-• Lunas: What was that?!• 12:10BlurayOriginalsEva: Hmm...• 12:11Apallo The HedgehogLunas: -turns on his communitor-• Commander: Agents L and E there was a falling Red Object seen falling from the sky about 5 Minuets ago. Go and investagate now.• 12:14BlurayOriginalsEva: Alright!• 12:14Apallo The HedgehogLunas: Understood. Well Eve, time to move them hips.• 12:15BlurayOriginalsEva: *rolls her eyes and begins walking*• 12:18Apallo The HedgehogLunas: -stares at her- eheheh.....• 12:22BlurayOriginalsEva: Hmm?• gtg• 12:24Apallo The HedgehogLunas; Well Eve, once this whole thing is over how about a date