Aileen the Hedgehog
Aileen the Hedgehog
Aileen is a worry-free schoolgirl hedgehog
Vital statistics
Title ---
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Hedgehog
Fur/Feathers/scales Purple
Attire Schoolgirl outfit
Romantic Interests ---
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First Appearance Washed Away
Appearances Washed Away, Sonic Fanon Battlers, Kig of Fanon '12
American/English VA tbc
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Aileen is a schoolgirl hedgehog, during Washed Away, she met several friends, including Sal the Echidna, Shine the hedgehog, and Clyde O'Donnel. She is 14 year old.


Aileen is pink-purple, she looks very pretty, and she wears a white schoolgirl outfit with a blue bow. She also has orange eyes, with black and pink sneakers with pink socks underneath.


  • Sal the Echidna
  • Shine the Hedgehog
  • Star Wolf

More to come!


  • Aileen may be similar to the character Orihime from Bleach, or Sakura from Street Fighter